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Exclusively Yours - Episode 62



Exclusively Yours - Episode 62

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Author's POV

Today seemed like the beginning of a brand new life for both Olivia and Riccardo, especially when the latter just found out about the recent development of being an upcoming dad. 

Words can't even begin to explain how ecstatic he felt last night, and being here today in his birthday party with family and friends and even the one he still don't like aka  Axel, he was happy nevertheless. 

Everyone who were close to the couple was present — Felicity and Lucas, Nicole and Stefan, Olivia and Riccardo, Asia, Axel, Aunt DeeDee and her family, Beckett and Philip, even Harry was around for the celebration. 

It lasted the whole day with everyone chattering their time away, eating and drinking, and just having fun. 

Amidst everything, trouble still looms in the air, unbeknownst to everyone. A snake still has her vengeful eyes on them and is waiting patiently for the right time to slither out, and this time, she is determined to wreck their world. 

Beckett rested his hand on his friend, Riccardo's shoulder while the other one had a flute of champagne. "So, how does it feel knowing that in nine months time, you are going to have a child?" 

Riccardo beamed as he turned his head to his head and he replied, "Fantastic." 

"Isn't it scary?" 

"No, I've wanted to have a kid with Olivia, and I'm excited that it's finally happening." He said. "And besides, isn't it Olivia who should be scaréd? Pregnancy and childbirth isn't easy." 

"Woah, look at you; you're talking like a real husband and soon-to-be father." 

"I am?" 


"Maybe because I'm a real husband and soon-to-be father." His lips tilted up in a wide grin. "I'm going to be a father; gosh, this feels so surreal." 

"I know, right?" Beck sighed softly. "So, who is going to be the godfather? Can I? Can I? Can I?" 

Riccardo shrugged his friend's hand away from his shoulder with a scoff. "Take care of yourself first before you take care of another human being." 

"What's that supposed to mean?" 

"It means, you, my friend aren't going to be my baby's godfather when you're still carefree as you are." 

"And again I ask, what's that supposed to mean?" Beckett snapped. "I'm not carefree; I do care, a lot even. Just because I live my life the way I want it doesn't mean I am carefree." 

"Your motto is YOLO, and that says a lot, my friend." Riccardo said, patted Beck's shoulder and left. 

Meanwhile, Olivia made her way to where Asia was standing, eating a piece of cake. When Asia felt a small pat on her shoulder, she turned her head to see her sister. 

A smile brushed against her lips. "Hey." She murmured. 

"Hey, how are you enjoying the party?" Olivia placed her palm on the table in front of her, picked up a glass of juice. 

"Oh, it's really nice. Everything came out just the way you planned it, it's lovely." 

"I asked how are you enjoying the party not how the place came out, Asia." 

"Oh, that...I like it, thanks." Asia replied, facing Olivia. "How is it being a soon-to-be mom?" 

"Filled of uncertainty, but it'll all be okay, right?" For reasons now known to her, she wanted her sister's assurance. 

"Of course, it will all be fine. I'm here, Ric is here, Felicity and her husband, Axel even, you have everyone here will and for you." 

Nerves wrecked inside of her and she tried to see if maybe sipping on the juice will help, it didn't. "Can I ask you for a favour?" 

"Yeah, sure." 


Asia inspected Olivia with her eyes roaming on her face as she waited patiently for words to form in her mouth. "Yeah?" 

"Do you mind being the baby's godmother?" Olivia dropped the bombshell of a question. 

"But what about City?" 

"There's no law that says a child can't have more than one godmother." 

"Why...why me, though?" She uttered lowly. "I didn't think you would..." 

"Why wouldn't I? I mean, you riskéd your life to help me when I needed it the most, you even landed yourself in the hospital; all this happened when we didn't even know we were sisters...so, why shouldn't I give my child such a nice aunt and godmother?" 

Tears stained Asia's face in no time even when she tried to hold them in. She sniffed as she tried to come up with coherent words failingly. "I...um...you...er...you mean it?" 

Olivia nodded, "yeah. I mean, it's fine if you don't want to." 

"W-what? Of course, I do. I...you...thank you." 

Olivia grinned and nodded again. "No, I should be the one thanking you; you just agreed to take care of my child if anything happens to me and, or Riccardo, thanks." 

"It's fine, no biggie." 

"Hmm, and you should totally say yes to Philip if he has asked you out." 

"What?" Asia's voice cracked, not out of a throat issue but surprise as to how Olivia knows about the subtle flirting between them. "What do you mean?" 

"Phillip...you and Philip." She replied like it's already a given fact. "And before you ask, yes we all know about it, so just go out if you like him." 

"You're just saying that so I'll stay off your husband." 

The latter laughed. "Actually no, my husband is tragically and comically loyal and addicted to me, so he wouldn't even look at you; no offense. I just want you to be happy, and if Philip does it, give him a chance." 

"But isn't it kind of...I don't know, weird? I mean, this is the boy I've known since I was baby. I have seen him go through all the boyish phase, especially the disgusting ones and now, he has been looking oddly handsome in my eyes. I just don't know what is wrong with me." 

"You like him." Olivia simply said. 

"No, I don't." Asia argued. 

"You have had this fixation on Riccardo for years, and you blocked out all the possible suitors—ugh, I sound like a character from Bridgerton—anyway, as I was saying, you were immersed in whatever you felt for Riccardo and I don't blame you for that - we're girls and he's awfully beautiful. If you give him a chance and he fúcks it up, tell me..." Olivia leaned in to Asia's ear to whisper the remaining words. "I'll kíll him myself." 

A chuckle choked out of Asia's mouth and she slapped her hand on her mouth when people turned to look at her. "I don't think that's allowed." 

She rolled her eyes, raised her head up dramatically like a crown was on it and it mustn't fall, and flipped her long wavy hair back with regale style. "Who cares? We're royalty, we can get away with anything." 

"We can?" 

"Yeah, especially Philip's múrder." 

"My múrder?" A voice interjected, causing them to turn their heads to the person. "Who is killíng me? And if I may ask, why?" 

"Me." Olivia cheerily voiced. 

Phillip tilted his head confused and curious. "Second answer?" 

"Because you might deserve it." 


"You know." She said, leveling a glare at him before facing Asia with a beam. "See you later." And she is walking away with more style than necessary, just for dramatic effect. 

"What did I do?" She could hear Philip asked her sister. 

Even though she couldn't see Asia, she heard her shrug. "I don't know." 


A year later, Olivia can be seen walking through the green vast of beautiful flowers with a blue stroller in front of her. 

Her inhale was deep and content as she looked around, obviously enjoying the view. Her face was exceptionally glowing with love, happiness and utter bliss. 

The little cry for attention made her cut her people-gazing short as she turned all her attention to the baby in the stroller. A big smile touched her face as she crouched down, her brown eyes melting into a puddle of nothingness at the little human staring back at her. 

"Hi." Olivia waved her fingers in front of his face and his small hands came to hold onto his mother's fingers. "How was your nap?" 

One wouldn't think she was talking to a baby with the way she spoke to him like he could understand her. Although everyone could see how much love and adoration she has for him at first glance. 

He let out a shout or cry or something as he brought her fingers closer to his mouth before sucking on it. Olivia's heart almost exploded at the way his eyes shone brightly, just like Riccardo's ones - the exact shade. 

Kalix Jason Torrence is the exact copy of his father. From head to toe, he looks like Riccardo was the only one who had hands in making and birthing him. 

"You are so cute, do you know that?" She asked him, but no answer came because he was too busy sucking on her index finger. And he's just three months old. 

"Olivia!" A loud call came for her. Olivia stood up, turning her head left and right, confused and curious because she didn't come with anyone else. 

"I could swear I heard my name, or was it..." Her words pulled to an abrupt stop when she saw the vacant space her child was supposed to be occupying. 

"Kalix?" She muttered lowly, completely opposite to the thing inside her chest. "Kalix? K-kalix?"

TBC 📖✍️

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