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I'm Your Doom - Episode 49&50



I'm Your Doom - Episode 49&50

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}




Xavier entered Marigold's room after calling her about two times at the door with no response. 

"Where's she?" He muttered,seeing the empty room. 

He was already going out when Marigold's phone rang on the bed,he moved closer and took the phone,Tiger on the screen with Jericho's picture. He scoffed and almost dropped it but then the call came to an end and 10 missed calls appeared out the screen,from Jericho. 

"Ten?" Xavier mumbled. 

It was followed by a text. 

*Where are you?!! Answer your phone!*

Xavier frowned. 

The call came again and he answered this time. 

"Kitten?" Jericho called,no response. 

"Kitten,are you there?" He asked again. 

Xavier said nothing and almost hung up. 

"Xavier?" Jericho called. 

"What is it?" Xavier asked. 

"She's not home? Where is she?" Jericho rushed his words. 

"Is something wrong?" Xavier asked with a suspicious look on his face. 

"F+ck......" Jericho cursed. 

"Tell me what the hell happened" Xavier snapped. 

"I think she followed my brother....if she did,then she's in danger,I can't explain clearly for you to understand but,we need to find her...."

"What the heck are you talking about?! Are you saying she was kidnapped by your brother or what?" Xavier asked impatiently. 


Xavier's eyes widened. 

"Where are they?"

"I have no idea,I don't....."

"What do you mean by you have no idea?! Find out where the hell he took my sister!" Xavier yelled and rushed out of the room. 

"Xavier,are you okay? I heard your voice" Mrs Scott said when he got downstairs. 

"Where did Mari told you she was going?" Xavier asked. 

"Supermarket,the closest one...is there a problem?" 

Xavier ignored her question and walked out,he got into the car and drove out of the house roughly. In five minutes,he arrived at the supermarket but no sign of Marigold inside or around. 

He dialed Jericho's number again. 

"Where is she?" He asked. 

"I sent you an address and map,,that's the only possible hideout I know,let's meet there" Jericho said before hanging up. 

Xavier immediately checked the address and didn't waste another second before getting into the car again,driving off. 



Marigold opened her eyes gently after gaining her consciousness,only to find herself in a strange dark room with only one white bulb on the wall. 

She sprang up but she couldn't move either,she looked down and her eyes grew when she saw that she was tied. 

"Oh...no...." She said tearfully,looking around and trying to free herself. 

"Seems like the little angel is awake" She heard some voices and almost immediately five men came into the room.  

"Who....are you?" Marigold stammered. 

"You don't have to know,Boss said we should play with you" Another one said,making them laugh again. 

"Please don't hurt me...don't touch me" she cried. 

"Just a little play" One said and caressed her cheek which felt so cringe and irritating to her. 

She cried out loudly. 

"Hey...shut it"  he grabbed her hair roughly.. 

"A little game can become big if there's lack of cooperation,why don't you stop being a hard girl and let's do this?" He released her hair and started unbuckling his belt. 

"No.....no...." Marigold shook her head. 

"Is she a virgin or what?" 

They laughed out. 

The guy brought out his d+ck,Marigold screamed and shut her eyes at once. 

He grabbed her head,and started forcing her face close to his d+ck,targeting her mouth,Marigold kept shaking her head. 

"Hey!! You little thing!!!" He shouted angrily and slapped her. 

"Ahh!" She screamed. 

He grabbed her hair roughly again and began forcing her face into his d+ck direction but still Marigold gave up not. 

"Come hold this bi+ch head" He told one of the men and he moved closer instantly. 

"No!!! Please!!! Let me go!!! Ahh!!!!" He grabbed her head,making her stand still as the second one brought his dick close. 

His dick almost touched Marigold's mouth when the loud iron door opened suddenly and they all turned. 

Xavier and Jericho came in at once,their eyes fell on Marigold together. 

"You bastard!!!" Xavier yelled,running toward them with all strength of anger,the first one who approached him was welcomed by one heavy punch on his nose which shook his whole face like string,he let out a scream of horror and crashed roughly on the ground,blood splashing from his nose like rain. 

Jericho on the other hand targeted the one in front of Marigold first,before he could think of zipping up his trouser,Jericho grabbed him with his hair and smashed his face on the wall,he didn't stop,he continue smashing his face on the wall,spoiling and soaking the wall with his blood,Marigold was calling but that moment only one thing on his mind,to kill him. 

"Oppa!" Marigold screamed and Xavier turned from the two he was fighting with,he saw Jericho and his eyes widened,he started running to him and grabbed Jericho,by the time Xavier saved the man from him,his whole face was already destroyed,and it doesn't look like there's any life inside him. 

Marigold screamed and passed out. 

The others already ran out,with their wounded bodies. 

Xavier squatted in front of the man and tried checking his pulse,he looked at Jericho. 

"He's dead" he muttered. 

"Take her away and leave" Jericho said and walked out of the place. 

Xavier immediately ran over to Marigold who was still unconscious,He untied her and carried her on his back,running out. 

Jericho's bike was gone. 

He put her in the car and drove off. 



The dimly lit bar house pulsed with a vibrant energy, the air thick with the hum of laughter and the sweet scent of whiskey. Neon lights cast a mesmerizing glow, illuminating the lively crowd as they swayed to the rhythm of the music. 

Amidst the bustle, Franco and Shawn sat at the bar, their eyes locked on each others,ignoring the girls throwing them flirtatious smiles. 

"He's really not picking up?" Shawn asked and Franco shook his head. 

"Do you think something happened? You look worried" Shawn said. 

"He always ignore calls whenever he's in a crazy situation" Franco muttered. 

"Then....should we go to his house?" Shawn asked. 

"Maybe we should" Franco nodded. 

They both got up at once and walked out of the bar. 



"I still don't understand what you're trying to tell me,what happened to your sister?" Mrs Scott asked while Xavier dropped Marigold on her bed,he covered her up with the duvet and faced his mom. 

"She met a crazy man her way home,he tried hurting her but thank goodness I was on my way to give her the phone she left" Xavier explained. 

"Oh greatness,you should have called the cops why would you fight him on your own? What if he had a dangerous weapon?" 

"Don't worry about me mom,you should send Kate to get her some medicine" Xavier muttered and walked out of the room. 

He went straight to his own,he locked the door and the memory of the man Jericho probably killed flashed in his brain,the way he was smashing his face on the wall and also...how is he going to clean up that mess?? Why would his brother kidnap Marigold? All these questions ringing inside his head. 

He started taking off his clothes,he probably need a good shower,his phone started ringing and he checked,a call from Prof Annie. He ignored it and went into the bathroom. 



Felix was in the wine cella,drinking. Cohen came in looking somehow scared. 

"Box...Jericho is here" He said and Felix smiled. 

"I knew he was gonna come" He said. 

"What should I do? He's trying to come in here forcefully,the guards aren't enough to stop him,He's totally out of control" Cohen said and Felix dropped the glass in his hand. 

He was about speaking up when one of this guards was thrown in with blood all over his face,then Jericho followed. His eyes looking red,blood covering his white shirt. 

"Get out" he mumbled at Cohen who swallowed but didn't move. 

"I said get the f+ck out!!!!" He yelled,pushing away all the expensive wines out of the cella shelves at once,they all smashed on the floor and broke into pieces,the liquid flowing freely on the floor. 

Cohen immediately went out. 

"Wow you look so angry,you must really love that little one....but she doesn't seem like your style,I mean...she's quite stupid" Felix said. 

Jericho grabbed his collar. 

"How dare you cross the line" he mumbled,tightening his grip on Felix's neck but he didn't flinch. 

"I hate it.....because she's changing your" He said. 

"What?" Jericho raised his brows. 

"You used to be miserable and useless...I was wondering why you aren't causing any more troubles again for dad...turns out you have someone by your side,I hate that" Felix said. 

Jericho released him.

"What do you want from me?" He asked. 

"Nothing much....just get lost...completely" Felix said coldly. 

"I left because of you!! I f+cking left that house!! I don't give a damn about your dad's properties!......"

"Then what the f+ck are you doing?!! How do you get all those money?!" Felix yelled back. 

"Is that supposed to be your business? I thought we are both minding our shits" Jericho chuckled. 

"You know how much I hate it when dad used to compare our results back then........"

Jericho threw a punch on his face and he fell off the chair. 

"Get up,let's end this shortly,I have no time to spend here" Jericho muttered and took off his bloody shirt,leaving him shirtless,he rolled the shirt around his wrist and went to lock the door. 

"Get up!!!!" He yelled. 

Felix chuckled and got up from the floor,he took off his wristwatch and removed his suit jacket before moving closer to Jericho. 

He attacked Jericho first,with the furry movement of his fist,thrusting toward Jericho's face but he caught it straight in the air,his deadly eyes piercing directly into Felix's own. 

"Remember when you whipped me so hard all over my body and I was unconscious for two days?" Jericho asked before twisting his wrist. 

Felix let out a groan of pain,Jericho grasped his arms and tossed him off his shoulder,making him land roughly on the floor. 

"Boss!!!! Boss!!!!" The guards outside started knocking. 

"Get up and fight me you bastard!!" Jericho yelled. 

Felix got up and made to hit him again,Jericho unleashed series of hard punches in his tummy before sending a flying kick straight to his face that sent him crashing against the wall before falling roughly on the floor,he coughed out blood. 

Jericho moved closer to him and grabbed his neck. 

"You better clean up the mess you made,if you try to act crazy,I have all our conversations from the beginning to the end all recorded,including how you got my girl abducted,you wouldn't want me turn it into a reality show and destroy you and your dad,you don't want that....If you touch that girl again,I wouldn't think twice,I will kill you" Jericho said and left him on the floor,he opened the door and walked out. 

"Boss!!" The guards rushed in. 

Felix chuckled and wiped his bloody lips. 

"When did that kid got so smart?" He asked. 

"Boss...what should we do now? I got a call that one of them....died" Cohen said. 

"Who did that?" 

"Jericho" Cohen said. 

"Don't do anything,that kid got some crazy evidence according to him...just clean the mess up for now" Felix said and went upstairs.



Xavier walked out of the hall after his first lecture,he brought out his ringing phone from his pocket and ignored the call when he saw that it's Annie. 

The phone rang again and this time he answered. 

"I'm busy right now miss......"

"Come to the office Xavier" 

"I'm sorry I can't...."

"Please" She added and Xavier sighed. 

"Fine" He mumbled and hung up. 

He changed his direction and walked to Prof Annie's office,he knocked on the door and then opened. 

Annie was standing,waiting for him. 

"Is there a......" She ran over to him and hugged him before he finished his statement. 

"I'm sorry Xavier,I missed you so much,alot,I missed you" She said in tears. 

Xavier said nothing,he didn't hug her back either,she broke the hug and caress his cheeks. 

"I know you're mad at me but can you....."

"Stop it,anyone can enter" Xavier muttered. 

Anni went to the door and locked it. 

"That is even more complicated,can't we just talk later?" Xavier asked. 

She immediately shook her head. 

"I won't survive another minute if we don't talk now,you're so cruel Xavier,how could you ignore my calls so much that it hurts?"

"You told me to stay away" Xavier said. 

"And I'm sorry,I thought about it and.....I discovered I only hurt myself,making that decision,it hurts so badly,I couldn't....." Xavier moved closer to her and gently placed his hand on the wall,caging her there. 

"Why don't we forget the story and let me know the main reason why you called me here?" He asked. 

Annie swallowed,her eyes going to and fro,his face then his lips,how can someone be so handsome?? Why is he her student in the first place??

"I'm six years older than you" Annie muttered. 

"I never said I care though" Xavier said. 

Annie smiled and touched his lips with her thumb. 

"I don't care too...I don't....I'm going crazy at this point,I can't hold it in anymore" She rushed her words. 

Xavier smirked and lean closer,he curled his hand around her waist and pulled her close before locking lips with her,gaining a moan from her as she kissed her back like she has been waiting for that her whole life. 


Franco and Shawn came out of the lecture hall together,laughing. 

"Huh? Marigold" Shawn grinned,seeing Marigold in front of them. 

"Hi" She muttered.

"Hey" Franco smiled. 

"I'm sorry but....do you have any idea where Jericho might be? I've not seen him all day and he won't answer my calls" She said. 

"Oh....Jericho is not in school" Franco said. 

"He's at home?" She asked and they nodded. 

"Thank you" She smiled and immediately turned,she walked away. 

"Is Jericho giving his girlfriend cold shoulders too?" Shawn sighed. 

"Something definitely happened,he just won't tell us" Franco muttered. 



Marigold input the password of the entrance door and entered,the sitting room was empty so she went upstairs,she opened the door to Jericho's room and there he was,on the bed,smoking,bottles of alcohol on the bedside table. 

"Tiger!!" Marigold called and ran to him,she hugged him tightly,ignoring the burning weed in his hand. 

Jericho stood still,not moving,his expression the same,waiting for her to break the hug which took about two minutes before she finally let go. 

"Why were you ignoring my calls? Are you mad at me?" She asked. 

Jericho dropped his smoke into the ashtray and looked at her. 

"What are you doing here?" He asked. 

"What do you mean?" Marigold asked. 

"Even after everything you saw....you're still coming here?" 


"You saw me last night.......I killed someone,I killed someone and I don't even feel that shit called remorse,I don't regret it a bit,isn't it obvious? I'm a devil,maybe I'm really a psycho like everyone said,,you shouldn't be with someone like me kitten,I will only put you into trouble,you're too innocent to associate with someone like me,I'm just........"

Marigold placed a finger on his lips,stopping him from talking. 

"I love you.....and I mean it,I don't care about all those things you said...I love you so much Tiger" She said and sat down on his laps. 

"I told you to stop ignoring my calls,you got me worried all day,I missed you" She hugged him. 

Jericho smiled and hugged her back. 

"Don't follow anyone that way again next time,no matter who that person introduce himself as" 

"I won't....I'm sorry,,it's all my fault,you only came to save me" She muttered and broke the hug. 

"Have you been drinking? I told you to reduce the way you smoke,what should I do about you?" 

"Maybe if you're with me all day,I won't think of smoking" Jericho said and she pecked his lips. 

Jericho smiled,she pecked him again,and again,she started kissing him,her eyes went shut,Jericho moved along with her,his hand rubbing her waist softly while Marigold moved sexily against his laps. 

He tossed her and they both fell flat on the bed with him on top,their lips still locked and moving even faster in the delicious kiss,Jericho's hand slides into her top and captured her b👀bs,Marigold m0@ned into the kiss. 

Jericho broke the kiss and their eyes locked. 

"Once I start,I won't be able to stop" He uttered sternly. 

"Then don't stop" Marigold said,leaning into his lips again,their lips collided,Jericho kissed her,a deep hard one,savoring her taste,making her breathless,it was so dominating,rough but yet sweet. 

His hands moved to her top again and Marigold wasn't expecting when he torn the innocent fabric and threw it across the room. 

He broke the kiss and his mouth captured one of her er+cted pink ni+ples. 

"F+ck Tiger!!" Marigold m0@ned. 

As if that wasn't enough,he snapped off her skirt and p+ntie,he let go of her ni+ple and went down on her,Marigold was almost confused until she felt his tongue slides into her wet p+$sy. 

"Oh....my......gawd.....Jeri!!!" Her eyes turned in a 360 degrees angle rotation,crossing over to the afterlife for a second. 


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