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Alpha Boys - Episode 1 & 2



Alpha Boys - Episode 1 & 2



It's 6am in the morning, but the mansion is still so dark cos the lights are still off.

The house interior is a labyrinth of marble and gold, and every corner reeks of smokes.

There's just one room that has it's lights on...the gym, and two of the boys are inside. Zade and Jordan.

Zade is on the treadmill, sliding energetically with sweats falling from his slippery face to his wet bare chest. He's shirtless, and just like the rest of the boys, he's hot like sin.

Jordan on the other hand is done exercising, so he's currently sitting on a chair beside the wall, resting back with his face buried in a comical book.

 He has a crazy obsession with comical books actually, there are stockpiles of it in his room.

He's the calm one, and he talks less, but they say the quiet ones are the freakiest, and he really is.

Zade finished up on the treadmill, and immediately he came down from it, Hardin came in, grinning loudly with his phone in hand.

Hardin is the goofy one in the gang, he just flows with everybody.

"What's that grin for, motherf+ker?" Zade asked, flexing his muscles.

"Take a look" Hardin threw him the phone, and he caught it to see a picture of Hardin's d+çk.

"Jesus f+çking Christ! You're a sicko, man!" Zade threw the phone back, and Hardin caught it with a louder grin.

"Y'all f+ckers had your fun last semester, boasting of bigger d+cks, especially you Jordan" he pointed at him, and Jordan gave him a death glare.

"Suck it up, wanker" he said.

"Do you wanna see it too? I did a f+çking good job on ...

"Can we stop talking about your shit?" Jordan cut him off, and Hardin threw his weight on a chair beside him.

"And then what?" he flattened his brows.

"Where the f+çk is Killian?" Zade asked no one in particular.



The smell of bergamot filled every space and surface in the room...his scent.

The lights are currently off, but they suddenly came on, revealing his unfeeling face.

Killian Alpha, leader of the boys.

They might be age mates , but they chose him as their leader for a reason.

His features are sharp, and the skin on his upper body is covered with ink, tracing dark tattoos all-over him.

His jet-black hair covered a part of his ice-cold face as he made his way into the bathroom where he lowered his boxers.

He took his royal majesty in his palm and began stroking it, trying to masturbate while staring at himself in the mirror___His royal majesty is the name he gave his c+ck.

Normally, there should be a bî+ch kneeling in front of him and giving his royal majesty a blowjob right now,but there are just days when Killian feels like handling it himself... days like today.

He finished up after about ten minutes, releasing massively while groaning hard.

C+m was still dropping out of him when Hardin came in suddenly.

"Learn to f+çking knock, punk" Killian breathed, and Hardin grinned, rolling a gum on his tongue.

"Yo man! My c+ck is the champion in here! You're not even close!" He replied.

"Your c+ck fantasy got worse" Killian muttered in his bass voice before covering up.

Hardin was about to talk back when the intruder alert bell rang throughout the mansion.

They both left the room at once, entering the surveillance room where they met Jordan and Zade already.

Every camera surrounding the compound is connected to this room on flat screens, so they're clearly seeing the intruder right now.

It's a masked man, roaming the wide forest at the back of the mansion like he's looking for something.

"Who the hell is this?" Zade frowned at the screen.

Killian pressed a button, and a dog cage opened outside.

Eight giant dogs jumped out, going after the masked man in the forest.

The man took to his heels immediately, running down the forest.

"Oh this fucker is so dead" Hardin muttered.

One of the dogs caught the man by the arm, tearing off part of his shirt.

He was able to escape afterwards, and the dogs returned to their cages.

The guys left the room, and Jordan opened a backdoor.

The dog with the torn cloth brought it between it's teeth.

Killian took it and gave the dog a pat on the head, then it ran off.

He sniffed the piece of clothe, and his eyes grew darker as he faced the others.

"It better be who I'm thinking" Hardin said.

"We're hunting tonight" Killian replied grimly.

"Exciting" Zade said.

"Let's hit the school. It's resumption day" Jordan said.

"Not stepping school today" Killian replied, leading them back to the living room.

At exactly 7am, the house lights came on as programmed.

"I have no plans for school today either, till tommorow" Zade added.

"Ain't doing that shit too, you're alone Jordan" Hardin said freely, giving Jordan a mocking smile.

"Whatever, wankers" Jordan replied, picking his book.

"A new girl is joining the class though, you should take a look at her profile. She's hot as hell" Hardin told Killian.

"Isn't every girl hot to you?" Zade replied sarcastically.

"Wait...why is everyone behaving like I'm the only one who f+çks here? Killian you're a madman in bed, and you Zade, you're an animal. Jordan's bedroom gist is not today, dude is a silent beast" Hardin said.

"You look better when you're not talking" Killian stood.

"For real man, the new girl is hot. Take a look at her pic!" Hardin threw his phone.

Killian didn't catch, so it fell and crashed on the floor as Killian went upstairs.

Zade laughed hoarsely, and Jordan smiled as Hardin stood like a statue.

"Await my payback, p+$sy" he smirked.

Zade picked the phone from the ground, and though the screen is ruined, he could still see her face.

"Real hot, i can already imagine her pains" He muttered meaningfully.



Royal Pride High is far from a joke, and the reason why students strive to get admission is so obvious.

The school is a magnificent white skyscraper with ten floors and available elevators, lifts and stairs.

As the first day of resumption, classes aren't gonna hold, so students have all the time in the world to show off their new achievements.

Cars, phones, jewelries, designers and new skin care routines.

The school is so full, majorly because of new students who are joining the choky hierarchy.

Survival here is determined by the position of your parents in the mafia, so it's always tough.

The hallways are filled to the brim with happy students who're reuniting after the long break.

So many make-out scenes could be seen publicly and many of the girls are getting touched on their s+xual parts by guys in corners  like it's a normal thing

Their uniform of white shirt and checked blue skirts and trousers looking so beautiful.

Some of the girls even have their shirts cropped.

Priyanka could be seen by the wall of the senior class floor, gumming a poster to the wall.

It's a poster of herself, and PRIYANKA FOR PRESIDENT! was written boldly on it.

Alpha Boys are so loved in the school that the students formed a fans club for them, and elections for the president of the club is coming up by Friday.

Priyanka hasn't finished gumming that poster when a raw egg landed on it, ruining it completely.

She stopped moving immediately, and even without turning back, she knows who did it already.

She turned sharply to see who she's expecting exactly.

The Bennett sisters.. Honoria and Ludo Bennett. They're popular here for their crazy proudness.

Also, Honoria is competing for the club president too, so she's Priyanka's rival.

"What did you just try? Bî+ch!" Priyanka spat angrily.

"Shouldn't you know when to stop? You're an half-caste. Your dad is the only Italian and your mum is Indian! Your black skin is enough to scare anyone off so you don't stand a chance against me! Give up loser!" Honoria glared, her big skull earrings dangling in her ears.

"Whatever is making you stupid is really working, life-sized doll! Aren't you plastic? You're only pretty cos of your excessive surgeries!" Priyanka shot back, and Ludo stepped in this time.

In defense of her sister, she raised a punch to Priyanka's face, but Priyanka was pulled back by someone before the punch could reach her.

"What's going on here?" Britney appeared. 

Britney Spears is the students representative.

Priyanka glared angrily at her.

"I can handle myself next time, I don't need your help" she said and walked off furiously.

"Being the Rep gives you no right to butt in. Stay in your lane" Ludo warned.

"Let's go, Ludo" Honoria sized Britney up with her eyes, and they left.

Britney scoffed immediately. "Those sluts"

She checked her wristwatch.

"Seems Alphas aren't resuming today" she muttered.



Zinnia stood in front of her clothes hanger with a big smile on her round face as she stared at her new school uniform.

Royal Pride High uniform.

She should have resumed today, but the uniform arrived late, so till tommorow.

She was expelled from her former school not because she committed any crime, but because her dad was caught sleeping with one of the students.

Gabriel was a teacher in the school actually, and he was fired after the case.

 Zinnia as his daughter was expelled and no other school was willing to take her.

She would have been ruined for life if not for Miss Vivian, her class teacher.

She has some hidden connections with a mafia family, and that's why she was able to get her a slot into Royal Pride.

Vivian was actually her mother's best friend when she was still alive.

Gabriel is nothing close to a father, all he does is send her alcohol every night.

"Zinnia!!!" His loud voice came.

She almost fell as she rushed to open the door quickly to meet the rugged man.

He has an hateful scowl on his wrinkled face.

"Get me my stuff!" He snapped, throwing cash at her face.

She picked them from the ground and quickly put on her slippers, rushing out of the house before he'd start throwing fits.

She was striding fast in the dark street when she heard the faint cry of a dog in an abandoned park.

She went closer and saw a small stray dog sitting there, looking skinny and unkept and hungry.

She's an animal lover who can't stand seeing any animal hurt.

She rushed all the way to the store, panting as she opened the door.

"Moretti again?" The sales man smiled.

"Yes" she replied breathlessly.

Moretti is Gabriel's favorite alcohol, and she's a regular here.

"Do you have dogfood or something?" She asked.

"Sure" the man gave her a pack of one.

"That's on the house" he said kindly.

"Thanks" she smiled, paying for the alcohol before bolting out of the store.



The bar opens only at night, so it's always crowdy at this time.

A man came out of the big bar, obviously drunk cos of the way he's toppling on his toes.

He held the wall to stop himself from falling till he got to the park.

He checked his pocket for his car keys, but he found nothing.

Despite his drunkenness, he figured he left it in the bar, so he turned to go back, but muscular arms grabbed him, and he was injected with rocuronium which paralyzed him completely.

He was thrown in the trunk of a car, and the faces of his captors finally came to view.

Alpha Boys, but they're wearing black on black on black right now.

They're wearing black masks too, and each has a shape drawn on his mask.

Zade's is square

Hardin's is star

Jordan's is circle.

Specifically, Killian's mask is triangle.

Their tall shadows look like danger...dangers of the f+cking night.

They got in the car and zoomed off the tarred road.



Zinnia got back and luckily still met the dog there.

Despite it's dirty fur, she dropped the bag of alcohol and carried the dog.

She began feeding it the dogfood, and as it ate, she smiled, stroking it's head.

She'd probably take it home and drop it at the animal shelter tommorow morning for proper care.

She looked up fast when a G-wagon suddenly drove into the park, and four masked guys came out of it.

They dragged a body down from the car trunk, and her eyes widened 

She quickly hid beside the merry-go-round, holding the dog tightly so it won't make a sound.

Triangle mask is holding a baseball bat which he hit mercilessly on the jaw of the man lying on the ground.

His blood flew out of his mouth in splatters, and Zinnia felt her breath seizing as his painful groans filled the park.

He couldn't move cos of the paralyzing injection in his system.

Triangle mask hit the bat on him six more times consecutively, and by the time he was done, the man was already as good as dead.

"You're the only mafia messenger in this country who uses sheabutter. You think you can come slithering into the mansion without getting caught? Idiotic as f+çk" square mask said, his voice sounding horse under the mask.

"Not to worry, your boss is gonna join you soon, bye bastard" star mask said nonchalantly.

Circle mask got a gun, and Zinnia almost screamed when he shot at the man on the chest.

She held her mouth tighter, pinning her thighs together so she won't pee on herself.

The man died on the spot, and triangle mask suddenly pulled his mask off.

Maybe because of heat of something else.

His back is on Zinnia, but he turned immediately he took it off, and their eyes met.

Her eyes widened beyond their sockets, almost falling off as she stared back with her heart in her throat.

He's looking at her!! Those dark, emotionless hollow eyes are staring into hers.

 He f+çking saw her!

As if to confirm that, his extra-thin cherry lips curved into a wicked smirk, and she almost fainted.

She got caught! But she didn't move an inch. 

The other guys got back into the G-wagon, but he continued standing gallantly, staring at her like she's a rat and he's a lion.

He suddenly turned and joined others in the car.

The wagon drove off within a minute, and Zinnia spranged up immediately.

The dog fell from her and ran away to the right side.

Zinnia took off her slippers and kept them in her hands.

She even forgot the alcohol as she turned left and did the only thing in her mind...

She ran!

She ran madly, the back of her leg almost touching the back of her head.


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