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Alpha Boys - Episode 3 & 4



Alpha Boys - Episode 3 & 4


She ran madly, the back of her leg almost touching the back of her head.

Her heavy breaths was colliding with her saliva in her throat, and she almost choked on the spit.

The only thing in her mind right now is getting home and hiding in the corner of her room.

She just saw the goriest scene of her life. A person died!

She was sweating profusely when she finally got to the front of her house, and she didn't waste time before yanking the door open, rushing in.

The adrenaline flow in her system stopped when she met Gabriel waiting by the door, and she stopped immediately.

Her breaths came out ragged and loud, and her long brown hair got gummed to her sweaty face.

"Where is my stuff?" Gabriel questioned, and she bit her bottom lip torturously.

"Where is my Moretti!" He yelled, making her flinch. Her slippers fell from her hands to the ground.

"I...I forgot it at...

"You did what?" He came closer, and she quickly shifted back.

She bit her bottom lip again, shaking fearfully as her eyes went shut.

She stopped moving back this time, expecting a hit from him.

Gabriel made to smack her face, but his hand stopped mid-air when Vivian came in.

"What are you trying to do?" She said, and Zinnia's eyes opened as he dropped his hand.

"Miss Vivian" she smiled, thanking her stars that she came.

Gabriel was gritting his jaws hard in anger as he walked into their middle, leaving the house and slamming the door shut behind.

Three minutes later, Zinnia was already in her room with Vivian, both sitting on the bed edge beside each other.

"Does he still hit you?" Vivian asked.

"No. He just got pissed tonight cos i didn't bring his alcohol" Zinnia replied.

"You can always tell me about it if it gets too hard. You can come live at my place" Vivian said.

"No it's fine. You've already done much for me since mum's death, and I'm grateful" Zinnia smiled, and the woman stroked her hair fondly, arranging the locks.

"Are you ready for your new school tommorow?"

"Of course. I can't wait but I'm somehow worried" Zinnia faced her.

"About what?" Vivian asked.

"They say the students are so wild that they even have $+x publicly in their hallways...Am I safe?" 

Vivian smiled and took her small soft hands gently.

"Of course, just make sure you avoid the Alphas" she said.


"Yeah. Alpha Boys" Vivian replied, and Zinnia embraced her dearly.

"I'll avoid them, and have a safe flight to Dubai tommorow" she said.

"I'm missing you already" Vivian said.

"Me too" Zinnia smiled.



The boys arrived at exactly 8, and each went to his room to clean up.

Killian dropped his mask on the bed when he got to his room, and he lifted the baseball bat in his hand.

It's still stained with the man's blood, and his eyes twitched sadistically as he watched the blood dry up on it.

Nothing excites him more than the smell of blood, though he hates getting violent.

If anyone is violent in the gang, it's Zade.

Killian's violent side only comes out when someone trespasses, just like tonight.

The fact that he hates causing violence doesn't make him any soft though. 

Everyone in the gang is aware that he's the cruelest, and his mind games are mad.

He dropped the bat and picked his phone to see Hardin sent him something.

He clicked on it, and his expression flickered when he saw it's the profile of the new girl.

Hardin can be persistent when it comes to getting people to do what he wants...that fûcker.

But that's not the problem right now...the girl is the problem.

She's the same girl who witnessed their kill at the park earlier.

Her bright brown eyes stood out as usual, matching with the colour of her hair. Her nose is pointed and her eyes are cat-like.

She has a pretty eye smile on, but he's sure the smile will be gone the moment she steps into the school.

No one ever witnesses their kill, and she also saw his face.

Hmm....too many sins 

He dropped the phone and cleaned up with the next twenty minutes, changing into a tight black shirt and shorts.

He has a thing for black, almost all his wears are of that colour.

His defined muscles and abs are out, outlining his $+xiness.

 A knock sounded on the door.

"Finn?" He said, and the door opened.

A man stepped in. Middle-aged.

 He's wearing a white shirt and black pressed trousers, his grey hair is in a mullet.

He's their butler who's in charge of their food and drinks and the mansion management.

"Dinner is ready, master. The other masters are waiting" he bowed.

"Will be out in a minute" Killian said plainly, and Finn left after taking another bow.

Killian took another look at the new girl's face on screen before leaving the room.

The silence in the mansion is annoying, but that's only because they didn't step school today.

Hardin will start organizing parties and orgies the moment they resume school tommorow.

Hardin is the life of the mansion literally.



Priyanka is in her nightwear already. Tights and cropped singlet, and she's wearing a hair bonnet too.

She's currently standing in the middle of the stairs, snapping pictures for her Instagram.

Just like every other student of Royal Pride High, she lives alone__with maids.

Their parents are always busy with duties for the mafia organization, so they're always away.

"Damn, I'm nailing every look" she smiled, and the doorbell rang.

"Who's it!" She loudly said as she rushed to open up, only to meet a short-haired pretty girl.

"OMG Sunny!" She jumped into her arms, and Sunny grinned, hugging her back.

Everyone has a bestie or squad in school, and Sunny is hers cos they're from the same clan.

"I missed you bî+ch" Sunny smiled.

"I missed you more! You spent six good weeks in Australia and left me to resume by myself today" Priyanka pouted, and they broke the hug.

"Classes starts tomorrow so I'm not late. What happened today tell me! Is it true that Ludo punched you? Please say no" Sunny said, and Priyanka gasped.

"Where the fûck did you hear that from?"

"It's on the blog! Someone posted it" Sunny blinked, and Priyanka got her phone to log in to the blog immediately.

Truly, there's a trending post.

• Priyanka Singh got punched by Ludo Bennett, this semester is already getting me excited!

"What the f+ck! She tried to punch me for real but Britney pulled me back. Whoever posted this is lying" Priyanka retorted.

" I knew it. Ludo is too little for you. She and her sister Honoria should better avoid me this semester, I trained cos of them" Sunny replied, and Priyanka laughed.

" What did you buy for me in Australia? I have a long list" she asked.

" It's all in my car outside, but firstly I'm hungry. Food!! " Sunny shouted, running into the kitchen.

"Foodie" Priyanka grinned, rushing after her.



Honoria has a bowl of croissants beside her which she's eating from as she scrolled on her phone.

She's currently on Killian's Instagram page, checking out his pictures.

All pictures of Killian are in black and white, and he never posts a picture of his full face.

It's always his side profile or his back view or his tattoos and V-line, and sometimes his hair.

Honoria's dream is to bury her hands in that hair one day while he's f+cking her hard.

She was smiling big as she clicked love reaction on the picture of his black hair. He posted that 30 minutes ago, and it already got 500, 000+ likes.

Girls are even fighting themselves in his comments section, and he never replies.

He doesn't even react his own post... He's weirdly attractive like that.

Honoria typed a comment...

• Love you always, Wildfire.

She added hearts emoji before posting it, and Ludo came downstairs, wearing only her pants and thin singlet.

"Let me guess... you're in Killian's page?" She said as she settled beside her.

Some maids brought her croissants and juice too.

"I'm sleeping on his page tonight. When is he gonna notice me?" Honoria stood, touching her own hips.

"Focus on your campaign for now. I'll die if Priyanka wins the election" Ludo said.

" Priyanka? Her father's clan is below us and you know it. I don't even need campaign, I'm winning" Honoria glared.



Zinnia almost screamed at her perfect look in the uniform after dressing up.

Her white bag is sling on her right arm, and she's standing in front of the mirror, admiring herself.

She added a white hairpin to her hair too, and her earrings are cutely small.

She has three choker necklaces on her neck, and that added more beauty to her gorgeous collarbones.

She picked a popsicle from her snack bowl and was eating it as she left the house.

She didn't take the park road cos she's still scared, she took another one though it's a longer one but it's worth it.

She found a taxi, and the 20 minutes drive to the school started.

It was fast, and when she arrived, she couldn't close her mouth at the beauty of the skyscraper.

"Fûck" she said before she knew it, and seeing students driving in in big expensive cars made her gasp. 

There's a big LED screen attached to the exterior, and the school luxury is getting flaunted on screen.

The school motto ... MAFIA MINDS, ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE is crawling around the screen too.

Zinnia held her backpack straps tight as she entered the school compound, and the car park made her gasp again.

The cars are insane, and the students themselves are worse. 

They're everywhere around the compound, looking posh and elegant and spoilt.

They're all holding iPhone pink diamond, and she looked at her own small Vodafone with a sigh.

She was still gaping when a car drove past her, splashing water on her.

It rained lightly last night, and the water stained her skirt.

"The hell" she muttered.

The car stopped at the park, and she rushed to it.

Honoria and Ludo came out of the car, and Honoria looked at her disgustingly.

"Yes? Do you have something to say?" She said.

"You splashed water on me with your car" Zinnia replied, and Honoria laughed proudly.

"You should be happy she splashed the water. Wait... Aren't you the new student?" Ludo laughed too.

Students were already gathering around them.

"She's the one. Heard your dad fûcked a student in your former school, maybe you'll fûck the teachers here" Honoria mocked, and Zinnia stopped herself from replying by biting her lip torturously.

"You don't belong here, you're a misfit" Ludo said, and the students laughed again.

They began snapping her her pictures, and she quickly hid her face.

* Misfit!

They started calling her that, and the sisters kept up their ridiculous laughter.

Zinnia left the circle quietly, and a student blocked her.

She looked up to see a sassy looking girl.

"Hey, Zinnia Holt? I'm Britney Spears, the students representative here. I'll show you around" she smiled kindly 

Zinnia willingly followed her.

Almost immediately, four Bugatti cars drove into the park, and students began screaming as the four Alphas came out of each car.

"Gawd, Killian!" Honoria gushed obsessively.

"They ate, house down. They got hotter this semester" Ludo smiled.

Girls wouldn't dare go close. They can only scream and admire from a distance.

You can't go close unless they invite you.

The screams and yells continued as they started going in.

Girls snapped them secretly, but they can only snap the other three.

Killian hates it. Photographing him without his consent is forbidden, else the photographer will wish she never had a phone by the time he's done with her.

They got in and rode the elevator to the last floor, their relaxation floor... Restricted to other students.


"You should stay away from Alpha Boys and the Bennett sisters if you wanna survive here as an ordinary student" Britney told Zinnia who's still looking around in awe.

She finished showing her around already, and they're back in front of the school.

"Thanks so much, Britney. You're kind" Zinnia smiled.

" You're welcome, and you're pretty. I love your eyes" Britney replied, and Zinnia smiled widely.

" Thanks, you're pretty too"

"Oh by the way that's Viktor. He's an important student too, the only Russian in this school" Britney pointed, and Zinnia's eyes followed her hand to see a really handsome dude.

He's just coming out of his car, looking so serious as he took off his jacket and held it.

He walked into the building.

"He's handsome" Zinnia muttered.

"I know, right? I'll see you in class, Zee" Britney said, and Zinnia loved the nickname immediately.

Britney left, and Zinnia strode into the building.

She knows the floor her class is in, so she's confident as she walked towards one of the elevators.

The strange thing is that the students stayed quiet, staring at her as she got closer and closer.

She wondered why, but she decided to brush it off till she entered the elevator.

Immediately the door closed, the students screamed out in excitement.

Unknown to her, the elevator belongs to the Alphas only!

Students began posting her pictures on the blog with RIP caption, and the blog scattered within a minute.

• Seriously? How dare she?

• I wish my boys will strangle her!

• Misfit is so dead!

• Misfit?

• That's the name Honoria gave her!

• Perfect! She doesn't fit here! Someone shoot her already!

• Her parents aren't in the organization? Then how did she get admission?

• We should probably protest to have her sent away.

• No need for that, she's dying today I think 

Zinnia was unaware of everything till the elevator stopped on the 9th floor, her class floor.

The door opened, and she got the second shock of her life when she came out to see four tall hot guys, but that's not the issue.

The one in front of them is the triangle mask from the park last night! The heartless dude!

Wait... does that mean the other three are his gang members from last night too?

They're all looking mean and dangerous, and she felt her throat drying 

She ran back into the elevator and pressed the button quickly with shaky hands, going back to the down floor.

She shook throughout the ride, but immediately she stepped out in the down floor, she met them again.

Did they fly or something?

Wait... The popular Alpha Boys!... They must be!

'Gawd... I'm so dead' she thought, panicking so much.

Her panic heightened when she saw the label in front of the elevator... ALPHAS ONLY.

'I'm screwed!' she screamed inwardly.

"Did you knowingly do it?" Killian's bass voice came, and she froze at the authority and power it carries.

Honoria and Ludo are part of the crowd,... Priyanka and Sunny too.

"I knew she wouldn't last" Honoria muttered.

" Such a lowlife" Ludo added.

"Poor her" Sunny said.

Priyanka stayed silent.

"Did. You. Do. It. Intentionally?" Killian questioned again rigidly, and Zinnia gulped at his coldness.

He's looking at her same way he looked at her last night... like she's his meal.

Those  dark emotionless eyes of his.

"It was a mistake" she said slowly and was even surprised that she didn't stutter.

"Mistake?" His firm voice came again, and she went closer, making students gasp.

She went fúcking close???

"Yes, mistake. What are you gonna do? Are you gonna have $+x with me publicly in this hallway like you guys do here?" She said senselessly and regretted it immediately.

Maybe her brain got melted a minute ago or something, but wherever that statement came from, she doesn't know.

She quickly stepped back after saying that, and that cruel smirk arrived on Killian's lips.

Hardin smiled, knowing she just put an idea in Killian's head. She got herself in trouble.

Killian is a psychotic sicko.

"We can actually do that" Killian said, breaking the silence, and her mouth came wide.

He signalled to some students, and a bed was brought from the school clinic within a minute.

Zinnia felt her heart flying out as the mattress was placed down in front of her.

She gulped again, feeling a line of cold sweat climb down her backline

Students held their breaths, awaiting the next saga.

"Undress and get on the bed" Killian's order came, and Zinnia's eyes widened insanely as he began unbuttoning his shirt.

Holy f+cking shit!


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