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Alpha Boys - Episode 19 & 20



Alpha Boys - Episode 19 & 20


"Ohh!!.. Killian!... Oh my gawd!" Her voice came half-moan and half-scream, and he stilled his finger then looked her in the eyes as a red light came on.

Shock is written boldly on her pretty face, and her eyes are popping beyond control, making her brows stretch longer, but despite the look of trepidation, she couldn't hide the lust in her eyes.

They're staring right at him, begging him to take them out on a spree. 

"You're so sinfully wet, little flower. So f+cking drenched" he said unflinchingly.

He grabbed her waist with the other hand, and Zinnia gasped as he shoved her to his chest so her br+àsts smashed him, then he dipped his finger deeper into her core.

He made sure he's knuckle-deep before starting to pump the finger in and out of her pu+sy, her wetness slicking his fingers so much that the sound of it filled the room.

Zinnia got a hold of his shoulders quickly so she wouldn't fall as her feet began trembling on the marbled floor.

She's not sure of what exactly is going on right now, but whatever it is, it feels so f+cking crazy, too crazy that she felt her head spinning as his finger moved in circles inside her clenching pu+sy.

He was hitting her on the right spot at each maddening thrust, and he didn't give her any warning before adding another finger, stretching her out.

"Ouch!! Ahh!" She shrieked, and that went straight to his cock.

His royal majesty strained against his jean as her hold on his broad shoulders got tighter.

He picked up an unhealthy pace.

The scene of how she was screaming Viktor's number in the field earlier replayed his head, and he almost added one more finger, but she might just pass out if he does.

Though that won't be a bad idea, but he needs her conscious while wrecking her.

"Killian! Oh gawd!" She clutched at his arms, her nails digging tiny crescents into his jacket.

His eyes twitched at that move. So f+cking beautiful. So f+cking right.

He slowly withdrew his fingers which were already so drenched with her juices, but she wasn't chanced to breath before he knocked them back inside her.

Her body bowed, and she let out a tiny yelp as her tiny hands left his shoulders and came to his chest to fist his black designer shirt.

The room shifted beneath them, and sweat beaded her brows and temples as he pounded deeper. Harder. Madder!

"Oh my!" She sobbed. "I can't take... f+ck!" She sobbed with a broken voice.

It's expected, he's not taking it easy. He's not gonna do that.

The creamy sounds of the finger-f+ck got animalistic, and his royal majesty got harder in his p+nts, so hard that it could pound nails.

He was dying to get inside her, but not yet. Not tonight.

He could finger her like this all night. No inhibitions, no stupid smiles, just punishment and wild abandonment.

Her pu+$y convulsed around his fingers and coated them with her milk.

"Your obedient little c+nt is taking my fingers so good, literally strangling it. How better will it take my c+ck?" He said, and her face went to the crook of his neck.

"Killian I...

"I know, fiorella. C+m for me, right here. Little Flower, c(m" he growled, finally taking pity.

She nodded, biting down a tendon on his neck as she let it all out, milking his fingers with it.

"Good girl" he whispered.

She literally shattered and almost collapsed. It took five minutes before her body could balance again, and he had to hold her throughout.

He finally withdrew his fingers, sucking her milk into his mouth, and Zinnia gulped.

She was looking shellshocked as the aftershocks fluxed through her.

He brought his right hand to her collarbones, touching it delicately and making her still.

"The next time you cheer Viktor during the game, it won't be my fingers" he warned meaningfully then took a stare at her perky nî+ples before leaving the room.

Zinnia gulped close to fifty times after his exit, trying to get herself right.

The middle of her thighs still feels wet. Her juices is still draining even when he's not here anymore.

Her core is still arching and throbbing, and her stomach is still flipping.

The last time she did this was with Tyson, her ex. But that's nowhere near this.

Who's she gonna tell it to, that the guy she hates so much just gave her the best release of her life.

Killian motherf+çking Alpha just made her c+m with his fingers.

She bit her lip torturously at that, and she tried walking out of the room, but her legs were still shaking in the heels.

She took it slow till she walked out, and she met Karen walking towards that angle.

"Blimey! Zee where have you been!" She marched fast to her.

"We've been looking for you, scared that something bad happened to you again" she said.

"I'm sorry. I was just...I got lost" Zinnia lied.

"Just stick with me" Karen took her hand, leading her out of that place.

When they arrived back at the hall, it was already crowded than before, and the music got louder on the crowded dance floor. 

The girls surrounding Hardin are much more than before, and the smell of nicotine from cigar smokes clouded everywhere.

Through the transparent glass wall, she could see expensive fireworks cracking in the sky outside, looking so surreal.

Zade is sitting alone majestically with a smoke between his lips. 

Jordan is by the rails, holding a book in his right hand and a cigar on the left.

The only invisible one is the devil himself.

"Where have you been!" Britney appeared with Priyanka and Sunny.

"Found her wandering. She got lost" Karen replied.

"Oops! Glad we found you though. Let's hit the dance floor" Sunny replied, and the girls dragged her along.

She couldn't resist, and Britney handed her a cup of champagne which she was drinking as she danced with them.

Britney suddenly saw Viktor's face in the crowd, but she brushed it off.

Maybe she's drunk, cos Viktor is not allowed here, and he'd rather not come too.

Is she hallucinating right now?

She gulped the entire liquid in her cup and went for another cup. She must be really going crazy.

Karen's eyes suddenly caught Jordan at the rails, and she smiled immediately.

He stopped smoking already, so all his attention is on his book, like he's oblivious of the party.

Karen quickly looked away when he looked up from the book.

Priyanka and Sunny are like two peas in a pod, they have the same energy in the dance floor, they're currently in the middle.

Zinnia left the dance floor and was walking to a table when she bumped into Ludo.

"You don't get to act like the most high now that Killian is fooling you" Ludo sneered, her b👀bs bouncing in her fishnet dress.

"Jealous?" Zinnia smirked.

"Oy! He's a mafia prince who f+cks girls and tosses them, and you won't be an exception. Just one more week, and he'll be done with your shit" Ludo rolled eyes, and Zinnia felt her chest slamming.

"Not her, please!" Honoria came over to take Ludo away after rolling eyes at Zinnia too.

Zinnia kept standing, feeling like she has just been stabbed.

Their words shouldn't mean anything. She hates him, right? And what happened with him tonight was a mistake.

She made to move forward, but Jordan's book fell from above, landing on her head.

She picked it up, and Jordan came downstairs.

"Sorry about that, Misfit" he said, and she frowned.

"Zinn, if that makes you feel better" he said, and she gave him the book.

"I've never seen you talk" she said.

"Not my thing" he replied, taking his seat on a table.

 She sat with him.

"And the books? You're always with them" she said.

"Totally my thing" he replied, and she smiled.

He's cooler than she was expecting, maybe not all the brothers are jerks.

"What's up favorite!" Hardin fell on a chair beside them.

"Hey" she said.

"Now that's too bland. Hug me or something, you're like my school daughter! " Hardin said loudly.

"What! School.. what? " Zinnia blinked rapidly, and Jordan laughed.

"Yeah. Kill is interested in you and I've always wanted to father any girl he takes interest in" Hardin replied freely, sweat glossing on his chest.

"Hardin" Jordan cautioned.

"I'm being plain here, but it can either be to torment her or freaky love. Kill doesn't have a heart to love, so he's obviously tormenting her and...

"Hardin" Jordan cautioned again.

"Fine... Fine man" Hardin raised his arms in surrender, and Zinnia bit her lip .

He's interested in her? To torment her? Why?

Her eyes caught Zade in his corner, and she remembered how he held her down for Killian the other day.

Now that she thinks about it, he's like Killian 2-0.

"Why is he alone?" She asked.

"Zade? He's probably bored. He prefers alone time when he's bored or pissed" Hardin chirped.

"What about Killian? What does he do go kill boredom? " She asked before she could stop herself.

"He..." Hardin made to talk...

"Hardin! " Jordan glared at him.

Their phones buzzed, and the two checked.

They exchanged glances and left her without another word, making her wonder why.

"Zee! The girls are drunk. We have to get them home" Karen came to her, and she followed her.



Killian is sitting in front of several systems in his personal logic room,, but his eyes are on just one of the systems.

He's currently trying to track down the so-called Shadow Princess, but no luck.

He's a madly hooked hacker, and he has been hacking for Malachi since he was 6.

Surprised? Well his childhood days is a beehive of unbelievable duties.

But no matter how hard he tracked, he can't seem to get the coordinates of this one.

This is the first time he'll be finding it hard, and it's messing with his head.

On one of the other systems, he could see what's going on in the party hall. Zinnia is currently carrying her drunk friends out 

He stopped trying to hack down Shadow Princess, then he focused solely on her, remembering what he did to her tonight.

How her core was driving him insane as he shagged her with his fingers. Her mad s+xy moans and the way she grabbed him, then her perky nî+ples in the romper dress.

Maybe he should have sucked them too, but there's time for everything.

His royal majesty hardened in his p+nts just by her thoughts, and he swiped his mouth wall with his tongue tip before returning to his system.

He gathered his logistics and tapped her phone number.

Within one minute, he hacked her phone.

The boys came in that moment.

"I'm thinking of giving you a madness award at this rate" Hardin said, showing him his phone screen.

The message Killian sent to him and Jordan when they were with Zinnia earlier is on the screen.

• Step the f+ck away from her.

"Why are you so mad obsessed with her? You know her somewhere? " Jordan asked.

"Between me and her" Killian replied simply and stood.

Zade was about to talk when they all received emails from Malachi.

It's a picture and full-time information about a Swiss man.

They exchanged glances after reading. Their next mission is here.

Someone's dying soon!


Zinnia only helped Karen to get the three girls in their cars. Karen promised to get them home herself, and they left the hall at a time.

Luckily for Zinnia, Gabriel wasn't in anymore when he arrived, and he didn't spill alcohol.

She went straight to her room and peeled off her romper gown, but then the scene changed. 

Her natural honey scent is not on it, it's bergamot now, Killian's scent.

His scent must have wrapped on the dress during the doings they did.

She hung it with a sigh, and she put on her PJs before falling on her her bed.

She got her phone and went to Instagram.

Her account has just four followers. Britney, Sunny, Priya and Karen.

They followed her yesterday and she followed them back.

She never posts on the account though, and her profile picture is a picture of Ms. Cuddles, her pure white teddy.

She just created the account for creation sake.

Her chest was hammering as she began typing on the search box.


She finished typing and searched, his account was the first to pop up.

She clicked on it, and she took a sharp inhale when she landed on his page.

She began scrolling down, and surprisingly she's calm this time.

Just like she has been hearing, he never posts his full face, and he never posts a shirtless picture.

She saw several comments of girls begging him to post his shirtlessness.

In most of the pictures, black hoodie is covering a large part of his face, and he snapped a lot in the lacrosse field with his brothers.

Hardin is a real picture-bomber cos he appears in almost everything. Zinnia smiled at his carefree cheerful sprit, but that still doesn't reduce his dangerousness though.

They're Alpha Boys anyways.

She suddenly saw a big picture. Killian snapped that one with his brothers and a really beautiful woman with golden hair.

Judging by her looks, she's obviously their mother. She's so delicately gorgeous, and even in that picture, Killian only showed his side face...that twat!

Hardin is resting his head on her shoulder, Jordan held her hand while Zade stroked her hair.

Killian made no contact with her all, and she wondered just what kind of a weirdo he is.

Her mind went to tonight's scene again, and she felt a throb between her thighs. 

She made to drop her phone, but she mistakenly pressed like on the picture.

Her eyes widened, and she quickly removed her like, but then she received a message from an unknown number.

• I see you're stalking my page, little flower. Nice username.

Her eyes widened madly, and she spranged up.

The sender is obvious, but how did he find her number, and how did he detect it was her when her username is Z-Fox?

She jumped on the bed and piled the duvet over herself.

She's f+cked!



The honk of a car woke Zinnia up, and she dropped Ms. Cuddles before quickly getting down from the bed.

A slight frown is etched on her fresh face  as she wore her white furry bedroom slippers.

She rushed out in her pyjamas and was surprised to see Vivian in front of the house.

"Aunt Vivian!" She gushed, rushing into her open arms.

The woman hugged her tightly, arranging her hair.

She called to tell her about her arrival yesterday, but she wasn't expecting her to come visit this fast.

"Aww, you grew prettier in the space of one week" Vivian purred, and she broke the hug.

"Thanks auntie, and how was Dubai?" She asked.

"Enjoyable, trust me." Vivian  kissed her hair fondly.

They took the things in the trunk into the house, and when Vivian told her all the shopping bags are for her, she couldn't hide her shock.

Vivian got herself a mug of coffee and began sipping warmly.

Zinnia started checking the things out, being a sucker for all of them .

Party dresses, new shorts and tops, blouses and casual gowns, shoes and bags, even her favorite net undies and bras, the small earrings she likes and choker necklaces, new skincare kit and a big snack box. 

"All these are for me?"

"Of course dear, I wanted to change your wardrobe" Vivian smiled, and she hugged her.

"Thanks so much aunt. I love all of them!" She gushed.

"I'm glad you do. So how's school? Are you avoiding the troubles just fine? " Vivian asked.

"Yeah... It's not...bad like I thought" Zinnia replied slowly. 

She wouldn't possibly tell her aunt that she got fingered last night by the leader of the boys she was warned to avoid, right? 

"So... Are you dating anyone yet?" Vivian asked.

"Auntie! " Zinnia flushed.

"Hello? My dear, Tyson is gone you should move on. I know the school is for baddies but there are good guys too, and you're so damn beautiful" Vivian said.

"I need to pee" Zinnia replied and rushed into the bathroom.

"I'm serious Zinn!" Vivian shouted after her, laughing softly.

Zinnia's phone buzzed on the bed, and her eyes caught the new message preview.

• Couldn't stop thinking about your mo@ns last night. I...

Her eyes widened, and she quickly took the phone.

Thankfully, she knows her password, and immediately she unlocked it, the full message came to view.

• Couldn't stop thinking about your moans last night. I m@sturba+ed five times before daybreak, and each time i did that, i imagined your wetness in my head. F+ck! It was so damn crazy... fiorella. 

Vivian's coffee mug fell from her in shock, and her eyes widened times ten.

"What the hell! Zinn!!!"


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