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I'm Your Doom - Episode 63&64



I'm Your Doom - Episode 63&64

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



Inside the operation ward, Franco's lifeless body lay on the table, surrounded by a team of frantic doctors and nurses. They worked tirelessly to revive him, their faces set with determination.

"Come on,,come back"  one doctor urged, as another prepared the defibrillator.

"Charging to 300 joules!" the doctor called out, placing the paddles on Franco's chest.

"Clear!" they shouted, before administering the shock.

Franco's body jolted, his chest rising off the table as the electricity coursed through him. The doctors watched intently, their eyes fixed on the monitors tracking his vital signs.

"Again" the doctor ordered, repeating the process.

"Come on, Fight for it" another doctor encouraged.

Outside the operating room, Jericho stood frozen, his eyes fixed on the scene unfolding before him through the glass window. Tears streamed down his face as he watched the doctors battle to save his friend's life.

"No, no, no...please, Franco, don't leave me" Jericho whispered, his voice cracking with emotion.

He felt helpless, unable to do anything but watch as the doctors fought to bring Franco back to life. Jericho's heart raced with fear, his mind pleading for a miracle.

Inside, the doctors continued their efforts, refusing to give up on Franco. The tension was palpable, the only sound the beeping of machines and the occasional shout of "Clear!" as they administered another shock. 

Jericho was crying his eyes out,his eyes totally covered with redness,he heard footsteps and turned to see Mrs Jenkins running over with Yuna behind her. 

"What's going on? Where's my son?" She asked. 

Jericho looked into the ward again and she immediately rushed to the door,her eyes couldn't take in what she saw. 

"What happened to my son?!!!! What's going on here!! Why is he like that,why!!!!" She cried,trying to open the door. 

"Franco!!! Open your eyes in there!! Ahh!!! Someone help!!!"

Some nurses rushed to her and held her to calm her down but she kept crying and screaming bitterly,struggling out of their grips. In the end they had to inject her to sleep and they took her into another ward. 

Yuna on the other hand was just standing there,her whole body shaking,she wasn't even wearing shoes,tears pouring out of her eyes uncontrollably. 

Minutes later,the door opened and Franco was pulled out of the ward,the nurses rushing into another ward,Yuna and Jericho followed.

He was still unconscious. 

"Franco!! No!! Please open your eyes,please" Yuna cried as she ran after them. 

"Please you can't come in here" The nurses stopped her when they entered into the room and closed the door on her face. 

Jericho was sitting on the floor,only guilts covering his mind,heart and soul,he can't promise he won't kill himself if anything happens to Franco,it was all because of him,he knew he was the target. 

"Franco please.....come back" He prayed silently. 

"Noir!" Sky came in and Jericho looked up. 

"How...did you get here?" He asked. 

"Are you kidding me? You wouldn't have called me if the News haven't caught everything? It's all trending over the news that there was a gunshot,your face was revealed too" Noir said and helped him up. 

"I'm fine.....but my friend" Jericho said,tears dropping. 

He checked his ringing phone,Marigold has been calling but he doesn't even have anything to say to her. 

"Why would anyone want you dead? The cops are investigating already,thank goodness there was CCTV and the car was captured" Sky said. 

"Thank you...but right now....I just want my friend back,nothing else" Jericho said tearfully and Sky pulled him into a hug. 



Marigold was in her room,pacing. She saw the news and still confused,who got shot in Jericho's place? Why is he ignoring her calls? She's totally worried. 

Suddenly her phone rang,she didn't even check who called before picking up 

"Tiger" she called but the little sobs from the other side doesn't sound like him. She checked her phone screen,,it was Yuna. 

"Yuna,are you okay?" Marigold asked. 

"Mari.....Franco....Franco...." She stuttered,her voice shaking. 

Marigold got it immediately and a gasp escaped her lips. 

"Where are you?" 

Yuna told her the hospital. 

"I will be right there,I will be there" Marigold said,she immediately threw on some clothes and rushed out of the room. 

"Where are you going? I heard there was a gunshot,it's in a News and I think someone was badly injured in place of that singer,what's his name?" Mr Scott asked. 

"Noir" Mrs Scott replied. 

"Franco" Marigold replied. 

"Huh? You know them?" Mrs Scott asked. 

"We attend the same school" Xavier showed up on the stairs. 

"Really?!!" Their parents gasped. 

"Let's go,I will take you" Xavier said,also putting on his jacket. 

"Thank you" Marigold said and they both went out. 

"Why are you giving me a ride? I didn't call you because I thought....."

"Not when it involves someone's life" Xavier said and started the car. 

"Franco took the bullet for Jericho" Marigold muttered,wiping off the slow tears coming out of her eyes. 

"He's sure a brave friend" Xavier muttered and Marigold nodded. 

"Yea...really" She mumbled. 


They got to the hospital in no time,Marigold got out first and ran in. 

She found Jericho just immediately,he was standing beside Yuna,Sky also there. 

"Tiger!" She called and ran over to him. 

"You're...here" Jericho mumbled. 

She hugged him tightly,Jericho sighed and hugged her back,Xavier came in too and their eyes met. 

Jericho broke the hug and Marigold turned to Yuna. 

"I'm so sad" Yuna broke into tears,hugging Marigold also. 

"I know....I know....." Marigold said,tearing up instantly. 

"I'm so scared,what If he doesn't survive it...they've been trying to hard to revive him,nothing is happening,nothing" Yuna cried. 

"He's going to wake up,he will survive it" Marigold assured,patting Yuna's back. 

They continue hugging in the same position,crying on each others shoulders. 

Xavier stood at one side,not saying a word. 

Minutes later,Mrs Jenkins was brought back,she sat down on a bench,her eyes still filled with tears. 

The doctors came out seconds later and everyone turned at once. 

"How's he? Please" Jericho asked. 

"He was able to escape death slightly,,He's in coma"  The doctor said. 

"Oh no" Mrs Jenkins sobs. 

"luckily the bullet didn't penetrate into his brain and it was easy to remove,we removed the one on his back too" The Doctor explained further. 

"When is he going to wake up?" Jericho asked. 

"I'm not sure,,He's still fighting for his life at this point,I can't promise anything,I'm sorry" 

"Are you saying it's a ....."

"50/50" The Doctor replied and Mrs Jenkins fainted. The nurses rushed over to her and she was taken away immediately. 

Yuna broke into tears. 

"No....he can't die...he can't" 

Marigold hugged her again,tears also in her eyes. 

Jericho sat down on the floor,his face buried in his palms. 

"It's all my fault.....I should have just stayed away from him like he said....I shouldn't have gone to make up,I shouldn't have,,,I deserve to die instead,not him" He cried out. 

Sky bent before him,patting his back but Jericho continue crying,he suddenly got a call and had to run out to answer it..He's been answering countless calls,asking if Noir is fine. 

Xavier stared at Jericho on the floor crying bitterly, from where he was standing and he sighed,he walked over to him. 

"Hey" He called but Jericho didn't hear him. 

Xavier exhaled and bent in front of him,Jericho looked up. Xavier was struggling on what to say,he doesn't even know how to do it it but he spoke up. 

"It's okay,,,he will be fine" Xavier muttered,and tried wiping off his tears which he almost regretted right away,must he do that? 

"Thanks" Jericho sniffs. 

Xavier gave him his handkerchief and Jericho took it from him. 

"Thank you" He muttered. 

Xavier checked the time and stood back up. 

"I need to go" He said and Marigold looked at him. 


"No,I was going somewhere,I just came to drop you" Xavier muttered. 

"I will come back and pick you up" He added and Marigold nodded. 

Xavier walked away. 

"Where is he going this late" Marigold mumbled but then snapped the thought off her mind. 



Clent entered the house and met Mr Brown in the living room,he bowed. 

"I saw the news,I've been trying to call Jericho but you know he wouldn't answer" Mr Brown said with worries in his voice. 

"I called his manager,He's totally fine. But he's the target" Clent replied. 

"Why would any foolish being want to kill my son? Are the cops informed already? They should catch them right away" Mr Brown stood up. 

"The CCTV caught the car...."

"That's not going to be enough,they might just dump the car somehow,they must be caught no matter what,does he have enough guards?"

Clent nodded. 

"I will make sure nothing happens boss" He said. 

Ember was listening from upstairs,she entered her room and dialed Felix's number,he went out some hours ago and he haven't returned. 

"Did you do anything or not?" She asked immediately Felix answered the call. 

Felix haven't answered yet when the door opened and Mr Brown entered,she immediately hung up and stood up. 

"Honey" she called.

"Where's Felix? He's not in his room" 

"Oh I was just calling him,he should be home soon" Ember replied. 



"Why did you waste my bullets on someone else and not the prey?!!!! Why!!!" Archon yelled. 

The room was silent,the members heads down. 

"Who shot the gun?!" 


"Knife?!!! Why did you waste my bullet"

"Because his friends is no better Archon,he gets on my nerves" Knife replied. 

"You know the damn rules fool! You should have allowed Viper shoot his own gun than hurting someone else!!" Helix shouted angrily and silence followed at his sudden outburst. 

"Why are you so worked up,,you think I care about the person who received the bullet?!!" Archon shouted. 

"Anyway,you know once you miss your target that's the end right? You're not allowed to use my weapon on him again" Archon added. 

"Yes boss" They all chorused.

"You are dismissed" 

"Are you seriously going to let this go?" Knife asked Viper and Helix heard them. 

"What am I supposed to do?" Viper asked. 

"I know his girlfriend,you can get him through that and do same thing he did to yours" Knife said. 

"Then hit me up about it....let's move tomorrow" Viper said. 

"No problem...clear" Knife smirked. 



Franco was still not awake,the life machine connected to him beeping continuously. 

Mrs Jenkins just returned back from home,she was allowed into the room. Franco's clothes was already changed and she cleaned up the blood all over his body with water and towel. 

"My baby" She sobs and kissed his hand. 

"I will hate myself forever if you leave me...so please.....wake up....please" She cried silently.  

Outside,Yuna was still in the same outfit with no shoes,Nadia also arrived some minutes ago,Shawn too was sitting beside Jericho,his eyes blank,he couldn't even think. 

Marigold showed up and exhaled,looking around and her eyes fell on Jericho first,his eyes looking so swollen from tears. Yuna too. 

"Yuna!" Alice and Sawyer ran to her,they arrived with Marigold,they immediately hugged her. 

"You should wear this,it's cold" She dropped a pair of shoes on the floor for Yuna to wear which she did. 

She was about walking over to Jericho when he stood up and walked out of the hospital without looking back. 

She ran after him. 


"I will be back" Jericho muttered. 

"Where are you going? I don't want....."

"I will be fine" Jericho replied. 

"Noir" Sky was still outside with some guards. 

"Let them follow wherever you're going...."

"I don't need them,why should I protect myself when someone else is dying because of me?" He asked. 

"Jericho please...." Marigold said tearfully. 

"I will be back" He said to Marigold and entered his car,he drove off.

Marigold exhaled loudly. 

"Girlfriend?" Sky asked and she faced him. 

"Can't you follow him up to know where he's going?" She asked,ignoring his question. 

Sky shook his head. 

"He made it clear not to" he muttered. 

Marigold went into the hospital back and Shawn walked over to her. 

"Are you still here? I will be back" He said. 

"Oh,,I will be leaving soon,I need to go home because I'm getting something for my mom" Marigold replied. 

"Oh.....Then later" Shawn said and walked away. 

"Girls....I need to go,I will come back after I give mom these" She showed them the grocery bag on the floor. 

"Sure go on...Yuna finally decided to go take her bath too" Alice replied. 

Marigold nodded and simply went out. 



"Boss....Jericho is here" Cohen told Felix. 

"Let him in....." 

The door opened at once and Jericho entered,Felix could see the anger and rage in his eyes. 

Cohen went out. 

"Why did you do that" Jericho asked. 

"You seriously think I want to kill you?" Felix asked with a scoff. 

"Then....who else?" Jericho asked. 

"Like I would know" Felix scoffed. 

Jericho rushed over to him and grabbed his collar tightly around his neck. 

"If...anything happen to Franco......I will really kill you this time around" Jericho muttered in tears.

Felix pushed him off. 

"I said that wasn't me!!!" Felix yelled. 

"Then who you bastard!!!" Jericho shouted angrily. 

"How am I supposed to know? You really think you don't have other enemies? You think I would think of killing you? Really?" Felix scoffed and adjusted back his collar. 

Jericho was about speaking up again when his phone started ringing,he brought it out from his pocket,it's an unknown number but he answered slowly. 


"It's a bad thing your girlfriend would be punished for your sin" The voice said and Jericho could feel his breath seizing. 

"What....are you talking about?" He asked,almost weakly. 

"She's here with us...and I have just ten minutes to spare,if you don't show up,you will meet her wasted body,your time starts now,check the address on your phone...."

"Don't touch her....don't!!!" Jericho shouted and ran out immediately. 



Marigold's screams exhoed all over the large room,she was crying out loudly. She was tied up with a rope around her neck but a chair still beneath her legs which the two guys in mask threatened to remove once the time is over. 

They used a timer..ten minutes like Jericho was told and now the time remain 4:20mins. 

"Help!!!! Please!!!" Marigold cried. Her hands tied behind her back. 

The two guys came in,they are dressed in all black,their masks covering up about 80% of their faces,only their eyes and nose could be seen. 

"I love seeing people struggle this way" Knife laughed out loudly. 

"I feel like having a taste of her....like that bastard did to my girlfriend" Viper said. 

Marigold just continue crying. 

The stopwatch started beeping,just 58 seconds left. 

"Seems like your boyfriend isn't coming" Viper said and walked closer to her,ready to kick the chair under her legs away immediately the time hits 0sec. 

Just three seconds left and the door opened,Jericho entered,breathing heavily. 


"Tiger!!!!!" Marigold broke into more tears. 

"Kitten......." Jericho made to run over to her. 

"Move and you're dead...just one bullet in her skull" Knife said and adjusted the long range rifle gun in his hand,pointing directly at Jericho who paused immediately. 

"Just....let her go. Let her go,you can have me!! Do what the fuck you want with me,let her go!" Jericho shouted. 

"Can't believe a guy like you can fall in love in peace,really? You think you deserve to be happy!!!" Viper yelled and removed his mask. 

"Do you remember this face?" He asked,tapping his chest. 

Jericho stared at him but he doesn't seem to remember. 

"Of course you want remember....." He faced Marigold. 

"Do you know what your boyfriend did? That night.....at a club,I was with my girlfriend.....and that bastard came over,,,he asked my girlfriend for a hookup right in my face,and of course she did followed him,you think he still deserves to live?" Viper asked,pointing his gun at ber. 

Marigold swallowed,she was shaking. 

"I told you to let her go,she has nothing to do with this,don't touch her,that's enough!" Jericho shouted. 

"I hate it more when you talk like you're in love with her!!!" Viper yelled and shoot into the air. 

Marigold screamed and as she shook on the chair,the chair lost it's balance and fell,the rope tightened around her neck. 

"Marigold!!!!!" Jericho screamed and got up to run to her. 

"I said don't move!!!!!" Knife and Viper shouted at once and at the same time they both shot their guns at him. 

"Jericho!!!!!!!!" Marigold screamed inwardly as she watched Jericho being shot right in her face. 

Tears rolled down her eyes and she stopped struggling with the rope around her neck too,her hands dropped and her eyes shut. 


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