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Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 7 & 8




Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 7 & 8

( Fierce And Furry... ) 

Genres: Fantasy/ Werewolves/ Erotica. 

Tags: Mates,Vampires,Witches,Special Abilities,Demons,Pack,Rejected Mates,Forbidden Love,Control,Revenge,Betrayal,Obsession,Steamy,Love Triangle,Secrets. 


Genny finished unbuttoning her shirt and it dropped on the floor,leaving her bra,her hands shaking as she proceeded to take off her trouser,her tears almost blinding her vision. 

She fell on her knees suddenly,her head bowed.

"Can you forgive me just this once? I'm sorry if you think I disrespected you,I didn't mean to,I'm sorry" She cried,without raising her head. 

Thane stared at her blankly,no one would read his express to know whatever he's thinking,just there. 

Genny raised her head after waiting for almost ten minutes without him saying a word,their eyes met and she swallowed,fear gripped her and she immediately stood up. What If he's angry again? Then bigger trouble for her. 

She wiped her tears and proceeded to take off her trouser. 

"Get out" Thane's voice came out with a special authority and Genny felt her heart skipped a beat,does that mean....He's finally letting her go. 

She looked at him. 

"Can I.....really......." She swallowed,seeing his angry glare,nobody told her before she picked up her shirt and ran out of the room,crashing into Orion the moment she opened the door. 

"Oh oh...careful" Orion caught her. 

"Thanks" She mumbled and covered her chest with her shirt. 

Orion smiled and pointed at an angle in the corner for her.

"You can put on your shirt there and leave" he said. 

"Thank you" Genny muttered and went to the direction he told her,she hurriedly put on her shirt back and ran out. 

Orion entered Thane's room and met him still on the bed,smoking his thing. 

"She looks quite innocent" Orion said,moving closer. 

Thane suddenly got up with a slight frown on his face,he walked to the window and his fists clenched. 

"How dare they?" He muttered.

"What happened?" Orion rushed to him but instantly he also got the feelings. 

They both vanished out of the room at once. 



"Everyone,stay in your room! Don't come out!!" They heard the voice of some guards,just as Genny entered the room tiredly. 

"What's going on?" She asked. 

"Thank goodness you're back..." Ondine went to lock the door. 

"What happened?" Genny asked,look confused. 

"Maren sensed some dark energies about an hour ago,everyone thought it wasn't real,but they are here" Juna said. 


"From the dark side,the evil spirits" Ondine replied and Genny's eyes widened. 

"But don't worry,they've never succeeded anyway,we have those who fight against them" Ondine said. 


"Those in grade A" Juna replied. 

The three girls sat down on Ondine's bed,the dorm was silent,everyone in their rooms as instructed. 

"What if the evil spirits are too much for them,they are not even that much,are we just going to stay here and wait? Without doing anything?" Genny asked. 

"Trust me,even grade B can't face those devils and demons...we are definitely going to die" Ondine said and Genny rubbed her palms together,strangely she was worried about Orion and Thane,maybe because they are the ones she saw last. 

"There's no possibility that the demons might win right? I mean...you said Thane is the strongest" She asked curiously. 

"He's strong but he's a wolf,,,If those people get to attack him with silver or wolfsbane..." Juna shook her head. 

"That's their biggest weakness,they might even die" Ondine added and Genny could feel her heart beating fast. 

'What is wrong with me?' She thought. 

"I'm also worried,those things come particularly for him,He's the reason why they always attack...since he's the alpha's heir,it's normal to have enemies" Ondine said. 

"But don't worry,Thane isn't just a wolf,he possess powers,,he doesn't depend just on his wolf powers abilities". 



The woods of Ravenwood fell silent, the trees standing like sentinels as dark tension filled the air. The students, gathered at the edge of the forrest. Orion and Kymani standing in front,their eyes screaming horror and war,Thane was not present yet. 

The demons, in human form but with twisted, grotesque features, sneered at the students. Their faces were a nightmare of distorted proportions - two heads, multiple ears, and eyes that glowed like embers from the underworld. One demon's face was a mass of writhing, pulsing tendrils, like a living thing. Another had eyes that burned with an otherworldly green fire, its skin a deep, mottled purple.

"Where's the prince? We have no business with all of you here" The one which seems to be a female,with three dead heads spoke up. 

"How dare you!" Odessa yelled,she was standing in between Zarek and Indigo. 

"Leave,if you don't want it messy here" Orion said deeply. 

The evil spirits opened their mouths all at once and a big flame of destroying fire rolled out like balls from them,Orion and Kymani spread out their palms and stretched before them,stopping the fire and sending it back to them in hard wave. 

The spirits laughed,the type that echoes in the woods,the ground began shaking. 

"Where's the prince!!!" The second female yelled and Immediately they spread out,facing the five in twos,starting the fight. 

The spirits multiplied and five of them surrounded Orion. 

Orion unsheathed his sword and the blade sparkles in the dark,they sent some dark smoke toward him,he shoved in his sword into the ground with full force and the spirits were swept off their feet as a crazy breeze blew them off in every direction. 

He removed the sword and almost took another step forward when Thane appeared in front of him,just a snap of his fingers and the five of them turned into ashes. 

Orion sighed out. 

"The prince is here!" One of the spirits announced and the others stopped whatever they are doing. 

The spirits started multiplying,appearing one after the other. 

"These bastards came prepared this time" Odessa muttered as the six of them came together,their backs on each other,Their eyes on the spirits now surrounding them in a big circle. 

"What about the masters?" Indigo asked. 

"Forget them...they won't come. They have to protect the other students in the institute" Odessa said. 

They all stood alert,waiting for the spirits to make the first move,and soon they did. 

They unleashed powerful blasts of dark energies into the air. 

Odessa summoned a wall of shield around them,Thane destroyed the dark energy in the air before breaking the wall back. 

Their special swords appeared in their hands all at once and they shared the spirits among themselves,all taking five each,While Thane faced the remaining ten. 

He swung the sword in different angles before cutting his palm with it,his blood started dropping on the ground. The blood turned into fire,consuming them all at once

The spirits made a loud growling screams as they got lost inside the fire before they vanished along with it. 

Before he could turn,more of them surrounded him again. 

Odessa shoved her sword into the demon's tummy and it turned into ashes,she just finished off the ones she was fighting,suddenly her eyes fell on Thane who was also busy,but then saw of the demons with a silver blade in his hand,he threw it toward Thane's direction. 

"Thane!!!!! Silver!!!!!!" She screamed out with all energy inside her. 

Orion appeared behind Thane just as the silver was about to reach him and instead the blade stabbed him. 


Odessa and Indigo ran over immediately,Zarek and Kymani continue the fight. 

"Orion!!! Orion!!" Odessa screamed as Orion's back bled profusely,he fell on the ground lifelessly. 

Thane's eyes widened,he immediately touched Orion's neck and swallowed,no single pulse. 

"Don't tell me it's what I'm thinking" Odessa said in tears. 

"Take him out of here first" Thane muttered and stood up. 

Instantly Odessa and Indigo vanished together with Orion. 

"Leave" Thane said to Kymani and Zarek,they didn't waste a second either before vanishing,leaving just him in the middle of the remaining demons. 

Within a minute,he transformed into his wolf form,his transformation was swift and fierce. His body contorted, muscles rippling beneath his skin as he let out a thunderous roar. The demons before him cowered, but Thane was unforgiving. With a powerful leap, he launched himself first at the demon who threw the silver blade, jaws wide open. 

His teeth sank deep into the demon's skin, tearing it apart with ease. The demon shrieked in agony as Thane shook his head, flinging the creature aside like a rag doll.

With a fluid motion, Thane pounced on the next demon, his claws extended,within five minutes he cleared them all. 

The wolf stood victorious, his fur matted with the demons' blood, his chest still heaving with exertion. He let out a final, defiant roar, as if to declare his dominance over the defeated foes. The air was heavy with the stench of brimstone and death, a grim reminder of the battle that had just unfolded.

As the dust settled, The wolf form began to fade, his body contorting once more as he returned to his human shape. He disappeared out of the woods and appeared in the healing room where Orion was still laying on the bed in his own pool of blood,the healer trying to bring him back to life. 

The masters also present. 

"Your highness" Everyone bowed. 

"What the fuck are you doing?!!! Why are your hands shaking?!! If anything happens to him I will kill you,do you understand?!!!" He yelled at the healer treating Orion angrily,his eyes a shade of red. 

Odessa grabbed his hand. 

"Calm down,he will be fine,she already gave him the antidote to kill the effect" She said. 

"Then why is he not opening his eyes?" He snapped and stormed out of the room. 

Odessa sighed. 



Juna opened the door,Astrid and Ophelia came in with Maren. 

"What's going on?" Genevieve asked. 

"Thane must have destroyed them all,I heard he was the last one there" Astrid said,sitting down. 

"Nobody got hurt right?" Ondine asked. 

"Orion was stabbed with silver" Ophelia said. 

"What?!" The girls screamed with wide eyes. 

"I'm sure he will be fine,you know Orion is strong" Ophelia muttered with hint of worries in her voice. 

Genny sighed and looked at Maren. 

"You were right after all" She said. 

"I should punch Atticus in the face for telling me my instinct was wrong" Maren said and they laughed. 

"I'm sure he will be expecting that already" Juna said. 

"I feel sorry for Orion,I wish they allow us out too,at least we can help" Ophelia said. 

"I would have told them to eat themselves up" Astrid said in a threatening voice and her eyes sparkled. 

"I know right?" Ophelia smiled. 

"New girl,your name is Genny right?" 

She nodded. 

"What powers do you have?" Maren asked. 

"She's in D" Ondine said. 

"Oh,you don't know yet?" Astrid asked and Genny shook her head. 

"Why don't you try to convince Odessa to check for you? She's good in that" Ophelia said. 

"Odessa?" Genny asked and they nodded. 

"Or maybe Maren can check her book....."

"Does my book tell you the kind of power you possess?" Maren snapped and Genny laughed. 


The three girls went out and Ondine locked the door. 



Orion was just waking up when the door opened and Thane came in,he walked over to him on the bed. 

"Good morning"  Orion said with a little smile. 

"How are you feeling?" Thane asked. 

"I'm good,the wound healed up already" Orion said,showing him his back,there's no sign that he was stabbed. 

"How many times am I supposed to warn you to stop putting yourself in such situation? Don't get stabbed for me,don't get hurt because of me" Thane said. 

"I can't stand there and watch you get stabbed" Orion muttered. 

"What are you even talking about? You know that wouldn't hurt me so badly........."

"You would have gotten weak at least and definitely won't be able to overpower them all" Orion cut in and Thane sighed. 

"You never listen anyway" He muttered. 

"You don't have to worry about me,I'm totally fine,are you going to wait here? I need to take my bath and......."

"You're suspended from your position for today" Thane said and Orion's eyes widened. 

"Why? I told you I'm fine....."

"Don't argue with me,it's an order!" Thane growled and Orion kept quiet. 

"Stay in your room all day,don't come out,they will bring your food here" Thane said and went out. 

Orion bit his lips and sighed out,he got down from the bed and went into the bathroom,he came back in and met different delicacies set on the table. 

"I'm not that hungry" He mumbled,the only person in his mind is Thane,he can't even afford an insect biting him. 

*Don't be stupid to go out,you might be fine,but I'm not* Lykan(Orion's wolf) said in his head. 

*You're not? Does it hurt that much?* Orion asked,trying to get dressed. 

*It might take the whole of today to heal up fully,I'm weak* Lykan said. 

*But good job,it wouldn't be nice if it was Thorne* Lykan added and Orion smiled. 

*Then let's stay indoor all door,so get well sorry,I'm impatient you know* Orion said. 

The door opened and Odessa entered,her hands behind her as she walked in,her eyes met with Orion's own. 

"Morning" Orion smiled.

Odessa cleared her throat and touched her hair. 

"What,are you worried about me? I'm fine" Orion said. 

"No...I'm...just worried about Lykan,not you" Odessa muttered. 

"He said a full day would be enough to recover,no worries" Orion said and sat down to eat. 

Odessa stood there,staring at him. 

"Are you going to keep standing there?" Orion asked. 

Odessa sighed and turned toward the door. 

"Later" She said and went out. 

Orion ignored it and started eating. 



Maren walked into the class,her long hair following her as usual,she went straight to Atticus where he was sitting and bang her hands on the table. 

"What" Atticus groaned. 

"My instincts are never wrong,never" She said. 

"Enough of the brags Maren,bring your hair,I'm still lacking behind in the braids" Ophelia called from the back. 

Maren gave Atticus a "I'm watching you" look. she hugged her book to her chest tighter and walked over to meet Ophelia,she sat her down immediately and started braiding her hair. 

"Have you ever tried cutting your hair?" Luna and Lila asked. 

"Yeah but it grew longer overnight" Maren replied. 

"Wow,now I see why you don't bother about the height anymore" Lila and Luna nodded. 

Sage and Beorn entered the class together. 

"Hey Beorn"

"Hi Sage"

The girls in the class waved at them,they are the hottest boys in B class. 

Beorn smiled and walked over to the group of girls,He's the cheerful type,unlike Sage who's reserved. 

Sage walked to sit down alone,he used his headphones. Some minutes later,Beorn isn't on his seat yet,he turned and scoffed seeing him talking with some boys at the back of the class.

"Sage....would you like to check out some herbs I just discovered?" Kalysta asked. 

"I'm not interested" Sage muttered,his eyes still on Beorn who finally looked back and their eyes met. 

"Hey Sage,do you wanna go hunting together later?" One of the boys asked,they are also wolves. 

"Not interested" Sage rolled his eyes and used his headphones again. 

"Gosh,his attitude sometimes annoys me" Another one said. 

"Don't say that,He's just not interested" Beorn said. 

"But you're going with us right?" They asked him. 

"No,Sage isn't going" Beorn muttered. 

"Wow,I'm jealous of Sage" 

"Sorry" Beorn mouthed and returned to his seat,just beside Sage. 

"Hey,I'm back" He told him. 

Sage looked at him but then looked away again. 

"We weren't talking about anything serious" Beorn said. 

Sage was about to reply when Master Nyx and Master Casen came in. 

"Maren......good job,last night" Master Nyx said to Maren and she smiled. 

"We will be choosing some of you to start training with the students in rank A soon" She said and everyone started murmuring. 

"Don't get too excited,you will just train with them during training sessions,not that you will stay in their class" Master Casen shed more light.


Genevieve was on her way to class,she was in so much hurry that she couldn't even finish dressing up before running out of the room,she was late for the first training class. 

She climbed the stairs,leading to her class while trying to pack her hair in her usual messy bun style when suddenly she bumped into someone. 

"Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!" Indigo screamed out angrily. One of the glass bangles around her wrist actually dropped and Genny even stepped on it,breaking into pieces. 

"Ah.....I'm so sorry,I didn't mean to....." Before Genny could finish, Indigo clapped her palms together at once and stretched them back to her,her eyes screaming total anger. 

A sudden hot wind blew Genny off her feet and threw her off the stairs. 

"Ahhhghh!!!" Genny screamed out as she started falling,she shut her eyes,expecting her fall,it's possible she doesn't survive it,she was on the third floor. 

Suddenly she stopped falling and landed somewhere but she didn't feel anything. 

'Huh? What's that?' She asked inwardly,still closing her eyes. 

She suddenly heard the students screaming and murmuring,that was when she opened her eyes,she fell on someone's arms,she turned to see the face,her hair slapped the person's face and Genny gasped loudly,Thane?!!!,did he just saved her?? But her hair slapping his face makes her scared,what if he gets mad and decide to punish her again?

👥 Thane touched a girl

👥 He carried her

👥 This is unbelievable

👥 I'm so jealous of her

👥 Thane is so hot

👥 I'm definitely wet just by looking at him.

Thane didn't glance at Genny,not even once,his expression remained unchanged. 

Indigo clenched her fists angrily,her blood boiling and steaming. 


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