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Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 13 & 14




Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 13 & 14

( Fierce And Furry... ) 

Genres: Fantasy/ Werewolves/ Erotica. 

Tags: Mates,Vampires,Witches,Special Abilities,Demons,Pack,Rejected Mates,Forbidden Love,Control,Revenge,Betrayal,Obsession,Steamy,Love Triangle,Secrets. 


"And you..." Thane's voice made Genny turn and she stopped smiling.

"I don't appreciate people touching me,stop acting like we are close,touch me again and you're dead" he gave her a cold warning and Genny took her lips in before nodding.


"I'm sorry,I understand" Genny muttered. 

Thane rolled his eyes and checked the time on his wrist watch. 

"What else can you do?" He asked. 

"I.....don't really know" Genny mumbled nervously. 

Thane looked at her and sighed out. 

"Go" He said. 

"Uh? Are you mad at me? I just got here,I can't leave so suddenly" Genny said with pleading eyes. 

"You still don't get it? I need to at least know exactly what you are to think of training you......"

"No,you should know already,you're just chasing me out because you want to be alone" Genny said and Thane raised his brows. 

"I'm sorry if I made you mad but,I'm really desperate for this,I feel like you're the only one who can teach me properly" She mumbled. 

"What's your name again?" Thane asked and she finally raised her head to look at him. 

"Genevieve....Genny for short" She said. 

"Leave" Thane said. 

Genny twitched her lips and gently walked out of the room.

"What the heck" Thane scoffed and Orion entered. 

"Is there a problem?" He asked. 

Thane took off his shirt. 

"I thought...you changed just now" Orion said. 

"Why would she hug me?" Thane asked him snd Orion blinked. 

"You don't expect me to know right?" He asked. 

Thane ignored him and went into the dressing room,he came back with another clothes. 

"So...what do you think?" Orion asked Thane. 

"That chick.....might be a wolf" Thane muttered. 

"Huh? For real?" Orion smiled. 

"But she's too weak...maybe because she lived with humans for too long,I don't know" Thane said. 

"Then maybe..she's not a full wolf" Orion thought. 

"But,what are you planning to do?" He asked. 

"You should let her know" Orion added. 

"Are we that close for me to tell her that?" Thane scoffed and Orion chuckled. 



Ophelia's eyes followed Astrid's every movement as she played with her food,her spoon slamming on the innocent rice in her plate,she was looking so lost in thought.  

"How about you try to tell me what's wrong with you? It's been hours since you returned from your outing with Beorn and your life never remained the same,you look boring please" Ophelia scoffed. 

"Maybe that's why he didn't enjoy it" Astrid mumbled. 

"He told you that?" Ophelia asked,biting from her meat. 

"How could he suddenly mention home? Before I was able to say something,we were in the middle of the school,I was enjoying every bit of it,at least I got to be with him all alone outside the school,I never wanted that moment to end" Astrid mumbled. 

"You're whipped" Ophelia shook her head. 

"I never denied that,but he doesn't look interested and it's messing with my head already" Astrid sighed. 

"If he's not interested,why not leave him alone? And besides,He's a wolf,likely gonna find his mate one day or soon,it's going to be a waste if you keep crushing on him" Ophelia said. 

"To hell with that mate shit,Beorn is mine and mine alone,I'm not ready to give up on him for anything" Astrid scoffed. 

Ophelia sighed. 

"I don't want you to get hurt,that's why" She muttered. 

"Well I'm not the soft type to get hurt" Astrid rolled her eyes. 

"How did you get the food though?" She asked. 

"My breakfast,I couldn't eat it earlier remember?" Ophelia said. 

"Oh...right" Astrid muttered. 



"So how was your session with Thane? I couldn't ask you earlier coz I was busy" Ondine said,sipping from her cup of water. They are in the dinning hall. 

"I was able to catch a scent,then Indigo came and destroyed the moment,he sent me out" Genny sighed out. 

"You should be careful of Indigo,she's a witch,I mean a powerful one,I wouldn't want her to focus on you" Juna said. 

"She ruined everything,I was supposed to spend more time with Thane,she slapped me,you don't expect me to watch her do that without doing anything" Genny snapped. 

"I understand,Indigo is crazy honestly,why would she slap you?" Ondine hissed. 

"She's not in here right now" Juna said after looking around. 


They suddenly heard a scream from across the hall,everyone turned at once to see a girl crying. 

"My cat!!!! My cat!!" She cried out,carrying the little kitten in her arms,blood in her mouth. 

"I think it got poisoned" A guy said. 

"Poisoned? We were eating the same food" The girl said. 

Just as she was talking,another girl behind her started throwing up blood. 

👥 Aaghh!!

👥 What's that?!!

In a minute,the whole hall turned into something else,three students already on the ground in their own pool of blood. 

The masters entered into the hall in rush.

"Everyone stay where you are!" Master Casen yelled. 

Genny exchanged glances with Ondine and Juna,fears visible in their eyes. 

They are yet to feel anything but obviously scared. 

The four students affected were taken out of the hall. 

"It's a result of dark powers,your food is okay,you all will be fine" Master Nyx said but just as she finished speaking up,two boys collapsed also,pouring out blood in their mouths. 

"Only the ones in rank D are getting infected!" A boy suddenly announced. 

Genny's heart skipped a beat. 

The boy was right,only the students in rank D got infected. 

"What do we do now?" Juna looked at Genny. 

"I think the dark energies recognized us by ranks,they know it won't affect everyone,they need blood" Ondine said from her own perspective. 

"Am I going to die?" Genny asked,she was already tearing up. 

"Everyone,start leaving this hall right now,the spell is moving around,if you're in rank D,wait behind" Master Nyx ordered and immediately the students started leaving. 

Ondine and Juna didn't move,they were holding Genny who was shaking from where she was standing beside them. 

"You will be fine" Juna assured and she nodded. 

"You guys should leave,don't worry about me. You can't stay here,they said the energy is spreading" Genny muttered. 

Ondine and Juna glanced at her once before walking away. 

The masters started going round,giving the students something like vaccines she made with her spells. 

Someone suddenly grabbed Genny's hand from the back,before she could turn to see the person,she was already dragged out of the hall. 

The person stopped outside and it turned out as Kymani. 

"Why did you bring me here? I didn't get the vaccine" Genny said.

"What vaccine? It's all fake" Kymani said and Genny turned back again. 

The people who were supposed to be the masters already turned into strange things,eating the students alive. 

"Aghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!"  She screamed out. 

"Genny!!! Genny!! Wake up!!!"

Genny sprang up from the bed almost falling off,she was covered in sweat. 

"Its....a ...dream" She muttered and  managed to gulp. 

"What's the dream about? You screamed so loudly" Ondine said,cleaning off her sweat. 

"It was scary" Genny said and Juna hugged her. 

"Tell us about it" 

Genny calmed down a little bit and started telling them everything. 

"That's scary!" Ondine said. 

Genny gulped. 

"It won't happen right? What If those demons really take over the masters souls?? What if" Genny sniffs. 

"Would you like to tell someone else?" Juna asked. 

"Who?" Genny asked. 

"Master Nyx....you can go to her office" Ondine said and Genny nodded. 

She checked the time.

"It's almost time for dinner" she said. 

"Yeah,let's go together" Juna said and the three of them began dressed. 



Thane wss just coming out of his room when Orion came in too,his face like he was thinking about something which Thane noticed at once. 

"Is there a problem?" He asked. 

"I just got a message that you should eat in the dining hall tonight" Orion said. 

Thane raised his brows. 

"Who said that?" He asked. 

"Master Nyx....she said someone had a dream,but it's not just a dream but a vision,the demons might appear tonight" Orion explained. 

"They won't be here then" Thane muttered. 

"Huh?" Orion raised his brows. 

"They won't show up" Thane repeated. 

"Then...you don't need to go there..."

"No,I have to. I wanted to go there anyway" Thane said and Orion nodded. 

They suddenly heard the door open and a guard entered,he bowed.

"Your highness,Indigo is here...you told me to report to you first before allowing anyone in except The princess and Beta" The guard said. 

"Let her in" Thane said and faced Orion. 

"You can go,I will meet you" He said. 

Orion nodded and then went out with the guard. 

Seconds later,Indigo came in,she had a short dress on which looks beautiful and perfect,the upper part has a cut which exposed her cleavages. 

"Hey" She smiled. 

"Why are you here?" Thane blurted out,not taking a single look at her chest. 

"I know you were mad at me earlier,so I came to apologize. I was just mad because she hugged you,,you hate body contacts" Indigo muttered,playing with her fingers as like she's innocent. 

"Tell me the real reason why you're here Indigo,not this" Thane said. 

She moved closer to him and tried touching him. 

"Stop it" Thane muttered. 

"You know how much I love you Thane,you're just pretending,you know.....but you are too hard on me,it hurts a lot,really" She said,breaking into tears. 

Thane chuckled and started moving closer to her,She took steps backward too,until her back hit the wall. 

She swallowed hard,looking right inside Thane's cold face. 

"This makeup.....doesn't suit you" He said and Indigo felt her heart breaking into pieces. 

"And you really think you can seduce me with your boobs?" He asked and chuckled. 

"As If they are big enough" He muttered. 

Indigo blinked and immediately covered her chest. 

"That wasn't my intention...." She said. 

"You should give up Indigo,,you might think it's taking too long for my mate to appear,but I'm not giving up" Thane said. 

"You can have fun before she appears......"

"I was planning to do that,but not with you" 

"Then who!!" Indigo shouted. 

"Not your business,so stop coming here,I might not be able to control my anger next time...now get out" Thane ordered. 

"I'm not giving up either!! I love you and I'm going to have you!!" She cried and ran out. 

*You shouldn't make her cry* Thorne said in his head. 

*It's all fake and you know that* Thane replied. 

*Her love isn't fake though* Thorne said. 

*I have to chase her off now before it's too late,she's obsessed* Thane replied before cutting him off. 



"Guys" Orion joined Sage and Beorn on their table. 

"Orion" Beorn called and he smiled at them before sitting down. 

"Is this for real right now? Why are you here?" Sage asked. 

"For a reason" Orion replied. 

One of the servers came with his food and dropped it on the table. 

"What about Thane?" Beorn asked. 

"He should be here soon" Orion replied. 

"Hi Orion" Lila and Luna came over. 

Orion looked up and smiled at them. 

"Hi" He said. 

"It's so weird to see you eat here,is something going on?" They asked as they sat down. 

"No problem,I just feel like coming here tonight" Orion replied. 

"I wish you do it more often tho" Lila and Luna said and he chuckled. 

They kept on talking,Sage groaned uncomfortably and Beorn cracked,trying not to laugh. 

"Don't start" Sage muttered. 

"I should be telling you that,I know you want to disappear out of here already" Beorn whispered to him. 

"Stop it" Sage groaned. 

"What are you two up to lately?" Orion asked. 

"Nothing new,Sage is becoming more boring everyday" Beorn shook his head. 

"But you are stuck with him tho,you have no choice" Orion said. 

"I know,I know" Beorn sighed. 

"You two are annoying" Sage scoffed. 

"Everyone is annoying to you" Orion said and Beorn laughed. 


Genny was eating with Ondine and Juna as usual when suddernly Kymani came to join them,he sat right beside Genny and she stopped eating at once. 

Ondine and Juna exchanged glances but continue eating in silence. 

"Why did you stop eating?" Kymani asked,resting his jaw on his palm as he stared at Genny. 

"Why...are you looking at me that way?" She asked. 

"No,you're just pretty" Kymani smiled. 

Genny batted her lashes and swallowed. 

Ondine and Juna stood up. 

"Huh? Where are you girls going?" Genny asked. 

"Somewhere else,you two should have fun" Ondine winked and Kymani smiled. 

Genny looked at him and frowned. 

"Don't tell me it was you who asked them to leave somehow that I don't know" She said. 

"Not me" Kymani shook his head and Genny sighed. 

They started hearing murmurs and Genny turned,Thane just walked into the hall and all eyes fell on him. His eyes fell on Genny and their eyes met. 

Genny shifted uncomfortably and Kymani noticed,he held her hand and Genny looked at him.

"What are you doing?" She asked. 

Thane scoffed when he saw that,he saw Orion raised his hand from where he was sitting and walked over to join them. 

"Good evening alpha prince" Sage and Beorn bowed. Lila and Luna too. 

Thane said nothing and sat down. 

"You're not eating?" Orion asked. 

"I don't have appetite for food" Thane replied softly. 

"Why are you restless? Is there something going on between you two?" Kymani asked sharply.

"I don't know what you're talking about" Genny muttered and drank a little bit of water. 

Kymani glared over at where Thane was sitting and his fists clenched under the table. 



Queen Xylara sat upon her throne, her piercing eyes blazing with malevolence. Her dark wings spread wide, casting a shadow over the coven. The throne room was dimly lit, the walls adorned with twisted artifacts and the air thick with the stench of brimstone. The demons gathered before her, their heads bowed in reverence.

Suddenly, five demons materialized in the center of the room, their eyes fixed on the queen. "Your Majesty," one of them ventured, "we regret to inform you that our assignment was... unsuccessful."

The queen's gaze narrowed, her voice dripping with venom. 


The demons trembled, their eyes darting nervously about the room.

 "The alpha prince was in the dinning hall your majesty,it wasn't part of our plan to fight him tonight" 

Queen Xylara's expression darkened, her throne room falling silent once more. The demons held their breath, awaiting their queen's wrath.

"Since when did he started eating with those losers?!!!" She growled,it came out loudly,like one thirsty for blood. 

"Someone had a vision" 

"Vision?!! About my plan?!!"

"Yes your majesty"

"And who is that?!! Who would dare stop me from getting the blood I need from them?? I need blood!!! I need to consume their powers!!!!" 

"She's said to be new,your majesty" 

The queen's laughter echoed in the air. 

"She made a great mistake of her life" She said,her fingers looking long as sharp as she fumed in anger. 

"I will destroy her" She added. 



It was 11pm and Genny was wide awake. She had tried to sleep, but her mind was racing with thoughts and she couldn't relax. Finally, she decided to get out of bed and go for a walk. She got dressed in the dark, careful not to make any noise that would wake up her friends Ondine and Juna.

As she walked to the school woods, the night air was calm and peaceful. The trees towered above her, their leaves rustling softly in the breeze. The only sound was the crunch of gravel beneath her feet. Genny felt a sense of freedom and adventure as she walked alone in the dark. Forgetting the fact that she once saw a python here. 

As she walked deeper into the woods, she saw a wolf howling in front of her. Its eyes glowed in the dark, and its fur looked silver in the moonlight even though it was grey and white. 

 Genny felt a little scared, but she was also curious. Instead of running away, she slowly approached the wolf. The wolf stood there,it has already stopped howling and as if it was waiting too,never moved from it's spot. 

She squatted down before it, reaching out a hand to stroke its soft fur. The wolf was so cute and fluffy!

"Wow....you're so cute" Genny chuckled. 

But then, suddenly,the wolf transformed,turning into Thane,Genny gulped as she stared at him while he stood up, tall and imposing, and gave her an angry glare. 

"What are you doing?" he asked, his voice stern.

"Oh....I...I couldn't sleep so ....."

"Do you just touch everything you see?" Thane snapped. 

"No...just that,it was cute" Genny muttered,looking down. 

"Cute?" Thane scoffed and roughed his hair. 

*She thinks I'm cute* Thorne said happily.

*Shut up* Thane snapped,snapping the wolf off at once. 

"I'm sorry,don't be mad at me" Genny said,looking into his eyes. 

Thane stared back at her and suddenly the rain started dropping,without any warning at all,it got heavy. 

Thane grabbed Genny's hand and they both appeared in his room.

Genny looked around,she gulped and faced Thane again,her heart beating fast as the tension in her chest doubled. 

"Aren't you scared at all?" Thane asked. 

"I should.....but why am I not?" Genny also asked,her eyes not leaving his own. 

Thane placed his hands on the wall,caging her in between his arms as he stared down at her wet blouse,the picture of her transparent boobs in the rain that night came right in his head and he groaned. 

"Leave" He said. 

"It's....raining" Genny said softly and that almost sounded like a soft seduction in his ears. 

Genny saw his eyes glowing and he was struggling to keep his claws back in. 

Thane looked at her,still standing like she's not ready to go. He moved Even more closer to her and slowly loosen the cord lace on her blouse,revealing her pointed br+ast,she wasn't wearing bra. 

Genny swallowed hard,but she didn't move. 

"You can still leave now....." Thane said. 

"I don't want to" Genny mumbled. 


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