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Exclusively Yours - Episode 57



Exclusively Yours - Episode 57

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}


Asia's POV

With my curiously inquisitive and restless heart racing almost uncontrollably, I forced myself to remain seated as I watched a worried and restless Riccardo pace in front of me, almost giving me a migraine with his annoying to and fro movement. 

All I wanted to know right now is if my bloôd is okay to be transfuse to Olivia. I don't know what this irrational feeling is, but I just want her to be okay and healthy again. 

I want her to glare at me with those deep caramel brown eyes of her. And even roll them at me, I don't care. I want to hear her talk in that polished tone of hers, like as if she was raised by royalty. And I also want her to exchange words with me, because unfortunately, I miss it. 

I miss her. 

It is weird, but I do. 

I didn't even realize when I started not hàting her anymore. Did I even ever hatéd her? I think not, I simply hatéd the fact that Riccardo chose her. 

But honestly speaking, who wouldn't? 

I'm not into women, but if I was, I am going to make her mine. Everything she does is so ethereal and it'll be a massive pity if she díes too soon. 

"Ms Asia, your blood fortunately match with your sister's blood." I raised my head to met a uniformed nurse, holding a clipboard and talking to me. 

That's great, I can give her some of my blood. Wait, what did she say?

Swallowing my saliva because my throat is màd dry, I cocked my head a little to the side, utterly confused. "Sister?" My voice cracked because of my parched throat and I gulped again. "Olivia isn't my sister." 

"Yes, she is." The clearly overly confident nurse confirmed. Taking an envelope from the top of the clipboard, she stretched it to me. "It says here in the test results that both of you are ninety nine percent related." 

Tentatively, I took the envelope and exchanged looks with Riccardo who in turn is confused as me. 

"By blood." She chose to add and I swear I didn't mean to glare at her, but I did. 

My eyes skimmed over the paper in my hand as I read through it until I saw the percentage too, it was then my knees decided to give up. 

It cannot be possible. 

It's simply not possible. 

I mean, how is it even possible? 

The hospital is probably looking for ways to take more money from Riccardo. Or playing a very expensive prank on us which is very much not funny. 

"Do...do you need water?" The nurse asked as Riccardo lifted me up from the ground. 

I realized that Rick is touching me and even patting my head which he hasn't done in a while, but my head was in a different place to enjoy or revel in it. 

"What does this mean? Is someone's life a joke to you? Why the stupíd..." 

"I'm sorry, but this isn't a joke." She cut me off. "It's fine if you don't accept it, but if we don't commence with the surgery, she might not last any longer." 

"Fine, lead the way." 


Turns out I was already weak even before transfusing blood and when I was done, I was weaker than ever before, so I might have passed out. 

I did pass out. Or maybe they just gave me an injection, I swear I don't remember. 

However, after I reawakened, I somehow managed to get out of bed without tripping over my own two legs and walking over to the hall where I saw Riccardo talking to Beck and Philip about something that probably doesn't concern me, but I still want to know. 

Ignoring my gossipy brain, I jutted my head at Olivia's ward and a small smile formed on his face. 

God, I almost forgot how handsome he looks because of all the troubles. 

"I'm guessing she's fine now, yes?" I inquired after reaching him. 

"I hope. The doctors said her condition is no longer critical though and she will wake up soon." Riccardo replied, his dark black eyes slowly gaining back its brightness. "Thank you, Asia. I don't know what I'd have done without you." 

"Well, it's a good thing we will never find out, because you're stuck with me." 

"Ah, is that so?" 

I nodded. 

"You must be starving, I will go get you your favorite meal. Wait here and don't go anywhere." With that, he left. 

"What you did for Liv was really great, little pea." Phillip interjected with my upcoming thought, his fingers ruffling my already scattered hair. 

"Hey, what have I told you about that nickname?" I playfully snapped. 

"That you don't like it." He replied sharply. 

"And what do you keep doing?" I questioned, still pretending to be màd about it. 

"Calling you little pea." He said. "Come on, you gotta admit it, you like it. And it fits you so well, because you're short." 

"No, I am not." I protested. 

I really am not. He's just too tall for his own good, so it gets to his head sometimes...sorry, every time. 

"Jeez, my eyes." My other annoying friend groaned, rolling his eyes. "You two should just date already, it's becoming unbearable, seriously."

I looked at him, then at Philip and shrugged my shoulder at his stupidíty. Because Philip and I can't date, we have been friends like since forever. I know every single thing there's to know about him and all his numerous girlfriends. His face card gets him whatever he wants and also his last name, and it might've made him turn from a quiet boy to a playboy. 

I don't like that. And even if I did, he wouldn't be in the list, not even at the bottom. 

"Thank you for helping Livvie," Beck smiled, like he didn't just say the stupidést thing known to man. "You're still annoying though, and I hàte you." 

"Oh, hàte you right back." 

He scrunched his face, pinched my cheeks and ran away. 

"I should probably go with him, you know how he is." Philip pointed out and I nodded. "You're fine, right?" 


"Ah, yes." 

"Practice more." 

Practice what? 

I wasn't chanced to ask him because he was already leaving. Well, that didn't matter, I need to know why the hospital is playing with my fuckíng mind. 

Olivia and I can't be related by anything, much more by blood. 

I am Asia Hamilton, she's Olivia Donovan. I know my parents, and I'm sure she knew her too when they were alive. 

The results said our DNA match as siblings, but this can't be right. We are both the same age — 23. 

Everything started to mesh together in my head and before I knew it, I remembered when I did a background check on her. 

What was her birthday on again? 

Come on, I know this. Just remember the date, remember. 

22nd of what, which month was it again? 

Ah, fúck, I freakíng hàte this. Where's my stúpid phone when you need it? 

January? No, too long. 

February? No, too long too. It was shorter. 

March? Uh-huh, not it either. 

April? Nope. 

May? Now too short. 

Was it June? Hmm, no, it wasn't. 

Wait, it's July. July is the answer. 

Olivia Donovan was born on 22nd of July, in the year 2000. She is twenty three years old. Anastasia and Jeremiah, aka Jeremy Donovan daughter. 

I bet my parents doesn't even know Olivia's parents, so how can we be related? My parents aren't even American, they are European. 

But wait a second, that birthday... It is also my birthday. 

Random coincidence, but it wouldn't húrt to be sure. Okay, maybe it'll húrt to know that we have been lied to our whole lives, but it's what it is. Things has to be done for other things to work out, and that's exactly what I'll do. 

Rising from my feet, I went into Olivia's ward as she laid there, unbothered but pale, with the heart monitor on. If I was still stuck on having Riccardo—I am not saying I'm not anymore, but there's are more important thing than having a man who doesn't even see you that way—I would have unplugged it or something, but I don't. All I do is pluck out two strands of her hair and mine, and exited the room like I didn't even go in. 

This four strands of hair could make and break so many relationship and hearts, but I can remain peaceful without finding out the real truth. The truth that Olivia isn't my home and that the doubt rising in my mind is nothing but lies placed by that jobless nurse. 

Yes, that's it. Nothing else but that. 


TBC 📖✍️

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