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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 46




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 46

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


I sat on the bed with my diary. I've actually been staring at it for quite a long time. Likewise, I was not staring at the diary, I was looking at the pictures of Atlas and me that I tucked into the diary. 

“What are you thinking of, Allison? What makes you think you're suitable to be Luna of such a massive Pack?” I smiled dryly, trying hard to force my tears back.

I already know that I'm a slave, who just turned into a princess. Do they really have to be so cruel and keep reminding me that I came from the gutters? 

Fine! I think it's time I tell myself the truth. There is no way people will see me differently because regardless of what I do, I will always be considered a slave.

Furthermore, I couldn't hold back the tears anymore, so they ran down my cheeks freely. Then, I heard the door creak, so I quickly wiped my tears off immediately. “You don't have to pretend like you've not been crying.” 

It was Alpha Atlas. He walked straight to me, and hugged me tight. That was when I burst into tears even more. “Why, Atlas? Why do I sense that they hate me so much anywhere I go? Did I do anything bad to them? It's bad enough that I was a slave. I mean, all my life all I've ever received was maltreatment, hatred. But why?” 

Atlas held me close to his chest, and kissed my cheeks. “I don't care if they all hate you, but nothing will make me hate you, Allison. You're such a lovable person. They are the ones who are too blind to see that, okay?”

“Atlas, I don't see any possibility of your aunt liking me. I don't want us to be in a relationship that is disapproved of by your only relative. I won't be comfortable knowing that I'm actually driving a wedge between the both of you.” I shook my head.

With a faint smile, he patted my head and replied. “I don't think there's anyone who would want to hate you after knowing what a sweet soul you are. You have nothing to worry about, I'm sure that my aunt will come around. By the time she gets to know you, she'll grow to love you.”

“Oh, you! You just say that because you want me to feel better. Thank you so much for your kind words, Atlas. I truly wish that I wasn't a slave. Maybe if I wasn't a slave, your aunt wouldn't have disapproved of us.” I forced a smile at him.

With that, he hugged me tight and carried me to the bed. “I don't want you crying all night. It will make you wake up, ugly.” Upon hearing that, I chuckled. He kissed my forehead, and covered me with the duvet, whispering a good night in my ear before turning off the table lamp.

Meanwhile, crying bitterly, Harper kept pacing around, mumbling some inaudible words to herself. She was absent-minded, but was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard footsteps.

“I asked you to do one thing for me, Harper. I gave you everything you needed. It should not have been that hard…” Aunt Barbara yelled on top of her voice.

Harper snapped. “Maybe you should not have let Atlas keep that girl.”

“It's not my fault that you are so incompetent. And I am not to blame that he's willing to sleep with a slave and not you.” Aunt Barbara replied.

“That says more about your nephew than me.” Harper scoffed.

With that, Aunt Barbara turned to her with her eyes widened. “Need I remind you, I could ask any lady to do this job, and they would be jumping up in excitement? But I trusted you. If you want to be Luna, you will make him want you.”

With finality in the tone of her voice, Aunt Barbara walked away, still fuming angrily. Tears circulated in Harper's eyes, and she continued pacing around helplessly.

“Can you please quit pacing? You're making me dizzy, Harper.” One of the guards walked in. 

Taking a deep breath, Harper sat heavily on the couch. She was still restless, but silent. Clearing his throat, the guard asked. “Harper, do you really want to keep wasting your time, throwing yourself at him?”

“He should want me. I just can't accept that he'd choose a slave over me, Martin. That's practically unacceptable. That slave… She's the problem. There must be some reason why he's keeping her. No matter what it takes, I have to find her weakness, and use that against her.” Harper bit her lips. 

After a few minutes of silence, Harper raised her head with a smirk. “Martin, did you receive any information from the man I sent to collect some information?” 

“Yes. He came with this.” Martin replied, and handed the files over to her. “I just hope that man is useful, if not, I'll have to finish him off.” Harper replied.

She opened the files, and flipped it over. Her eyes widened in shock, and then beamed with smiles. 

“Oh, I see there must be some good news, huh? You look like you just won a lottery ticket or something. Tell me about it.” Martin smiled mischievously.

Laughing hysterically, Harper replied. “This has got to be the best news of my life. It's like killing two birds with one stone. Who would have thought that the little beggar girl is actually not a full werewolf.” 

“What? Hell no!”

“Hell yeah, she's the vampire's princess. The mortal enemies of our pack…and the ones who killed Alpha Atlas's father. The game has just begun.” Harper continued laughing hysterically.

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