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Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 9 & 10




Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 9 & 10

( Fierce And Furry... ) 

Genres: Fantasy/ Werewolves/ Erotica. 

Tags: Mates,Vampires,Witches,Special Abilities,Demons,Pack,Rejected Mates,Forbidden Love,Control,Revenge,Betrayal,Obsession,Steamy,Love Triangle,Secrets. 


Thane dropped Genny at once and she immediately bowed. 

"Thank you so much" She said. 

Thane rolled his eyes and turned away,returning back to his quarters,Genny blinked,staring at his back as he walked away. 

"Thane! Thane!" Indigo ran after him. 

Genny sighed and packed her things on the ground before running off to class. 

"Thane listen to me!" Indigo called and grabbed his hand as he entered into his bedroom,she followed him,forgetting to close the door. 

"Who said you can touch me!!" Thane yelled. 

"But you carried another girl!" Indigo shouted. 

Thane sighed and run his fingers through his hair,but the second he remembered carrying Genny in his arms,he took off his jacket,then his shirt. 

"Get out" He said to Indigo who was already drooling while staring at his chest. 

"Do you take pleasure in seducing me and then chasing me away? I understand you're a wolf and you need to be with your mate,but can't we just have some fun before she appears? I'm f+cking dying to have you,you make me feel crazy and horny every time,call me crazy but that's exactly how I feel" Indigo said and rushed to him like she would eat him raw. 

"Are you crazy?! What the.........." She pulled his back against the wall and smashed her lips on his own. 

Thane tried pushing her away but couldn't,she was already holding him down with her powers. 

She broke the kiss shortly after. 

"Let me go...on your own fucking will,you know what will happen if I do that myself" Thane said calmly. 

"Then kill me" Indigo muttered and Thane gave her a killer look. 

"You can't do that right? You can choose to relax,the spell will wave off in ten minutes time" She said and fell before him. 

"Stop this shit already......" 

Indigo removed his belt and got hold of his dick. 

"Don't!!!" Thane yelled. 

She ignored him and gently covered half part of his c+ck with her mouth,making it swim inside her warm mouth while teasing him with her wet tongue. 

"Fuck" Thane's fists clenched and his eyes shut. 

Indigo started s+cking him slowly,caressing every sensitive part in a professional way. 

Thane groaned and opened his eyes which already changed color,his claws came out,making sounds one after the other. 

"Damn....." Thane hissed.....a sound of pleasure. 

Indigo became faster,making the tip of his d+ck hit her throat. 

Genny suddenly entered but a loud gasp escaped from her mouth seeing the scene in front of her,she covered her mouth. 

Thane's eyes met with hers and she quickly ran out. 

Thane let out one last groan as he came all over Indigo's mouth and face together. 

She swallowed some and wiped her lips before getting up,she tried kissing him,Thane stopped him by placing a finger on her forehead. 

"Get out...." He glared at her and went into the bathroom. 

Indigo smiled. 


Genny was still running,as if someone was chasing her. 

"Why did I see that? Why!" She cried out and finally stopped running,she was breathing heavily and sat down on a public space bench near her. 

She opened her palm to see the ear ring she wanted to return to him,it must have hooked on her hair when her hair hit his face earlier. 

She tried to picture his face again and she bite her nails. 

"He was enjoying it....isn't that what they call....." She complete it in her head and roughed her hair. 

"Are they dating? Is she his mate?....okay Genevieve why are you so concerned? Why?!" She screamed. 

"Genevieve?" Someone called her and she looked up. 

"Oh...Atticus" She mumbled. 

"Master Casen want you In his office,do you know the way there??" He asked. 

"Yeah thanks" 

Atticus left her there and walked away,She stood up and also left. 



Genny knocked on the door before going in,Master Casen flashed her a cold smile. 

"Good day master" Genny bowed. 

"Have your seat" Master Casen said and she did. 

"Do you know why I called you here?" He asked. 

Genny shook her head. 

"You were reported to me by your trainers" Master Casen said and Genny gulped. 

"I was told you still seem to be confused even after two days of training,compared to others,is that right? You don't know what to do or think?" 

"Honestly......I don't think....I can get used to this place" Genny muttered and bite her lips. 

"Why? You think you don't fit in?" 

Genny nodded. 

"It's normal feeling that way,but trust me,this is the best decision your parents made" Master Casen muttered and started writing on a piece of paper,after he was done,he handed it over to her. 

"That's the list of our top students,think about it and pick anyone you would like to choose as your private trainer,come back to me after making a decision" He said. 

Genny stared at the list in her hand. 

 1.  Orion
 2.  Kymani
 3.  Odessa
 4.  Indigo
 5.  Zarek

"You can go now" 

Genny got up and bowed before walking out of the office,she kept staring at the list. 

"Why is...Thane not there?" She mumbled. 

"Ohhh,what's that?" Kymani suddenly crossed her path. 

Genny rolled her eyes at him and faced another direction,he followed her and snapped the paper from her hand. 

"Hey!! Stop it!!!" Genny screamed and Kymani could feel a sudden breeze blow his hair,he turned back and met Genny's angry eyes glaring at him. 

"Wow.....who made you mad?" He asked with a smile. 

"Give me that" Genny said calmly. 

"I just wanna take a look" Kymani smiled and checked out the list. 

"I'm fully available" he said. 

"I don't want you" Genny snapped and took it from him. 

"Why? Shouldn't you pick the best among the people on that list?" Kymani asked and they started walking together. 

"According to this list,you're not the top person....."

"Orion can't beat me......I don't know why everyone think he's more powerful,and besides Orion can't have time for you" Kymani said and Genny looked at him. 


"Because he's always busy watching over the arrogant prince" Kymani replied. 

"Are you any better?" Genny rolled her eyes. 

"I'm the right choice,that's what I'm saying,Odessa probably won't have your time,Indigo can't either" 

"Thanks for your explanation,let's part ways here" Genny said icely and walked away. 

Kymani stopped walking,staring at her as she left. 

"She's pretty" Zarek said beside him. 

"Wanna have a taste of her too?" He asked again. 

"Shut up,I will do it if I want to" Kymani rolled his eyes and started walking,Zarek chuckled and followed him. 



Odessa was laying on the bed,arranging her clothes,she was controlling them with her eyes while munching on some sour candy. 

The door opened and Indigo entered,Odessa's eyes followed her as she came in,her face glowing,obviously something good happened. She said nothing to Odessa and started pulling off her clothes. 

"I can smell my brother on you,what did you do this time?" Odessa say up on the bed. 

"What do you think I've done?" Indigo looked at her. 

"I can't tell" Odessa replied and Indigo chuckled. 

"Do you really want to listen?" She asked. 

"Yeah" Odessa mumbled. 

"Ask him yourself" Indigo smiled and stripped naked completely. She walked to the mirror,checking herself out. 

"Fucking sexy" She uttered. 

Odessa shook her head and chuckled,she fell back on the bed and continued what she was doing. 

"That girl....what does she want?" Indigo asked. 

"Which girl?" 

"Is it Genny?" 

"What about her?" Odessa looked at her. 

"She fell and made Thane save her...then she came into his room,how did she even know where his quarters is?" Indigo scoffed. 

"Are you worried?" Odessa asked,she sat up again. 

"I believe my brother's mate would show up soon....."

"Don't be delusional Odessa....you and I know it won't happen" Indigo faced her with a smirk and Odessa gulped. 

"I guess you haven't told him yet" Indigo smiled. 

"Stop it Indigo...maybe we heard wrong you know? I mean...He's the future alpha,he needs a Luna....."

"I can become that" Indigo said. 

"You're not a wolf,get that straight,you're just a witch....." 

Indigo teleported to her with a frown on her face.

"A Luna need to be someone capable,brave,powerful,queen like...and I have all that,it's not a must to be a wolf,all I need is his bite on my neck and sex to bond" She said and went into the bathroom. 

Odessa sighed out. 



"I really want to go out" Beorn muttered,staring out of the window. 

"The weather is so cool,I wish I can go out of here" He added. 

"You should quit the long story and go" Sage replied from his bed. 

"Let's go together" Beorn faced him. 

"Together?" Sage asked and Beorn nodded. 


Beorn almost replied when they heard a knock on tbe door. Sage got up and went to open. 

"Hi" Astrid waved with a smile. 

"What is it?" Sage asked. 

"Is Beorn in?" She asked. 

Sage rolled his eyes and closed the door. 

"Who's that?" Beorn asked. 

"Go check by yourself" Sage muttered and sat down. 

Beorn went to the door and opened,Astrid immediately smiled. 

"Oh....hi" Beorn returned the smile. 

"I was wondering if you wanna go out with me,we still have few hours before the training" Astrid said. 

"Sorry but maybe next time,not today" Beorn said softly. 

"When? I want to know" Astrid mumbled. 


"Great!" Astrid grinned and waved at him before walking away,Beorn closed the door. 

"Why did you tell her that?" Sage asked without raising his head. 

"Weren't we supposed to go out together?" Boern looked at him. 

"You should have followed her,she might start thinking silly if she see us going out after you rejected her,you know everyone here never stopped watching us.........."

"Am I supposed to start thinking about what other students thinks? What exactly do you want? You get mad if I hang out too much with others and now you want me to go with her........"

"So you rejected her because of me?" Sage looked up. 

"What are you talking about? I told her no because we were planing to do something together,am I supposed to ditch you for her?" Beorn asked. 

"Actually,I wasn't planning to go with you" Sage muttered. 

Beorn sighed and fell on his bed. 

"Now I really wish we are dating like everyone thinks,you're even giving me headache more than a girl" He mumbled and closed his eyes. 

"Wake me up when it's time for training,if you still like me,you seem to hate me these days" He added and Sage scoffed. 



"Genny!!!" Ondine and Juna rushed in excitedly and Genny looked up from her bed. 

"What's up?" She asked. 

"Here!!!" They both showed her the book in their hands and she raised her brows. 

"What's that?" 

"Master said we can join class B from tomorrow!!!!" They screamed at once and Genny gasped. 

"Wow!! Congratulations!" She screamed and jumped down from the bed,hugging them both at a time. 

"I'm so happy,this is my dream! This means we are doing well!" Juna jumped. 

"I'm so happy for you guys" Genny chuckled. 

They all sat down. 

"How about you? Have you decided yet? Which one are you Picking" Ondine asked. 

"Zarek is a No..Kymani is also a No..Indigo,a big no...you can choose between Orion and Odessa" Juna said. 

Genny sighed. 

"I wish Thane would be the one" She mumbled. 

"I know,it would have been nice if Thane can train you privately,but....Thane have never accepted to train anyone,you won't be any different,so just choose between those two" Ondine said. 

"I will go for Odessa,,,I should go and tell her" Genny got up. 

"It's training period right now,so you won't see her" Juna said. 

"Shouldn't you join too? You're now in B" Genny said. 

"Master said we can start from tomorrow" Ondine smiled and Genny nodded. 



All rank B students were already present waiting for A and their masters. 

"So this is how we are going to wait for them every time?" Maren asked,looking fed up. 

"You know they are full of themselves,obviously" Astrid said. 

Just then,Odessa and Indigo walked in. 

"You mean we are going to start training with these things?" Indigo asked loudly. 

"Things?" Astrid asked,glaring at her. 

"You want to do something?" Indigo asked,sitting down in all her pride. 

"You can't just call us things,we aren't useless here" Ophelia said. 

"Should I repeat what I said and let's see if you're useless or not?" Indigo smiled. 

"Hey you bitch!" Astrid made to rush to her. 

Indigo opened her palm and a ball of fire appeared on it. 

"You might want to have a taste of it" She grinned wickedly. 

"Leave it Astrid" Maren said and Ophelia held Astrid back. 

"Were you always this trashy?" Sage suddenly asked from the back and all eyes fell on him,everyone quiet. 

"Who talked?" Indigo asked. 

Sage walked closer to her. 

"You want to see my handsome face badly?" He asked.

Beorn and Odessa chuckled. 

Indigo scoffed and stood up. 

"Stop it Indigo,we are here to train" Odessa pulled her back. 

Kymani and Zarek came in minutes later then their masters all arrived. 

"What about Thane and Orion?" Master Nyx asked. 

"I can go and call Thane" Indigo said. 

"Never mind,He's not coming" Odessa said,already unsheathing the sword in her hand and Indigo rolled her eyes. 

The training session took about an hour and everyone started leaving. 

"Odessa" Master Caren called her back and she returned to him. 

"Genny choose you to be her personal trainer" He said. 

"Oh....okay" she smiled. 

"You don't mind right?" 

"Of course not,I will be happy to help. Tell someone to call her to meet me in the old library" She said before leaving. 



Genny was alone in the library,she was busy reading the books Odessa gave her to read that she didn't even notice it was already late,until she suddenly heard the rain falling. 

Genny sprang up and checked the time. 

"Fuck!" She cursed and closed the books,she kept them safe somewhere before running out of the library,the rain haven't gotten heavy yet but the wall from here back to her room is quite some distance. 

She started running,to know that it was really late already,the institute lights were already turned off. 

"Oh no" She muttered,it was all quiet,not seeing a single student. 

All of a sudden four strange beings appeared in front of her and Genny screamed in fear. 

They surrounded her,opening mouths like they are hungry,Genny gulped when she saw the horns in their heads.

'De....mons' she said inwardly. 

One of them grabbed her by the neck making her struggle for breath. 

"No....." Genny cried,tears rolling down her eyes,she couldn't even speak,he was draining her energy. 

The demon released her neck and was about sinking his claws into her tummy. 

Genny screamed out the only name in her blank head with the remaining energy left inside her. 


A loud thunder struck as soon as she called him,she just realized that the one holding her already released her. 

Thane appeared in third midst and immediately they bowed. 


"How dare you!!!!" Thane roared,his eyes red like flames of fire. 

He didn't move from where he was.....the ground opened wide and sank deep inside on one side,sign of fire coming from inside and the heat was even coming out,though the rain was still falling. 

Genny gulped in total shock. 

'What is he?' She asked inwardly,her eyes on Thane. 

"Throw yourself inside" Thane ordered and immediately the demons jumped In one after the other,she could hear them growling loudly inside. 

Thane closed the ground back and his eyes met with Genny's own,coldly. 

"Thank you" Genny mumbled in tears,but Thane's cold glare didn't soften. 

Genny  started walking over to him. 

"Don't come close"  Thane said. 

Genny continue walking to him,weakly,signs of the demon's grip on her neck,it was so red and has few cuts too. 

"I said don't come close!" Thane yelled. 

Genny stopped in front of him. 

"Don't you....want something...in return again?" She stuttered,her body shaking with cold. 

Thane looked at her and suddenly she did the least expected,she grabbed his collar and pulled him down to her height before slamming her lips on his own,kissing him gently. 

Thane blinked,in shock. He didn't move or kiss her back. 

Her lips stopped moving and her eyes went shut,she lost her consciousness. 

She was almost falling,Thane held her by the waist and pulled her back to himself,their bodies collided,under the rain. 

Genny opened her eyes again and their eyes locked,she saw his eyes glowing in purple and her heart beats raced.

"Pretty.......eyes" She smiled and then lost her consciousness again. 

Thane carried her in a bridal style,his eyes on her face. Her head dropped backward and her long hair loosen from it's bun,Thane continue staring at her face,not minding the rain beating them both. 

His eyes fell on her b👀bs which could be seen through her blouse because of the wetness from the rain,he gulped. 

*She's so hot* Thorne(Thane's wolf) said naughtily. 

"What is she??" Thane mumbled. 


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