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Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 3 & 4




Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 3 & 4

( Fierce And Furry... ) 

Genres: Fantasy/ Werewolves/ Erotica. 

Tags: Mates,Vampires,Witches,Special Abilities,Demons,Pack,Rejected Mates,Forbidden Love,Control,Revenge,Betrayal,Obsession,Steamy,Love Triangle,Secrets. 


Alpha's Heir?!!!

That's Thane Raven,the only son of Alpha Raven,the dominion alpha over Ravenwood pack and other neighboring packs. The school is own by the family also and everyone highly respects Thane,He's not just a son born to the alpha family,he has the alpha blood running right inside his veins,the authority,power and all that. 

"Hey,who are you?" Another guy walked to the scene,he stopped right beside the prince,glaring at Genny. 

Orion,Thane's beta. He's always with him 80% of time. 

"Bow!" He half yelled. 

"I'm sorry" Genny muttered and immediately bowed. 

"Get lost" Thane muttered and Genny ran off with her box wheels making noise behind her. 

Kymani clapped his hands with a smirk on his face. 

"Hey Thane,you sounded so scary,is there a problem?" He asked. 

"How dare you" Orion clenched his fists and made to approach Kymani. 

"Stop" Thane said and he immediately stepped back. 

Kymani's eyes which already turned the moment Orion made a move came back to normal and he smiled again. 

Thane rolled his eyes and walked away,Orion glared at Kymani before following him. 

"Gosh those two,I hate them with everything in my blood" Zarek groaned as soon as he popped up beside Kymani,they are friends. 

"What's the use if you can't say that to their faces?" Kymani scoffed and started walking. 

"Who said I can't? The last time I did,my father made me go to the palace and apologize to him for three good days" Zarek muttered. 

Kymani shook his head and said nothing. 


Genny sighed out loudly when she got to the door of her room,she carefully opened the door and entered with her box,after closing the door,she turned and two eyes combined into four fell on her. Two girls. 

They are both in towels,talking but stopped when she entered. 

"Wow,we finally got a roommate?" Ondine stood up from her bed. 

"Wow,you're so pretty" Juna rushed toward her. 

'Pretty??' The word rang in Genny's ears,did she just called her pretty? A girl?

"Hi...I'm....Genevieve,but you can call me Genny" Genny said nervously. 

"Genny,nice name. I'm Ondine and this is Juna,let's get along well since we are roommates,welcome to Ravenwood high school" Ondine said and immediately helped Genny with her box. 

"This is your bed,the room is quite big and cool,so don't worry we don't disturb each other's privacy" Ondine assured. 

"Thank you" Genny smiled and looked around,the room is really perfect,and the bed is soft,just her taste. 

"I don't really think this is the time to rest,you should arrange your stuffs into your wardrobe,I can help" Ondine smiled. 

'She's so nice,I thought the girls here would be worse,I guess I'm wrong' Genny thought and moved to the wardrobe,seems it's just for her because it's totally empty. 

"It's all yours if that's what you're thinking,so hurry up and arrange,we have no time" Ondine said and opened her box. 

"No time? Is there something we must do?" Genny asked. 

"It's almost 8pm...dinner time" Ondine smiled. 

"Oh thank goodness,I'm starving" Genny touched her tummy and Ondine laughed. 

They started arranging her clothes into the wardrobe. 

"Girls,how do I look?" Juna asked and they turned.

She was wearing a simple miniskirt,top and ankle boots. 

"You look so hot,obviously" Ondine said,raising her thumb up. 

"But....does the....dinner...require...."

"Breathe Genny,breathe. Why are you so nervous?" Ondine asked. 

Genny took her lips in. 

"We are your friends,unless you don't want us as your friends" Juna said. 

"Huh?? Friends?" Genny asked like she just heard wrong. 

"Of course....or you don't..."

"No! Not that! It's my first time having friends" Genny rushed her words. 

Juna and Ondine exchanged glances then faced her back. 


Genny nodded. 

"Nobody likes me in my school" She muttered. 

"Then...should we celebrate this? First time friendship with...Ondine and Juna!!" Ondine screamed and they both hugged her. 

Everything feels so new to Genny,she have never experienced what a group hug is,she didn't know when she teared up,tears of joy. 

"So you wanted to ask something" Juna said after they broke their hug. 

"Does the dinner require so much effort? You dress so good" Genny said. 

"Everything here is about competition,power,knowledge,abilities,beauty,and everything you can mention,nobody want to be looked down on,but though we still have some set of people you can never disrespect in here or you're a dead meat" Ondine explained and Genny blinked. 

"You won't understand now,we are going to show them to you in the dinning hall,for now just go and take your bath" Juna said. 


"Hurry up,I'm all ready too,just want to get dressed right away" Ondine said. 

Genny wanted to open the door to the bathroom.

"What are you doing?" Juna asked and she turned back. 


"You're not going to take off your clothes?" 

"Oh....I guess she's shy" Ondine chuckled and carefully losen her towel,it dropped on the floor. 

Genny's eyes widened. 

"We are all girls,you don't have to be uncomfortable,come on" She laughed and started putting on her clothes. 

"Hurry up Genny" Juna said,touching her hair a little in front of the mirror. 

Genny undressed too,she found a set of towels on her bed,probably for her. She tied one and used the second one for her hair,she definitely don't have time to wash her hair tonight. 

After that she went into the bathroom. 



"What is she doing?" Juna chuckled as they waited for Genny to come out of the room. 

Different students walking out of the building,some alone,some in pairs and groups. 

Finally Genny came out,she was wearing a comfortable pair of leggings,a fitted tunic top and sneakers,her hair in a messy bun. 

"Oh great,you look amazing" Ondine smiled at her. 

"Thanks" Genny smiled. 

"You really look hot,and you're telling us you had no friends?" Juna asked,looking confused. 

"Isn't it obvious? They are just jealous of her,I mean...have you ever checked yourself out in the mirror? You look sexy,I love your height,long hair,thin lips,...."

Genny's cheeks turned red. 

"Let's just go" They both grabbed her hand and left. 

In no time,they walked into the large dinning hall,getting all the noise at once. 

"Ahh" Genny immediately covered her ears with her palms. 

"What's wrong?" Juna asked worriedly. 

"My...ears hurts" She replied. 

"Oh,I understand what you're trying to say. Can you control it?" Ondine asked. 

"Not yet.."

"Listen,breathe in and out,then imagine you're the only one in this hall" Ondine said. 

Genny did just that. 

"Now bring yourself back in the hall with students,but try not to hear their shits,just relax your mind" Ondine added. 

Genny breathe out and blinked. 

"That works" She smiled. 

"Great,let's get our food" Juna said and they walked to the food counter,they met quite a long line which they joined,They are the last on the line,Genny in front of Ondine,then Juna followed. 

Just when it was Genny's turn,she took her food tray and was about getting her dinner when two girls walked over to them,one of them looked at Genny,she returned the stare and that seems to Piss her off. 

"Move! Are you blind?!" She yelled at Genny. 

"Why? It's my turn" Genny said and she heard gasps from the students. 

Ondine immediately tapped her but still Genny didn't understand. 

👥 Is she a new girl?

👥 She just questioned Indigo

"What? It's your turn?" Indigo asked with a mean look on her face,she stepped on Genny's leg with her heel. 

"Ah!" Genny screamed In pain. 

"Repeat what you said" Indigo muttered. 

"Let her be,she's seems new" The second girl said and smiled at Genny. 

"Odessa,stay out of it,she fucking......"

"Stop it" Odessa said. 

Indigo sighed and glared at Genny. 

"Bring our food" Odessa ordered one of the servers. 

"Yes princess" She bowed. 

Odessa looked at Genny again before walking away,Indigo followed. 

Genny swallowed hard,staring at them,seeing some students bowing to greet them. 

"Genny are you okay?" Ondine and Juna immediately asked. 

"I'm sorry we couldn't help,or it might have been more disastrous" Juna mumble sadly. 

They all got their food and went to settle on a booth. 

"Who are they?" Genny asked finally breaking the silence. 

"Odessa and Indigo...how do I explain....Odessa is a princess,Thane's twin sister...."

"Are you talking about the alpha prince?" Genny asked. 

"Yeah...So Odessa is his twin sister,Indigo is Odessa's best friend,they are roommates too. Please with everything within you,try your best to avoid them,they are dangerous,especially Indigo,Odessa is kind hearted sometimes,since she's a royalty,but Indigo,she's a complete witch,most powerful witch here in school,don't play with her" Ondine explained. 

Genny gulped. 

"There are more people you should avoid...Thane and his beta..Orion. Once you step on Thane's toe you might be the target,he hate physical contact and he hardly talks,but his glares alone is fire. Then Kymani.."

"Huh? Kymani?" Genny asked,her mind went straight to him,the one who took her pantie.

"He's a vampire,a dangerous one. He's Thane's worst enemy,those two never gets along but they are so different...Kymani is a total playboy,not just that,he can manipulate your mind to have sex with you or feed on your blood when hungry...never try to cross his way,there are countless victims of his,so avoid him" Juna said. 

"So ...the masters wouldn't do anything about it?" Genny asked. 

"We are telling you to avoid them because they are above the masters here....Thane and Odessa are simply the rulers of Ravenwood,who would dare face them? Indigo is more like a family friend,her father is one of the elders in the pack. Kymani's father is the most powerful vampire in Ravenwood and Alpha Raven's closest friend,even though their sons are enemies...." 

"Wow...no one would dare face them for real" Genny muttered. 

Just as they were talking,Kymani came into the hall with Zarek,Genny saw them chased some group of boys and occupied their space instead. 

'This place isn't safe either,I should be careful' She said inwardly. 

Suddenly her eyes met with Kymani's own and he smiled at her. 

Before she could think of blinking,he appeared right beside their table. 

"Ahh!!!!!!!" Genny's scream filled the whole hall. 

Kymani chuckled. 

"You're more silly than I imagined" He laughed and leaned closer to her. 

Genny swallowed. 

"What's your name?" He asked. 

Genny said nothing.

"Ah...Genny" Kymani smiled. 

"But....I didn't say anything" Genny asked in shock. 

Kymani chuckled and walked back to his position. 

👥 Is she one of his sluts?

👥 Isn't she the new girl? 

"Don't worry Genny,everything will be fine" Juna touched her shoulder and she nodded nervously. 

"Is that all I have to know? Can you tell me more about the students?" Genny asked. 

"Of...hmm...let's see" Ondine change her position and sat down somewhere she can easily see the students. 

"I will show you some you might meet more often,I mean they are popular...so...great,you see that girl holding a book to her chest?" Ondine asked and Genny's eyes fell on the girl,she have this long golden hair,her hair almost touching her legs,her eyes quite scary. 

"That's Maren...another powerful witch,she walk around with her spell book,learning new spells every minute,don't mess with her,she's powerful" 

Genny nodded. 

"That's Kalysta,everyone call her a psycho coz she's obsessed with testing her powers" 

"Testing? How?" Genny asked. 

"You will find out..let's go on" 

Ondine showed her two identical twins eating together,they have the same features from their hair down. 

"Luna and Lila,they have amazing powers too but are weird" 

"Those two do everything together,they even talk at the same time,you can never try talking to one of them,I think they have the same brain" Juna scoffs and Genny nodded. 

"Oh..that guy with glasses...Atticus,he's the nicest one here,a nerd"

"His abilities?" Genny asked.

"Dream walk,empathy..Necromancy" 

"What are those?"

"Dream walk simply mean...he can go into your dreams and see what you're dreaming about...Empathy,he feels people's emotions,but he can control it though..and Necromancy..he can speak with dead bodies" 

"Wow,that's so cool" Genny smiled. 

"Those two girls are best friends...they became close because they are both confessors" 

Genny gasped. 


"Yeah....Astrid and Ophelia" Juna said and she nodded. 

As they were talking,two guys came in,walking hand in hand and smiling at each other. 

"Those two...they look like couples right?" Juna chuckled and Genny nodded. 

"Sage and Boern...they are best friends,but no one can get in between them.....they are really cute" Juna said,blushing. 

Genny smiled. 

"They are werewolves,it's normal for them to be handsome like that..But Thane and Kymani are on another level,they are manly and hot....." Ondine said. 

"Orion too,He's cute..." Juna smiled. 



Orion walked into the bedroom and met Thane who just finished dressing up. 

"Your highness....."

"We are alone here,don't give me headache" Thane muttered and Orion smiled. 

"Your food is set already,let's go eat" He said. 

They both left the room and entered the dining room,the maids immediately bowed and walked away. 

"So did you meet with father like I asked?" Thane asked as they started eating. 

"No I couldn't,there was an important meeting with the elders in the palace,I think it's about the rogues attack three days ago" Orion responded. 

Thane sighed. 

"I will go to the palace myself tomorrow,,so take care of things here in my absence" He said. 

"But.....The alpha will get mad if I don't go with you tomorrow,you can't go alone....."

"Stop talking like I'm weak..."

"Even so,you know how things are. You can suddenly get attacked,we can't let that happen,no matter what,I must keep you safe,that's my work and responsibility" Orion said. 

"Fine...then" Thane said. 

After eating and the maids came to clean off the table. 

They heard the door open and then,Indigo came in. 


"Respect yourself" Orion cut in. 

"Your highness" Indigo bowed. 

"You can go" Thane told Orion who glared at Indigo,like a warning before leaving. 

Thane and Indigo walked into the living room 

"Why are you here....." 

Indigo rushed to him immediately and slammed her lips on his own in an hungry pace. 

Thane pushed her off with one hand,but with his super strength,it was hard. She would have crashed against the well and break a bone if she was a normal person. 

Indigo stood back on her feet. 

Thane wiped his lips. 

"I will let this slide" He uttered softly and turned to leave. 

"What exactly are you running away for?! You don't even have a mate!!" Indigo screamed. 

Thane's eyes changed into a sharp burning golden mixed with red color before turning,his claws out looking sharp and deadly,Indigo's breath seized at once. 

"What did you just utter?!" He growled angrily and sped over to her. 

His hand almost curled around her neck when Orion rushed in,breathing heavily. 

"Your highness!!" He called loudly and immediately bowed,Indigo bowed too. 

Thane's eyes turned back to normal and his claws disappeared. 

"You two...get out" he muttered and went inside. 

Orion raised his head and glared at Indigo. 

"Shall I kill you with my own hands instead?" He asked. 

Indigo hissed and stormed out. 



Genevieve opened her eyes,the room was still quite dark,it's only six in the morning,Both Ondine and Juna are still sleeping,but Genny is used to waking up early. 

She gently got down from her bed,trying her best not to wake them up,she went into the bathroom to brush and wash her face. After that she came back in and put on joggers and hoodie,she packed her hair in a messy bun and wore her sneakers before going out of the room. 

She can't live without her morning jogs and walk,it's her morning routine and she never missed it. 

"Where should I pass?" She  muttered,looking around after getting out of the building. 

It was quiet in the morning dew covering the cloud,she turned left and started her jogs. 

Just ten minutes later,she found herself in the woods,surrounded with tall big trees. The craziest part is she doesn't even know her way back,how she ended up there or what to do. 

"Oh no" Genny muttered,turning around to see if there's going to be a way she can go back. 

Her body froze when she heard a deep loud sound behind her,she immediately turned and her spirit left her body. 

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" Genny screamed out in terror,seeing the black big python right in front of her,staring at her with red eyes,the python hissed,like it was hungry and ready to devour her. 

"Help!!!!! Help!!!!" Genny cried out. 

The python started moving close and opened it mouth widely. 

Genny screamed out again and just then the python turned into ashes right in front of her. She swallowed hard and turned to see Thane coming,his two hands in his pocket. 

"Who are you?" He asked icely. 

'He doesn't remember me?' Genny thought but quickly ran over to him. 

"I'm a new student,I was jogging and I lost my way,thanks to you the python...disappeared,thank you so much" She said. 

Thane looked down at his shirt,glaring annoyingly. That was when Genny noticed she was holding his shirt 

"Oh I'm sorry" She quickly moved back. 

Thane looked at her again. 

"That wasn't free" He said,his expression unchanged. 


Thane glared. 

"If you make me repeat myself again,you will regret it" 

"I'm sorry" 

"I didn't help you for free" Thane said. 

"Huh?" Genny's eyes widened. 

Thane's eyes turned red and the python appeared again. 

"Ahhhh!!!!!!!" She screamed. 

"Then....how am I going to repay you?! I will do anything,just help me!!" Genny cried. 

Thane's eyes burned the python totally this time around and Genny wiped her tears. 

"Follow me" Thane muttered and before she could blink,they appeared in Thane's quarters,in the living room.. 

"Where's this?" Genny thought,looking around. 

Thane sat down on a couch and crossed his legs,looking insanely hot with his transparent glasses. 

"You said you will do anything" his voice came out deep and icy. 

Genny nodded. 

Thane looked at her coldly and intensely before speaking up. 

"How about a strip show??" He asked and Genny's eyes widened. 


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