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Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 5 & 6




Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 5 & 6

( Fierce And Furry... ) 

Genres: Fantasy/ Werewolves/ Erotica. 

Tags: Mates,Vampires,Witches,Special Abilities,Demons,Pack,Rejected Mates,Forbidden Love,Control,Revenge,Betrayal,Obsession,Steamy,Love Triangle,Secrets. 


"How about a strip show??" He asked and Genny's eyes widened. 

Did he just said...Strip show? Like stripping naked??

She swallowed hard,looking at him,his eyes also on her as if expecting her to make a move already. 

Thane crossed his arms in between the silence,He's not the type to repeat his words. 

"I'm.....I....I'm sorry but....I can't" Genny stuttered,expecting the worst.

"Okay" Thane muttered and her eyes grew wide,okay? Just like that??

"Okay?? I can leave?" She asked. 

Thane nodded. 

"Thank you!" Genny said excitedly and immediately rushed out.

Thane scoffs,he saw his cigarette pack and lighter on the table,he opened his palm and they appeared on it. He was about lighting up a stick when the door opened and Odessa came in. 

"Not this morning brother" She shook her head,the cigarettes and lighter vanished from Thane's hand and appeared on hers. She put them in the pocket of her shorts before going closer. 

"What do you want" Thane asked and stood up. 

"I missed you" Odessa pouted and went to hug him. 

Thane's eyes rolled. 

"Hey,hug me back if you want peace this morning" She threatened. 

Thane wrapped his arms around her waist right away. 

"I saw a girl coming out of here...the new girl" Odessa said as they broke the hug,they went into the bedroom together. 

"Did something happened? Why was she here?" Odessa asked. 

Thane slides his hands into his pocket and walked to the window,staring at the sky that was getting bright already. 

"Come on....tell me" Odessa said and sat down. 

"What is she?" Thane faced her. 

"I can't get her scent well yet...but judging from last night and this morning.....she might be a witch" Odessa replied. 

"Did she step on your toe?" She asked. 

"Never mind" Thane sighed out. 

"Orion told me you might be visiting the pack today,is something going on?" 

"I have something to discuss with father,it's nothing serious,don't bother about it" He answered. 



"What? You mean you told him you can't do it?" Ondine asked as they sat down after getting their breakfast. 

"Of course,am I supposed to strip for him?" Genny asked. 

"Then...what did he say next?" Juna asked curiously. 

"He said okay...and that I can leave" Genny replied,eating a full spoonful of rice. 

Ondine and Juna exchanged glances and groaned,they dropped the spoons and looked at her pitifully. 

"What's wrong?" Genny asked. 

"You're simply....greatly in trouble Genny" Ondine said. 

"But.....why?? He...told me to leave...."

"You shouldn't have said no in the first place" Juna cut in. 

"You mean,I should have stripped for him?" Genny asked in shock. 

"I'm sure Thane would have changed his mind if you obeyed,I've never heard anyone saying Thane took advantage of them" Ondine said and Genny swallowed. 

"Fine...and what's going to happen now?" She asked. 

"I don't know...but If you really disrespected his order,you're in trouble for real" Juna replied but Genny was still confused. 

If he wasn't satisfied with her response,why did he let her go?

"He should have at least yell or something......"

"Thane? Yell at you? Delusional,if Thane yell at you that means you've gotten to the edge,once he use his dominant voice,even the masters will bow,he can kill anyone that moment and nothing will happen"Ondine said and Genny's spoon fell from her hand. 

"K....ki....kill?" She stammered. 

They nodded. 

"But Thane isn't the type who misuse his powers,that's why everybody love and respect him,just don't touch him" Juna said. 

"Genny,the point here is...He won't force you...but trust me you're gonna beg him to let you strip...soon" Ondine said and Genny froze. 

"But don't think about it,just eat and get ready for class,I have four classes today" Juna said. 

"We have" Ondine corrected. 

"How are the classes taken?" Genny asked curiously. 

"We have rank A to D" Juna replied. 

"What does that mean?" 

"The students are graded according to how powerful they are and how they can control their powers. Grade D is for people like you who are new here,you don't really know what your abilities are,how to use them or control them...they will teach you from the beginning. Then grade C are those who can do one of two things with their powers now,they are in control of it and can be helpful one way of the other. Grade B are the sharp shooters,the people who have been trained so well and sometimes they get involved in wars and fights in between packs,in a word,they are the ones you shouldn't mess with. Then finally we have grade A...those ones are naturally gifted,they are invisible,their powers are triples of what grade B might possess" Ondine explained and Genny nodded. 

"So...what grade are you guys?" She asked. 

"Grade C...but the master said we might be able to move to B soon,I seriously can't wait" Juna smiled and her eyes fell on the water jug across the hall,he stretched out her hand and began controlling it,the jug left the table and started moving,Genny gasped until the jug landed on their table. 

"Wow! That's awesome" She said. 

"Not yet,if it was people in grade B or A,they don't have to use their hand,their minds can control anything" Ondine said,using her mind to control the jug again on the table. 

The jug kept moving and dancing on the table but she was unable to raise it up.

"Oh fuck" Ondine breathe out loudly. 

"And also,you have to be careful not to get exhausted,if you use your powers more than you should,you get tired and sometimes get sick,there are some soldiers who even die when they cross their limits" Buna explained. 

"Then what about Odessa and Indigo?" Genny asked. 

"Rank A,reason why....you should avoid them" Ondine whispered. 

"But even In rank A...Indigo and Odessa can't match up with Kymani and Thane...Orion too" 

"So who's the most powerful?" Genny was curious. 

"Isn't it obvious?" Juna asked and she blinked. 


"Correct...After Thane,Orion should come next I guess....followed by Kymani,Odessa,Zarek then Indigo. They are the only ones in rank A class,Thane and Orion hardly attend classes though" Ondine muttered. 

Genny sighed out,wondering if she will be able to meet up in even D,she doesn't even know anything yet. 

"Do you have your class schedules?" Juna asked and she shook her head. 

Just then,Atticus came over to them. 

"Hi Atti" Juna waved with a smile. 

"Morning Juna" Atticus returned the smile and adjusted his glasses before facing Genny. 

"Genevieve Douglas right?" He asked. 


"Come with me,your first class starts soon" Atticus said and Genny immediately got up. 

"Bye Genny,see you later" Ondine and Juna waved at her and she followed Atticus. 

Genny was nervous as she walked beside him,he seems like the serious type,He's no way looking like one who have all those abilities Ondine and Juna told her about. 

He stopped in front of a class and looked at her. 

"Go in...and here is your class schedules for a week,it's new every week so expect next one in seven days" He explained. 

"Thank you" Genny smiled and took it from him before going into the class,it was quiet,seems like the students there are still as confused and lost as she is.  

She found somewhere to seat and soon the master came in. 




"Fúck Kymani!"

"Right there....ahh...yes..."

The girl moaned loudly as Kymani pounded her from the back,her palms against the wall,screaming out for more. 

Kymani groaned in pleasure after satisfying his sexual cravings,he pulled out his díck from inside her,she tried turning but he pinned her back to the wall. 

"We are not done here" He whispered and the girl's eyes widened. 

"What....are you talking about?" She asked. 

Kymani smiled crankily and his canine teeth came out,looking shiny and sharp.


Without thinking twice,he sank them straight into her neck,biting her hard,sucking off her blood. 

"Ahhhhh!!!" She screamed,but none of those had any effect on him,until he's satisfied. 

By the time he was done,the girl fell on the floor tiredly. 

Kymani let out his usual evil fake smile and used his thumb to wipe the blood stain on his lips. 

He got dressed and squatted in front of the girl,he healed up the bite scar on her neck and erased her memory. 

"Were you ever here?" He asked in a manipulative voice,his eyes piercing into her own. 

"No...I was in my room all day" The girl replied and he smiled. 

"Good girl...now leave" 

The girl dressed up and walked out of the room. 


Thane and Orion walked out of his quarters together and met Master Casen also coming toward them.

"Your highness" He bowed and Thane nods gently before he continue walking. 

"Morning" Orion said to Master Casen before following Thane. 

"How are we going? Taking the car?" Orion asked. 

"No" Thane replied. 

"Then......." They both exchanged glances and smiled. 

Thane and Orion burst into a sprint run, their human feet pounding the ground in unison. As they ran, their bodies began to shift and contort, muscles stretching and bones reforming. 

Fur burst forth from their skin, and their senses heightened. In mid-stride, they transformed into their wolf forms, their paws barely missing a beat as they continued their fluid motion. Thane wolf form,Thorne,mixture of grey and white,looking bigger compared to Lykan,Orion's wolf,a complete black coloured fur wolf. 

Together, the two wolves raced through the woods, their paws barely touching the ground. Thane's gray coat glistened in the dappled sunlight, while Orion's black fur blended with the shadows. With effortless grace, they traversed the forest toward their destination. 



Genny walked out of the class and yawned,she was feeling hungry and sleepy,for almost four hours she was in that class,learning about different powers and abilities,it was more interesting and fun than she imagined. 

"I'm so hungry" She mumbled and started walking,hoping to meet Ondine and Juna. 

"Hey" A girl called and she turned,she immediately recognized her,Kalysta,the psycho who love testing her powers. 

"Hi" Genny smiled. 

Kalysta streatched out a red apple to her and Genny looked at her. 

"For you,aren't you the new girl?" Kakysta asked. 

"Oh,yes I am" Genny muttered. 

"You can have it" Kalysta said. 

"Thanks" Genny was about taking the apple when suddenly someone kicked the apple off Kalysta hand and her eyes widened. 

Genny turned to see Odessa glaring at Kalysta. 

"I warned you didn't I?" She asked. 

Kalysta said nothing. 

"Next time I see you,prepare for the worst" Odessa threatened.


Kalysta immediately walked way,but Genny was still confused. 

"What...was that?" She asked and Odessa glanced at her. 

She let out a pretty smile and run her fingers through her hair,she's the definition of beauty,with her sharp eyes. 

"That apple was poisoned" She said and Genny gasped. 

"Why would she give me that!" 

"She have the ability to make poisonous venom to attack demons and enemies,but she's quite..you..know,unstable,,she was going to check if you die after eating the apple" Odessa explained and Genny couldn't believe her ears. 

"Thank you" She said and immediately walked away. 

Indigo came over to Odessa with a frown. 

"Isn't that...the bitch from last night?" She asked. 

"She's quite cool,told you she's new here,she's still naive,just let her be" Odessa said and Indigo scoffed. 

"Let's go" Odessa grabbed her hand and they both walked away. 

Meanwhile as Genny passed through the hallway which suddenly got silent,just a snap of an eye,she saw it....the same python from the morning,slithering toward her. 

"Ahh!!!!!!!!!!" Genny screamed out in terror,she tried to run but it was as if her legs were tied to the ground,she couldn't move. 

"No!! Noooo!!!" She continue screaming,tears rushing down her face. 

Again,there was a snap and the python disappeared. Genny fell on the ground,breathing heavily,she felt so weak. She swallowed hard and managed to get up,her legs were shaking as she walked. 


"Thane's work...obviously" Ondine and Juna said in unison after Genny told them what happened. 

"It was so scary,I don't want to experience that again" She shook her head,in bitter tears. 

"Go apologize to him" Juna said. 

"That's the only solution,or you keep on seeing that" Ondine agreed. 

Genny swallowed and fell on her bed,she hugged her pillow to herself. 

Ondine and Juna sighed out. 



Lila and Luna walked over to Ondine and Juna,they are alome,Genny refused to leave the room. 

"Hey girls" They both said at a time. 

"Hi" Ondine smiled,staring at them as they sat down with their food trays. 

"What about your new friend?" Lila and Luna asked again. 

"Oh she's not here,she's in the room" Juna replied. 

"Why? I wanted to say hi" Luna and Lila said. 

"Maybe next time" Ondine chuckled. 

"Hey!!! Are you insane!!" Astrid yelled at a girl who poured water on her by mistake. 

"Do you want to witness a quick death?!" She yelled again. 

The girl immediately fell on her knees,she was shaking,obviously a new student,she brought out handkerchief to help her with it. 

"Get lost" Astrid snapped and walked away to another booth. 

"Sorry about that,be careful next time. " Ophelia said to the girl before going to join Astrid who was still looking angry. 

"Astrid and her anger issues" Ondine shook her head. 

"Very silly" Lila and Luna said and Juna laughed. 

Maren walked into the hall,hugging her spell book with one hand,her long hair flowing behind her,her small eyes roaming round the hall till they fell on Atticus eating alone. 

She walked over to him and sat down next to him. 

"What is it?" Atticus asked,wondering why she's sitting with him. 

"I don't know if I'm wrong but my instinct are never wrong...I can smell dark energies in the institute right now" She said. 

Atticus adjusted his glasses and raised his brows. 

"So...why are you telling me?" He asked. 

"Because you're the only one I feel like talking to right now and you should be able to feel something strange too" she said. 

Atticus sighed and tried to feel whatever she's talking about but nothing. 

"Maybe your instinct is wrong this time around" He muttered. 

"I hope so" Maren said and stood up,she walked away. 

Sage and Beorn walked in together closely beside each other,a guy suddenly grabbed Beorn's hand. 

"Dude join us" 

Sage throw the guy's hand off with a glare. 

"We can join them...." Beorn tried saying. 

"I don't want to" Sage muttered. 

Beorn chuckled and shook his head,they sat down alone at the end of the hall,,their food was brought by the servers. 



Genny just finished dressing up,she really wanted to skip dinner but suddenly the hunger grew wilder and she had no choice,she put on her shoes,ready to go out of the room when suddenly she heard the same snap. 

Her heart beats doubled and again the python appeared. 

Genny screamed and ran,this time she could run out but looking back,the python was really chasing her this time around. 

She was crying and screaming but nobody came to her aid,as if her screams aren't loud enough. Suddenly she bumped into Kymani who held her so she won't fall. 

"Help.....help" She mumbled faintly. 

After about two minutes,she got herself back and moved back. 

Kymani smiled. 

"You want my help?" He asked. 

"Can you help me? That python....can you get rid of it for me completely?" She asked,wiping her tears. 

Kymani took two steps closer to her. 

"If I do that....what will be my gain?" He whispered into her ear and Genny swallowed. 

"You want something too?" She asked. 

"Why should I help you if I won't get anything in return?" He asked. 

"What do you want?" Genny asked,maybe his request might be better than Thane's. 

Kymani caged her to the wall,staring at her closely. 

"I'm going to fuck you" He said. 

Genny immediately pushed him off. 

"Go away!! You're worse!" She cried and left. 

She walked straight to Thane's quarter,she was told by one of the guards standing outside about his absence,she decided to wait anyway,who knows what might happen once she starts walking back. 

It was about an hour after when Thane arrived. 

Genny immediately got up from where she was sitting,their eyes met,Thane gave her an icy look before going in,ignoring her presence. 

Genny ran in with him. 

"Can you hear me out please? I'm sorry for disrespecting......" She stopped when Thane entered the bedroom and closed the door loudly. 

She sat down in front of the door,tears rolling down her eyes which she wiped immediately. 


Thane just finished getting dressed after his bath when the door opened and Orion entered. 

"She's still there" He said. 

Thane said nothing. 

Genny started knocking the door again. 

"Fine!! I'm going to do what you want!!" She said loudly. 

Orion looked at Thane. 

"Let her in" He muttered. 

Orion went out and seconds later,Genny walked in slowly,her eyes on Thane. 

Thane sat down on the bed,he crossed his legs as usual,he got his cigarette and light it up before looking at Genny as she stood in front of him. 

"You may start" He ordered,puffing out the smoke. 

Genny swallowed,she began to unbutton her shirt,in tears.


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