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Alpha Boys - Episode 7 & 8



Alpha Boys - Episode 7 & 8


"No!!!!" Zinnia's scream reached the four walls of the class as she felt the coldness of his hand on her br+asts.

The glint in his eyes increased immediately he felt the swollen warm skin, and he could feel the bud of his thumb on her right n+pple.

The mouths of all the students is currently in an O shape, and Zinnia's lips began trembling as she talked...

"Stop it... I'll give it to you"

"Too late" he replied icily, rolling that nipple so hard between his thumb and index finger.

"P...please, don't touch me that way" She pleaded slowly, trying to stop the tears that are threatening to come out of her eyes as her body froze to his harsh touch.

"Should I take it that there are other ways you like to be touched except from this place?" He replied, lust clouding his eyes as he pinched the n+pple.

Zinnia clenched her fists at the assault. It's like her hands are tied. Even if she tries to take on him, Zade will snap her neck before a blink.

They kill without thinking twice just like she saw at the park, so she might as well know her place.

"I'll be good, just let go of me" she begged, looking up to his dark eyes.

Slowly, he let go of her n+pple, and he took the paper before taking his hand out of her bra. 

Zinnia rushed out of the class, and Karen followed her.

Killian opened the paper, and a light smirk appeared on his lips when he saw the sketch and the words.

He kept it and left for his seat with Zade.

"You're a madman, Kill" Hardin grinned.

Killian remained silent though, and his eyes met with Jordan's, but Jordan stayed silent too.

Jordan is the only one that's hard to figure out for him in the gang. He always looks like he has a lot to say but he keeps it inside.

Honoria fell back on her seat, looking so crossed.

"Calm down. You can't get worked up over that. Election is on the way" Ludo said.

"Calm down? He touched her Ludo! I can't calm down!" Honoria spat.

The last teacher for the day entered the class, and Viktor finally looked up.

He looked back at Killian, and when their eyes met, he glared.



Zinnia was sitting on the chair when Karen came in, and she was surprised that she's not crying.

"Are you fine?" She asked, and Zinnia looked up.

"I'm good, just mulling over my own stupidity" she replied, and Karen sat with her.

"I know, right? He's like a ticking time bomb. You should have gave him the paper when he asked" she said, looking at Zinnia's broken button.

"I can fix that. Let's switch shirts, I'll take it home and fix the button" she said.

"Thank you" Zinnia quickly agreed without arguing.

They switched shirts, and that was when Priyanka came in with Sunny.

"Hey, Zee" Sunny smiled warmly.

"Hey" Zinnia blinked.

"I'm Priya, and this is Sunny, and...sorry about earlier. Everyone knows he's mad so you shouldn't have talked back" Priyanka said.

"I know. I acted dumb" Zinnia muttered.

"But you were kinda cool though. You're the first person to face-off to Killian" Sunny said seriously, and Zinnia smiled.

"I love the bra by the way. Where did you get it from?" Priyanka asked.

"It's just a cheap one from a random store" Zinnia replied.

"Karen" Sunny waved at her, and Karen waved back.

The four spent the last period in the room, chatting endlessly.

Zinnia couldn't be more glad.

It's just her first day, and though it's full of chaos, but at least she made friends.

Pretty, cool friends.

"I'm gonna report him" she suddenly said, and they all stopped talking to face her with wide eyes.

"Zee are you crazy? The boys are literally the rulers of this school so reporting them means digging your own grave" Karen said.

"I'm reporting only Killian though" Zinnia replied.

"That's even worse cos he has the highest fan base. Zee..." Priyanka warned.

"I can't just sit and act like it's nothing after what he did" Zinnia insisted.

"Just do what you want" Sunny shrugged. 

They left the room when closing time came, and immediately they got back to class, Honoria blocked Priyanka.

"We need to talk" she said and left the class.

"What's her deal?" Sunny asked.

"I'll be right back" Priyanka replied and left the class too.

She met Honoria at the end of that hallway and folded her arms on her chest in front of her.


"I can give up on my campaign and you'll become the club president without rival" Honoria smiled.

"And you expect me to believe that garbage?" Priyanka scoffed.

"You only have to bring Zinnia to my party tommorow night, then leave the rest to me" Honoria came closer.

" What's your plan? " Priyanka narrowed her eyes.

"I can't tell you that. You became friends with her, right? It should be easy to bring her... Tick tock, time's ticking" Honoria touched her shoulder before leaving.

Priyanka remained standing, looking unsettled as she watched Honoria walking away.



Zinnia looked so exhausted when she came back from school, and she was nearly powerless as she walked to the door.

She opened it and stepped into the living room, but the smell of moretti alcohol hit her nose immediately, making her stomach turn.

Gabriel drank when she wasn't at home, and one of the bottles fell on the living room floor, making the smell fill the room.

She quickly covered her nose and rushed upstairs to her room.

She dropped her bag on the ground and entered the bathroom where she knelt in front of the toilet and began vomiting her lunch.

She couldn't stop it... The bitter memories started whirling around her head again.

She could see herself and her mother(Nica) hiding in a basement, her mother holding her tight while Gabriel's drunk voice called their names.


"Nica!!!! Come out here!!!"

She snapped out of the memory and crawled out of the bathroom after rinsing her mouth.

The smell of moretti brings back the memories, and that's why even if she's the one who buys it for Gabriel, she always makes sure she doesn't inhale the smell and doesn't stay around whenever he's drinking.

She yanked off her uniform when she got back to the bedroom, then she went back into the bathroom for a shower.

She closed her eyes as the water calmed her down, and as she began rubbing her hands on her body, her fingers brushed her nîpple.

Her stomach churned as Killian's face and what she did to her in class earlier came to her head. 

She rushed out of the bathroom and cleaned up, then she put on a boy shorts and singlet before grabbing her phone.

Tommorow morning, she's reporting him for real and nothing is stopping that 

If he's mad, then he should take his madness far.

She blinked when she saw she has been added to a group chat.

It contains just four people though... Her, Sunny, Karen and Priyanka.

"OMG!" She gasped.

She has never really kept friends. Even in her former school, she was hated cos she's the daughter of Gabriel, so her joy right now is justified.

She picked a white teddy and rested her elbows on it as she began typing with a big smile.

ZINNIA: Hey guys, did y'all get home safe?

SUNNY: Sure! I and Priyanka are snacking currently.

KAREN: Do you both live together?

PRIYANKA: No, but Sunny loves me so much that she spends most of her time at my place.

Zinnia laughed at this.

SUNNY: Don't mind her.

PRIYANKA: Zee I actually have something to tell you tomorrow.

ZINNIA: What's it about?

PRIYANKA: Wait till tommorow.

KAREN: Should we do a challenge?

SUNNY: About?

KAREN: Everyone send a picture of your skincare products.

Zinnia left the bed to gather hers immediately. Thanks to Vivian, she has a small collection of it.

She was snapping the products when her hand mistakenly brushed her brèast, and Killian's face appeared in her head again.

"That uncircumcised bastard" she muttered, covering her face frustratingly.



As the overlord's house where all the rules guiding the organization comes from, it's the biggest building in Italy with 300+ trained guards surrounding it. 

The castle is busy right now cos the maids are doing one thing or another in preparation for the dinner.

The castle reeks of royalty and power, and though it has an archaic style, the regality is still so obvious.

There are gold statues and artworks everywhere, worth billions. 

One of the maids suddenly rushed in. "They're here! The boys are here!" She announced.

Immediately the rest heard that, shuffling of feet happened as they began lining up in two straight lines.

Within one minute, they completed the lines. There are over 50 of them, so the lines are pretty long.

The boys finally stepped in, led by emotionless Killian as usual.

Hardin is by his right, wearing only a black singlet on his trousers and a bandana on his head.

He has the biggest muscles among the guys, so wearing singlets everywhere is his way of showing the muscles off.

Zade is by the left, looking almost as blank as Killian.

Jordan is behind, and of course he's holding his comic book.

All the heads of the maids are down, but one of them looked up when Killian walked past her.

Their eyes met, and she smiled before bowing again.

Killian rolled his eyes knowingly.

She's the first female he f+cked. He lost his virginity to her when he was 13. He f+cked her in the storage room, he could still remember that night.

She has been giving him this look since then anytime he visits the mansion,but who actually cares?

They arrived at the royal dinning and met Malachi sitting with Aurora already, but Aurora stood immediately.

She's a beautiful woman with delicate features, and she reminded Killian of someone immediately.

"My cherries" she smiled happily, giving them a tight hug one by one, but he took longer with Killian.

"When are you gonna smile again, huh? Mon Cherie" she stroked his black hair.

"Stop it. I'm not a kid, mother dearest" he removed her hand gently, and she smiled.

"Thanks for coming"

Killian didn't reply, he only just sat with the others, and Aurora sat beside Malachi who hasn't said a thing.

There's gray hair allover his unfriendly face, though it's shaved, but there are still stubbles.

The dinner started silently, and the boys joined in, waiting for what he has to say 

He suddenly dropped his cutlery and looked up.

"The man you killed, he was one of the important members of the organization. Learn to take permission from me before doing any kill" he said casually.

Killian dropped his cutlery too.

"You never taught us about permission though. All you taught was that if anyone is being a problem even if it's mother, we must kill" he said casually too.

"Things change, Killian. The man was the most loyal messenger to his clan!" Malachi said, his voice rising.

"Am I supposed to give a f+ck? I don't even wanna know what he came to our mansion to do in the first place so get over it Malachi! I have plans to find his boss and waste him too! " Killian said.

"Killian! " Malachi banged the table.

"Hubby" Aurora rubbed his shoulder.

Killian took a napkin and wiped his lips with it before standing.

"Thanks for the meal, mother dearest" he said plainly and walked out without looking back.

"Hubby you know how he is. You shouldn't have started the conversation that way" Aurora said.

"Y'all talk to him. Talk that madness out of him!" Malachi spat at the rest of the boys before shaking Aurora's hand off his shoulder.

He stormed out of the dinning room, and Aurora sighed.


Killian got into his car outside and waited five minutes before the others showed up.

They joined him in his car, and he opened his closed eyes.

"Should I start from Zinnia? She made today interesting so I'm thinking of getting her a gift cos I feel it's just starting" Hardin said, obviously trying to lighten the mood.

"If y'all are gonna talk about Malachi, then screw it" Killian replied.

" No one's talking about him. We'll do anything we f+cking want. He started this, so he should get ready" Jordan said.

Zade and Hardin turned to him at a time.

"That was the longest sentence that ever came out of your mouth" Hardin said.

"Iconic, man" Zade said, and Killian faced him too.

Jordan gave him a nod, and Killian "almost" smiled.



Zinnia came as early as 7am and it was easy to find her way to the students affair office on the first floor.

She rang the bell and was told to come in.

She went in to meet a strict looking lady who told her to sit.

"I'm fine with standing. I'm here to report a public harassment issue. It happened yesterday" she replied.

"With who?" The lady asked.

"Killian Alpha" she replied, and the lady began laughing surprisingly.

"Who did you just say?"

"Believe me, all my classmates are witnesses" Zinnia replied.

The lady sighed and made a phone call immediately.

"Yes? Send in at least five students from the senior class" she said and dropped the call.

Three minutes later, five of her classmates came in.

Honoria and two others, then Ludo, but Ludo is not alone. She's with Karen who's shaking.

"Killian harassed her yesterday, is it true?" The lady asked.

"She's the one who knowingly hid a paper inside her bra and made him touch her in front of all students" Honoria immediately said, and Zinnia gasped.

"What!" The lady stood, jealousy flashing in her eyes.

"Trust us, ma'am. That's exactly what happened" Ludo said.

"She's the bitch here. Killian is innocent" the other two said.

Zinnia quickly went to Karen and held her arms.

"You saw it right? Tell her they're lying! Just say something Karen!" She said desperately.

Ludo leaned into Karen's ear and whispered something, shaking Karen more.

"It's...it's true... Zinnia...seduced him" she stuttered, and Zinnia's eyes widened.

"Hear that?" Honoria said arrogantly.

"Y'all can leave" the lady said, and Honoria gave Zinnia a tongue dart before leaving with them.

"You se+uced him to touch you, and you came here to report him like a victim?" The lady came closer.

"I'm really not lying,I'm...

" Shut up please! Tell me, how did his hand felt on you?" She interrupted.

" What!" Zinnia couldn't believe her ears.

"Yunno what? Enough of this, your punishment is to carry the bags of all your classmates from the park to class as from today, now leave!" She shouted.

"What! I... 

"Leave!!!" She yelled, and Zinnia left the office, fighting back her tears.

Sunny and Priyanka were right, nothing can stop these guys, and the fact that Karen betrayed her is even more shocking.

She got to the elevators and walked straight to the exclusive one, Alphas elevator.

Students began filming her as stood in front of the door.

* Again?

* She's ready to die this time

Viktor and Britney arrived at a time, and Britney's eyes widened when she saw what's about to happen.

She tried to stop her, but Viktor held her back.

Zinnia entered the elevator, anger pivoting through her as she rode to the highest floor.

She wasn't thinking at all till the door opened at the floor.

She heard voices coming from one of the rooms, and she walked there.

It's the game room, and immediately she opened the door and stepped in, the boys looked up.

They're currently playing snooker, each holding his stick.

"My favorite is here" Hardin smiled.

Jordan and Zade look speechless, and as for Killian, he stayed blank as usual.

Zinnia walked straight to him without missing a beat, and she boldly grabbed the gun on the table, aiming for his chest.

Killian remained unmoved.

"You didn't only touch me inappropriately, but you turned everyone against me? You should be in the forest with animals. You're the CRAZIEST thing I've ever seen, you make me sick!!" She yelled tearfully.

Silence landed in the room for a while, but she kept holding the gun to his chest with shaky hands, and he finally stood.

She brought the gun to his forehead, and he came closer.

She shifted back...

"Stay back or I'll shoot!" She threatened.

Killian kept coming close.

"Stay back bastard!" She shouted, her back hitting the snooker table.

Her trembling increased so much when Killian took the last step to her, so he's facing the gun directly.

"Do you wanna know the real crazy?" He asked in a mean mutter, and she gulped nervously.

"Here" he said, suddenly grabbing her hand together with the gun.

He brought the gun to his head and gave her a knowing smirk.

Zinnia stopped breathing when he pulled the trigger, shooting himself in the head.


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