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Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 11 & 12




Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 11 & 12

( Fierce And Furry... ) 

Genres: Fantasy/ Werewolves/ Erotica. 

Tags: Mates,Vampires,Witches,Special Abilities,Demons,Pack,Rejected Mates,Forbidden Love,Control,Revenge,Betrayal,Obsession,Steamy,Love Triangle,Secrets. 



Genny turned around on her bed tiredly,she sat up on the bed,crossing her legs while her eyes still remained close. 

"Are you sleep walking right now?" Ondine asked,she was just coming out of the bathroom. 

Juna laughed out,staring at Genny who was still struggling to open her eyes. 

"What the heck,just sleep if you're still sleepy,today is a free day anyway" Ondine said and they continue laughing at her. 

"I'm hungry" Genny pouted like a child. 

"Wow,such a baby" Juna chuckled. 

Genny rubbed her eyes and opened them. 

"I'm starving" She touched her tummy. 

"If you're starving,then go get a good wash and get dressed" Juna said. 

"I'm tired" Genny groaned and fell back on the bed. 

"Do you even know how you got to the room last night?" Ondine asked. 

Genny's eyes suddenly widened,how come that skipped her mind. The last thing she remembered was Thane appearing the moment she called his name and he dealt with the demons. 

"What happened next?" She mumbled,trying to remember. 

'Don't you want something in return again?' She remembered asking Thane that and then......

"Ahhhghhhhh!!!!!!!!" Genny screamed and fell off the bed. 

"What the heck!" Ondine and Juna shouted. 

"No,I didn't do that....I didn't!!!" Genny broke into tears. 

"What's with her?" Ondine and Juna exchanged glances. 

Genny sat down on the floor for about ten minutes,thinking and reminiscing on her action last night. 

'So....he brought me here?' She thought and looked up. 

"How did I get here?" 

"A guard brought you" Juna replied. 

"Of course I know...He's definitely mad at me for acting stupid again,I'm such a loser,always in trouble,how could I have done that?" She cried,roughing her hair. 

"Excuse me mommy...what did you do exactly?" Ondine asked and Juna giggles. 

"I was attacked by some demons on my way here last night....Thane saved me and I kissed him" Genny explained. 

"What?!!!!" They exclaimed. 

"I wasn't thinking,I know" Genny wiped her tears and got up. 

"At least I should eat first before thinking about my next punishment" She said as she walked into the bathroom. 

"She's funny" Juna chuckled. 



Thane finished dressing up and checked himself in the mirror,he pulled his hair bangs side ways gently,admiring his perfect face until his eyes fell on his lips and his brain flashed back straight to last night,in the rain.....

"Fuck" Thane shook his head and made a cringe face. 

The door opened and Orion walked in,Thane turned and their eyes met. 

"You're here" He muttered. 

"Missed me?" Orion smiled. 

"Why would I?" Thane asked and Orion's smile disappeared. 

"That's mean,you really didn't miss me?" He asked. 

"You're already stressing me dude" Thane muttered and Orion sighed. 

"The maid told me you haven't eaten yet,why?" He asked. 

"Oh I was waiting for........." Thane stopped and Orion raised his brows. 

"Me?" He asked. 

"No" Thane snapped and Orion laughed. 

"You were waiting for me,admit it,you missed me" He said and continue teasing him as they walked out of the room together. 

Thane ignored him. 

They both sat down to eat. 

"So,do you feel good now?" Thane asked. 

"Perfectly good to take another....."

"I might just kill you myself if you do that shit again" Thane snapped and he smiled. 

"You don't have to worry about me,as long as you don't get hurt" Orion muttered. 

"What's going on here pups" Odessa came in. 

Thane and Orion turned at once,her outfit caught their attention. 

"Where to?" Thane asked. 

"What do you mean where to?" Odessa frowned. 

"You look good" Thane said and continue eating. 

"I've always looked good,that's an insult" Odessa snapped and appeared beside him. 

"I came here because I don't feel like eating in the hall this morning" She mumbled and started serving herself. 

"Are you good now?" She asked Orion and he nodded. 

"I'm glad then" She smiled. 

"I'm thinking of going to the pack today,I have nothing to do here" Odessa said. 

"Aren't you supposed to be training someone?" Thane asked. 

"Oh...that's right but how did you know?" She looked at him. 

Thane wiped the stain on her lips with an handkerchief. 

"I overheard Casen" He muttered. 

"I totally forgot about it....but I miss mom" She pouted. 

"What's my business with that?" Thane scoffed. 

"Can't you help me for today and tomorrow?....."

"Today and tomorrow? Are you crazy?" Thane snapped. 

"Come on,you can just give her some books to read and...."

"Books to read? What type of training is that?" Thane asked. 

"She have to start from the foundation,she doesn't even know a thing so,that's why she needs some books" Odessa replied. 

"I don't deal with books,I just go straight to the point,I don't know how to handle newbies like her,I might get mad If she's too slow" Thane said and Odessa sighed. 

"Orion how about you?" She asked. 

Orion shook his head. 

"I have just one focus in life.....Alpha Prince" He said. 

"Stop it!!!" Odessa and Thane shouted and he laughed. 

"I felt chills all over my body when you said that" Thane said. 

"That's my main reason for saying that" Orion muttered and Thane knocked him on the head. 

"Ahh!" He shouted. 

The three of them laughed and began eating again. 


Genny stood in front of Odessa with worried look on her face. 

"That means....I won't be able to do anything for two days" She mumbled,playing with her fingers. 

"I'm sorry...I tried talking to my brother and his twin but they both refused to train you until I'm back." Odessa said and Genny sighed. 

"I don't know if you can be able to convince Thane though,he doesn't like training beginners like you,but if you try telling him that you will do a great work and cooperate,he might have a rethink" Odessa said. 

"Really?" Genny asked and she nodded. 

"Yeah...but he's kind of hard to convince so...I don't know....."

"I will try my best" Genny assured. 

Odessa nodded and smiled. 

"Then...good luck" She said and started walking. 

Genny stood there,watching as two guards followed her. 

"Hey sweet scent" Kymani called from the back and Genny turned with a frown. 

"Stop it" She muttered. 

"Wow...why do you always frown whenever you see me?" Kymani asked. 

"First impression" Genny replied. 

"So this is all because I took your pantie?" Kymani asked,trying not to laugh. 

"Yes of course,only perverts act that way" She snapped. 

"Fine....I'm sorry" Kymani said and Genny looked at him,almost shocked. 

"I said I'm sorry,I mean it,for real" Kymani said,their eyes on each others and they stood there. 

"Let me make it up to you" Kymani grabbed her hand. 

"How?" She asked.

"You will see.....let's go" Kymani smiled. 

"Don't you dare try to hurt me....."

"I won't do that" Kymani cut in and Genny followed him. 

Thane was walking with Orion when they saw Kymani and Genny walking hand in hand. 

Orion looked at Thane whose eyes already left them. 

"What should we do today?" Orion asked. 

"What do you want?" Thane asked him. 

"Anything you Want" Orion replied and Thane sighed. 

"Let's do what you want" He muttered and Orion smiled. 

"Howling contest....."

"Shhh" Thane glared at him and he laughed. 

"Take it easy would you? What's howling contest? You know how much I hate it" Thane scoffed. 

"You wouldn't have a choice once it's full moon,you should start practicing now,maybe you might get to meet your mate in the next full moon" Orion said. 

Thane faced him completely. 

"I was expecting that...in the end,it was because of me you wanted to do that" He said and Orion was quiet. 

"Let's do what you always enjoy doing" Thane said and started walking. 

"What's that?" Orion followed him. 

"Duel....Sword" Thane muttered. 

"Really?!" Orion's eyes brightened and Thane nodded. 



"Careful,don't get hurt" Kymani said as they walked in between the rocks. And finally they could see the flowing river clearly. 

"Wow,that's pretty" Genny grinned. 

"I told you" Kymani said. 

They were both standing on a rock,the breeze blowing their hair. 

"Your hair is long and pretty,why do you always pack it in a ugly way?" Kymani asked. 

"Messy bun isn't ugly" Genny said. 

"Guys prefer your hair down...like this" Kymani muttered and removed her hair band. 

"Stop!" She screamed and almost lost her balance. 

Kymani immediately held her by the waist and they both appeared on the dry sand just beside the river. 

"Wow" Genny whispered,then she realized Kymani was still holding her waist,she immediately pushed him away and moved back. 

They both sat down on the ground,staring at the water flowing while enjoying the sound of it's wave. 

"Should I show you something?" Kymani asked and Genny looked at him. 

"If you want" She muttered. 

"Close your eyes" Kymani said. 

"Okay" Genny rolled her eyes before covering them with her palms. 

"Now open" Kymani said and she gently opened her eyes. 

"Ahh!" She screamed and rushed to Kymani's side which made him laugh. 

"Where are we??" Genny asked,looking around. 

The river disappeared and the atmosphere was filled with a radiant, ethereal glow,everywhere dissolve into a shimmering mist, revealing a stunning celestial landscape. The stars twinkle like diamonds against a velvety black sky, and a full moon glows with a soft, silver light.

A delicate, crystal-like bridge materializes, stretching from the ground to a majestic, ancient tree with branches that seem to be crafted from silver and gold. 

The air is filled with the sweet scent of exotic flowers, and the soft, enchanting music of a lyre drifts through the air, entrancing and mesmerizing. Kymani offers his hand, inviting her to step onto the bridge, which seems to be made of moonbeams and starlight.

"What's all these?" Genny asked,looking around. 

They are now in the middle of the bridge,she looked down and below was covered with dews,she couldn't see a thing,then she turned back to Kymani. 

"I need an answer,where are you taking me?"

"It's just an illusion" Kymani chuckled and instantly everything disappeared,they are back sitting down beside the river. 

"Wow" Genny exhaled loudly. 

"My powers are amazing...right??" He asked her. 

"Really" Genny clapped,smiling. 

"You should spend more time with me then,I'm not that bad" Kymani said. 

Genny chuckled. 

"Maybe you're not" She said and got up. 

"Where are you going?" Kymani also stood up. 

"I have something important to do,let's go" She responded. 



"Wow! Beorn look at that!" Astrid made an excited remark,seeing a small group of adults dancing,it's like they are having a party. 

Beorn sighed out as she grabbed his hand,dragging him with her. 

They've been going around now for about two hours but she doesn't seem to be in haste to go back to the institute. 

"Can we go somewhere else please? The noise is too much here" Beorn stopped walking and she faced him. 

"Where should we go to? I'm having so much fun" She said. 

"I'm hungry actually,should we find a good place to eat?" She asked. 

Beorn nodded,but just as they started walking again,he felt someone in his head,connecting through the mind link. He stopped moving again and Astrid looked at him With confusion written on her face. 

*Who?* Beorn asked. 

*Where are you?* 

Beorn smiled....it's Sage. 

*What,do you miss me?* He asked. 

*Just come back,stop exergerating* Sage said and disconnected the link again. 

"Are you okay? You suddenly stopped moving" Astrid said. 

"I'm sorry but....let's end it here,I'm going back" Beorn told her. 

"Oh....." Astrid bit her lips. 

Beorn grabbed her hand and before she could blink,they appeared back in the middle of the school. 

"Bye" Beorn said and sped off. 

He entered their room,breathing heavily. 

Sage raised his head from where he was laying on the bed and their eyes locked. 

"That was fast" He muttered,dropping his head again. 

"Don't tell me it's what I'm thinking" Beorn muttered. 

"Don't tell me you expect something else" Sage mumbled. 

"Hey!" Beorn yelled. 

Sage scoffed and sat up. 

"So you weren't planning to come back? It's more than three hours already" He said. 

"So? You missed me or not?" Beorn asked. 

"I don't" Sage muttered. 

"I'm going back then" Beorn turned back. 

"Close the door behind you" Sage fell back on the bed. 

Beorn sighed out. 

"You're such a mood spoiler,then why did you call me that way?" 

"I didn't expect you to come back right away,was the outing boring?" Sage asked. 

Beorn joined him on the bed. 

"Move" Sage pushed him off the bed. 

"Ouch!" Beorn groaned and got up,he sat down on his own bed and removed his shoes first. 

"How was it? You had fun?" Sage asked. 

"Honestly....I prefer staying here with you" Beorn muttered. 

Sage smiled secretly. 

"And now you're pushing me away,,such an headache you are" Beorn muttered. 

"Are you sleeping or pretending?" He asked when Sage didn't say a word. 

He got up and walked over to his bed to check him. 

"Wow,you called me here to watch you sleep? Funny" He chuckled


Maren was walking,humming a sound to herself. She suddenly caught a glimpse of Atticus walking on the other side,a smile escaped her lips,she raised her hand to wave. 

"Atti.........." she almost screamed out his name when suddenly Ophelia joined him and they started walking together. 

Maren's hand dropped and her smile disappeared. 

She saw Atticus beaming with smiles as he conversed with Ophelia. 

"Why is he smiling that much?" She mumbled and walked away in fast pace. 



Thane entered the bedroom after hours of sword fighting with Orion,he took off his shirt at once. 

*Hey brother* He heard Odessa through the mind link. 

*You just got there?* He asked. 

*Yeah,so see you in two days* Odessa said. 

*Have you seen mother?* Thane asked. 

*Not yet,heard there's a meeting going on* 

*Alright then,bye* Thane disconnected the link. 

The door opened and Orion came in. 

"Genny is here again" He said and Thane looked at him. 

"What do you mean by again?" 

"The guards told me this is her fourth time here asking for you" Orion replied and Thane frowned. 

"Let her in" He said. 

Orion went out and a minute later,Genny came in. 

She quickly turned back when she saw Thane shirtless,he scoffed and went into the dressing room. He returned with another outfit. 

"Why are you looking for me?" He asked and sat down,taking a stick of cigarette. 

Genny faced him gently and walked over to him. 

"Your ear ring" She dropped it on the bedside stool. 

Thane scoffed and started smoking. 

"Is that all?" He asked. 

"Thanks.....for last night" She bowed. 

"And??" Thane asked and she raised her head,their eyes met.

'And?? Is he asking about the kiss? Why I kissed him?' Genny thought inwardly and Thane crossed his legs. 

"I can hear you" He muttered and Genny's eyes widened. 

"You can....read my mind?" She stuttered. 

"Forget about that,why are you here?" Thane asked. 

"Can you train me?" Genny asked immediately. 

"No" Thane said. 

She fell on her knees. 

"Please,I promise to do well,I won't....."

"No,leave" Thane cut her off. 

"Just for two days......please" 

Thane sighed and dropped his cigarettes into the ashtray. 

"How am I supposed to do it? I heard you don't even know what you are....."

"I can read people's mind,and I have sharp hearing ability too" Genny spoke up and Thane raised his brows. 

"You can read minds?" He asked and Genny nodded. 

"Try reading mine then" He said. 

Genny swallowed and looked at him,,she tried to hear what he was thinking as their eyes pierced into each other but it was all blank. 

"I...can't hear anything" She mumbled and bit her bottom lip. 

"So you really think...you can read my mind?" Thane asked and scoffed. 

"Try something else" He said. 

There was silence. 

"Someone's coming" Thane suddenly said. 

"In about two minutes,the person would be here....try catching the scent and tell me who it is...let's see if you can do that" He said.

Genny blinked abd looked at him. 

"But.....I can't.....I...."

"Then leave....."

"No! I will do it!" Genny said. 

"Then do it" Thane scoffed and stood up,he leaned against the wall,his eyes on Genny whose eyes was already closed,trying to concentrate. 

She suddenly snapped her eyes open 

"I got the scent!" She said with wide eyes and shock and walked over to him. 

"It's....Indigo" She muttered. 

Thane said nothing...thirty seconds later,the door opened and they both turned to look at the person who entered. 

Indigo came in.

"I did it!!!!!" Genny screamed and without thinking,she jumped on Thane and hugged him. 

Indigo's eyes widened. 

"How dare you!" She screamed angrily and teleported,she appeared close to them and pushed Genny away from Thane and slapped her on the face,a loud one. 

"Ahh!" Genny touched her cheek which turned red immediately,her eyes met with Thane,he was looking at her too,with blank expression on his face. 

Genny looked away from him and the second her eyes moved to Indigo,she raised her hand and threw a spicy slap on her face,sounding loudly across the room.. 

Indigo's eyes widened,she wasn't expecting it. 

"Who do you think you are to slap me!!" Genny yelled.

"You bitch!!" Indigo screamed and almost used her power on her. 

"Don't do that here" Thane spoke up. 

"You saw what she did!!" Indigo screamed. 

"You slapped me first!!" Genny also shouted. 

"Leave" Thane muttered,not facing anyone in particular. 

"Genny looked at him,as if expecting him to mention name"

"You heard him,get out!" Indigo shouted at her. 

Genny took her lips in,she picked up her jacket on the floor and started leaving. 

"Not you" Thane spoke up again and she stopped. 

Indigo looked at Thane. 

"You can't chase me out for her....."

"Get out!!!" Thane yelled. 

Genny froze,she stared as Indigo blinked out tears and stormed out of the room. 

A smile appeared on her lips. 


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