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Alpha Boys - Episode 17 & 18



Alpha Boys - Episode 17 & 18



Britney drove in, and her eyes almost fell from their sockets when she saw the three bodies lying down in cold blood.

"Viktor!!!" She yelled, and he faced her with an animalistic glint in his furious eyes.

"Viktor" Britney muttered, and he grabbed her suddenly, pulling her to himself.

She was still in shock when their lips met. He kissed her, using her lips to get rid of his fury.

Britney broke it quick, and his senses returned.


"Viktor" She shook her head, stepping back from him.

Ray's entourage drove into the hospital that same moment, and she quickly got Viktor into one of the cars.

Her guards got rid of the bodies of the three dead guards, and she faced Britney.

Her neck is currently wrapped with a scarf to cover what Killian did to her.

"I'll be in touch with your father before flying back to Russia. I appreciate your friendship with my prince" she said blandly and got back in her car.

She drove off with her entourage, and Britney got back in her car too.

She touched her lips slightly, reminiscing about the kiss before resting her head on the steering.




The boys arrived just now.

Killian shocked the boys by further carrying Zinnia upstairs, to his room!

They stayed below the stairs, watching as he climbed up with her in his arms.

"What's really going on?" Zade asked no one in particular. 

Butler Finn joined them too. He might be their servant, but they talk freely to him.

"Master Killian might be doing it to get back at the Russian" he said, and the three turned to him.

"Carrying a girl in his arms to get back at Viktor? Nonsense. He said it himself that having attachments with females is like setting oneself on fire" Zade said. 

"I don't think he has any attachment with her though. All I see is hatred in his eyes whenever he looks at her, and it hurts me" Hardin held his chest dramatically.

"Who carries the girl they hate in their arms?" Butler Finn said.

"Kill is twisted too much" Zade sighed.

"Why aren't you saying anything as usual?" Hardin asked Jordan.

"Who knows?" Jordan shrugged and went upstairs too.

"Boring!!" Hardin shouted after him.



Zinnia is on Killian's king-size bed already, still deep asleep.

Killian is sitting on a chair not far from the bed, resting completely on it while staring at her with his right hand on his crotch.

His left hand is folded on something, and a volcano of thoughts is in his head.

He was thinking she grew up peacefully, but he's starting to doubt that.

He called the mansion doctor already, and when he described the symptoms, he confirmed she's suffering from trauma 

She's traumatized like him?

Hmm.... interesting. 

That even made him more invested in digging deeper into her life, so deep that she won't have anywhere to hide, but what traumatized her?

He can't wait to find out 

His eyes stayed on her face, and her beauty got him stuck for a while. 

No one in his right senses would deny it. She's f+cking a centerpiece... enthralling.

His expression fell from her, and he opened his folded second palm.

The paper sketch is right there, staring at him.

He really threw it in the burner that night, but the burner was off, so he got it back.

Why is he even still keeping it when it means nothing? He has no f+cking idea.

Why is he so intent on keeping her away from that idiotic Viktor? He has no idea too.

Not even only Viktor. He wants to keep her from everyone else, and he badly wants to find her ex. Tyson.

And then, why was his royal majesty getting hard the other time when he touched her at the cottage?

Normally, he has the ability to restrain it from girls he doesn't wanna f+ck, but not with her 

His royal majesty was ready to devour her back then, and she's even lucky she didn't see the bulge, she'd have fainted, and maybe he'd have f+cked her unconsciously.

Oh Killian, we're going bunkers now, aren't we? His eyes darkened.

He shut down the thoughts and was about to look back at her when Jordan came in.

"Malachi calls" he said simply.

Ten minutes later, the boys left the mansion.



"Are you sure you'll be fine? The organization will get mad if they find out I'm visiting you" Karen said worriedly as Sunny led her into the house.

Sunny suggested she spent the night at her place since it'd be too boring alone without Priyanka.

"Noone will find out that you're here, so rest" Sunny replied, and Karen gasped when they got in.

"MG! I love your interior design! Who did it? I'll get it for my house too!"

"I'll call him for you tommorow" Sunny chuckled.

"Really? Thank you! So did Priyanka talk to Zee?" Karen asked.

"I don't think so" Sunny replied, and the doorbell rang.

She rushed to open the door, and Britney came in.

"Britney!" Karen gushed.

"It's actually a girls night out" Sunny winked.

"I'm glad we're three. What are we doing?" Karen asked.

"Viktor kissed me, girls" Britney announced

"What!!" Sunny and Karen gasped.

"I'll give you guys the full story, but  let's do it over dessert. I brought pecan pie" Britney raised her bag.

"I have many K-drama suggestions. We can watch them after your gist" Karen said.

"You and your K-dramas" Sunny giggled.

"We're receiving a new student on Monday next week. His name is Tyson Lockwood" Britney said.

"Really? I hope he's hot though. Let's go get juice" Sunny replied, jumping on Britney's back.

"Ohh! Easy!" Britney laughed, carrying her into the kitchen.

Karen entered last, wishing Zinnia and Priya were here.



"My cherries!" Aurora beamed with happiness immediately her boys stepped into the castle.

She was already waiting at the foyer for them. Her delicate hands are gloved as usual and her hair is down this time.

She has gorgeous golden hair which fell on her shoulders, and she looks beautiful as always. 

Seeing her boys everyday is her dream, but that's not close to possible, and it's understandable cos of what Malachi did to them especially Killian.

She hugged them one by one like she does, giving them fond pecks till she got to Killian.

She held his face affectionately.

"You were shot by Ray? Malachi didn't tell me. I heard from Butler Finn some minutes ago...Did you treat it?" She asked, her hazel eyes glossing with tears.

"If those tears fall, I'm leaving" he replied, and she quickly wiped them.

He hugged her willingly afterwards, and she wrapped her arms on him too.

The other boys were watching with little smiles on their faces. It's been long since Killian did the thing called HUG. 

"You know I love you a lot, right Mon Cherie?" She stroked his hair. 

"I'm fine, mother dearest" he said, and her smile grew.

"Boss is waiting at his Den" a guard reported, and he had to break the hug.

"I'll see you before leaving" Killian told her, and she nodded.

"I'll make your favorite Earl grey tea" she said.

He left for Malachi's Den with the boys, and they met him standing by the window with his back on them, arms folded behind too.

"Any issuues?" Killian asked.

"You choked the Russian godmother, Killian. She's not anybody! You caused damage! You think she couldn't kill you in there if she wanted to? She intentionally did nothing cos she wanted something. As a payment for your disrespect, I had to give three clans to her. Her plan is to take over Italy and it's materializing!" Malachi shouted.

"Cool" Killian said, and Malachi finally faced them.

"Did you just say cool?"

"You brought me up this way. You created me, aren't I your masterpiece? Why are you complaining? " Killian said  without blinking.

"Son!" Malachi shouted.

"And I'm only just starting. You'll regret ever doing that. Bloody pain!" Killian seethed and came closer to him

Malachi couldn't talk.

"If you have a mission to send us, you can email, but calling us here again to complain means I'll be choking you next" Killian muttered and walked out .

Aurora was already waiting outside with the cup of his favorite tea in hand, but he just walked past her angrily.

She cup fell from her to the ground, and she rushed into the Den in tears.

"Mother" Hardin and Zade said at a time.

Jordan started wiping her tears.

"What did you say to him hubby? I was thinking he's starting to warm up, but you had to send him away again. When is my son gonna smile at me again Malachi!!!"

"Stop the tears!" Malachi snapped.

"Do not shout at her! " Jordan glared, and Malachi folded his fists as they took Aurora out.

He pushed the statue on his desk away in blind anger, and it shattered.



Zinnia is currently rushing down the stairs.

She woke some minutes ago and found herself in a strange room.

Thinking she got kidnapped or something, her first instinct was escape.

She was panting as she descended, only to jam into Butler Finn at the base.

"You're awake, miss" he smiled, and she looked up at him.

"Who're you .. where am i?"

"Call me Finn. I'm in charge of the Alphas mansion management" he said, and her eyes widened.


Now she remembers falling unconscious into Killian's chest... she covered her mouth shockingly.

She's in their mansion? Oh no!

She made to rush out, but Butler Finn blocked her.

"You have to wait till the boys come back, miss" he said, and she gasped.

"They're not in? Perfect! This is the right time for me to leave! Bye!" She dashed out afterwards, leaving him speechless.

Five minutes later, Killian drove into the garage, and he went out to meet him.

"She left. I mean Miss Zinnia" he reported, and Killian sighed.

He got back in his car and drove out again.



"Where have you been!!!" Gabriel yelled immediately Zinnia came in, and she flinched.

He's standing by the door like he's been waiting for her.

"I...we had late assignment in school" she lied, and she threw cash at her like he does.

"Get me my stuff in five minutes!" He sneered.

"Yes dad" she picked the money and rushed out of the house, releasing heavy breaths as she rushed down the street.

Today is just messed up for real.

Fainting on Killian's chest is the worse. How could she?

So many crazy things happened between them today and she's not even ready to recount.

Her traumatic episodes gets triggered by three things....

The clanking of belt metal, The smell of moretti alcohol, and The yelling of her mother's name like what happened at the hospital earlier.

She still can't believe she actually landed on his chest. The girls at school will roast her if they find out.

She walked past the abandoned park, and she stopped to take a look. The park looks like nothing happened there. The body is gone.

She imagined the killing scene, and it scared her so much that she ran till she got to the store.

She got the alcohol, and on her way back, she got the sensitive feeling that someone is following her again just like that night.

She could smell bergamot, and she looked back close to ten times,but she saw no one.

Again, she concluded it's her being overly sensitive till she got home.




It's f+cking Friday, and a lot is happening today.

The lacrosse game is happening between two teams. (Alpha Boys team and Viktor's team)

Shadow Princess will be uploading a secret today, and everyone is tensing up already.

It's the election day too between Honoria and Priyanka.

Then tonight is Hardin Alpha's party at the Alphas mansion!

Friday parties are special cos there's a dress code, and it's a red party tonight!

Some girls are already distributing the flyers, and at the same time, the election is already ongoing. Students are voting already.

There's only one class today, and it's over already. 

The election will be over in 10 minutes, and Honoria sat magnificently in the middle of the hall, waiting for the announcement.

She's sure as hell about winning

Priyanka is in a corner. She lost hope already, but she's expecting the results anyways.

Maybe after all these, she'd make things right with Zinnia.

"Do you have a red dress to wear to the party tonight?" Karen asked Sunny.

"No. We can go shopping after school" Sunny replied.

"What are you both talking about without me?" Britney appeared.

"How you've been avoiding Viktor all day" Karen said.

"He's the one avoiding me and I plan to talk to him after the game" Britney replied.

"He's playing lacrosse?" Sunny asked.

"Yeah. His team is playing against the Alphas" Britney replied.

"Where's Zee by the way? I dunno how but I must bring her to the party with us tonight. She's a big vibe and I don't wanna go without her" Sunny said.

"I think she's in the library. You said she fainted yesterday. I wonder if she's fine" Karen replied.

"I'll go see her" Britney stood, but then the announcement rang around the whole school.

"Collated results of Alpha Boys Club Presidential election for this semester goes thus; Priyanka Singh got 300 votes, and Honoria Bennett got 4,300"

Insane screams filled the school immediately, and Honoria almost went insane with excitement.

Ludo brought out a moneybag, and they began money shower on all floors to celebrate.

They even popped champagne up to the offices.

Ludo wet Honoria with champagne, and she took off her shirt, running around in her bra, but her excitement was cut when she saw the latest update on the blog.

The champagne fell from her.


"Shadow Princess posted! You won't believe this!" Sunny gasped in class, and the girls checked their phones.

It's a picture this time. A picture of Killian carrying Zinnia in his arms yesterday in the hospital. Killian's face was even shown, going against his rules!

"Zinnia!" Britney gasped, and they all rushed out of the class.



Avoiding Killian is all Zinnia has been doing since morning. She didn't even attend the class. 

She's not ready to look into his mischievous eyes after what happened yesterday, so she has been in the library.

She gave up on the books just now and stepped out, but she was grabbed by some group of girls immediately.

It caught her off guard, and saving herself was impossible cos they're too much! It's like all the girls in school is holding her.

Her choker necklaces and earrings fell off 

* Why were you in Killian's arms yesterday?

* Witch! What did you use on him?

* You deserve to die slut!

* How dare you go near him!

She didn't understand a thing, and the dragging got worse when Honoria and Ludo joined the gang.

Honoria was determined to tear her clothes off.

"Mutt! You're a whore!"

Sunny, Karen and Britney joined the crown of girls and started trying to take Zinnia out, but they're surely not a match for thousand of girls 

Even Priyanka joined them to protect her, but it's useless.

 They even got dragged with her, and Zinnia almost suffocated to death.



The lacrosse teams are still in preparation for the game, and Killian is sitting calmly beside the goalpost as usual in his team vest.

His arm is bandaged.

He knows Zinnia has been avoiding him, he knows she's in the library, and going there to get her is a piece of cake, but he has a better plan.

"Dude! Check this out!" Zade came over and gave him a tab.

He took it and saw what's going on.

The picture posted by Shadow Princess, and how the girls are currently dragging and bullying Zinnia cos of it.

The darn Shadow Princess even had the guts to snap his face?

He needs to find her, but that's not important right now... 

From his spot, he saw Viktor rushing back to school, obviously to save Zinnia.

He smirked meaningfully, not moving an inch. 

He got his phone and logged in to the blog, then he made a post.



Zinnia is still suffocating in the middle of the mad girls, and her uniform is almost down with the dragging.

One of the girls filming suddenly gasped when she saw Killian's new post on the blog.

She showed another person, and another, and another.

Within a minute, the dragging stopped, and everyone began checking their phones.

Viktor came in that moment but was surprised to see the dragging has stopped.

He stopped breathless on his tracks.

Sunny and Britney got their phones to check Killian's post, and they gasped when they saw it.

WILDFIRE: Every f+cking girl in the school except Zinnia, go on your knees wherever you are!!

Honoria was the first girl to kneel,  then the rest started doing the same.

Zinnia's eyes widened.


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