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Exclusively Yours - Episode 60



Exclusively Yours - Episode 60

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Olivia's POV

My brain and my heart was at two different places, but when Asia'a hands wrapped around me, I snapped back to reality. 

Why is she hugging me? 

Why does it feel good? 

I've always hatéd that her vanilla scent she carried everywhere with her, but now, for some absurd reasons, I liked it. I allowed myself to rest on her shoulder. I allowed myself lean into the soft embrace of the someone I never thought I would once come to relate to. 

All of this feels surreal. Too, too real to be true. And yet, something about hugging Asia too doesn't feel that bàd, or bàd at all. 

So, what do I do after finding comfort in my supposedly twin sister's arms? Oh, I cry. I cry real good. 

"So, you're telling me that my Dad was somehow involved with a mafía? Is...is that even real, like do they exist in real life?" I asked after pulling away from the oddly comfortable hug. 

"Unfortunately, yes, it does." Harry muttered. 

"How did you find all this out?" 

A smile climbed up his stupídly handsome face. "A birdie told me." 

"Who's this birdie?" 

"My boyfriend." He replied with a proud grin. 

"And who is this your boyfriend?" My question made his grin fall, and I almost chuckled at his frown. 

"None of your business." Harry snapped, like as if I snatched his espresso he seemed to really like. "So, are you coming with us?" 

"None of your business." 

"Gosh, I hàte you." 

Finally, the laugh escaped me against my will. "Yeah? But I'm too lovable, ain't I, Asia?" I beamed as I faced Asia, hoping for her to back me up. 

"Don't want to get involve, please." She replied, shaking her head. 

"I am asking you to up and leave, okay? Just come your hometown, where you're from, and where your mother grew up in. Yeah, royal family sucks, like a lot, but Switzerland is beautiful. You'll love it, even if it's a week vacation." This was the very first thing Harry has said to me when we aren't throwing words at each other. "Think about it." 

I will. I know I will. 

"Gotta go, give me a call if you've reached a conclusion." He said as he stood up. 


"We have a plane, do you?" 

I so wanted to lie and say yes, but he's a wizard, he'll know that it's a lie one way or the other, so I don't lie. 

"No." I murmured. 

"I know." 


"Child." He bit back. "I don't know how Riccardo puts up with you, honestly." 


But he was gone before I could give him a comeback. The dickheàd, àsshole, àsswipe didn't even pay for his espresso. 

"Where to now?" Asia asked, weary on her face and tiredness swirling in her eyes. "I'm tired." 

"I can see that, let's go home." I replied. "Like to my...our aunt. This is going to take a lot getting used to." 


You know when I said I'll make Jade pay for what she did if I got out of that building? Well, that plan fell through, because Jade went missing. 

Poof, gone with no trace at all. I've been set on putting her in jail for two time attemptéd múrder on my life, but she always seem to be many steps ahead of me. She left America. 

Like, the continent because it had been really hard to dig her up in wherever the fúck her shitholé of an hiding place is. 

But in non-angering news, I've been feeling sick for a couple of days, and apparently I'm pregnant because that's what City came to conclusion when I told her about my health. 

"Can I be his godmother?" She asked with such a cheerily voice like she already knew it's gender or even if I'm really pregnant. 

And lo and behold when I checked it out—a million times before I thought I was seeing double or triple—with both a home test and hospital test without Riccardo's knowledge, I decided to tell him on his birthday that's coming in a week. 

I'm throwing him a surprise party which I'm one hundred percent sure he knows about because I can't keep a secret to save my life. I also have people helping me with the preparations; people like, Aunt DeeDee, City, Axel, Nicole, Beck and Philip, oh and Asia. 

We have been bonding since two and the half months since the truth came out, so yeah, we're friends who are also biologically related. And yeah, I am the elder one because we both went to the hospital and asked her mother...foster mother, I don't know, it's still confusing. 

"Would you please stop stuffing your face with ice cream and tell me what color you want the balloons to be?" City groaned, walking to me with her iPad. 

"Gold, it'll be okay, right?" 

"I don't know, he's your husband." 

"Yeah, I know that, but... just use gold." 

"Fine." She said with another playful groan. "It'll fix the aesthetic of everything, so your baby brain didn't get in the way in this one, thank God." 

I have no idea why she says that I have baby brain. I'm barely two months gone, so I'm still Olivia. I do feel greatly afraid because being pregnant is a tough journey, and being a mother is more tougher. 

"You'll soon get it if you keep repeating it." I told her. Felicity scoffed and stuck out her tongue to me. "You're such a child." 


I laughed at her reaction before facing what I was doing. Something dragged my attention back up as my brain zapped at the thought that I just saw Asia and Phillip together, like together in one spot. 

Something is going on there, and poor Asia is so clueless. Should I tell her? Am I a snitch? Or is it just pregnancy hormones? 

TBC 📖✍️

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