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Alpha Boys - Episode 5 & 6



Alpha Boys - Episode 5 & 6


Holy f+çking shit!

"This isn't happening, right? Tell me Killian isn't gonna shove his d+ck inside that thing before I get a taste of it" Honoria said, almost getting heart seizure.

Ludo didn't say a thing. She's shocked by what's about to happen too, and her eyes are on Killian who's now undoing the second button of his shirt.

Zinnia took two steps back, and her back met with the elevator door 

She froze and gummed herself to the surface, wishing the door would develop a mouth and swallow her.

What is she gonna do? He looks darn serious as he started undoing the third button, not taking his unfeeling eyes away from her at all.

Zade exchanged glances with Jordan, and the two shrugged at the same time before returning their eyes to the scene.

Killian doesn't joke, so if he says he's gonna have her in this hallway right now, it's gonna happen and no one is gonna question him.

Zinnia kept her figure on the elevator door, gulping hard as he undid his fourth button, revealing a large part of his tattooed chest.

Girls wowed over it immediately, and his evil smirk grew as he started undoing the fifth.

It's the last one on the shirt, and the shirt is definitely going down immediately that button gets undone.

'No....no don't! Someone stop him!' Zinnia screamed in her mind, but it's obvious no one is coming to save her.

She was about to open her mouth and plead when Britney rushed into the circle, breathing hard and sweating.

"Killian please!" She swallowed her spit, standing in front of Zinnia to block her from him.

Killian remained silent, but his cloudy eyes asked Britney the question.

"I was supposed to show her this elevator as exclusive, but I forgot. I'm so sorry" she said breathlessly, and Zinnia made to release her breaths, but she stopped herself when she saw Killian is still holding the fifth button

"I'm for real, Wildfire. Let her go please. If you want anyone to blame, then it's me" Britney said again, and Killian released the button finally.

"You're a killjoy, Spears" he said cursorily, giving Britney a short glare before walking towards the elevator.

Zinnia quickly rushed away from the door, and he entered with the boys.

Their eyes met as the elevator door began closing, and till it closed completely, none of them looked away.

The students started dispersing in disappointment, and the bed was carried away.

Britney just ruined the show, and a lot of them started giving her hate comments for that.

Britney is somehow close to the boys, and a lot of them are jealous because of that.

"That bî+ch, I can never like her" Honoria rolled eyes at Britney.

"Same here. Her guts irks me" Ludo replied as the two left.

"Are you ok?" Britney asked Zinnia, and that was when Zinnia released her breaths.

"Yes, thanks to you" 

"I'm glad i came, who knows what Wildfire would have done" Britney said.


"That's his nickname. His name is Killian" Britney smiled.

"Killian. It suits him" Zinnia muttered, remembering the park scene.

It gave her the chills immediately.

"Are you sure you're fine?" Britney asked once again.

"Sure, but you think he'd actually do that to me if you didn't come?" Zinnia asked, and Britney came closer.

"He's cold-blooded, and he does the most insane things, so I'm sure he'd have done it. Killian is actually mad, so please... avoid him and his boys. There's a reason we call him Wildfire, and you don't wanna know it" she said.

"Sure..." Zinnia said slowly, and Britney entered one of the general elevators with her.

They rode back to their floor, and immediately they came out of the elevator, eyes landed on her at the hallway.

* Misfit is hot though

* Exactly, and that's why she has to leave this school

* How dare she come here with that face as an ordinary student, f+çk that.

"You're already popular on your first day" Britney said, and Zinnia laughed awkwardly.

"I guess so"

They got to their class door, and Britney led her in.

Again, her eyes widened at the luxury.

They don't use pens and paper here. There's a laptop for everyone on each table, and there's a really big projector and teleprompter in the front.

Several air conditioners and purifiers. The desks and chairs are clean metal and glass, sparkling!

The students behaved like no one came in. No one is even looking at them.

"Attention please!" Britney shouted, but it's still the same.

"Are you really the students rep?" Zinnia asked.

"Just find yourself a seat. I'll be right back" Britney smiled and left the class.

Zinnia luckily found an empty seat in the front, but when she made to sit, a girl threw a bag on the seat, blocking her from sitting.

"Sarry!" The girl smiled, her long lashes batting.

Zinnia breathed out and went for another seat beside Honoria, but Honoria threw a bag on the seat too 

"Bounce" she told her with a demeaning glare.

Zinnia moved forward and met Priyanka and Sunny at the back.

There's no empty seat beside them, but the look in their eyes say if there was, they'd allow her to sit.

She turned left and saw another empty seat, but that one was also blocked by a guy

The eyes of all the students are on her again right now.

"Don't you get the signal? Leave the school" Ludo said.

"I can't stay in this same class with you, just go" Honoria added.

"You can sit here" a cool voice said from the middle of the class, and everyone including Zinnia turned to see the owner of the voice.

Viktor...the guy Britney showed her earlier.

He's looking at her, pointing at the seat beside him.

Zinnia walked there and sat comfortably. She logged in with her passcode on the laptop, and her profile appeared.

She smiled largely and turned back to him.


Before she could say YOU, he turned away from her, and she torturously bit her lip.

"Glad she found a place" Sunny said.

"You seem to like her" Priyanka replied.

"She did nothing wrong, and she seems cool, so yes I do" Sunny replied.

"Me too" Priyanka smiled.

"Viktor is crazy, for real" Honoria muttered hatefully and walked out of the class as a teacher came in.



There are like ten rooms in that floor for the boys use.

Game room, their private locker room, their washroom, bedrooms for each of them and whatnot.

They only go to the 9th floor to take classes with the others, but they even only go to classes when they like, and they're still top students.

No cheating or anything, but all the boys are actually brilliant especially Killian and Jordan.

They're currently in the locker room, changing into their sports uniform... they're going to play lacrosse at the field.

"You're not with a condom,so you were gonna f+çk her raw if Britney didn't appear?" Zade asked.

"I gave him a condom in the morning" Hardin replied.

"In your dreams?" Killian faced him blankly.

"Check your bag, dude" Hardin made a silly face, and Killian checked his bag. Truly, there's a pack of c0ndoms there.

Even Jordan and Hardin have it in their bags too...he also gave them.

"Appreciated" Killian faced him, and Zade couldn't help but laugh.

"I was only trying to prevent unwanted pregnancy. No one wants to be a father yet" Hardin made innocent faces.

"Bloody f+cker" Jordan said with a light smile, picking his lacrosse stick before walking out of the room.

"Dude it's rude to walk out on your mate!" Hardin rushed after him.

"You seemed like you weren't interested in her when Hardin was trying to show you her picture. What changed? You were ready to ruin her earlier" Zade asked.

"It's between me and her" Killian replied icily, and Zade was about to press further when their phones buzzed at once.

They checked at once too, and a deeper frown appeared on Killian's face.

It's a mail from Malachi, their father.

• I want the four of you at the castle for dinner tonight.

"Dinner? Sounds like a death trap" Zade said.

"He probably heard about our kill and wants to question it as usual... boring" Killian replied, looking bored already as he left the room.

"Damnit, Malachi is bad news" Zade mumbled, leaving too.



Britney came out of the office with a pile of books in her hand, but her hair was suddenly pulled by someone.

Her books fell.

She yelped out, and she was dragged to the second room which is empty.

She was thrown forward, and she'd have fallen, but she held herself.

She looked up quickly, and she was shocked to see Honoria.

"Honoria Bennett? Your craziness is climbing high but it'd be better if you learn to keep it away from me!" 

"I have just one question. What's between you and Killian? Did he taste you already? Did you throw yourself at him? What happened between the two of you!" Honoria spat.

Britney smiled amusingly before arranging her hair, then she came closer to Honoria who's looking like she's gonna explode any moment from now.

"Yes. I and Killian are close. If you wanna die then go die" she said, and Honoria grabbed her chokily by the throat.

"Ahh!!" Britney choked.

"Your clan might be big but can never be as big as mine! My clan is the most powerful and that's why my father is the closest to the overlord. I can kill you and no one will ask me so watch what you say!" Honoria seethed.

Britney took her hand that's on her neck, twisting it hard.

"Arghh!!" Honoria yelped.

Britney released herself then brought the hand to her shoulder, lifting Honoria with it.

She flipped her over her shoulder, and Honoria landed heavily on the ground.

"Bîtch!!!" Honoria shrieked.

Britney blew air out of her mouth and scoffed.

"We both received trainings, so don't you dare act like you're better than me. I'm the one who's capable of killing you, slut" she said and left.

Honoria stood, and when she saw her elbows got wounded, she stormed out.



Zinnia is even tired of wowing, so when she entered the cafeteria and saw their style, she just smiled.

There are butlers and maids everywhere, service each table their preferences.

They don't even eat with common plates, the plates are customized royal plates, even the cutleries and cups... this place is really paradise.

She walked to the kitchen stand to order her food...

"Miss. You can go sit, we'll serve you" a maid said.

"No need, just give me kebab and pizza and...

"Pizza is not allowed" the maid cut in.

"Ok kebab only and juice" she smiled.

Her lunch was served on a royal tray, and she took it with thanks.

She started looking for an empty table to eat on, but the students started blocking the available tables again.

* You're not allowed to eat with the royals.

* Misfit, no space for you

* Go bury yourself or something!

Several comments were thrown at her as she searched, and when they blocked the fifth seat again, she gave up and left the cafeteria.

Viktor is at the back, and he stood immediately she left. He left the cafeteria too.

Sunny came in that moment. Priyanka is busy with her campaign so they're not together.

"Where's Zinnia?" Sunny muttered, searching with her eyes.


Zinnia went to one of the restrooms and sat on one of the toilet seats with a sigh.

"I only have to graduate and all these will be over. Those little spoilt brats" she muttered.

She took her kebab to start eating in there, but a note was slid in under the door.

She blinked and took the note to read.


Zinnia stood immediately, leaving the restroom to go search for the technical room.

It didn't take long, and she smiled when she found it.

There's a waiting table and chair, and immediately she placed her tray on it, she heard sobbing sounds from a corner in the room.

She walked there carefully, and she was shocked to see a girl, squatting there and eating her chicken pie in tears.

"Hey! What's wrong?" Zinnia knelt in front of her and started wiping her tears.

"Don't let them see you with me. You might get bullied too" the girl pushed her away.

"Why? Aren't your parents part of the organization?" Zinnia asked.

"They are, but they betrayed the organization and escaped, leaving me alone. They're wanted, and till they'll be found, I'm a slave in here" she replied.

"What!" Zinnia gasped.


Minutes later, they were already sitting together on the table.

"I'm Karen, Karen Morgan" she said.

"I'm ...

"Zinnia Hot, you're popular" Karen interrupted. Her tears are gone.

"It's actually Zinnia Holt, there's L" Zinnia chuckled.

"Sorry, but you're pretty. I'll call you Zee" Karen said.

"Thanks, I love the nickname" Zinnia smiled.

"Are you sure you don't mind being seen with me? They all hate me here" Karen said.

"Don't worry and just eat. They hate me too" Zinnia replied.

"How did you find this place though?" Karen asked.

"Someone dropped a note" Zinnia gave her the note, and Karen smiled after taking a look.

"I know this handwriting"

"Who?" Zinnia curiously asked.

"Let's eat first" Karen replied, getting her phone as they began eating in silence.

"Next episode of Lovely Runner is out!" She gushed at her phone screen.

"Lovely what?" Zinnia made faces.

"I'm a crazy K-drama fan actually" Karen said cheerfully, and Zinnia smiled at her cuteness.

How could they bully such a cutie cos of her parents sin? This school is weird.

They finished eating minutes later and left the room together.

As they got closer and closer to the class, Karen shook, but Zinnia held her hand.

She held on tightly too, and they finally entered the class.

The students began laughing immediately.

"Birds of the same feather" Ludo mocked.

"Flocks together" Honoria replied, and the laughter increased. 

Karen's seat is not very far from Zinnia's, so they went to sit at a time.

Zinnia looked over at Viktor, and she saw him sketching on his laptop.

She looked at his face, but he's so deeply concentrated on the sketch.

She studied him for a while before getting a paper and pencil from her bag.

She began sketching too, the only face that came to mind... Killian's.

She sketched a rough imagine of him with his triangle mask on, then she began writing angrily on it.





She was so invested in the harsh words she's writing that she's not even aware of when the boys entered the class for the next lecture

Girls began screaming, but even their loudness didn't make her come back to her senses.

The Alphas have a part of the class to themselves beside the back window.

Zade walked past Zinnia's table, and he stopped when he saw what she's doing.

"Oh Kill... someone is about to murder you on paper" he said, and that brought her back.

She gasped as she spranged up, folding the paper in her palm nervously.

She hid the palm behind herself.

Killian walked over with attitude, and Zade stepped aside.

The whole class tensed up hotly.

"Give it" Killian told her authoritatively, his voice bouncing off the walls, but she stepped back.

"No" she talked back, and the class gasped.

A dip appeared on Killian's left brow.

Why does she keep crossing line?

Killian went closer with a deadly scowl, his brown cold eyes not blinking at all.

"Drop it" he ordered again.

Zinnia brought her hand out, but instead of giving it to him, she shoved the paper into her shirt in the front, hiding it inside her bra.

Gasps erupted from students again, and darkness engulfed Killian's features.

"She kept putting ideas in his head, and it's interesting" Hardin chuckled from his seat.

Jordan is beside him, and though he's holding a comical book, he's watching the scene too.

Viktor's eyes remained on the sketch he's making. He didn't look up at all.

"Don't tell me he's gonna...." Honoria held her breath, standing up.

Zade suddenly grabbed Zinnia by the arms 

He folded the arms behind her, and a yelp escaped her lips as her br+asts pushed forward in the process, facing Killian.

The top button of her shirt flew off forcefully, revealing her white net bra.

Her eyes widened madly, and a inhumane glint appeared in Killian's eyes as he stared at her bra.

"You're f+çked, little flower" he said emotionlessly, and without waiting another second, he dipped his hand inside... Her bra.



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