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Exclusively Yours - Episode 59



Exclusively Yours - Episode 59

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Author's POV

"Mom, this is Olivia." Asia pinned her eyes in her mother's, placing a palm over Olivia's shoulder to draw her closer. "Olivia Donovan, the daughter of Anastasia and Jeremy Donovan." 

As soon as Asia's mouth ran out of words for the introduction, her mother's face paled, a fleeting fright in her eyes. 

"Two DNA tests said we are related...by blood. Mind telling me how that's possible?" Upon seeing her mother's expression change, her heart trembled. 

"Of course not, I have no idea what you are talking about." Her mother, Heather replied, shaking her head like she really had no clues. "This girl over here isn't your sister because you're my only child, I don't know what this is about." 

Olivia's face turned from bored to a frown and she faced her. "It's Olivia, by the way." 

"Mom, I need the truth from you or I will find out myself and when I do, you won't like it." 

Heather stumbled backwards and fell on the sofa, her breaths turning breathless and short. "I really don't know..." 

"You're lying, I know you are lying." 

Her mother stood up, attempting to put on a charade of being brave, but the shudder that ran through her body betrayed her. 

"So what? So what if I'm lying?" She snapped, her eyes watering with angry tears. "It wasn't fair. It's not fair." 

"What's not fair, Mom?" 

"Why was I made to suffér childléssness when another woman like myself was having two? Why was it me and not her? Why wasn't she the one sufféring? Why...." 

"Who wasn't suffering?" Olivia beat Asia to the question, her brow arched quizzically. 

"Anastasia." Heather snapped and sat down back. 

"What do you mean?" The question left Asia's mouth slowly and carefully, almost like she was afraid of the truth. 

Because she was. 

"Anastasia had everything and didn't deserve two babies at once when I didn't have one. She met me at the hospital when she started her checkups for her and her baby—babies, apparently. I had another miscarriage out after the many, many miscarriages I had already gone through, only for the doctor to tell me to stop trying to get pregnant or I lose my life. Why was Anastasia Donovan having two when I can barely have one?" Heather rasped, tears streaming from her eyes intensely. "So, I took one and made her believe it diéd by replacing it with a deád baby." 

And suddenly, it was like the world cease to exist, everyone on a standstill with only their eyes doing the movements. 

Olivia's shoulders rose and fell as she angrily breathe in and out, while Asia's body froze up totally. 

"How could you do that to your fellow human being?" Heather flinched as Olivia threw the question her way. "How could you do that to my mother? How dare you take her child she carried in her womb for nine months and replace it with a deád body? Don't you feel remorse at all? Or guilty, maybe?" Her eyes darkened as each question left her mouth. "Don't you have a conscience? How was it my mother's fault that you couldn't have children? Was it her fault? Did she make you childléss? No. No, she didn't." 

"You're not my mother?" Both pairs of eyes turned to Asia's direction. "How...why did you do it? It wasn't like you were around to even take care of the child you apparently stole. So, why did you do it, Mom? After doing it, didn't you feel bàd even in the slightest?" Tears stained her face, but she doesn't care, not now anyways. "I'm guessing Dad was also in on this? I can't believe this. I just can't." Rubbing her palms on her face and through her hair, she turned to Olivia. "Let's go." 


"Don't touch me!" Asia cut her off, jerking away from her touch and without sparing her a glance, she walked out of the door with Olivia behind her. 

"You must be happy right now." The words left Asia's mouth, shaky and tear-filled as Olivia zoomed down the road. 

"And why do you think so?" 

"Why wouldn't I? I mean, you did say it at the hospital that it's your parents that are my parents, you were so certain that your parents are your parents, and I..." 

Olivia threw a quick glance at her crying sister and sighed defeatedly. "Okay, listen here. First off, I'm not happy about you being my sister, so don't think like that. Second, you're right, I know my parents and would never doubt them in that area." She explained calmly, even though her heart was pounding. 

"That area? What other area is there?" 

"Oh, apparently I—sorry, I almost forgot that you're my sister now—we, we are royalty. And I—we have grandparents in Switzerland who just happens to be the King and the Queen, isn't that awesome?" 

"You have a really bàd way of being sarcastic that one wouldn't know when you're being serious." 

"It isn't bàd, it's called expertise." 

"I choose to call it bàd." 

"That's why I'm correcting you, baby sis." 

Asia frowned. "Why do you think you think you're older than me? I could be, you never know." 

"We can, actually. You can ask your mother, she will know which one she took. Or we could go to the hospital and search for old records." 

"I choose hospital. I don't want to see her for a while." 

"Hmm, whatever. Where are you going after I drop at my aunt's place?" 

"My house, I guess." Asia sully replied. "And what do you mean by that we are royalty?" 

"Two people from Switzerland came to my office and told me. I was about to go meet one of them when I got kidnappéd." 

"Oh, why didn't they come to see you at the hospital?" 

"Riccardo told me that they came, but he told them to give me some time to get back on my feet." 

"Why didn't you know about your...our parents being royalty?" 

"Just Mom. Apparently, she was doing it for my betterment, I have no idea what that means." 

"Why were you going to meet them that day?" Asia asked. 

"I needed to find out something from Harry. It is a man who came with my...our supposedly grandfather." 

"What was it?" 

Olivia looked at Asia and sighed. "I needed to find out about who is responsible for my parents' deàth." 

"And I'm guessing you haven't?" 


"Is this the right time to tell you that a car is following us?" 

"Oh, I know." 

"How are you so calm about it?" 

"Because it's Harry's car." Olivia replied with a smile. "He called me this morning and I didn't pick, so he sent me a message." 

"Oh, so you are not going to stop the car?" 

"I love playing this game, so no." 

"You're weird." 

A smirk tugged at the corner of Olivia's lips. "You think?" The ping of her phone made the smirk grow wider as she brought it from her bag with one hand. "He's telling me to stop, unless he'll overtake me." 

"Then stop." 

"But it wouldn't be fun anymore." Olivia pouted. "I need some fun in my life, after all of the ups and downs." 

"I'm guessing I'm part of the downs..." 

Olivia's gaze travelled to Asia for a brief moment. "I would have said yes, if I didn't just find out that you're my sister, so no, you are not part of downs." 

"Am I supposed to thank you?" 

Olivia was just about to reply to her when a black sleek car sped to their front, forcing her to step on the brakes. "What the fúck!" 

"I told you to stop." Asia muttered just as Harry stepped out of his car and knocked on Olivia's window. 

"F+ck you." Olivia mouthed. 

"No, I refuse your offer. You're just not my type." Harry replied nonchalantly. 

Rolling her eyes exasperatedly, Olivia got out of the car with a frown. "You're not my type either, Harry Potter. What do you want?" 

"Let's go to a cafe and talk. I'm thirsty as fúck." 


"What's no?" 

"No is a reply you give to someone when you aren't interested in whatever the fúck they want to involve you in." 

"You're such a pain in the àss, you know that, don't you?" 

"Thanks, I try my best." Olivia beamed. "Have you met my sister? Lemme introduce you." 


"Uh-huh, you didn't know? That's too bàd." She shook her head dramatically. And right on cue, Asia stepped out of her seat. "There she is, Asia Hamilton. Or should I say Donovan?" 

"That's not possible, you're the only child." 

"So I thought too." 

"Whatever, just get in and let's go to a cafe. Like I said, I am thirsty." 

"Say please." 


"Then, I'm not going." 

"Fúck." Harry muttered under his breath which made Olivia giggled. "Please." 

"Say it nicely." 

"If you weren't the next to the throne, I swear I will carry you over my shoulder and throw you into my car, but dàmn, luck is on your side. So, please, can we please go to a cafe?" 

"That's more like it." Olivia nodded with a wide grin. "And no, I refuse your throne. Tell your King that I am not interested." 

"You mean, your grandfather..." 

"Whatever, Potter." 

"God, I hàte you." 

"Love you too." 

"Get in and lead the way. Don't try anything funny, Olivia." 

"My name sounds funny in your mouth." Olivia chuckled. 

"Thanks?" Harry replied. 


Ten minutes later, they are seated in a cosy looking cafe. All three of them had mugs in front of them, filled with espresso. 

Harry's face filled with satisfaction as he sipped on his drink, Olivia's face filled with curiosity mixed with excitement as she watches him enjoy his drink, while Asia solemnly sipped on hers. 

"So, tell me why you brought us here?" Olivia asked, crossing her legs. 

Harry dropped his mug gently on the table. "You brought me here." 

"You understand what I meant, Potter." She snapped. 

"Whatever. Your grandfather and I will be leaving in two days, and he'll love for you to come with us." 


"What the fúck is wrong with you and saying that word?" 

"I just found out that I love the word because of your presence in my life." She replied. 

"Olivia, you're not funny." 

"I'm not trying to be, Potter." 

Harry sighed heavily, rubbing his palm on his face. "Will you agree to come with us if I tell you about your parents' deàth?" 

Seriousness washed the mischievous away from her face as she straightened herself on her seat. "I might, if you aren't lying." 

"Why will I lie?" 

"Why won't you lie?" 

"Do you want to know or not?" 

"I do." 

"Bring your phone and record it because I know you will love to go ask your aunt to confirm whether it's the truth or not." 

Olivia wanted to doubt, but deep down she knew she would do that, so she mutely brought out her phone. 

"Don't freak out much." Harry warned with a smirk. "Years old, your dad was taken by the Italian Màfia, not as a prisoner or captive, but as a someone who they wanted to genuinely help. The Italian boss then helped your Dad through school because your dad's parents were so abusivé he ran away from home. After your Dad was done with schooling, he joined them as a underground doctor because he wasn't made for the real màfia world. A transaction was needed between Italian Màfia and Switzerland críme mob, and your dad was among the selected ones. That was when he met your mother. They hatéd each other and soon became friends before he left. A year after, your mother also abandoned the throne after her marriage was fixed. Your dad then somehow managed to land in America where your mother and her sister was in, and they fell in love. Soon after they got married, your Dad quit the Mafía and they let him go, and even gave him a large sum of money to start his life. He got a normal job in an hospital and so did your mother, and two years later, they had you...and she, I guess since you said she's your twin. I know that I said your Dad never joined the real màfia world, but the first and last time he did, he shót the only son of the Russian Mafía, and that made the Russian clan furious. They, of course, waited for the right time to strike, and you would have been the first to díe, if the Italian Màfia weren't there that night, watching you like a hawk. They wanted to kíll you and just you to make your Dad know the pàin of loosing his child, and since they couldn't have you because the Italian fought hard to protect you, they went to your parents and killéd them. They were amateur though because your Dad almost defeated them, and would have if they weren't with weapons." Harry explained calmly like he was narrating a story. "So, in conclusion, the Russian Mafía killéd your parents." 

"How do you know all of this?" Asia asked, since Olivia was too shocked to say anything. 

"I did my assignment, Asia." 


"Oh, because boredom is real." 

"And boredom couldn't let you do other things?" 

"This was more fun. The King and Queen doesn't even know it, only three of us." 

Asia hissed and faced Olivia with concern written all over her face. "Olivia, are you okay? You want some water?" 

Olivia stared at her before shaking her head. Although she shook her head, a tear slipped out of her eye. Asia didn't hesitate to wipe it off, and that gave more the permission to flow out. 

As the tears increased, Harry just sipped on his espresso as he watched the show before him. Meanwhile Asia was debating whether to hug Olivia or not. 

Sighed defeatedly, Asia wrapped her hands around her sister, gently patting her back. Olivia sobbed more and more in her hand, burying her face in the crook of her sister's neck.

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