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I'm Your Doom - Episode 53&54



I'm Your Doom - Episode 53&54

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



A finger already slides into Marigold's pussy when suddenly they heard the door opening. 

They both stopped at once and their eyes widened.

Jericho immediately jumped off the bed and slided under the bed,Marigold covered herself properly. 

Mrs Scott came in. 

"Oh....mom" She smiled,tensely. 

"Baby,I thought you were sleeping already" Mrs Scott smiled. 

"Yeah I was....just about to" Marigold muttered. 

"Goodnight kiss" Mrs Scott pecked her cheeks. 

"Goodnight mom" She smiled nervously. 

Mrs Scott went out of the room,Marigold immediately rushed to the door and locked it before sighing out loudly. 

"Come out" She muttered. 

Jericho raised his head and their eyes met,they both chuckled and climbed the bed at once,they took their old position again and they started kissing. 

Jericho broke the kiss and helped her take off her nightwear,he threw it off and she helped him off his own shirt. 

"You missed me right?" Jericho asked,seeing her craving face. 

"Badly.....I'm scared I might get addicted but I already am" Marigold mumbled,she kissed his chest,also touching and rubbing it. 

"F+ck,I want to eat you up again" Jericho whispered. 

"Don't make noise or we are both dead" He whispered again before widening her thighs. 

Marigold bite her lips,and swallowed,his touch already doing crazy shits to her body. 

She inhaled deeply when Jericho's tongue slides into her p+$sy. 

"You're killing me" She groaned,closing her eyes,her waist whining in different direction as he made her his meal,licking her up perfectly. 

He inserted two fingers inside her,together with his tongue at a time,he was finger fucking her,then licking up her juice all at once. 

Marigold was struggling just too hard to control her moans. 

"Tiger....I....don't think I can hold it ....anymore" she got hold of his hair. 

"Come for me baby....come on" Jericho muttered and kissed her kissy lips. 

"Fuck!!" Marigold grabbed the bedspread and threw her head backward,releasing all her juices into his mouth. 

"Gawd...gawd..." She was breathing heavily. 

Jericho raised his head,his hair covering his eyes completely,giving him the hot bad boy look. 

"Come here" Marigold grabbed him and pulled him on the bed,he lay down flatly. 

Marigold undid his belt and pulled down his trouser. 

"Someone is getting bad" Jericho teased. 

"You taught me" Marigold said and got on top of him. 

"What If....I get pregnant? We are not using any protection" She suddenly said. 

"I won't deny the baby" Jericho muttered.

"Stop" Marigold snapped. 

"Should we go get you some pills tomorrow?" Jericho asked. 


"After today,,I'm gonna buy packs of condoms If you want" Jericho winked. 


"You're a bigger pervert" Jericho whispered. 

Marigold sat down on his d+ck which went inside her freely. 

"F+ck.....kitten" Jericho tried touching her. 

"No touching...and...bring down your voice" She winked and started riding him slowly,her @$s cheeks slapping against his skin. 

"Damn,give it to me baby" Jericho groaned. 

After minutes of riding,Her head fell on his chest,their breaths hitting each other. 

"I love you Tiger" She said. 

"I love you more Kitten" Jericho muttered. 

Her eyes closed and she slept off. 



"Wait...so you mean it's been five days since you heard from Jericho last? He's not been coming to school,you went to his house,He's not home either?" Alice asked Marigold whose eyes were red due to tears. 

She nodded. 

"He's not answering your calls or replying to your texts?" Sawyer asked and she shook her head. 

"I spoke with Franco,the guys aren't hearing from him either" Yuna said. 

"So that means he didn't ditch you like you think Marigold,He's not speaking with his friends either" Sawyer said and hugged her. 

"I miss him...a lot" She sniffs. 

"Stop crying,come on. I'm sure Jericho will reach out to you when he's ready to. We shouldn't spoil the mood,it's five days to Noir's concert...please" Yuna said,wiping Marigold's face. 

"Go wash your face baby girl" Alice said. 

Marigold stood up and went into the bathroom,she returned and sat down on the couch. 

"So you didn't go shopping with us,but we got yours...matching outfits as planned" Yuna smiled,bringing out Marigold's package. 

"Thanks" she smiled and started bringing it out one after the other,a tank top,high waisted bum short and ankle boots. 

"Wow...I love it" she said. 

"Let's make the same hair style too" Sawyer suggested. 

"I think a cute ponytail will be okay" Marigold said. .

"Perfect" The girls said at once. 

"Gosh,I can't wait" 

"Me too!" 



"I'm so tired" Holly groaned and fell on a couch as she entered. 

"You should take your bath,I already ordered you some food" Louisa said. 

"Did you get any call from Noir today?" Holly asked. 

"No,according to the director,Noir is really busy right now,he needs alot of practice with the backstage dancers,it's his first time on stage,but his manager dropped a text. You will be performing with him on stage" Louisa said and Holly sprang up. 

"For real?!"

Louisa nodded. 

"But it wasn't added to the song list at first" Holly said. 

"I actually spoke with Sky....I know how much you've been dreaming for that,so I think he was able to convince Noir" Louisa replied. 

"I love you baby" Holly blew her a kiss before going inside. 

"Bring my food to my room when it's here,call me in the bathroom" Holly said. 

"Alright" Louisa smiled. 



In the private room of the restaurant, Samantha and Mr. Josh sat across from each other, surrounded by the soft glow of candles and the gentle hum of quiet conversation from the main dining area. The table before them was a culinary masterpiece, with dishes expertly prepared and presented to delight the senses. Tender slices of grilled salmon, perfectly seasoned and flaked, lay beside a medley of sautéed vegetables, their colors vibrant and appetizing. A basket of freshly baked bread and a decanter of rich, full-bodied wine completed the setting.

They both ate in total silence,. No words were spoken, no small talk or idle chatter. They simply focused on their food, savoring each bite and the flavors that danced on their palates.

 Samantha, however, found her gaze drifting repeatedly to Mr. Josh, her eyes drawn to the strong lines of his face, the way his eyes crinkled at the corners as he concentrated on his meal. She quickly looked away each time, not wanting to be caught staring, but her attention kept returning to him like a magnet.

The silence continued, a quiet tension building between them. Samantha's thoughts raced with questions and curiosity, her mind longing to break the stillness. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, she decided to take the initiative. Setting her fork down, she took a deep breath and spoke, her voice barely above a whisper. "Mr. Josh...?"

The sound of her voice was like a gentle breeze, breaking the silence and stirring the air. Mr. Josh looked up, his eyes locking onto hers, and Samantha's heart skipped a beat as she waited for his response.

"Is there a problem Samantha?" He asked. 

She smiled and dropped her cutlery. 

"Honestly...I never knew you would agree to have dinner with me" She said. 

"If I was busy,I wouldn't" Mr Josh muttered and she smiled. 

"I heard you're single dad....I'm also a mom." Samantha said. 

"I know" Mr Josh said. 

"I wish I can meet your daughter tho,how old is she?" Samantha asked. 

Mr Josh looked at her and sighed. 

"Must I answer that?" He questioned back. 

"I just....want to know you more" Samantha said. 

"I don't like telling people about me..."

"Well,I'm not people,I'm Samantha" She smiled. 

Mr Josh chuckled. 

"She's twenty one" He muttered. 

"Wow..mine too" She grinned. 

"Really? Aren't you.....40?" Mr Josh asked. 

"I had her when I was nineteen...my first boyfriend" She replied. 

"Then,what happened to him?" 

"He suddenly died...his family drove me out,they said I'm a bad luck,I'm the reason why their son died" Samantha sighed.

"To make things worse,I have no parents,so I was alone....I had my baby and managed to chase my dream as an actress" she smiled. 

Mr Josh stared at her and nodded. 

"You've came a long way,I'm happy for you" He said. 

"Thank you Mr Josh,I wish we can hang out more often like this" Samantha smiled and he chuckled. 

"I'm too busy for that" 

"Really? Even for a beautiful woman like me?" Samantha asked and he laughed. 

"Can we eat in peace? Come on" 

They both continue chatting as they ate.




Xavier was sitting down on the bed,pressing his phone and at the same time staring at Annie disarranging her closet all in the name of looking for what to wear. 

"Can I know who invited you to the outing you're going?" Xavier asked curiously and Annie turned. 

"It's not tonight,tomorrow. It's a quick lunch party" She said. 

"Lunch date? With?" Xavier raised his brows. 

"I didn't say date,I said party....not just me......."

Xavier closed his eyes his eyes and sighed out loudly. 

"Fine...my sister wants me to go with her,she said her boyfriend would be coming with his friends" 

Xavier opened his eyes wide.


"Believe me when I say I can never win against her,no matter how much I reject her,I told her I have a boyfriend but she thinks I'm lying so...I'm just going to find something not cute to wear and go,I don't know what to do" She muttered. 

Xavier sighed. 

"I'm sorry okay? I just.....I don't mean to lie" 

"Do you really have to go?" Xavier asked. 

"She won't......"

"So you're just going to do whatever she tells you? Why?" Xavier asked. 

Annie moved closer to him. 

"She's my sister and I know how best to handle her,don't worry about it....."

"Why wouldn't I worry when you're going out tomorrow to meet some bunch of men? You expect me not to be worried? What if they succeed and win your heart over? You're going to start thinking over again...our ages,I'm not old enough,I'm not rich enough,I'm not......"

"That won't happen,trust me!" Annie groaned. 

"Let's go together" Xavier said. 

"What?" Annie's eyes widened. 

"I can't follow you? Won't that be more easier? You can just tell her I'm your boyfriend and we leave together again" Xavier said. 

Annie chuckled,she cupped his cheeks. 

"You're so cute" 

"I don't want to be cute,stop it" Xavier pulled her hands down. 

"You don't have to be worried,trust me,hmm?" 

Xavier said nothing. 

"If I don't go this time,she won't stop disturbing me,she might even book me a private date next time,she want me to get married so badly,that's why I just need to take care of it my own way,okay?" Annie pecked his lips. 

"Fine" Xavier muttered and she smiled. 

"Will you help me find something to wear,I don't want to look attractive...."

"Don't stress yourself,you look s+xy in everything" Xavier said and Annie sighed. 

"Then...I will just use attitude alone" She mumbled. 

"Don't you dare give anyone your number,I'm going to get mad" Xavier said. 

"I won't,seriously" Annie shook her head. 



"Yeah sis,I got everything you told me...is there anything else you need?" Yuna asked on call with Nadia. 

"No,that's all" Nadia replied. 

She hung up and went ahead to pay. 

After paying,she walked out of the store and suddenly a guy approached her as she waited for a taxi. 

"Hey pretty" 

Yuna choose to ignore him since he was looking like a drunkard. 

"Hey,are you going to just ignore me?" He asked in an aggressive voice. 

Yuna started walking away from his side but he followed her and grabbed her hand. 

"How dare you walk away?"

"Ahh!!!!!" Yuna screamed. 

"Why are you screaming??....ahh!" He also screamed as someone kicked his leg from the back and he fell on the ground. 

Yuna opened her eyes and turned,her eyes locked with a strange guy. 

"Get lost" The guy kicked the one of the ground,he got up and ran off. 

"Hi" He smiled at Yuna who swallowed,still shocked. 

"Hi" she said. 

"You still look tense,would you like a drink?" The guy asked. 


"It's okay..she's fine" Another voice said and Yuna turned. 

"Franco!" She called. 

"Who's he? Your boyfriend?" The guy asked her. 

"Yeah" Franco answered before Yuna could talk and the guy walked away. 

Yuna looked at Franco. 

"Do you have to come out this late?" Franco asked and collected the bag she was holding,he grabbed her hand,dragging her with him. 

"I came to get some things for my sis" Yuna said. 

He opened his car door for her and she entered. 

"Thanks" Yuna smiled and he closed the door back. He entered the car and started driving. 

"How did you know I was there?" Yuna asked. 

"I think I will recognize you everywhere,with your hair" Franco muttered and Yuna smiled. 

"But then...you told that guy....you're my...."

"It was to chase him off,it's nothing" 

"Hey! What if I was feeling him? Why would you say something you don't even mean?" Yuna asked and Franco stopped the car at once,Yuna blinked when he faced her. 

"Really? You would have given him your number?" He asked. 

Yuna gulped. 

"I'm just....saying....what...if" She stuttered. 

"But,why are you suddenly nice to me?" Yuna asked. 

"Someone told me you've been crushing on me for years" Franco said and Yuna gasped. 

Franco started the car again. 

Yuna couldn't utter a word again till they got home,she was too embarrassed to talk. 

"Thank...you" She mumbled and immediately got down with her bag. 

Franco drove off and she ran into the house,crying out loudly. 

Nadia stood up from the couch

"What's wrong?" 

Yuna gave her the package and ran upstairs leaving Nadia confused. 

"What's with her?" She mumbled,checking out what she bought. 



The concert hall was a behemoth of a venue, with a capacity for thousands of screaming fans, as they packed the hall to the brim, donning Noir's merchandise and waving portraits of their masked idol. The walls were plastered with his enigmatic face, gazing out from behind his signature mask. The air was electric with anticipation, as if the very presence of Noir was a crazy force.

Marigold and her friends were among the sea of enthusiasts, snapping photos and videos to immortalize the moment. They wore their matching outfits, some fans even sporting masks in solidarity with their beloved singer. Nearby, Catalina and Paige were equally ecstatic, while Melissa and her friends cheered and chanted Noir's name. The excitement was contagious, and the crowd's collective energy was building by the minute.

As the lights dimmed, the crowd's fervor reached a fever pitch. The stage was set, with instruments gleaming in the dim light. And then, in a burst of pyrotechnics and thunderous music, Noir emerged on stage alongside Holly, his collaborator and fellow sensation. The duo's entrance was nothing short of iconic, with Noir's masked face against a blaze of light and sound.

The crowd's screams were deafening, a cacophony of adoration that threatened to shake the very foundations of the hall. Noir's mask glinted in the light, a symbol of his enigmatic persona and the mystery that shrouded his identity. Yet, despite his concealed face, his presence was undeniable, a magnetism that drew the audience in and held them spellbound.

👥 Noir!!!!!!!!!!!

👥 Noir!!!!

👥 We love you!!!!

👥 We love you!!!!

🎤 Hello my legion of Noirities!

 Noir's Sweet voice came out making the screams harder and louder. 

🎤 Tonight,,We'll paint the town........

👥 BLACK!!!!!!!!! 

The fans screamed at the top of their voice. 

🎤 A big shout out to Holly too,guys

👥 Holly!!!!!!!!!

Holly smiled and waved.

👥 You're so pretty!!!

👥 We love you!!

As the music began, the concert hall transformed into a sea of undulating bodies. Starting first with Holly's collaboration with Noir. 

The intro of the song.BAD BOY started and the fans screamed again. 

"Can you see his height?!! He's totally my type" Yuna said. 

"Where will you keep Franco please?" Sawyer asked and Yuna glared at her. 

Alice laughed. 

"You can't avoid him forever" She said. 

They all stopped talking to enjoy the performance. 

(Noir entered with a- Rap)


I'm the bad boy, the one you desire
With a reputation for setting hearts on fire
I'm the king of the night, the one you can't resist
My charm and my style, leave you breathless

   (Holly sings) 🎤🎤🎤

Obsessed with a bad boy, I can't deny
The way he makes me feel, got me flying high

     (she sang in a more higher tone and walked over to Noir dancing with him in an affectionate way,making the fans scream as Holly caressed his chest,still singing with the mic on)
Obsessed with a bad boy, I know I should run
But I'm drawn to the danger, like a moth to the sun

 (Noir - Rap faster)🎤🎤🎤
I'm the master of seduction
My kisses leave you weak,
My touch sets you aflame
I'm the bad boy, the one you love to hate
But you can't resist me, no matter how hard you try

Then the beat suddenly stopped,the stage light turned white completely. 

Holly started singing again and stylishly,Noir grabbed her waist,she pulled off Noir's mask.

Gaining thunderous screams from the fans. 

The cameras immediately focused on him,zooming his face loud and direct. 

Holly 🎤: Everyone...Meet....Noir!!!!

👥 I'm dead!!!!!

👥 He's so hot!!!!!!

👥 Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!

👥 I'm going to faint!!!!

Marigold and her friends all stood still at once,everything in their hands dropped,their mouths refusing to close back. 

"Is that......." Sawyer look at them. 

"Jericho!!!!!!" They all screamed out. 

Yuna and Alice fainted. 


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