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I'm Your Doom - Episode 59&60



I'm Your Doom - Episode 59&60

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



👥 Jericho!!!!!!!!!

Marigold snapped out of her imagination and slapped herself. 

"That's never going to happen,never" She shook her head and walked out of the bathroom. She grabbed her phone first and dialed Jericho's number,he answered at once. 

"Hey kitten" 

Marigold exhaled in relief.

"Are you okay?" Jericho asked.

"I just....miss you somehow,where are you?" She asked. 

"I'm home,don't worry I'm not going anywhere today" 

"Okay...I will talk to you later" Marigold said. 

"I love you" She muttered but Jericho already hung up. 

"Wow.....I feel like smacking his head,why would he hang up first?" She scoffed and dropped her phone. 

After calming down properly,she started applying lotion on her body,after that she put on a short free skirt and tank top,she didn't bother brush her hair,she took her phone and went out of the room in her flip flops. Getting downstairs,Kate was already setting the table. 

"So brother didn't eat breakfast before leaving the house?" She asked after sitting down. 

"I wonder where he went to,he was in a hurry" Mrs Scott joined her. 

"Maybe he finally got a girlfriend" Marigold smiled,picking the cutlery.

"Maybe I should ask him" Mrs Scott said and Marigold laughed. 

"He won't tell you,trust me" 

"Of course,I know the type of son I have" Mrs Scott scoffed. 

"Mom...this is really delicious" 

"Try out the grilled turkey,it's a new recipe I learnt" 

Marigold used her fork to take the turkey piece and chewed slowly. 

"Hmmm!!!" Her eyes widened. 

"So delicious,Did you keep some for dad and Oppa?" She asked. 

"Of course...just eat yours" 

"Thanks mom" she smiled. 



Jericho opened the door and Franco came in,followed by Shawn who smiled immediately. 

"Wow,can't believe I'm in Noir's place!! Noir how are you?!" He asked. 

"Stop it" Jericho muttered and glanced at Franco who wasn't looking at him,he sat down. 

Jericho sighed. 

"He's kinda mad at you" Shawn muttered. 

"I know" Jericho said. 

"Why are you two still standing?" Franco asked. 

"How about a drink together? Should we go to the cellar?" Jericho asked. 

"I'm not interested in drinking with someone I don't know" Franco said. 

"What do you mean?" Jericho asked. 

"I will just excuse you both,call me when you're done" Shawn said and went out again. 

"I know it was bad of me keeping such thing from you,but I was scared it might......"

"Scared I might leak out your secret" Franco cut in. 

"Not that,in any way,I'm sorry okay?" 

Franco got up.

"You must really think everything works out with sorry,,it's not your first time. I understand you went through a lot and it's hard for you to talk to other people about you but why are we friends? Why do you call me your best friends when I don't even know anything about you? You only told me about your step mom because I never stopped asking and you must have told me because I was an headache right?"

"Franco you're taking it the wrong way........"

"I don't think I am,it's all true.If you can't tell me things happening around you when you know every single thing about me then I don't think we should call ourselves besties,we can be just friends,like talking mates,but that best friends is a little bit too high for the standard our relationship is at this moment,I'm glad and happy that you finally got the courage to show the world the real you,I will congratulate you as your friend,I just came to tell you that" Franco said. 

"I don't understand what you're talking about,what nonsense are you spilling out right now? I know I was wrong keeping alot of secrets from you but......"

"When is my birthday?" Franco asked and Jericho was quiet 

"You don't even know,but I have yours in mind since the first time you told me.....you don't even know my relationships,you don't know if I have a crush on a girl,you never asked me what happened to Nadia and I,why I stopped talking about her,you only talk to me when you feel like,,,you make it look like I'm the one forcing our friendship,do you know the most painful part?? Ignoring my calls anytime you're angry when I want nothing than to call you and calm you down in the best way I know,I always get worried so badly anytime you are quiet,but what about you?? If I don't even talk to you for two days,you won't think about it or try to........."

"Then why haven't you ever called me to tell me all these?!!" Jericho yelled. 

"Because I don't have to!! If we are really best friends I don't have to tell you some shits before you know!" Franco shouted back. 

The door opened and Shawn entered,looking confused. 

"What's going on? What's with the tension?" He asked. 

"I'm not here to fight you,I just came to tell you that. We can still be friends,but not best friends,especially right now.....actually I don't want a celebrity as my friend,,I guess I made myself clear enough" Franco said and Shawn's eyes widened. 

"What are you talking about?" He asked. 

Franco took his phone and went out,almost pushing Shawn out of the way.

Shawn looked at Jericho,he stood there without uttering a word. 

"I'm sure he's joking and....." Shawn groaned and went out after Franco. 

"Hey! What was that about?! I wouldn't have followed you If I knew you came here to do this? I thought you came to talk to him and make things right" Shawn said. 

"So I was supposed to come here to meet him to make things right when he's the one at fault? You don't know anything Shawn" 

"I understand you guys might have been friends for a while........."

"While? Should I tell you when we met each other?" Franco asked and Shawn sighed. 

"Get in if you're going" Franco said and entered the car,Shawn groaned and joined him. Franco drove out. 



The cultists' cabal was a dimly lit chamber, shrouded in an air of secrecy. Members stood silently, lined up in two rows, facing each other. They wore black robes from head to toe, their faces hidden behind masks. The only sound was the soft rustling of their clothes. They are not allowed to show their faces,even to themselves,everyone's secret remain kept,they are only called by their codenames. 

Suddenly, their leader emerged from the shadows. He walked calmly to the center of the room, his long black coat billowing behind him. His face was hidden behind a black mask, adorned with intricate symbols. He took his seat on the lone chair, his presence commanding attention.

The cultists bowed in unison, their voices whispering in reverence

 "Hail, Archon Zorvath." Their voices echoed through the room. 

Archon Zorvath sat motionless, his masked face surveying his men, The room was heavy with anticipation, awaiting his words.

"How was the mission?"

"Accomplished and successful Archon!!" They chorused. 

"We killed the man as requested and we got the money" 


"There's going to be a lot of assignments next week,get ready. Many lives has been paid for and it's our work to slaughter them" 

"Of course Archon!"

"Is there anyone else who have something to say?" Archon asked. 

"Archon...I finally found the guy I told you about,the one who took my girlfriend,right in my face" one of the members called Viper said. 

"Really? Who is he??"

"The popular artist everyone found out about recently" Viper replied. 

"Noir?? Of course I know him,we attend the same school,He's quite the grumpy type that I've always wanted to kill since forever" Knife said. 

"Do you need my order to bring him down?"

"Yes Archon" Viper said. 

"Do things your own way,teach him a lesson" 

"Knife,You said he attends your school?" 

"Yeah,we never get along anyway,I hate him so much that I can't stand him" 

"Then I think it's going to be easier than I imagined" Viper smiled. 

"I also attend the same school,I guess we must know each other,it's a pity we can't see each other's face"  Helix suddenly spoke up,he's the strongest member and he's the one who lead most of their missions. 

"No more discussion about that,your faces should never be revealed no matter what" Archon said and they all bowed. 



"Now what? Do you regret it after saying all that to him?" Yuna asked Franco. 

They are both sitting down on a swing,cup of ice cream in Yuna's hand. 

"No" Franco muttered. 

"You seem worried tho,do you miss him already?" Yuna teased. 

"Stop it" Franco scoffed. 

Yuna chuckled and ate her ice cream in silence. 

"You can call me anytime if you feel like talking to someone,as long as you keep bribing me with ice cream,next time I want chocolate ice cream tho" She said and Franco smiled. 

"You're such a foodie" He said and Yuna looked at him. 

"Have you eaten?" 

"You should know something...my mom is a great cook" Franco said. 

"Wow! Really? I should meet her someday" Yuna said. 

"I will be moving out soon anyway...but I haven't told anyone,you're the first" Franco sighed. 

"Awwwnn,she's gonna miss you..too bad" Yuna muttered. 

Franco wiped the cream off her down lip and she gulped nervously. 

"I thought you were going to avoid me forever....you snubbed my calls and texts,don't do that again" Franco said. 

"I was embarrassed" Yuna mumbled. 

"Why? I once had a crush on someone too,its nothing new" Franco said. 

"Well at least I got to be friends with you....I don't mind" Yuna muttered. 

"I guess" Franco chuckled,he checked the time. 

"I should drive you back home,I don't want your mom to think I'm a bad influence,I need to protect my image for future purpose" Franco said and Yuna laughed out. 

"What future purpose" 

They both got up and walked to Franco's car. 

They playground is just in Yuna's area so it only took them five minutes before Franco arrived in front of her house. 

"Thanks for the ice cream,goodnight" Yuna waved at him before getting down from the car. 

Franco drove off and she entered into the house. 

Nadia saw them from her window this time again.



"Are you sure you don't need bodyguards? You wouldn't want everyone gathering around you in school" Sky said over the phone. 

"No worries,they are my school mates anyway,let them be just for today" Jericho said. 

"No problem,we are meeting today remember? Your schedule is really tight this week,when we meet,I'm going to read them out to you,,I don't think school is possible this whole week after today" Sky said. 

"I didn't reveal my face to stop myself from studying,cancel anything that might......."

"We are not canceling a thing Noir,,this has been my dream since I became your manager,you pay me but I don't even do anything,I feel bad. I want to see you attend interviews,I want to see you on variety shows,I want to see your pictures on magazines,billboards and......"

"That's enough,let's meet later" Jericho said and hung up. 

He got downstairs and took one of his car keys before going out. 

"Surprise surprise!" Marigold said loudly the moment he came out. 

"Kitten" Jericho called and immediately went to hug her. 

"I missed you so much" She pouted. 

"Me too" Jericho broke the hug and went for her lips instantly. 

Marigold smiled into the kiss which got deep for a minute before they broke it. 

"Let's go to school,I'm your bodyguard for today,I won't let anyone hurt you,never" She said and Jericho chuckled. 

"What are you talking about?" He opened the car door for her. 

"You can't understand what I'm saying even if I explain" Marigold entered. 

"Nobody is going to hurt me,don't worry about me" Jericho said and joined her. He drove out of the house. 



👥 Ohh my gosh it's Jericho!!!!!!!!!

Some students announced as soon as Jericho stepped out of the car with Marigold,it was as if they've been waiting somewhere,expecting him to finally show up,they started rushing to him. 

👥 Noir!!!

👥 It's really him!!

👥 I knew it!! My Noir is just as handsome as I imagined. 

👥 I love you Noir!!

👥 I love all your songs!!!

👥 I'm a big fan! I love you!!

Marigold watched beside Jericho as the girls struggled to hand over countless bouquet of flowers to Jericho,some asking for his autographs. 

It was exactly the same as her imagination,she looked around to be sure if nothing or anyone was hiding anywhere. 

After what took like twenty minutes,the school securities finally came to save Jericho from them. 

"Thank you so much" Jericho told the securities.

"No problem" They bowed and smiled before walking away. 

Marigold and Jericho exchanged glances. 

"So what are you going to do with all those flowers you left inside your car?" Marigold asked. 

"I will think about it" 


"I mean Noir"

Yuna,Alice and Sawyer ran to them. 

"Oh my Gosh!" Yuna covered her mouth. 

"I can't believe this,it's really you" Alice muttered. 

"They are great fans of yours,they introduced me to your songs...." Marigold tried to explain.

"Not just that,I stream all your songs,I buy your albums and I know all the songs,I can sing everything without making any mistakes,I love you so much,have I ever been rude to you in school? Forgive my ignorance" Yuna rushed her words. 

Jericho almost laughed. 

"You're making me uncomfortable,,,I'm just Jericho here....."

"Never!!" The three girls screamed. 

"You're forever going to be my crush,Noir. I love you so much,can I hug you??" Alice asked. 

Jericho looked at Marigold and she looked away. 

The three girls took turns in hugging him. 

"Take pictures with us.....I need my followers to scream,please" Yuna said. 

"No problem" 

After taking the pictures,Jericho left them to go to his class,they went to theirs also. 

The students kept calling and screaming out Jericho's name from everyone angle that he got tired before he finally entered the lecture hall. 

But it was even worse. 

The students rushed to him immediately,almost making him fall. 

👥 I'm a fan!!

👥 I love you so much I swear

👥 Can I get your autograph?!

👥 Please please,a picture!!

A normal Jericho would have ignored them coldly,but now he's a celebrity,even if he's not nice,he needs to pretend,anything for fans right?

He started signing the autographs again like they requested. He was in trouble outside,but this place is a bigger trouble. 

Xavier was watching from his seat,he saw how red Jericho's fingers already got from signing. 

He sighed and stood up,he slammed his hands on the desk and everyone turned. 

"This is a class,a school. You're disturbing everyone,please!" 

"Ten more minutes please....."

"Settle down everyone" Xavier cut in. 

The students started returning to their seats with sad looks on their faces. 

Jericho and Xavier's eyes met,Xavier looked away and sat down,Jericho also found somewhere to sit. Nobody sat with him,everyone just murmuring,staring at him and too nervous to sit with him. 

"No secret pictures,it's illegal or you might get punished for it" Xavier's voice rang across the hall,stopping everyone who tried taking Jericho's pictures. 

Jericho smiled secretly and started pressing his phone,can finally breathe in peace. 

Five minutes later,Prof Annie walked into the hall. 

"Morning students" She said.

"Morning Prof!" They chorused excitedly and she smiled,walking over to her position. 

Countless followed her,both from the boys and girls as usual. Her heels making sounds like always. 

She dropped her things and faced the class ,catching everyone staring at her. 

"Is there...a problem?" She asked calmly. 

"You're so beautiful miss" A boy said from the back.

"Oh..thank you Jaden" Annie smiled. 

Xavier rolled his eyes. 

"Were you a model miss? I love the way you walk,you're so beautiful" A girl said.

"She's a born model of course,I wish I was older,I would date you miss" Another guy said. 

"You're not her type,she deserve handsome guys like me" Another one said. 

Xavier was busy boiling inside even though it never appeared in his face. 

The boys kept throwing compliments.

"Silence please!!" Xavier half yelled. 

"Can we flow with the lecture in peace please? Thank you" Xavier added and rolled his eyes. 

Prof Annie smiled. 

"Thanks everyone,let's go to what we have today,no time" She said and turned to write on the board. 

"She's fucking s+xy" Xavier heard some boys whispering behind him. 

"Like hell,her @$s shape is life....like apple" 

"And the type of skirts she wears makes things worse,,do you see the way her butt shakes in them?" 

"I wonder who her boyfriend is.....He's probably selfish to have her all by himself" 

Xavier exhaled loudly,trying so hard to keep calm and listen to what the prof was saying. 

Jericho was watching all the drama,he chuckled and shook his head. 

"That rockhead finally got her" He mumbled. 

The lecture went on for two hours before it came to an end. 

"That will be all for today" Prof Annie announced and the students clapped. 

"Class rep.....follow me" She said before going out. 

Xavier got up and went to carry her stuffs before going after her. Jericho also left the class. 

He saw Franco walking with Shawn and immediately went after them. 

"Hey" He called. 

"Hi Jeri a.k.a Noir" Shawn smiled. 

"Hey" Franco muttered also. 

"You ignored my calls....."

"I was busy" Franco cut in and checked the time. 

"See you later,I have a class" He said and walked away,Shawn followed too. 

Jericho sighed and roughed his hair. 

"This is driving me nut"  He muttered. 

"I'm sure he will come around" Marigold popped up beside him and he sighed. 

"I must have really hurt him without knowing" Jericho muttered. 

"I understand him,but don't give up,he just want you to acknowledge him as your best friend,you should try to mend your mistakes and make up with him" Marigold said and he nodded. 

They started walking together,not without the students eyes following them. 

Marigold suddenly saw Richard.

"Richie? Wow,,,it's been a while since I saw him" She said. 

"I missed you in class" She faced Jericho again.

"Me too" Jericho said. 

"I'm hungry,how about pizza?" She smiled. 

"I'm craving something else" Jericho looked at her. 

"What's that?" She asked. 

"You" Jericho replied and Marigold batted her lashes in confusion 


Jericho looked to be sure nobody was coming,he grabbed her hand and opened the door to the music department room,they entered and he locked the door. 

"What...are you doing?" Marigold stuttered. 

"What do you think I'm doing?" He asked and slammed his lips on hers. 

Marigold reciprocated for a minute until he started unhooking the button on her jean skirt. He pulled the skirt up and his fingers didn't waste time before shifting her pant side way. 

She broke the kiss with wide eyes. 

"Tiger!" She yelled out in whisper. 

"I won't take long" Jericho said. 

"But....what if...what if.....f+ck!" Jericho already slides in two fingers inside her,she was speechless. 

He turned her face against the wall and she obeyed at once. 

"Tiger wait,Tiger......" 

Jericho thrust his c+ck deep inside her. 

"Ouch Jeri!!" She already screamed before thinking of covering my mouth. 

"I'm really going to kill you after this.....oh fuck....yes!" She m0aned. 


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