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I'm Your Doom - Episode 47&48



I'm Your Doom - Episode 47&48

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



"What did you just...say?" Jericho asked like he just heard a ghost's voice. 

"Why are you acting surprised? You said you don't like soft girls" Marigold mumbled with her innocent eyes. 

"So what?" 

"Meaning you love hard girls,big girls,I've seen with alot of girls,they are all sexy and........"

"Stop it" Jericho muttered and climbed down from the bed. 

"Are you angry? I'm just trying to be....."

"Trying to be what? Are you my girlfriend or my former sluts?" Jericho snapped and she kept quiet. 

"I said I don't like soft girls,fine...I wasn't referring to this,I was just trying to tell you not to allow others bully you. $€×y girls? What the f+ck are you talking about? If I wanted to date all those girls,I would have done that a long time ago,you don't have to start acting this way because you want to live up to my expectations,,you're perfect,and ...$+xy your own way,gosh you're making me talk too much,this is not the real me" Jericho groaned. 

Marigold pouted and moved closer to him. 

"I'm sorry,you sound angry" 

Jericho sighed and pulled her into a hug. 

"I like it better when you act cute this way...I fell for you because you're innocent,naive and cute,and...brave,fearless...not because You're $+×y,where did you get that mentality? And who said you're not $+xy? Do you even know how bad you got me that day at the club when you refused to talk to me?" 

Marigold broke the hug and grinned to his face. 

"Really? I got you really bad?" She gave a naughty smirk. 

"Forget it,I'm hungry" Jericho mumbled and turned toward the door. 

She ran after him and jumped on his back. 

"Tell me and I will come down" she said. 

Jericho adjusted her properly on his back. 

"Not like you've got some weight to be scared of" He said. 

"Hey!! That's harsh! I'm not that slim!" Marigold yelled. 

"Really? In what way?" Jericho asked. 

"I have quite some thick thighs,my boobs are average,not small,and my butt too......"

"Stop!" Jericho screamed. 

"Gosh you're frustrating my life,is that the only way you can describe how not too slim you are?" He asked. 

"How else....am I supposed to explain...."

"So if another guy ask you such question,you will start mentioning your thighs,boobs and butt? For what reason......"

"You're taking this too far,I don't think a random guy would just walk up to me ask me such...we are having this discussion because you're my boyfriend and I climbed your back,I wouldn't climb on just anyone's back aside my brother and my brother wouldn't ask such,even if he does,I won't mention those places" Marigold said. 

Jericho said nothing and opened the door. 

"So...have you spoke with my brother?" Marigold asked as Jericho climbed down the stairs with her on his back. 

"He doesn't wanna have anything to do with me" He muttered. 

Marigold sighed. 

"But at least,he's not mad at you...don't worry I will just take all the blame and try talking to him again" Jericho said. 

'Honestly......this isn't true' Marigold said inwardly. 



"Morning young miss" Kate greeted as Marigold came. 

"Morning,is mom and dad home?" 

"No they left together,but Sir Xavier is home" Kate replied. 

Marigold smiled and went upstairs,she walked straight to Xavier's room and knocked on the door. 

She knocked about three times with no answer,she opened the door and entered. 

Xavier was putting some books inside his bag.

"Good...morning" Marigold said nervously. 

Xavier said nothing and zipped his bag,he turned toward the door and Marigold grabbed his hand. 

"You can't keep on ignoring me this way,you won't even allow me to explain....."

"I have no time to listen to your explanation on your relationship,I don't give a fuck either,same way you don't give a fuck about me" Xavier said. 

"That's not true! I just want to tell you Jericho isn't that bad as you think,he treats me well,cares about me,protects me......"

Xavier scoffed. 

"I must be missing something...so you mean...he cares about you more than I do? He treats you better more than me? He protects you....."

"You keep getting me wrong!!" Marigold shouted. 

"Then quit explaining shit to me!" Xavier yelled back. 

Marigold swallowed. 

"Like I said,I don't care about your relationship with him,don't talk about him beside me,,I don't care about what you two do together,how he treats you and that....you know how much I hate talking too much and listening to what I don't want. I'm not against you two,I'm not in support either,not like you need my support before you do your things,I'm just saying this to clear the air. I...don't...care...do you understand?" 

Marigold nodded in tears. 

"I don't like it when you're mad at me,you make me feel like I'm doing something wrong,you've been ignoring me,you saw my calls but didn't get back,you didn't even care to call me when I didn't come back home last night" She said. 

"You have a boyfriend now,you don't really need me. And besides,I'm busy these days. Also,why would I call you while in your boyfriend's place? You should be having fun...and stop crying,doesn't suit your pretty face" Xavier muttered and walked out of the room.

Marigold sighed and wiped her tears. 

"He's more heartless than Tiger,He's a Lion!!" She cried out and ran to her room to get ready for school. 



👥 Hi Jeri 

👥 Jericho!

👥 You're so handsome,I'm jealous of your girlfriend. 

Jericho managed to force a smile for the delusional girls. 

"Why am I smiling? Gosh" Jericho muttered. 

"Hey lover boy!" Shawn joined him and crossed his arm around his neck. 

Jericho glared at him and gave him a smack on his side bone. 

"Ahh!!" Shawn immediately released him and touched his side painfully. 

Jericho rushed to him.

"Are you okay? That wasn't supposed to be so painful" 

"Wasn't supposed?! I'm a swimmer,you can't just hit me like that,you want my bones to get dislocated?" Shawn asked. 

"What? Are you serious right now? You mean that gentle smack hurt you so much??"

"You mean the same way you almost killed that guy for touching Mari and you claimed it was just one kick?" Shawn stood straight and they continue walking again. 

"I wasn't lying though,I only kicked him once,maybe it was hard,I admit" Jericho said and Shawn chuckled. 

"What about Franco anyway? I've not seen him...."

"He got a message and said he will be back" Shawn replied. 



Franco was almost surprised to see Reid standing,waiting for him. 

"It was you?" Franco frowned. 

Reid moved closer to him. 

"Are you seeing Nadia secretly?" He asked. 

Franco scoffed and run his fingers through his hair,then glared. 

"How did you get my number?" He asked. 

"I'm asking you a question!!" Reid yelled. 

"I also asked you a damn question,how did you get my number you bastard!!" Franco yelled back. 

"So you're seeing her in secret?" Reid chuckled darkly. 

"Loser" Franco rolled his eyes and turned to go. 

"Hey..." Reid tried touching him. 

Franco turned at once and grabbed his hand,he twisted it and Reid groaned out. 

"If you try to touch me again,you're dead. And listen,I'm not seeing Nadia,and I'm not planing to,so stop acting like a bastard and focus on her" Franco released him angrily and stormed out of the rooftop. 

"Franco" he heard someone's voice as he walked,he stopped and turned to see Nadia. 

"Oh...is something wrong? You look angry" Nadia muttered. 

"Caution your friend,and I'm sorry asking you to be my friend,you can delete my number from your phone since you don't wanna talk to me,I will delete yours too,,I'm not a pushover like you think,bye" Franco said and walked away. 

Nadia swallowed hard,staring at his back as he walked. 



"Are you okay? You've been quiet since morning" Kelly asked Xavier after their first lecture was over. 

Xavier dropped the pen in his hand and faced him,his eyes fell on Jericho in the middle of the hall sitting with girls surrounding him like flies. 

"Are you really dating that girl?" 

"So you have a girlfriend now?" 

Jericho sighed and used his headset,he checked the time and got up. 

"Jericho wait" One of the girls grabbed his hand and he looked at her coldly,she immediately removed her hand. 

"We still have one more lecture....."

"Mind your business" Jericho muttered and walked out of the hall. 

Xavier rolled his eyes and faced Kelly back. 

"You were saying?" He asked. 

"Wow,so you mean I've been talking to the wind since?" Kelly groaned. 

"Start again" Xavier muttered. 

"So....I went to a bar last night,I tried calling you but...you were quite down yesterday so I didn't" 

"So considerate of you" Xavier mumbled. 

Kelly sighed and shook his head,but continued his story anyway. 



Melissa slumped over the seat, her eyes fixed on the array of empty alcohol bottles scattered before her.

 The dim lighting of the bar house cast a gloomy shadow on her face, reflecting the despair that had been brewing inside her. She couldn't help but think of Jericho, now happily entwined with Marigold.

The memory of his public confession still stung, like an open wound that refused to heal. 

As she signaled the bartender for another drink, her vision began to blur, and her thoughts grew hazy. The alcohol coursed through her veins, numbing the ache, but also clouding her judgment. With a stumble, she slid off the stool, her eyes scanning the room for a distraction from her misery.

Kelly who was drinking alone in peace sighted Melissa walking over to him but he doubted,until she fell and sat down right on his laps. 

"Pretty boy" She smiled. 

"I see,she's drunk" Kelly scoffed and shoved her out of his laps. 

"Hey! You can't leave me here!" Melissa cried and grabbed his shirt. 

Everyone's eyes turned on them. 

"We are nothing,I don't know her" Kelly tried explaining to the people staring at him like he's trying to ditch her there. 

Melissa kept crying out loudly that Kelly had no choice in the end to take her out of the bar,fortunately she remembered her house address at least. 



"It was so annoying last night,seriously" Kelly scoffed. 

Xavier sighed and said nothing. 

"What,you have no say what I just told you?" Kelly asked. 

"What do you expect me to say? You took her home or not?" 

"I took her home because I had no choice,not like she's going to remember or thank me" Kelly snapped. 

"You should have just left her there,why would you give a f+ck about the people staring?" Xavier asked. 

"Not everyone is as cold and heartless like you" Kelly said and Xavier scoffed. 



Xavier was on his way to Annie's  office when he saw her coming out of the office,with her bag. She's obviously on her way home. 

After locking her door,she turned and their eyes met. Annie almost called his name but then she saw Ruben's office door was still opened,she said nothing and started walking. 

Xavier stood there,staring at her till she walked past him without sparing him a glance. 

"Do you really mean it?" He asked calmly and Annie stopped walking,she didn't turn anyway. 

"If you're going to be giving such cold attitude,how about you choose someone else to report the class project and others to you? I can't be coming to your office to meet that cold face of yours. I don't know how to be clingy on people,so let's do it in an easier way for both of us,it's becoming annoying" Xavier said and walked over to her,he put something like a file in her bag and bowed shortly. 

"Don't forget what I said" He muttered and walked away. 

Annie batted her lashes and continue walking,she got to her car and entered,she threw her bag on the seat and broke into tears. She cried for like two minutes before starting the car,she wiped her tears and drove off. 

Meanwhile,Xavier was standing close somewhere,he heard her crying. After seeing her drive off,he turned back and started walking straight to Ruben's office with every anger inside him. 

He opened the door loudly and closed it loudly,Ruben got up from his seat. 

"Hey,what the hell....." Before he could talk,Xavier threw a punch on his face and fell back on his seat. 

"You bastard!!" Ruben yelled,trying to get up. 

Xavier grabbed his collar,glaring deep into his soul. .

"What did you say to her?" He asked. 


"I'm talking about Annie!!" Xavier yelled. 

Ruben chuckled with his bursted lips. 

"Now it's Annie? Not miss? You really don't like your stay in this school right?" He frowned. 

"Go ahead and report if you care less about your job...do you want me to show you evidence of you trying to harrass your female students?" Xavier asked and Ruben's eyes widened. 

"Ah..I guess you think you have a secret,don't be so foolish,why do you think the students doesn't like you?? You better don't bite my hands,I will mess your life up,go ahead and report me,tell them I'm hitting on her,then let me do mine also,we will see whose career is gonna end,I mean the worst that can happen to me is leaving this damn school,once I'm out,I have every right to date the woman I want,even your sisters aren't excluded,I'm not that nice" Xavier released his collar. 

Ruben couldn't talk. 

"If I see you close to her again,consider yourself dead. Ignore my warning at your own risk" Xavier muttered in his usual calm burt cold voice,then he stormed out of the office,closing it even louder. 

Ruben was speechless,his shoulders dropped. 



Jericho's eyes snapped open, his chest heaving as if he'd been running for his life. The darkness of his room seemed to closing in on him, suffocating him. He was drenched in sweat, his sheets tangled around his legs like chains. The memory of the nightmare still lingered, seared into his mind like a branding iron.

In the dream, Felix, his stepbrother, had loomed over him, a cruel smile twisting his face. The flickering flame of a lighter danced in front of Jericho's eyes, casting eerie shadows on the walls. Felix's voice, cold and menacing, whispered in his ear, "You shouldn't be happy, Jericho. You don't deserve it. I'll destroy everything that brings you joy."

Jericho's mind raced, reliving the terror of the nightmare. But it wasn't just a dream – it was a memory. A real, haunting experience from his past. Felix, his stepbrother, had indeed tormented him with a lighter,that fire leaving emotional scars that still lingered.

He could still hear his voice ringing in his ears that night...he was just seven years old. 

He could remember how Felix locked him in the store room. Hours back,he had returned home from school after getting the first position as usual,but Felix was the opposite back then,he was always at the bottom of the class and always got scolded by their father. 

"You really have the mind to tell dad you got first position again?" Sixteen years old Felix asked,glaring at the innocent Jericho who was already shaking with fear on the floor. 

"I'm sorry brother,I won't do that again,I promise......" 

Felix scoffed and brought out the three mouthed whip. 

"That was exactly what you told me the last time you bastard!!!!" He yelled and started whipping him badly,he whipped him so bad that he was covered with blood. Then he squatted in front of the boy gasping for breath,he smirked and brought out a lighter,putting it on and off,making sure the sound clicks in Jericho's ears. 

"You have no right to be happy that way,you shouldn't be happy. You think anyone want you in this house? You have no one,dad doesn't want you either...even if you do more better,his money will be mine in the end,his companies,everything!!!!" 

Felix left him in the store room that night,little Jericho waiting and waiting for someone to show up and help him but no one came,for straight two days he was unconscious in the store room. 

It was from that moment he knew...he really got no family,like Felix told him. 

Laying on the bed,Jericho was still breathing heavily and panting...now he can't even sleep in peace without the nightmare,the only difference is....He's no more scared of Felix but he really did a lot of damage in his life. 

In shiver,Jericho got down from the bed and took a stick of weed,he was about lighting it up when he got a call,and unknown number. 

Jericho swiped green. 

"Your girlfriend is quite cute" Jericho heard the voice....Felix's voice. 

"What....are you talking about?" He asked and the weed in his hand dropped. 

"Nothing much,I just wanna take her with me for a while,I heard she's the reason behind your smiles these days...how about we have some fun?" Felix laughed and hung up. 

Jericho immediately dialed Marigold's number but she won't answer. 

"Pick up pick up!!!!!" Jericho screamed. 

He immediately threw his clothes on and rushed out of the room,still trying to get through with Marigold but fruitless. 


Marigold was walking home after getting something from the supermarket. 

"Oh Jericho" She smiled and tried taking her phone from her pocket to call him only to remember she actually didn't bring her phone with her. 

"Oh...let's get home first then" She muttered. 

Suddenly a car stopped beside her and the window whined down. 

Felix was in,Cohen driving. 

"Hey cutie" Felix waved at her. 

"Good evening" Marigold greeted. 

"I see you don't know me,but I do" 


"I guess that brat didn't tell you he has a brother" Felix said. 

"Brother? Jericho?" Marigold asked. 

"Of course,but he told me about you anyway" 

"Oh..my bad...hi" Marigold bowed with a smile. 

"Are you going this way?"


"Come in,I will drop you home. Maybe we can get to know each other better" Felix said. 

"Oh...okay" Marigold muttered. 

Felix smiled and opened the door for her,she entered. 

Cohen locked the door automatically and Felix released an evil smirk.


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