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I'm Your Doom - Episode 55&56



I'm Your Doom - Episode 55&56

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



The concert went on and on for almost three hours,the fans wouldn't stop drooling over Noir's face. 

They sang with him all his songs line by lines,the concert was fun and sweet till it came to an end. 

Jericho was walked out toward the van by bodyguards,the fans still waiting outside for him to show up,as soon as they saw him,they started screaming,running after him. 

👥 Noir!!!!

👥 Please your signature please!!! 

👥 You're so handsome!!

"Honestly,I feel like i'm dreaming" Yuna mumbled,watching the whole scene,the fans almost pushing them out of the way. 

"To think we see him almost everyday in school and I can't even tell that he's my Noir!! How!!!" Alice cried out. 

"Where's Merigold?" Sawyer asked. 

"Seriously? You just realized? She left immediately the concert came to an end" Alice muttered. 

"Seriously,this is crazy" Yuna said,showing them her phone screen. 

# Noir's_real_face 

is currently trending at number on in all social media platforms across the world. 

His pictures all over the Internet with  crazy comments. 

*He's so hot!!*

*Those eyes!!*

*Oh my Noir!*

*Our Noir has a $£xy dark mole on his face!! Noted!!!*

*Don't tell me my Noir is a bad boy,he looks like one!!*

*How can he be so handsome?!*

*Who would hide this kind of face under a mask?!! It's a sin!!!!*

"This is insane,even TV stations aren't left out" Sawyer muttered. 

"What do you expect? But I'm curious,why would he hide it so much that even his friends doesn't know a thing?" 

"I want to know too" Yuna sighed. 
The bodyguards made sure Jericho was safe enough till he entered into the van,Holly was already inside and immediately the driver took off. 

Bodyguards followed in other cars behind them. 

"Hi" Holly smiled at him. 

"Where are we going now?" Jericho asked Sky who was sitting in the front seat. 

"We booked an hotel already..."

"Why hotel?" Jericho asked. 

"We can't go to your house right now,there's probability that some fans are following us right now,they can't know your house or it's going to be a problem" Sky said and Jericho sighed out tiredly. 

"This is what I don't want" He mumbled. 

"Don't worry you will get used to it" Holly said and touched his arm,Jericho looked at her and pushed off her hand. 

"Stop it" He said. 



Annie came down from her car and walked to the door,she input the password and entered. 

After locking the door back,she turned and her heart skipped a beat when Xavier showed up in front of her,his two hands inside his pocket while staring at him as he stood there. 

"Oh....you didn't tell me you were waiting for me here" Annie smiled awkwardly. 

"I thought you said I can come here anytime" Xavier raised his brows. 

Annie sighed out and walked over to him. 

"I just wasn't expecting you here tonight" She muttered and tried hugging him. 

Xavier stopped her and moved back. 

"I know you're mad at me....."

"You ignored my calls all day.. You said it was a lunch date and now it's almost 10pm,you're just coming? Seriously?" Xavier asked. 

"I wasn't there up to this hour,trust me" Annie said. 


"Yeah..I left after telling the guy who asked me out I have a boyfriend. But on my way home,,Mom called me..and I went to the house..my sister actually told her about the date so they think I was lying when I said I have a boyfriend," Annie explained. 

Xavier said nothing. 

"See? You don't even believe me" Annie muttered. 

"How am I supposed to believe? You should have at least sent me a text if you wouldn't answer my calls. I was worried at home,I had to come here because I couldn't wait anymore" Xavier said. 

Annie brought out her phone from her bag and played the voice records. 

Xavier could hear her voice and a woman who should be her mom according to her story. .

"I had to do this because I knew you won't believe me,I have no reason to cheat on you,I saw all those guys before falling in love with you okay? So....." 

Xavier sighed and sat down with his face buried into his palms. 

"I'm sorry for getting you worried,it won't happen again" Annie said. 

Xavier raised his head,he grabbed her hand and made her sit on his laps. 

"I missed you" He muttered. 

"Me too,I was thinking of calling you first as soon as I get home,I was missing you the whole time" Annie pouted and Xavier smiled. 

Annie cupped his cheeks and locked lips with him,he held her waist,kissing her back hungrily,she responded in the same pace,the room suddenly got hot as the two made out smoothly on the couch. 

Xavier broke the kiss. 

"Why did you stop?" Annie asked softly and went for his lips again,kissing her more harder. 

She started unbuttoning his shirt,Xavier broke the kiss again and held her arm. 

"That's enough" He muttered. 

"Huh? Why? Don't tell me you're leaving?" Annie asked at once. 

"No....you should go have your bath,you must be tired" Xavier said. 

Annie got up from his laps. 

"Are you still mad at me??" She asked. 

"Are you trying to apologize with this?" Xavier asked and Annie sighed. 

"Then...what do you want? I just want to make you happy...."

"I'm not angry again,go freshen up,I will prepare you something to eat,aren't you hungry?" Xavier asked. 

"Huh? You want to cook? For me?" She asked in shock. 

Xavier nodded and she hugged him. 

"Stop it,just go" Xavier groaned. 

Annie poured kisses all over his face before running upstairs. 

Xavier went into the kitchen,thinking of the fastest food to prepare. 

His phone suddenly buzzed and he checked,a message from Kelly. 

"Have you seen this?" 

Xavier clicked on the link which directed him to the news about Noir's revealed identity. 

Xavier scoffed. 

"At least the brat have something meaningful to finally convince mom" He mumbled and dropped his phone. 

Kelly called again and he answered.

"Have you seen it?" He asked. 


"And you're this calm?! Everyone is in shock"

"Am I supposed to start jumping?" Xavier asked. 

"Sorry I forgot you aren't human,bye" Kelly muttered and hung up. 

"Why is he making it a big deal?" Xavier scoffed and dropped his phone. 



Jericho entered the bedroom after the night shower,Sky was still inside waiting for him. 

"I was going to ask why you would like me to order for you to eat" He said. 

Jericho was about to reply when his phone vibrated on the table,he walked over to take it. He just got a text from Marigold. 

"Gosh" He mumbled,his heart racing badly to even open it but he did. 

*I'm at your place waiting,get here in ten minutes or we are done,dare me* 

Jericho's eyes widened. 

He dropped the phone at once and he started wearing his clothes in a hurry. 

"Where are you going? You can't go out" Sky said. 

Jericho ignored him,he finished wearing his clothes then shoes he wore a face cap and used a face mask. 

"Give me a car key! Hurry up!!" He shouted at Sky and he immediately handed over to him. 

Jericho took his phone on the table and ran out of the room,sky immediately diaked a number on his phone.

"Noir just left his hotel room,follow him secretly and make sure he gets home safe,if you notice any stalker,you know what to do" He saud and hung up before sighing out. 



Felix yelled out and pushed everything on his table away,including the phones and laptop. His fists clenched angrily,he just finished watching countless videos about Noir whose face revealed to be Jericho of all people. He even came across his net worth,almost making him go crazy. 

"That bastard.....that bastard....is richer than....dad" He mumbled

Downstairs,Mr Brown and Ember wasn't left out,they were watching the news when suddenly Noir's story came up,Jericho's face boldly on screen. 

📺 Noir is currently the most popular artist in the world right now,fans are still going crazy after his sudden face reveal on stage this night during his first concert. Everyone in shock.....

Mr Brown sat down properly. 

"That's not Jericho,I don't think he's the one maybe someone who looks like......" Ember said. 

"That's Jericho" Clent said as he entered and Mr Brown looked up. 

"That's my...son?" He asked. 

"Remember when you asked me how he gets his money and I couldn't answer you??? Now that's your answer right there chairman" Clent bowed. 

"How did he get so popular? He acted like he will kever do anything with his life,everyone know he was useless." Ember said. 

"That's what you made everyone believe,he never was useless. He's the best student in his department,even after everything he was going through in this house,but you never cared and tagged him useless. I'm not here to change your mind but to clear the air" Clent bowed and went out again. 

Ember faced Me Brown.

"Your son is really amazing,how could he do that to his own family,keeping such secret? Felix would never do that,you should be disappointed in him" She said. 

Mr Brown said nothing and went upstairs. 

Ember swallowed. 

"No....this shouldn't be happening,no...he can't get his attention now...no" She started pacing,biting her nails like a mad woman. 

"What do I do...what" 



Jericho entered and met Marigold sitting on the couch,her expression cold. 


"You're five minutes late" Marigold mumbled stood up. 

She carried her bag. 

"Kitten wait!" Jericho immediately grabbed her bag from her. 

"Believe me I rushed down here the moment I saw your message,the hotel is really far from here....."

"So you weren't planning to see me tonight either?! You wouldn't have called if I didn't you?!! Really?!" Marigold yelled angrily. 

"I'm sorry....."

"Sorry? For real? Are you serious right now?!! It's been ten days since we saw each other,I reached out to you but you ignored everything!! Only to see you on stage this night flirting with another girl,was that supposed to be a surprise or what? You think I will start jumping up happily that my precious boyfriend I the world wide Noir everyone loves? Is that what you were thinking? You don't even know what I was Passing through all the days you ghosted me like I don't exist,is that love to you?!!!" Marigold cried. 

"I know you're mad at me okay? And I'm sorry,but I never had enough time for myself while preparing....."

"But you had time to sleep and breathe right?" Marigold asked. 

"How am I supposed to explain when you don't look like you would even believe me? I'm just sorry okay?" Jericho said. 

"And the flirting on the stage? You won't say anything about it?" 

"It was just a performance......"

"She was touching your chest,romancing you intensely!! You also grabbed her waist like she's yours,oh gosh I'm going crazy,you don't even see anything bad in it" Marigold broke into tears. 

Jericho sighed and roughed his hair. 

"It's not whatever you're thinking,can you stop crying please? I'm sorry for everything,I'm really sorry but I just had to concentrate,I practiced morning and night,I only got minutes of sleep every night,you can't understand. It's my first time out there and I was nervous,trying so hard so I won't mess up,I was worried sick,thinking about countless things,if anything would go wrong if I finally reveal my face after all these years. I wasn't even ready but I just had to face my long time fear,I couldn't bring myself to tell you in person because...I just couldn't. I wish you can understand me better. I missed you too badly,but it's what I had to sacrifice to push my career and life further,I'm sorry Kitten,and that thing on stage isn't even real,it's just to entertain the fans,nothing else" Jericho explained. 

Marigold sniffs. 

Jericho wiped her tears and pulled her into a hug. 

"I thought you ditched me,I was so scared. And seeing all those girls flirting with you on stage,I couldn't control myself" she cried. 

"I'm sorry" Jericho said amd broke the hug but she hugged him again. 

"Don't leave me again,I might really die" She said. 

"I won't" Jericho mumbled. 



"You haven't heard from Jericho yet??" Shawn asked,setting the table. 

"Here" Franco gave him his phone to see Jericho's reply

*Let's talk tomorrow,please* 

Shawn sighed and sat down 

"So it's all real after all" He muttered and Franco smiled. 


"I wonder how he was able to keep it from you,His best friend,I should learn from him" Shawn muttered. 

"Your food better taste good,you bragged too much,I might just kill you" Franco said. 

"Why not taste it first before threatening me?" 

Franco tasted from all the plates on the table. 

"Let's be friends forever" He said with his mouth full and Shawn laughed. 

"Jericho will kill me" He said. 

"You're really good" Franco said. 


"So...will you sleep over here?" He asked. 

"Can I??" Franco asked and he nodded. 

"Okay the ...it's late anyway" Franco said. 

"Then you will be the first guy sleeping over here" Shawn said. 

"Really? I thought you have alot of friends" Franco looked at him. 

"Because I talk to everyone doesn't mean they are my friends" Shawn said and Franco nodded. 

"Should we sleep together? On the same bed?" He asked and Franco looked at him.

"Are you crazy? I love pussy dude,Pussy" Shawn said and Franco laughed. .

"You don't have to say that" 

"You were looking at me somehow....I just want to experience how it feels like to have real friend" Shawn said. 

"I love pussy too,,since we are confessing,and boobs" Franco uttered. 

"Me too" Shawn said and they both laughed again. 



Marigold opened her eyes to the room brightness,she sighed out and turned around to see Jericho staring at her beside the bed. 

"You're finally awake" He smiled. 

"Morning" Marigold muttered. 

"Breakfast in bed?" Jericho asked and Marigold smiled. 


"Forgive me for everything,I will do better from now on" Jericho muttered and placed the tray of some good looking toast and tea on the bed for her. 


Jericho pecked her lips and her forehead. 

They suddenly heard the door bell,they exchanged glances. 

"Expecting anyone?" Marigold asked. 

"Only you and Franco know where I stay aside the people working For me" Jericho muttered. 

"That means it's anyone of those you mentioned" Marigold said. 

"I will be back" Jericho pecked her lips again before going out. 

Marigold smiled,looking at what Jericho prepared,she blushed. 


Jericho opened the door,revealing Holly's face. 

"What are you doing....."

Holly entered and hugged him tightly before he finished. 

Jericho broke the hug and pushed her off. 

"What do you think you're doing? Why would you come here?" 

"Because I was thinking about you all night,I couldn't stop thinking about you....I'm in love with you and I can't deny that" Holly said. 

"Bullshit...I have a girlfriend. So you should leave" Jericho said and opened the door for her. 


Holly rushed to him and cupped his face,trying to kiss him forcefully. 

"Holly!!!" Jericho yelled and pushed her off. 

She rushed to him again. 

"You bitch!!!! He said you should leave him alone!!!!!!" 

They suddenly heard Marigold's voice,the moment they turned,Marigold jumped on Holly's neck and started slapping her face. 

"Stay away from my man!!!!!" She shouted. 

Holly's screams and cries filled the air as Marigold continue slapping her,making her cheeks red. 

Jericho watching in shock. 


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