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I'm Your Doom - Episode 51&52



I'm Your Doom - Episode 51&52

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



Marigold's m0@ns occupied the room as Jericho ate up her clean honeypot,making use of his tongue in the right way,he bit her pussy lips and she grabbed his hair. 


Jericho's hand mess with her thighs,turning her crazily on,she was literally finding it hard to use her voice as the pleasure mixed with sweetness. 

"Baby.....f+ck......oh gosh" 

Jericho finished his work and returned to her ni+ple,s+cking like a baby would do a good job in s+cking his mother. 

"I can't wait anymore....I can't" Marigold uttered. 

Jericho looked up into her eyes,his gaze made her p+$sy drip with wetness. 

"Are you sure?" He asked in a s+ductive voice. 

"I don't care if it hurts,I just want you Tiger,please" Marigold muttered,her hand caressing his bare chest. She stared as Jericho got rid of his trousers and underwear,seeing his d+ck sprang out made her swallow. 

"It's.....really big" She muttered and Jericho chuckled. 

"Don't cry later,I won't stop" He winked. 

"I can't promise,but don't stop even if I do" Marigold muttered. 

Their lips locked again,bodies colliding against each other,in that manner,Jericho gently drove in his d+ck inside her. 

She broke the kiss and inhaled,her eyes went shut as she felt the pain,she held him tightly,he went deeper,feeling her tightness around his c+ck. 

"Damn" He groaned. 

He slides out and thrust inside again. 

"Ohh" Marigold grunt and bite her lips. 

He continue the gentle slides and thrusts till she adjusted to his size. 

"That......hurts" Marigold broke out. 

Their eyes locked and she smiled.

"Don't stop,I'm good....ouch!" 

"Kiss me kiss me" She cried and Jericho immediately kissed her,she wrapped her hands around her neck,kissing him in a fast pace. 

Jericho held her waist and gave her honeypot five fast thrusts which got her screaming out again. 


"Sorry" Jericho muttered. 

"Should I stop?" He asked and she gently nodded. 

"Don't look down....don't look" She sniffs as she felt the liquid flowing slowly out of her. 

"I won't" Jericho kissed her and got down from her,he covered her with the duvet. 

"Did I hurt you?" 

She shook her head. 

Jericho carried her in a bridal style out of her. 

"The bedspread...got stained" She pointed at it and buried her face in his chest shyly. 

"If you hide your face again,I'm going for the next round in the bathroom" Jericho said. 

"What?!" She screamed. 

"You said you wanted me and I gave myself to you" Jericho said and she laughed. 

"You're silly" 

They went into the bathroom and dropped her in the bathtub before pulling off the duvet from her body. 



Xavier flashed Annie a smile the moment she opened the door for him. 

"Sorry I'm late,I was in the middle of something when you called" He said and entered,Annie locked the door back and turned to meet him already sitting in front of her laptop,operating on it. 

"I thought you said you were working on something and you need my......" He got lost in his words and he raised his head to see what she was wearing. 

She was putting on a complete transparent nightie,he could see her nip+les pointing out,down to her pantie line. 

"How could you pass me by without checking me out first? Gosh" Annie frowned and started walking away. 

"I'm sorry,hey" Xavier immediately called her back. 

She faced him again and rolled her eyes. 

"I thought it was something important so I wanted to help you quickly" Xavier muttered. 

"I wasn't doing anything,I just wanted you to come over" She said,feeling embarrassed. 

"You don't have to make up any excuse for that,I wouldn't hesitate to come here if you called" Xavier said and stood up and moved close to her. 

"I just missed you,I honestly I've never felt this way before,so don't make fun of me" She pouted and Xavier chuckled. 

"What,are you mocking me? Because I'm the one missing you? So you don't miss me?" 

"You're so cute....are you sure you're twenty seven?" Xavier asked and she pushed his chest playfully. 

Xavier looked down at her nightie. 

"Did you put this on....for me?" He asked. 

"No I didn't" She immediately said. 

"Liar,why were you mad because I didn't check you out?" Xavier teased. 

"You caught me" Annie groaned and Xavier smiled. 

"You look s+xy,for real" He muttered and trace his thumb through her pointed nipple while locking eyes with her,making her body vibrate.

She bit her lips and curled her hands around his neck. 

"Have I told you yet?" Xavier asked,his hand resting on her @ss. 


"I love you" He said and her cheeks turned red. 

"Since when?? When did you fell for me?" She asked. 

"Since first year" Xavier replied. 

"Huh? That's....three years ago" her eyes widened. 

"I'm good in hiding my feelings as you can see" Xavier muttered. 

"But....why now?" Annie asked. 

"Because back then I was just nineteen,and you wouldn't want to date a teenager right?" He said and Annie chuckled. 

"So now you think you're a big man?" She asked. 

"Old enough to tell some old fools to fuck off when they touch you" Xavier winked. 

"Stop! I'm dying here" Annie groaned. 

Xavier pulled her closer and kissed her nose. 

"My lips...lips" Annie uttered and he pecked her. 

"Will you spend the night here?" She asked. 

Xavier pulled her off gently and cupped her cheeks. 

"I wish I can,but.." He shook his head. 

Annie sighed sadly. 

"Let's find another day,we can have fun all day and overnight,but not this night" Xavier said. 

"But you're not leaving now right?" Annie raised her brows and Xavier shook his head. 

"I'm gonna prepare you something to eat" She pecked his cheek before turning to leave. 

Xavier's eyes followed her @ss shaking in the nightie and he didn't think twice,he followed her and spanked her. 

Annie blushed and looked at him,he winked at her. 



Marigold opened her eyes slowly,she yawned and looked around the room,the room was empty,just her. 

She sat up on the bed and shoved the duvet out of her body,Jericho had changed the bedspread and duvet earlier before she slept off. 

"Gentleman" She said jokingly and got down from the bed,she was still naked. 

She went into his dressing room and opened his closet,she picked one of his shirt and put it on,it was able to cover up to her thighs. After wearing it she left the room. 

"Where is he?" She mumbled,she checked the balcony first but no sign of him,she went downstairs and found Jericho in the dinning room. 

"What are you doing?" She asked and Jericho turned. 

"You're awake" he smiled. 

Marigold returned the smile and ran over to him,she hugged him from the back and rubbed his chest. 

"Can you always remain shirtless whenever we are alone?" She asked. 

"Little pervert" Jericho chuckled. 

"I love your abs and tattoos" She said and kissed his back. 

"I ordered food for us,I was about setting the table and call you" Jericho said finally done. 

"Wow,they look delicious...." Marigold muttered. 

Jericho turned and faced her. 

"How are you feeling?" He asked. 

"I'm good,don't worry about me" She said. 

Jericho kissed her hair and carried her by the waist,he placed her on the table and went in between her thi+hs. 

"You know I love you right?" He asked and she nodded. 

"My shirt looks good on you" Jericho said with a n+ughty smile,staring at her chest,she left few buttons undone so he could see her cleavages. 

Marigold wasn't listening anymore,she already grabbed one of the chicken laps,she dipped it into the sauce and started eating. 

"Why aren't you eating?" She asked only to see Jericho already unbuttoning the rest of her buttons. 

"Tiger......" She swallowed hard when he bent a little and captured her breast with his mouth,s+cking her. 

"Oh gosh" She m0@ned,managing to keep her eyes open. 

Jericho gave her ni+ple a little bite and continue s+cking her hard,within two minutes she could feel herself getting wet. 

"Tiger....I'm.....fuck" She dropped the chicken in her hand. Jericho unbuttoned the shirt completely and she was naked on the table. 

"Would you like my cock inside you again?" He asked in a whisper and Marigold swallowed,she nodded anyway,not like she doesn't want it. 

Jericho dragged his zipper down and carried her at once,he didn't give her any space to adjust before driving in his dick inside her. 

"Ouch..." She hugged him. 

"Look into my eyes kitten" He uttered and she looked down at him,her hands around his neck,their eyes looked. 

Jericho held her butt cheek and started fucking her,gently at first. 

"Fuck...." She threw her head backward.

"Look at me" Jericho groaned and their eyes locked again. 

Jericho increased his pace,his dick sliding in and out of her pussy,hitting the right spot,Marigold opened her mouth to moan but her voice got seized for a second. 

"Gosh Jeri!!" She screamed. 

"Fuck..Mari" Jericho groaned,resting his dick inside her for two seconds,their breaths hitting each other's faces. 

"I'm....I feel....stran.....ggeeeeeeee" Marigold's voice shook. 

"Cum for me kitten...." 


They both came together at once,moaning hard. 

Marigold's head fell on his shoulder weakly. 

"Are you good?" Jericho asked. 

"I'm hungry" She said and Jericho laughed. 

He dropped her back on the table and help her wear the shirt back,he dropped her on the floor and pulled back a seat for her,they both sat down to eat. 



As Kelly walked in the hall way,focused on his phone,he didn't notice Melissa standing in front of him,waiting. He almost bumped into her. 

"Oh....." He raised his brows. 

"Let's talk" Melissa muttered and entered into an empty class,Kelly sighed and followed her. 

"Is there a problem?" He asked. 

"Why haven't you talked to me?" She asked. 

"Is there a reason why I should?" 

"You took me home that night right? It was you,I was drunk but....I tried so hard to think and it was you" Melissa said. 

Kelly looked at her tensely. 


"Did I do...something crazy by chance that night?" Melissa mumbled,touching her hair. 

"I can't really remember" Kelly replied. 

"I guess I did...your reaction says it all" She groaned. 

"Really? I said I can't remember" Kelly said. 

"Thank you for taking me home,I was a little bit silly that day so I had no choice....."

"You don't have to explain anything to me....don't bother" Kelly cut in. 

"Then....would you like to have my contact....."

"No" Kelly said and went out straight away. 

Melissa blinked her eyes. 

"Did he just.....rejected me?" She asked,not believing her eyes,she looked at herself and scoffed. 

"He might be shy,definitely" She smiled and walked out to check him but he was already gone. 

"He will definitely come back" She muttered.


"Babe! Have you heard Holly's new song ft Noir?! It was released this morning!" Yuna screamed immediately she saw Marigold. 

"Really? I haven't heard about it" Marigold shook her head. 

"You're missing out...and do you know the craziest part?" Sawyer asked. 

"We got our concert tickets,front seat!!" Yuna and Sawyer chorused at once. 

"I heard the tickets got sold out the moment it came out,over two million tickets,the hall was entirely booked with no single seats left,some are even complaining that the concert hall isn't big enough,but that's the biggest concert hall in Paris,I feel bad for them but.......at least I got mine,I guess Noir doesn't know how popular he is yet,his fans are crazy" Yuna grinned. 

"You didn't tell us anything" Alice said. 

"That's unfair,I want one too" Marigold pouted. 

"Are you two kidding? We got for you of course" Yuna said,bringing the two tickets out of her bag. 

"I seriously can't wait honestly,I wish he performs with Holly on stage,it's gonna be crazy" Sawyer said. 

"I don't care about that,the only thing I care about right now is seeing Noir's face" Yuna said dreamily. 

"What if he doesn't reveal his face and just perform with mask on?" Alice asked. 

"I might die,but then...listening to his voice live is an achievement too" Yuna mumbled and they laughed. 

"When should we go shopping? How about matching outfits for the concert?" Yuna asked. 

"I love the idea" Marigold nodded. 

"Yeah let's do that..." Alice smiled. 

"Let's go next week then,the concert is in two weeks,so....." She winked. 



Richard was just coming out of the bathroom,he met his phone ringing and he was over to the table. 

He took the phone,it's an unknown number but he answered. 


"Is this Richie?" The voice asked.


"I'm calling from FREQ" 

Richard's eyes widened. 

"I called to tell you that we listened to the song demo you sent and it was really good,would you like to come over for further discussion?"

"Of course! Yes I would love to!" Richard said happily. 

"How about next week? A proper invitation would be sent to you"

"Sure,I will be expecting that" 

The call came to an end and Richard almost screamed out but he didn't,how would he explain what's going on?

Seems like his music career is finally coming to pass,his dream coming true. 



Marigold groaned loudly as she rolled from one side of her bed to another,she couldn't sleep no matter how she tries. She got down from the bed and went into the bathroom,she washed her face and returned back into the room. 

She stood in front of the mirror,staring at herself. Her eyes fell on her b👀bs standing inside her nightwear and her mind went to Jericho,she imagined him sucking her and she didn't realized when she m0@ned,she covered her mouth with her palm and blinked. 

"Oh Tiger,,you're making me go crazy" She faked a crying face and fell on the bed loudly,her phone suddenly started ringing. 

She checked the screen and immediately sat up well when she saw Jericho. 

"Baby" She pouted childishly. 

"Kitten" Jericho called. 

"I miss you" Marigold muttered. 

"Do you have securities in your house?" Jericho asked and Marigold batted her lashes. 


"Which angle is your room at?" Jericho asked. 

Marigold got down from the bed and rushed to the window,trying to explain where her room is exactly. 

"Okay,got that" Jericho hung up. 

"What's going on?" She mumbled and left the window side,she started pacing,waiting for his call again but it never came,she was already on the bed when suddenly someone jumped into her room,through the window. 

Marigold stood up at once,her eyes wide. 

"Tiger?" She asked. 

Jericho winked and closed the window back. 

Marigold couldn't close her mouth. 

"How.....how did you....climb...just how?" She stuttered. 

"It was quite hard,but not as hard as missing you all night,I won't survive the night" Jericho said and walked over to her. 

"You should have called me over to your....." Jericho smashed his lips on hers,cutting her off. 

He carried her and continue kissing her deeply. 

"Hmm" Marigold smiled into the kiss,curling her legs around his waist. 

They fell on the bed and the kiss became even more deeper. 

Jericho started taking off her nightwear in the process,her hands also got busy under his shirt. 

A finger already slides into Marigold's p+$sy when suddenly they heard the door opening. 

They both stopped at once and their eyes widened. 


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