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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 48




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 48

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


“Atlas?” Aunt Barbara called as she saw him approach her. He was looking very furious, and that kept Barbara wondering what the matter could be.

Ignoring her call, Atlas asked sternly. “Where is she?” 

“What are you talking about?” Aunt Barbara asked with arched eyebrows. She was obviously confused with what Atlas was saying to her.

He snapped at her. “Allison. I know you took her. Tell me where you're keeping her.”

“I don't know why you're getting so worked up over a slave.” Aunt Barbara scoffed in disbelief.

“Because she matters to me.” Atlas yelled at her, making her shake her head in astonishment. Her beloved nephew who loves her so much was the one raising his voice at her, and threatening her because of a woman. Atlas continued. “If I find out that you have a hand in the disappearance of Allison, I promise you Aunt, I won't take it lightly. I will put aside the fact that you're family, and I'll treat you like a subject.”

Aunt Barbara shook her head in disbelief, and mumbled. “Did he actually threaten me because of that girl? What did he see in that thing?” 

Alpha Atlas walked straight into his office, and Beta Jackson could tell that he was troubled. “My Alpha, is anything the matter?”

“Yes, Beta. There's a huge problem. I think Allison has been kidnapped, and you know that doesn't really have a powerful wolf. They could hurt her, you know?” Atlas worried.

“Kidnapped? Who could have kidnapped her? Who would have the guts to kidnap your future Luna?” Beta Jackson flared up.

Without hesitation, Alpha Atlas continued. “I want you to get the guards to search every nook and cranny of this castle. They must find my Luna before dawn. Pass my order.” Alpha Atlas yelled with finality in the tone of his voice.

“Yes, Alpha.” Beta Jackson nodded before stepping out of the office.

Meanwhile, the masked man still has a knife placed on my throat. I was so scared because my hands and legs were tied and I couldn't move an inch. Then, he continued. “I can't understand what the Alpha will want with a mere slave.” 

“Why don't you ask the Alpha instead of kidnapping me like a coward?” I growled at him, and he got more furious, and tightened his grip on my hair.

“I see you're a feisty one, huh? Maybe I should have some fun with you first. There must be something special about your body if the Alpha's sleeping with you.” He smirked mischievously. Immediately, he sniffed my neck, and chuckled. “Let's see what's under that dress.”

I gasped, and struggled to free myself. “Let me go. Don't you dare touch me with your filthy hands. Aren't you afraid of losing your life? The Alpha will find me, and you're definitely going to pay if you touch me.” 

He laughed rather sarcastically. “Really? You think you'd still be alive by then, huh? You better cooperate, because if you try to make things difficult for me, I'll have to force you.” 

He grabbed my hand and suddenly let go of me, making me wonder what got him to change his mind. “That's the Alpha's mark.” He gasped.

“That's…That's a tattoo. “ I lied, but he shouted at me. “Nice try. Wait, until the elders find out about this, don't you think they would reward me if I brought this to them?” He snorted.

“What would happen if you told them? What's so wrong with the alpha choosing to be with me?” I asked with eyebrows arched.

Then, he thought to himself. “It seems she's yet to know that she's a hybrid and not a full werewolf. I can't reveal that to her.”

“Since you just said it's a tattoo, let's carve it off and see.” He smiled maliciously.

With that, he pierced my marked wrist with the knife, and I yelled out in pain. I don't know how it happened, but my eyes turned gray immediately. Before I knew it, he was lying on the ground in a pool of blood. My hands and clothes were covered with blood… his blood. 

I looked at myself. How did I do that? When did my wolf become so powerful? I was so frightened, and fidgeting already when Alpha Atlas rushed into the dungeon. He must have sensed where I was because the mark was punctured.

Upon seeing the Alpha, the wounded man managed to get up and ran off as fast as he could. Atlas wasn't even going to go after him, he rushed to me and hugged me tight. “Allison, are you okay?”

“I…I nearly killed someone, Atlas. I feel like a murderer.” I cried out. “No, Allison. You just defended yourself, he was going to kill you.”

Immediately, I looked at Alpha Atlas's wrist, and saw that it was bleeding. “Atlas, your wrist? What… what happened?”

“The mark was pierced, so I could feel it too. Anything that happens to my mark, I'm definitely going to feel the pain. Don't worry, it will heal before you know it. By the way, I never knew your wolf was this powerful.” He started.

I took a deep breath, and replied. “I don't know how this happened either. Lately, I have been having strange dreams. Honestly, I think something is not right.”

“That will be talked about later. I'll take you to the doctor, and we'll find who had the guts to hurt you.” Alpha Atlas said as he carried me out of the dungeon.

Alpha Atlas approached Beta Jackson who was standing with one of the guards Martin at the entrance of the castle. “Beta, I want you to find one of the guards. He's wounded, and probably has not left the castle.”

“Yes, Alpha.” 

Martin's eyes narrowed in shock, and he thought to himself. “That damn a**hole! How did he let himself get caught? Oh, no! This is bad. I must do something about it. I can't let Jackson find him,if not he'll have my name and that of Harper mentioned.”

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