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Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 1 & 2




Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 1 & 2

( Fierce And Furry... ) 

Genres: Fantasy/ Werewolves/ Erotica. 

Tags: Mates,Vampires,Witches,Special Abilities,Demons,Pack,Rejected Mates,Forbidden Love,Control,Revenge,Betrayal,Obsession,Steamy,Love Triangle,Secrets. 



Genevieve entered her room with pretty smile on her face,she closed the door and twisted around with a little dance,her long black hair flowing along with the breeze coming in through the window,the weather outside is dark and cloudy,meaning it might rain tonight,just as she was thinking about that,the rain started. 

She sighed and head happily and ran to the window,she closed the window and pulled the curtains down. The rain fall sounded even more louder in her ears. 

"Wow,not ony birthday..well thank goodness it's night already" she smiled at her own words before running to settle down in front of her boxed presents. 

She's got no friends to come over to give her presents,but at least her parents never missed that. 

As she sat down and began unboxing one of the five wrapped presents,two voices echoed in her ears that the box dropped from her hand. She could hear it loud and clear,her parents voice. 

"You said it Douglas,she's eighteen now,when are you going to tell her we don't intend on keeping her here after this birthday?" She heard her mom's voice and her eyes widened. 

Though,they told her as she was growing up that they aren't are real parents,they just found her one fortunate day and decided to keep her,but honestly she never imagined there would never a day where they would decide to send her away. 

"It's just today,come on. We can't just go to her and tell her to leave,at least she's still our daughter" 

"Remember what the seer said? It might be dangerous keeping her after she clocks eighteen" 

"Dangerous?" Genny mumbled and stood up,she was only wondering why they decided to talk about this right in front of her room door. 

She walked to the door and opened but nobody,the voices got even louder,she continue walking and walking,that was when she realized,her parents aren't close to her at all,and with the heavy rainfall she's not supposed to hear their voices so loud and clear even if they are close to her. 

"What's this?" She asked herself,now getting scared. 

Her parents turned out to be downstairs,,her room is almost at the end of the passage when you go upstairs. Genny turned in fear and ran back to her room,her body shaking. 

She looked around,it was as if the rain was falling right inside her ears,her parents voices jingling in her ears. 

She fell on the bed and covered her ears with the pillow but it got even more worse. The breeze blowing,animals running from afar,sounds of birds running for shelter,everything was happening,inside her ears that in the end she passed out. 



Genny walked into the school compound and as usual she could hear the tiniest voice from afar,as she passed and walked in the midst of students,she was hearing their heartbeat,even their thoughts,all ringing in her head. It's no longer a new thing. 

She sighed out and used her earpiece,increasing her pace toward her class. 

"Here comes the freak"


The students started laughing but Genny was used to it,she walked straight to her seat which was separated from the other students at the back of the class. 

She could see the class queens making up in the class,the boys not taking their eyes off them. Genny sighed,knowing she would never be up to their level,her wish. She saw her own reflection in the mirror,she's got no make up on like other girls,not even a lip gloss. 

'You're pretty Genny' She tried to convince herself but how would she?? If she's that pretty,why would they bully her like that? She doesn't even have a crush,maybe her crush could have saved her from them,like in the movies. 

After the first three lectures,it was free time,Genny put her head on her desk to take a nap. 

"Hey!" Someone shouted,tapping her desk repeatedly and she opened her eyes to see them..three girls,the class Queens,her greatest enemies,they hate her more than anyone in school. 

"Come with us loser" They grabbed her hair and dragged her out of the class with it. 

"What do you want,please let me go,I can give you my allowance if you want" Genny pleaded as they pulled her into the locker room and locked the door. 

"You really think we are doing this for money?" One of them asked. 

"Then....why....." A slap landed on Genny's face and she swallowed. .

"I just hate your annoying face,that's all" Their leader said. 

"But...I...didn't do... anything wrong" Genny muttered,tears rolling down her eyes. 

"So you are saying we are wrong?!!"

She immediately shook her head. 

"I'm just...."

"Stop talking!!!" They yelled and started pushing her to themselves,her sight became blurry,they pushed her to the ground and she began touching and tapping to get her sight back. 

"Did she become blind?" One of them asked and they laughed. 

"Stop pretending and get up bitch!" They grabbed her hair and pulled her up again,her face got smashed on the wall and they continue messing her up while laughing hard. 

All of a sudden,a breeze from nowhere blew on Genny,she could feel her head banging like it's not hers. The laughters from them sounded so distant that she could hardly hear them as they continue kicking her on the floor. 

She gained a sudden strength and her body wasn't hers for some minutes,neither was she thinking with her brain. 

By the time she got herself back,she was in the middle of tons of studebts,everyone watching her with terror,fear,hatred in their eyes. 

Genny looked around and found the three girls somewhere,all looking a mess with blood over their faces and bodies,she looked down at her hands and gasped,they are bloody. 

"Did I...did I....do....that?" She asked herself,tears falling from her eyes. 

👥 She beat them up like a witch

👥 Is she a monster?

👥 I was actually scared to see it

👥 I've always knew she was weird

👥 I hate her

👥 She should be expelled

Their voices and thoughts rang like bells in Genny's ears. 

"No....no..." She covered her ears but it wasn't helpful. They kept getting louder. 

"No!! Stop!!! Please!!! Ahh!!!! No!!!" Tears falling from her eyes,her sight blurry, all she could see everyone pointing hands at her,she was traumatized,she wanted to die. 

"Please......please....stay back!! Ahh!!!!" She was shaking where she was sitting,wishing anything that would just end her life that minute. 


The voice of the principal came. 

Genny swallowed and tapped the floor countless times,trying to gain some stamina and strength to get up,some students kicked her hand and she fell back on the ground. 

She was crying bitterly as they kept kicking and some throwing random things at her. 

👥 Go to hell!!

👥 Witch!!

She managed to get up,finding her way to the detention room,her hair covering her face,looking scattered. She was looking so rough,her lips dry,her face with endless tesars. 

She entered the room and closed the door,she sat down and itched her hair like a lunatic,she was really going crazy already. 

What has she done to deserve these??

About an hour later,someone came to call her that her parents were there in school,she was pushed out of the detention room and she walked her way to meet her parents.


"You're withdrawing me out of school? I didn't do anything wrong! They bullied me first!" Genny cried as she walked after her parents. 

"So you hit them so bad that they bled?! Their blood is all over your body!!" Mr Douglas yelled. 

"My blood is there too" Genny said in tears. 

"It's manifesting,what the seer said. We can't keep her" Mrs Douglas said. 

Genny blinked out tears,they entered the car and drove out of school. 

It was silent until they arrived home. 

"Start packing your things Genevieve,for tomorrow" Mr Douglas said. 

"No! You can't throw me out,please,I have nowhere else to go" Genny fell on her knees. 

Mrs Douglas went upstairs without saying a word. 

"We aren't throwing you out Genny,but you can't stay here either. You should have noticed by now,you feel strange,you're not the same anymore" 

"Then....what...happens to me? What are you doing to do?" She trembled. 

"Years back,we met a woman who predicted this.....and she gave us a solution too,that's what I'm going to do,don't worry Genny,you're still my daughter no matter what,but in this situation,we have to help ourselves. You will be fine,just pack your clothes and stuffs,we are leaving early tomorrow morning,for it's a long journey" Mr Douglas said and went upstairs. 

Genny got up the floor and went to her room in tears,she looked around the room and more tears rolled down. 

Nevertheless,she pulled out her box and started packing her things,maybe it's for the best,she have no say in this,even if it's going to be a bad decision,she have no choice. 

It's either she faces her doom end where she's going or she finds a solution to what's happening to her,right?

"I hate my life,I'm so useless" She cried out. 



Genny sighed out loudly as she put her bag in the car trunk,Mr Douglas came out of the house. 

"Let's go" He said in a reassured voice. 

Genny could see Mrs Douglas staring at her from inside,she waved gently before going into the car,they took off. 

Genny couldn't help but wonder and imagine how life is going to be from now on. 


The journey was long indeed,and tiring,sleeping on the way countless times to wake up and see that the car is still moving. 

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm orange glow over the landscape, They finally entered the town at exactly 6PM. The first thing that caught Genny's attention was a signboard looming in the distance, with the town's name emblazoned in bold, capital letters: RAVENWOOD. 

As they drew closer, she noticed people milling about, families and individuals alike, their faces aglow with an otherworldly light.

The town itself exuded a strange, dark energy, like a palpable mist that clung to every surface. The buildings seemed to lean in, as if sharing a sinister secret, their windows like empty eyes staring back. The streets were narrow and winding, paved with uneven cobblestones that seemed to shift beneath their feet. The air was heavy with the scent of damp earth and decaying leaves, and Genny could feel the weight of the town's history bearing down upon her.

As they continued on, another signboard came into view: RAVENWOOD HIGH SCHOOL AHEAD.

 It was as if the town had suddenly been abandoned, leaving only the eerie silence and the looming presence of the school. The buildings seemed to grow taller and more menacing, their gray stone façades absorbing the fading light of day.

Finally, they entered the school compound, and Genny's breath caught in her throat. The building loomed before them, a massive, gray monolith that seemed to absorb the light around it.

Mr Douglas parked in the lots and they both stepped down from the car. Genny wouldn't stop looking around,the school is large,it's like a whole empire or maybe palace on its own. 

"Here" Mr Douglas took her box out and she immediately held the handle,following him. 

She could see boys and girls around her age walking around,they met someone like a teacher and she directed them to an office. 

After walking for about five minutes they got to the door of the office,the tag was written on the door. MASTER CASEN. 

"Master? Not principal?" Genny asked herself. 

Mr Douglas knocked on the door and a deep voice told them to come in which they did. 

"You're welcome Mr Douglas" Master Casen,a man in his forties said. 

"Thank you so much master,this is my daughter,Genny like I told you" 

Master Casen looked at Genny and nodded. 

"You don't have to worry young girl,we are here to help you..you will meet your mates with the same abilities so don't be scared,you belong here" 

As Master Casen said that,it became dawn on Genny...this is a supernatural school,where she can learn her abilities,where her questions can be answered,hearing people's thought wasn't natural,why haven't she noticed?? 

"Thank you sir" She said and managed to smile. 

After the long talk,she was given her dorm room number and a map to direct her,because according to master Casen,the boy who is to show her to her room got into a little accident and is unavailable. 

She said a final goodbye to her dad and set out of the office to face the reality before her. 


As Genny stepped out of the office, the evening lights cast a warm glow over the sprawling campus. The air was alive with an otherworldly energy, and the shadows seemed to writhe and twist in the flickering illumination. She dragged her box behind her, the wooden wheels creaking in protest as she made her way through the crowded corridors.

The students milled about, their eyes fixed on her with a mixture of curiosity and disdain. Genny felt like an outsider, a stranger in a strange land. They whispered to each other, their voices hushed and urgent, as they watched her struggle with her luggage.

Like master Casen told her. "You'll find your quarters in the east wing. Don't get lost."

As she made her way through the winding corridors, Genny caught glimpses of students displaying their abilities. A boy with wings, soared through the air, his feathers rustling softly. A girl with skin like moonlight conjured a shimmering aura, her eyes glowing like stars. They moved with grace and precision, their powers unfolding like a dance.

But amidst the beauty and wonder, Genny sensed a dark undercurrent. The school seemed to vibrate with an ominous energy, like a storm waiting to unleash its fury. The shadows seemed to pulse with a malevolent life of their own, and the air was heavy with secrets and whispers.

As she walked, the students ignored her existence, their eyes sliding over her like she was a ghost. Genny felt a shiver run down her spine, her heart pounding in her chest. She quickened her pace, her box scraping against the stone floor. 

And finally she saw the dorm ahead of her.....AURORA ANNEX written on top of it. 

She started climbing the wide stair to cross over to the dorm,she climbed up,dragging her box behind her on the ground,but as if luck wasn't on her side,her box opened and fell from her hand back downstairs,her clothes scattered. 

"Oh no" She groaned and turned in frustration and anger,for hell sake,she just dropped from a thirteen hours journey with no food all through and now she's passing through this??

Just as she was thinking of going down to pack her stuffs,a random guy showed up and picked up a piece of her clothes,her eyes widened,he just picked up her pantie. 

"Hey!" Genny shouted and rushed downstairs,she let out a gasp when the guy inhaled her pantie and let out a smirk. 

"Nice scent you've got" He smiled. 

"Pervert" She mumbled and grabbed it from him.

"I'm Kymani,I see you're new here" He smiled. 

Genny scoffed and turned away from him only to bump into another body. 

"Oh...I'm sorry" She immediately apologized before raising her head...it's a guy. 

She was welcomed by his piercing gaze snapping towards her, his eyes blazing with a dangerous intensity that made her feet feel like sinking into the ground,his chiseled features radiating an aura of coldness. Yet, despite his icy demeanor, he exuded a raw, masculine beauty that left Genny breathless. His sharp jawline and angular cheekbones were accentuated by his raven-black hair, which fell messily across his forehead. His eyes, a deep, piercing blue, seemed to bore into her very soul.

He wore a black leather jacket, adorned with silver studs, over a crisp white shirt and dark jeans, giving off an air of rebellious sophistication. A silver chain glinted around his neck, drawing attention to his chiseled chest. His outfit was effortlessly cool, yet menacing, like a dark storm cloud on the horizon.

As he glared at Genny, his full lips pressed into a thin line, his gaze seemed to strip her bare, leaving her feeling vulnerable and exposed. 

She swallowed hard,finding no words to say,her legs shaking before him. 

Some students started passing,bowing to him. 

👥 Good evening Alpha prince

👥 Good evening your highness

Genny's eyes widened and a sudden coldness covered her body.

What? Alpha prince? What's that??

The moment she realized....she screamed inwardly. 

He's a....Wolf???!!!!!

Not just a wolf....Alpha's Heir?!!!


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