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Exclusively Yours - Episode 58



Exclusively Yours - Episode 58

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}


Author's POV

After a restless Asia sent the hair samples to other hospital for a DNA test, she refused to calm her wandering mind, even though she was certain in her heart that Olivia can't be related to her in any way, shape or form. 

It was however wrong, because the test results came back to her also confirming and matching with the first one. 

Her heart thumped against her ribcage, forcibly wanting to drop away from its spot as her panic-stricken eyes raced over the words written on the sheet of paper she was holding. 

Subject A and Subject B are 99% related by blood. It furthers proofs that they are siblings from the same parents. 

Her stomach grumbled, and suddenly, she felt like throwing up the food she ate an hour ago. Even though she showered and got dressed in comfy clothes, her body started to itch in everywhere as her mind wandered and her heart broke. 

"Olivia and I, siblings? That... that can't be true, right?" She said to her reflection in the mirror as her gaze wandered also as restless as her heart. 

Her slim fingers rose and swept her shoulder-length hair backwards with a exasperated sigh before exiting the bathroom. 

A few minutes ago, Riccardo asked if she could stay here with Olivia until he comes back from bringing what he thought she'd need when she wakes up, so right now, Asia and Olivia are in the same room. 

The earlier unconscious Olivia's finger rose and fell, instantly alerting Asia's attention. She rushed to her bedside, her hand immediately taking Olivia's hand before she realized her impulse mistake. But it was too wrong to correct it when Olivia herself jerk her hand away despite just waking up from a deàdly sleep. 

"What are you doing here? Where's Riccardo?" Olivia asked and even her voice showed how weak she was. She made an attempt to stand up,  but Asia quickly held her down. "Don't... What are you doing here? Why are you here?" 

"Riccardo went home to get your stuffs." 

"Leave me alone." She snapped. "Even if Riccardo isn't here, why are you? Do...are you working with Jade?" 

"Okay, that is just rude and offensive, even for you, Olivia." Asia replied. "Before Ric left, he told me to stay here with you." 

"I don't need a babysitter, especially if it's you." 

Asia's understanding face vanished, vexation replacing it. "Oh, is that it? I saved your life in that building, I'm reminding you just in case you forgot." 

Olivia's annoyance also vanished, guilt washing over her. "I'm sorry. Thank you. Can you leave now?" 

"No, I can't, I'm waiting for Ric." 

"Stop calling him that." 

Asia scrunched her face in refusal, shaking her head as she said, "He's my friend." 

"He's my husband." Olivia bit uhback. 

The words dropped in her head and before she could stop it or hold it in, her mouth blurted out. "You're my sister."

"Excuse you, that isn't funny, Asia." 

Ten seconds passed before she replied, "I also wish it was, but it isn't." 

"I don't know the messed up and twisted games you're about to pull here, but I won't fall for it. You and Jade don't just know when to give up, gosh." 

"Don't, and I repeat, don't ever mention my name and that bítch's name in one sentence like that; it is disgusting and I hàte it and her." Asia told Olivia, calmly. "Secondly, you think I would love to be your sibling? The answer is a capital no in every language that exists. I have two proofs, which one do you want to see?" 

Olivia feigned to think about it for a second. "Hmm, you...I want to see you leaving here, please." 

A loud scoff wrapped in disbelief escaped Asia's mouth and she dug her hand into her pocket to bring out the two results. "I also don't like you, Olivia. Stop acting like you're the only one in this because it's a mutual hàte. Check those, if you want. I'll still have more done because I need a confirmation before talking to my parents." 

Picking up one of the result, Olivia read through it, nodding her head. "So, according to this result in my hand, you are my biological sister from the same parents, isn't that just wonderful? Does it make you a Donovan?" A laugh mixed together with mockery slipped out. "Asia Donovan?" 

"If it's true, you will definitely be Olivia Hamilton, not the other way around." 

"Hmm, that's quite impossible, Europe. My parents are my parents, I know that with my mind, body, soul and spirit." 

"My parents are also my parents..." 

"Honestly, I don't give a fúck about you or your so-called parents. I do have a question though, why do you think that your parents are more capable of being my parents than my actual ones, even though we both know there's no chance on Earth that we're related?" 

Asia opened her mouth to say something, but changed her mind. 

"Exactly. Stick with yours, I'll stick with mine." Olivia stated. "Thank you once again for helping me out of that building, now please leave." 

"You seem to have a hearing problem. I said I'm not leaving until Ric comes back."

Olivia prepared to say something to her, but also changed her mind and sat there quietly, glaring at Asia. 

She doesn't believe the results one bit. In her head, this is all a game Jade and Asia are playing together, trying to mess with her already messed up head and she wasn't going to let them. 


Asia's POV

I gave it a week, a torturoúsly long week before going to my parents' house to confirm the information I badly needed to be false. 

So, right now, I'm in my car, driving to go meet them. And oh, Olivia is with me. We decided together to go see our family members today after my insistence. 

But she only agreed to follow me to mine if we first go to her aunt's house which I agree to because I am desperate like that. 

I pulled my car to a stop, staring out the window to observe my surroundings before stepping out. 

It is a two storey building. There are some beautiful flowers outside, giving the house a cosy look. Outside, it's just a normal American house, but as I followed Olivia inside, it transformed into a home. 

The green painted wall immediately giving me the idea that her aunt might be a plant lover. Also, the living room has different types of plants in almost everywhere. 

It is oddly nice. The fragrance of the house as a whole is like I'm being suffocated with flowers, but in a good way. 

"Hey, sweetheart, aren't you supposed to be home resting?" A woman asked, standing up from the sofa to hug Olivia. 

"Isn't this place my home too?" I would like to say that this is a teasing question by the way her eyes lit up. 

Gosh, I hàte her, but she's beautiful whenever that happens which is too often for my liking. 

"Who is this?" The woman inquired, staring inquisitively at me, a smile on her face. 

"Oh, this is my twin sister, Asia Hamilton." 

Immediately those words left Olivia's mouth, the smile also disappeared from the woman's face. Her gaze tore away from me, landing on her niece. "What...do you mean?" 

"Oh, apparently I have a sibling." Olivia laughed mockingly and I rolled my eyes, my patience running thin. "Not just a sibling, a twin sister. Isn't that so, so fuckíng great?" Another laugh followed by an eye roll. "Please, tell this girl over here that I'm my parents' only child, aunt." 

The so-called Aunt DeeDee shifted uncomfortably on the sofa as she's seated in the middle of Olivia and I, her face and eyes debating on something before she said, "You are, but..." 

Olivia completely turned all her attention to her, her brows raised quizzically. "But?" 

I'm remaining quiet because I need to find out something, anything at all that proves the results fake before leaving here for my own parents. 

"She can't be your twin sister because she diéd after she was born." Olivia's aunt dropped the bombshell, her voice shaky yet soft and easy on the ears. "Your mum was supposed to have twin girls." 


So, Olivia is a twin and her other one is supposed to be deád...that means I'm not Olivia's sister. 

I knew it. 

I mean, I'm alive and not deád. 

"Woah, give me a second, let me add that to the pile of things hidden from me." Olivia's voice broke completely, her eyes welling up with tears desperate to flow out freely. "Why was this one also hidden from me?" 

"I don't know, your mother had her reasons..." 

"Okay, but what's yours? Tell me, please, I want to know." 

"I simply obeyed my elder sister's instructions, love, you can't be màd at me for that. Yes, I should have told you, but what is the reason? It's not like you can't bring her back from the deád." DeeDee explained calmly, before her eyes wandered to me. "This girl isn't your sister, what made her think so?" 

This girl, excuse me! That's rude as héll. 

"I don't think so, ma'am, I was told by two different hospitals." I replied, searched my bag for the results and stretched to her. "If you can read properly, you'll see it right there." 

"So, what should I believe?" Olivia asked. "Your words, Aunt DeeDee or the two results that says otherwise?" 

"Whatever you want, sweetheart." She replied, wiping away her tears so gently I almost felt jealous. "Do a third one before you make any decisions." 

Sitting there for the next minute made me realize that maybe, just maybe I'm a little bit jealous of how close they are. And maybe, it's not a maybe. 

Rolling my eyes, subtly of course, I said to Olivia, "Let's go, time is ticking." 

"Go where?" 

"Her parents' to see what the fúck is going on, I'll be back soon." Olivia replied. 

"Okay. Do you want me to come along?" 

"No, it's fine. Uncle will still be home and my sweet baby too, you stay here, I'll be right back in an hour or two." 

"Hmm, okay, bye sweetie." With a small kiss on Olivia's forehead, we're off again. 


Olivia's POV

Driving together in the same car as Asia might not be as bàd as I thought it would. I would even dare to say that it's fun, just a little bit.

So far, there was snacks and drinks in her car like she wasn't a freakíng model and good music too. It's kinda weird, but I don't think we might have the same taste in music. 

Or maybe it's not weird, I mean, she does have a great taste in men, namely my husband, Riccardo Torrence. 

I should hàte her for it, but I don't. What I hàte is that she threatén me the first time we might and that Riccardo is so fuckíng oblivious to the fact that his dear childhood friend loves him. 

Stúpid, handsome àsshole. 

Speaking about him, let me see what he's up to. I miss him so much I could cry. And yes, don't tell me, I know I was with him this morning, but I just miss him a lot, so I texted him. 

ME: Hi, busy? 

My Star ♡: For you? No. What's up?

ME: The ceiling or the sky, depending on where you are. How is your day going? 

My Star ♡: So far, it has been good. What about yours, Sunshine? 

ME: Oh, it's going great. I actually found out that I DO have a twin, but she's deád. Diéd at delivery, apparently. I'm so sad and hurt so much. 

My Star ♡: You're doing great keeping it up, my love. Where are you now? 

I glanced at Asia as she drove to wherever her house is. You know looking around me is starting to make me sand and startled version. 

It's an awkwardly deserted place, just like the house Riccardo and I live in. Greenery is everywhere and it's perfect and quiet...way too quiet. 

ME: With your third bestest friend, Asia. PS, she's taking me into the woods to kíll me. 

My Star ♡: That's the road to her house, you beautiful dummy. 

ME: If you say so,  I believe you. You'll be okay on your own tonight? I'm staying at my aunt's place. 

My Star ♡: We've talked about this. 

ME: I know. 

My Star ♡: Okay, what did I tell you? 

ME: That you'll be fine by just tonight. 

My Star ♡:  Yeah, Sunshine. Keep me updated on whatever pops up. I love you *heart emojis* 

ME: Kk, see you tomorrow. I love you too. 

A half-relieved sigh slipped out of my mouth as I stared out of the window, still thinking about what Aunt DeeDee told me. 

I can't get it out of my mind. I didn't even have enough time to ask her about how it happened because I am in so much rush to prove those results wrong in both ends. 

Asia can't be my sister. It's simply impossible. 

As I tried to think about something else, the car slowed to an halt in front of the biggest house I've seen in my life, which is stúpid because it's literally in the middle of nowhere where it can get the praises it deserved. 

My "sister" was obviously not in the mood to waste time so she briskly walked in and I followed suite. 

As soon as she opened the door, a girl in a maid outfit ran to her, bowing her head and greeting her like she's royalty. 

"Where's my mom?" Asia's question was quick and direct. 

"In her room." 

"Well, do I have to tell you who I am here to see?" She snapped. "Go, tell her I'm here." 

"Sorry, yes of course, Ms." 

Holding in a scoff, I took my seat, checking out the out-of-a-magazine interior design that made the living room look like more of a museum than a home. 

Tsk tsk tsk, what a pity. I bet she wasn't allowed to play anywhere she wanted...or maybe they didn't care. 

"Asia darling, you're here?" A woman's voice entered my ear so suddenly I flinched. 

"Yes, I'm glad you said you weren't on a business trip...." 

The both of them exchanged kisses like French ladies and I swear, I nearly choked on a laugh. 

"Yeah, I just came back yesterday. I'm going back tomorrow afternoon, though. So, what do you want, darling?" Her mother said before her gaze landed on me. "Who's your friend?" 

"Mom, this is Olivia." Asia replied, her hand coming to rest on my shoulder. "Olivia Donovan, the daughter of Anastasia and Jeremy Donovan." 

It's either that she is a bàd actress or is totally unaware of the terrór on her face as soon as the words left her daughter's mouth. 

"Two DNA tests said we are related...by blood. Mind telling me how that's possible?" Asia added. 

TBC 📖✍️

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