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I'm Your Doom - Episode 61&62



I'm Your Doom - Episode 61&62

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}




Xavier dropped Annie's things on her table with a blank and angry look on his face. 

"You're mad at me?" Annie asked softly. 

"Do you have to smile to all those compliments?" Xavier asked like he's been waiting for that question. 

"That was just....normal....."

"Normal? You were smiling like I've never told you how beautiful you are,is it new? You should know when to tell them to stop,I don't like it at all,those idiots talking shit about you. And you should do something about your skirts or the way you walk" Xavier rushed his words. 

Annie chuckled. 

"But this isn't funny,I'm being serious here. You don't even know how angry I was all through the class....." 

She hugged him. 

Xavier rolled his eyes. 

"You don't have to be so angry,come on" Annie muttered. 

"I just hate the way everyone was staring at you,it was annoying" Xavier said. 

Annie broke the hug and cupped his cheeks. 

"I can't frown when they were talking to me,you know that. I'm a lecturer,I shouldn't be so hard...."

"And you should not be too soft either,some bastards were staring at your.......gosh" Xavier groaned. 

"My what?" 

"Forget it" He mumbled grumpily. 

"They can talk about me all they want,but you know I'm all yours right? You shouldn't be angry over those things,come on honey" Annie pouted. 

Xavier looked at her and wrapped his hands around her waist which made her smile. 

"I missed you" She said. 

Xavier lifted her up and placed her on the desk. 

"Gosh I forgot I wanted to spank you before putting you here" Xavier said and Annie laughed. 

"Don't be so naughty" She said. 

Xavier put her hair behind her ears and kissed her neck. 

Annie's hands curled his neck,she was staring at his lips Intensely and then licked hers. 

"I want to kiss you" She said. 

Xavier kissed her slowly and she immediately reciprocated,Xavier unbuttoned her shirt downward but she was tucking into her skirt which made him groan. 

Annie chuckled. 

"Are you in such a hurry?" She asked. 

"I just want to touch you.....badly" Xavier said. 

She smiled and pecked his lips three times. 

Xavier buttoned her shirt back and hugged her tightly. 

"You smell you good" He groaned. 

"You too,I can't wait to have you all for myself,I can't" Annie said and Xavier broke the hug. 

"Would you go on a trip with me?" He asked. 

"When? Where?" 

"Weekend? We can come back....Sunday night" Xavier said and she smiled. 

"Where are we going?"

"Where do you wanna go?"


"That's too close" 

"But I really want to go there,let's go please" She pouted and held his cloth. 

"Fine fine,you don't have to give me that face" Xavier said and she chuckled. 

"Thank you" 

Xavier pecked her lips. 

"I'm going to f+ck you hard,wait for it" He whispered and Annie could feel herself getting wet. 

"Stop that....I don't want to imagine" She said and Xavier chuckled. 



Franco and Shawn came out of the LH together,it was quiet until Shawn spoke up. 

"You've been quiet,wanna go for a drink together?" He asked. 

"Not today,I don't really feel good" Franco replied. 

"Oh..." Shawn sighed. 

Nadia came over to them and they both stopped walking. 

"Can we talk?" She asked Franco. 

"Bye then....I will call you later" Shawn said and Franco nodded,then he faced Nadia. 

"Is there a problem?" 

"You've been ignoring my messages,pay back?" Nadia asked. 

"No,I just don't want to reply" Franco said truthfully. 

"Do you know why I told you about my sister?" Nadia asked. 

"Because you want me to stop chasing after you" Franco replied. 

"No......because I don't want her to feel bad,that was why I couldn't bring myself to get close to you.....but honestly,,,,I feel bad when you suddenly gave her all your attentions? Like........ It's totally unfair,I still can't do anything because she's my sister" Nadia muttered,playing with her fingers. 

Franco was speechless at first. 

"So you mean...you snubbed me to please your sister?" He asked and Nadia nodded. 

"But I regret it anyway,I just......feel bad for myself. It hurts seeing you all over her.......I didn't know you started dating her so quick and....."

"We aren't dating" Franco said and Nadia looked at him. 

"Huh? You two are not.....then....why did you get so close even after you found out she was crushing on you?" She asked. 

"Because I found myself getting attracted to her also" Franco replied. 

"I'm not going to give up....even If you like her now,I still won't give up......"

"She's your sister Nadia,and besides you caused everything" 

"I don't mind anymore,don't ignore my calls again" She said and walked away. 

Franco sighed and roughed his hair. 

"What did I put myself into??" He asked no one in particular. 


"Jericho!!! Please wait!" Catalina ran after him and was able to grab his hand. 

Jericho sighed and faced her. 

"Please" She mumbled. 

In the end,they both entered into an empty class. 

"I'm listening,two minutes" Jericho said. 

"Are you still mad at me?" She asked. 

"I can't even remember what you did,so why would I be mad?" Jericho asked. 

"Then why do you treat me like I don't exist? You don't miss me at all? I miss you every single day and......"

"Where exactly are you driving at?" Jericho asked. 

"I want you back" Catalina muttered. 

"I thought you have something meaningful to say,why did I overestimate you?" Jericho asked. 

Catalina tried to hug her. 

"Two minutes over....and don't ever call me to say this shit again,I have anger issue" Jericho said and went out. 

Sky's call came on his phone and he answered. 

"Where are you?" Sky asked. 

"Let's meet tomorrow instead,I have something way more important to do today" Jericho replied. 


"Please" Jericho mumbled. 

"Fine....tomorrow" Sky said. 

👥 Noir!!!!

👥 You're so handsome!!

👥 I love you!!!

Jericho waved at the students screaming and they screamed even more louder. 



Marigold stood beside Xavier's car,while waiting for him to show you. She texted him that she would be going home with him but he didn't read it so she have to wait until he's done. 

Minutes later she saw Xavier coming with Prof Annie,they are both having a conversation as they walked and Marigold would swear she has never seen her brother smiling so widely before. 

"What's going on? Isn't that.....the popular miss Annie?" She asked herself and continue staring. 

"Wow,she's just like I heard....so pretty" She smiled and waved. 

"Oopa!!" She called. 

Xavier saw her. 

"Your sister?" Annie asked and he nodded. 

"Wow,she's so pretty,introduce me to her" She said and Xavier looked at her.

"As your.....Prof" She mumbled. 

They both walked over to where Marigold was standing. 

"Hi cutie" Annie smiled. 

"Hello ma'am" Marigold also smiled. 

"Xavier's sister? You're such a pretty angel" 

"Thank you miss ...you're really pretty too,I was staring at you from here,it's a pity you're not going to teach me" She pouted and Annie laughed. 

"So cute" 

"What's your name?"

"It's Marigold,you can call me Mari or Gold,or in full,anyone" Marigold rushed her words and Annie chuckled. 

Xavier sighed. 

"What" Annie and Marigold snapped and he blinked.

"I didn't say anything" He muttered. 

"I will leave you two,bye Marie" 

"Marie? Awwwn,I'm blushing,I love your accent,you're really pretty" Marigold blushed. 

"Thank you" Annie said and glanced at Xavier before walking over to her car. 

Marigold grinned at Xavier and he scoffed,they both entered the car. 

"So.....what are you two?" Marigold asked. 

"I will rather not say" Xavier replied and she frowned. 

"Why do you mean? I swear you two look so good together...."

"You're talking too much already,let's forget about it" Xavier groaned. 

"Come on brother" Marigold pouted. 

"What exactly do you want to hear from me?" Xavier asked. 

"If you two are...you know?...something......"

"She's my girlfriend,happy now?" 

Marigold's eyes widened. 

"Oppppaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!" She screamed and Xavier stopped the car. 

"What is it"

"I love you!!" Marigold screamed and Xavier scoffed. 

"Really? You don't care if she's older or......"

"She's the best for you of course,you're too good for small girls" She grinned and Xavier chuckled. 


"When are you going to invite her over? I will tell mom...."

"Don't say anything to mom,it's a secret,until I'm ready" Xavier said. 

"Fine,your secret is safe with me....buy me cheesecake to lock it" She winked. 

Xavier scoffed and started the car again. 

"I wonder how you asked her out,she's a damsel,oh gosh her shape is perfect,I wish I have that body type,did you hear her s+xy accent? I'm in love with her,and the way she walks....she's a runaway model" Marigold said dreamily and Xavier shook his head. 



Franco entered the house and announced his presence as usual,he heard his mom talking to someone and they came out to look at him. 

"Son,you're home. Jericho have been waiting" Mrs Jenkins said. 

"Yeah" Franco mumbled,ignoring what she said. 

"Dinner is ready,I would dish out your meal together....."

"I will eat later in the night" Franco said and went upstairs. 

"Is there a problem between you two?" Mrs Jenkins asked and Jericho nodded. 

"He's giving you such cold shoulders,that's unusual" She said. 

"I will talk to him" Jericho said and she nodded,watching him go upstairs. 

Jericho opened the door to Franco's room and entered,Franco already took off his shoes and was about taking off his shirt when Jericho came in. 

"Dude,you can't keep on giving me silent treatment forever" Jericho said. 

"It's not a new thing,not like we talk 24-7,so why are you making this a big deal?" Franco rolled his eyes and pulled off his shirt. 

"I know I was wrong,I was unfair to you,I was too stuck up with myself that I don't share things with you,I'm such a d+ck head. But I'm sorry okay? I never for once thought about it that I was hurting you,I just never thought about it. I didn't know it was so bad to this level,but the truth is,you're my only friend,no matter what I do or who I meet,they can never be like you. I just took things for granted because I know I will always have you by my side,if you leave me too.....I don't know what I'm going to do,,it's already enough that you spend time with Shawn more than me" Jericho said with pleading eyes. 

"You never wanted to spend time with anyone,so don't complain...."

"I'm not complaining,but honestly I'm jealous" he muttered and Franco frowned. 

"Hey,are you crazy? What's that silly attitude?" He asked. 

"Should I kiss you for you to forgive me?" Jericho asked and moved closer. 

"Move again and you're dead" Franco said and Jericho laughed. 

"So forgive me already,come on. I miss you. I couldn't even sleep last night,thinking about how I was going to make up with you,I promise to do better this time,I will tell you every single thing about me,I won't ignore your concerns and messages,I will spend time with you and......"

"That's enough,I feel like a bad person already" Franco muttered. 

Jericho smiled and immediately went to hug him. 

"I'm sorry I make you feel bad,so don't be mad again" 

"I'm not mad at you....I just.....wanted to stay away and stop dragging our friendship" Franco muttered and Jericho broke the hug. 

"Then what?" 

"I regret it....I was missing you,I almost called you" Franco mumbled and Jericho chuckled. 

"I can't believe I was scared the whole time thinking you really meant everything,because you were glaring at me coldly,gosh dude don't do that again" He said and touched his chest. 

"You deserve it anyway" Franco scoffed. 

"So...you slept over at a friend's place last week?" Jericho sat down on the bed. 

"How did you know?"

"Mom told me...she thought it was me...who was it?" 

"Who else? Shawn" Franco replied. 

"Whem did you two got so close?" Jericho scoffed.

"Don't start,he's better than you" Franco said. 

"I hate that" Jericho said and lay on the bed. 

"I'm gonna take my bath" Franco informed him before leaving. 



Felix was standing in front of Mr Brown's room,eavesdropping to his conversation with Clent. 

"What do you suggest I do now? I've been calling but never got an answer,not that I'm expecting an answer,but ......"

"I will try to talk to him,or you can go see him yourself,I will give you his house address" Clent said. 

Felix clenched his fist and returned back to his room..

He began pacing,looking so angry. If his dad get to talk to Jericho,what does that mean?? He will be getting all the glory of what he's been working for. 

He walked to the bed and picked you his phone,he dialed a number and the person picked up right away. 

"Yes boss?" 

"We need to work fast....my plans might crash down if we are one minute late at this point" Felix said. 

"What should I do then boss?" 



"Wow...seriously he kept my message on seen?" She scoffed,checking to see If there's any reply from Franco but none. 

She sighed out and sat down on the bed after taking her bath. 

"I miss him" she mumbled and dialed his number. 

The phone rang but no answer. 

"Where is he?" She sighed. 

The door suddenly opened and she looked up,Nadia entered. 

"Hey sis" Yuna smiled. 

 Nadia came close and sat down on the bed with her. 

"Is there a problem?" Yuna adked. 

"No,I just came to tell you something" Nadia said. 

"Oh...okay" Yuna mumbled. 

"I spoke with Franco....he told me you two aren't dating" Nadia said. 

"I...never said we were dating" Yuna said and let out an anxious laughter,wondering where Nadia is driving at exactly. 

"Honestly......I'm in love with him" Nadia said and Yuna's eyes widened. 

"What......what do...you mean? I thought you have no interest in him,you ignored all his...."

"I did it because of you,I couldn't afford seeing you hurt" Nadia said. 

"Then,why are you suddenly telling me this?"

"Because I'm not going to do that anymore,I don't chase him away anymore,I came to tell you that" Nadia stood up. 

"Isn't that.....wickedness?" Yuna asked and Nadia faced her back. 


"You know I still like him,,you know we are already getting to know each other and he might finally fall in love with me!! That's why you're suddenly coming up with that silly excuse!! You never liked him! You were all over Reid to even notice Franco,do you know how long I've had my eyes on him?!!" Yuna cried. 

"He likes me....."

"But you played with his likeness!!!" Yuna yelled. 

"You made him wait and chase after you! Don't blame me for that,I never knew you liked him,and of course you never liked him,,,you didn't even know him until he spoke with you,but for me....I was the one having my eyes on him so don't try to act like you're that nice,you're suddenly changing your mind because you see that he's finally getting close to me!!!" Yuna shouted and ran out of the room in tears. 

"Yuna,what's going on?" Their mother appeared downstairs. 

Yuna ignored her and ran out of the house. 

"Yuna!!" She called but she didn't turn back. 



Franco paid for everything he got and went out,Jericho was waiting outside,he was wearing a face cap to hide his face. 

"You're here...mom called,you didn't bring your phone?" Jericho asked. 

"No I didn't,since we are just walking down the street" Franco replied. 

"What did she say?" 

"She said a girl is home,waiting for you..." Jericho replied. 

"A girl? I don't think any girl know where I stay.....wait.....Yuna? Why is she there?" Franco asked as they started walking back. 

"Who's Yuna? Oh....Marigold's friend"

"She's Nadia's sister" Franco said and Jericho gave him a surprised look. 

"That's insane,is she also interested in you?" Jericho asked. 

"Long story" Franco sighed. 

"Let's get home first" He muttered. 

All of a sudden,a strange tinted car stopped in front of them,making a loud noise with the tire,at once the door opened and a guy came out,holding a gun,before Jericho and Franco could think of escaping,he pointed the gun directly at Jericho. 

"Jericho!!" Franco shouted,he tossed around and covered Jericho without having a second thought,taking two bullets instead of Jericho..one on his back and another one on his head. 

The guy entered the car back and the car drove off roughly. 

Jericho's eyes remained widened,experiencing the shock of his life before coming back for reality as Franco dropped on the ground in his own pool of blood. 

Some people who heard the gunshots already started rushing to the scene. 

Jericho's hands shaking as he held Franco's head,but all he could see was blood,his eyes shut and his face becoming pale,right in his hands.

It was as if life left Jericho's soul,he couldn't even find his voice at first. 

"Franco......Franco.....open your eyes.....please" he stammered,getting blurry vision as a result of the tears piling up in his eyes. 

No response. 

"What's going on? Hey.....open your eyes......."

"Franco!!!!!!!!!" He screamed out agonizingly. 


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