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Exclusively Yours - Episode 61



Exclusively Yours - Episode 61

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Riccardo's POV

My life has been like a bouncing house lately, and I'm so happy that it's finally finding its balance because we, Olivia and I really need that. 

With the whole issues that came and went, I have been contemplating on going on a trip with Olivia, like a honeymoon because we haven't been on ours yet. I was waiting for our marriage to be really real before doing so, and it finally is. 

So much time has gone since I legally got married to Olivia, and I want to continue losing count, but at the same time, I want to know the years I've spent with her as mine and me as hers. 

I was planning on going a week before my birthday because celebrating it with just her feels just right, but my darling wife is so adorable when she's so cheery about something. She hasn't said a word to me about it, but I know for sure that she's planning a party, so I'll just play along, because why not. 

But I still want to go to a really cool country with her, maybe after my surprise birthday party, and I was thinking of maybe Switzerland. She hasn't stopped talking about it since she came back, and that was weeks ago, so I figured she really enjoyed her stay. 

"Sunshine," I called out, and she lifted her head from her laptop with a small hum. God, she's so cute. "What do you think about going on a vacation?" 

"I would love that. Where?" Olivia replied. 

"I was thinking Switzerland. You really liked your stay there, so I thought we can go there together and stay as a tourist instead of, you know." 

"That'd be great. There are still so many things I haven't seen there, and Harry said Switzerland is most beautiful in the winter." 

"How many days are you thinking?" I inquired from her, really hopeful that it's long enough to be an actual vacation. 

My wife, Olivia shrugged her shoulders as she walked to the place I was seated, and when I saw her coming, I opened my arms unto her and she straddled me. "As long as you want. I can leave the publishing house with the manager, and you can..." 

I pressed my lips on hers which instantly shut her up, and I grinned as her cheeks heat up. "Have I told you that you're looking awfully beautiful recently?" 

It's not my fault because she has really been glowing recently, so what is a man to do when he has such a gorgeous looking wife? 

Yes, he compliments her every single second of the day. 

"Yeah, like a million times." 

"Oh, that little, huh?" 

"A million times isn't little, Riccardo." 

"Doesn't seem like that to me, Sunshine." 

A smile lifted her lips as her caramel brown eyes swirled with excitement and anticipation. And before I could even think of why she was so happy, she said the words that will forever shake my world. "I love you." 

Yeah, I am never getting over that. 

Olivia placed a small peck on my lips and her fingers slipped into my hair. Both of us not seeming satisfied with it, she leaned in again and claimed my lips in a passionate kiss. 

"Is that my birthday gift?" I asked after we pulled out. 

"Isn't your birthday tomorrow?" She replied. 

"Yeah, it's exactly three hours and thirty minutes until then." 


"I don't know, you tell me; what is my birthday gift?" 

"Couldn't get anything, unfortunately." She pitifully shook her head with an heavy sigh. One will think she's actually serious, and I almost believe her. "I mean, you have me." 

"I do have you, don't I? So, what other gift would I want when I have the universe's best gift right here in my arms?" I pressed a kiss on my wife's forehead, then her eyes, and her nose, her lips, her cheeks, her jaw, and her lips again. "I love you." 

"I know." She whispered and wrapped her arms around me. "Thank you." 

When I go to ask why she was thanking me, she shook her head on my shoulder and said, "don't ask." So, I don't. 


I was sleeping when I was assàulted with numerous kisses from my dearest life partner, and I feigned a groan and even wanted to stir, but one very painless slap on my chest had me chuckling and sitting up. 

There she was holding a cake she most definitely baked herself because she also recently took up a baking class. The cake has 'Happy birthday, love' in the most shakiest handwriting I have ever seen, but for some reasons it looked fantastic. 

"Happy birthday, Riccardo Torrence." Olivia whispered, like as if there's a third person listening to our conversation. 

So, deciding to match her energy, I also whispered, "thanks a lot, Olivia Torrence." 

That made me laugh that her laugh that gets the butterfly zoo in my stomach opened. Only the LED lights she insisted we install was on, yet her face shone brighter than the sun. 

Okay, there might be a little exaggeration there, but I'm not lying; she's so beautiful tonight....and every other day. 

"It is 12:02am now, please make a wish on your cake before the candles melts on it." 

"Sure thing." I closed my eyes and wished for the best life for Olivia and I, with kids where we will be together forever without any troubles because we have honestly had enough. And when I opened my eyes, I blew out the candles, brushed a finger on the icing and put it on her face. "Done." 

She scoffed, ignoring my mischief. Carefully dropping the cake on the bed, she smiled and muttered, "I have three gifts for you, which would you like first?" 

Three gifts, dàmn, aren't I the luckiest guy on Earth. 

"Said the person who said she couldn't get anything." 

"Hey, a lady is allowed to lie. This is America, and it's a free country." 

A laugh spilled out of my mouth at her dramatic reply, but I nodded anyways. "How should I choose then?" 

"Between one, two, and three." 

"Okay, the first one then." I replied. 

Olivia nods once and shifted closer to me. "On the lights." I did as I was told, eager for her gift. When I turned back to her after switching on the lights, one of her finger was out, and my brows furrowed. 

"My gift is your finger?" I asked, confused. 

"No, you dúmmy." She giggled. "See what is on it." 

Keeping my gaze on her for a second longer, I hummed before shifting it to her finger. It was then I noticed it was her ring finger, and more importantly, a cursive written word on it. 

It is my name — Riccardo's. 

I feel a tear pricked my eyes as I continued staring at it, completely surprised and taken aback. "Is that a tattoo?" I laughed at myself. "That's a dúmb question, isn't it?" 

"Yep, very." Olivia agreed with a smile. "Do you like it?" 

"I love it." 

"Oh, good because if you don't like it, I would need to púnch you in the face." 

"I dodged that one, thank God." I grinned, still staring at her finger. "Do the second gift also ends with me getting púnched too?" 

"Well, not really." Olivia shrugged. Her hand went to her back and when she brought it back, there was a box in it. "I am the worst gift wrapper to exist, so I didn't bother wrapping it, sorry." 

She's so adorable if she thinks I mind that at all. 

"It's fine." I tell her, and she nodded. When the box dropped on my hand, I wait a second longer again to get her anticipation pumping. 

"Open it already." She snapped, and I knew my plan worked. 

I smiled and did as she ordered. And again, another surprise had my mouth hanging open. 

It's the limited edition of the Rolex watch I have been eyeing since the information dropped. I even tried buying it, but I couldn't because it was completely sold out, it pained me a lot and I guess she must have noticed. 

"I had the specifically made for you. I somehow managed to get the contact number of the Rolex CEO, and talked to him about making another. Yeah, it costed a lot of money, especially when I made him put your initials in it, but yeah." She explained to me, while I was busy shedding tears and thanking God for giving me a one of a kind wife. "You really wanted it, so I got it." 

"Gosh, you are the best. Thank you, Sunshine." I gushed happily at her. A tear slipped out as she nodded. "I'm guessing the last one is really big, huh?" 

"Yeah." Olivia nodded and stood up. I watched her walk to her closet, enter it since it's a walk-in closet and when she exited, she had a bag with her. 

And since I'm a very patient man, I waited for her to take her time in walking back to me. And when she did, she stretched the fancy looking carton bag to me. I hesitated a little to read her face to see if I can get any hint, and all I saw was pure bliss. 

Shoving my hand into the bag, I brought out the first thing my fingers touched - a cloth. A really small cloth. I examined it blindly and confusedly. "Baby, why do you think I would love a cloth this little?" 

Olivia sighed heavily like I was a nut job, while shaking her head even. "Maybe because it's not for you." 

"Then why are you giving it to me?" 

"You...what..." I impatiently wait for her to put her words together, and she did, "Riccardo, just check what is written on it." 

I once again examined the little cloth, turning it to the front. Oh, it has something written on it. 

She was right when she called me a dúmmy. She is....wait! 

My heartbeat accelerated as my eyes read the words on it - 'This is your last birthday without me, Daddy' 

My hands trembled even as I gripped the cloth in my hands. It was only now that I realized it was a baby's onesie. 

I'm stúpid. 

And apparently, a dad. 

I looked up at my wife who is also staring at me, waiting for my reaction. "You're pregnant?" 

Olivia nodded her head, "yeah." 

"With a baby?" I asked just to be sure. 

She laughed at my dúmb question, but still nodded. "What else would I be pregnant with?" 

I slowly stood up on my feet, still holding the cloth in my hand because I'm not leaving it. "You're carrying my baby?" 


"You're making me a Dad?" 

Tears equally streamed down from her eyes as it did mine. She once again nodded. "Yeah." 

"We are going to be parents in nine months." I said, but I guess it sounded like a question because she nodded her head. 


Wrapping my hands around her, I swirled her in the air and her giggle filled the room. When I stopped the swirling, I placed a long kiss on her forehead as more tears spilled out. 

"Do I get a kiss for seeing the future earlier, like when you were arguing that you won't have my kids?" 

"No, no kisses for you." Olivia Torrence, the upcoming mother of our kid replied with a little shake of her head. Cupping my face in her palms, her thumb unsuccessfully wiped the tears, because it kept coming. "I love you." 

"I love you too, so, so much." I whispered, because I think I might have lost my voice with all of the crying. 

"Good, because if you didn't, I'll púnch you." 

"Dodge that one too, huh?" I said and without giving her any time to reply, I clasped my lips on hers. 

I thought wrong; she does know how to keep a secret because I never saw this coming, and this is officially the best birthday ever.

TBC 📖✍️

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