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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 45




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 45

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


Aunt Barbara walked into the room with smiles all over her face. Harper was seated on the couch, sipping from the glass of red wine on the table.

“What the hell happened to our plan? I went to his room last night, and it was locked.” Harper half yelled.

“Tell me the good news, How did it go? Did you succeed in making him get intimate with you last night? I walked past his chambers last night, and I can swear that he was with a lady last night. So tell me, how was it?” She asked with a malicious grin.

Harper scoffed. “Aunt, whatever It was you that you heard was not from me. Before I could enter his room, it was already locked. Did you lock the door immediately? I thought you said you would allow me to enter the room before you lock the door, huh?”

“What are you talking about, Harper? A lady entered his room, and I locked the door immediately. Was it not you?” Aunt Barbara raised her brows.

Rolling her eyes, Harper continued. “I didn't. As a matter of fact, last night, when I headed to his room, I found out that the door was locked.”

“Oh, my God! Who could have sneaked into his room? Damn it! I was so sure that someone entered before I locked the door. What I don't know is whether the person was you or not. What do we do now?” Aunt Barbara paced around restlessly.

Harper continued. “I've never been so embarrassed, Aunt. You should have seen how I dolled up, and even wore the best seductive perfumes just to get him to myself. Only for me to get to the door, and found out that it was locked.”

“Oh, no! This is bad. I really thought you were the one inside his room. All I cared about was to lock the door. If that wasn't you, then who was my nephew with last night?” Aunt Barbara cried out.

Clenching her fist in annoyance, Harper jerked up from the couch. “How do we know if we don't find that out by ourselves?” 

Meanwhile, Alpha Atlas was still fast asleep with his arms wrapped around the female lying next to him. 

He rolled to the other side of the bed and gradually opened his eyes. His vision was blurry for a few seconds before he could see the beautiful figure beside him.

Immediately, he jerked up from the bed and peered into the face. His warm breath on my face woke me up.

“Atlas!” I smiled calmly at him, and he heaved a sigh of relief before kissing my forehead. “For a second, I got so scared that I might have gotten intimate with another woman. I don't know what got into me last night, I felt so uncontrollable, and I didn't even know that you were the one.”

I bit my lips nervously, and said. “That's right. I was surprised because I haven't seen you in that form before. I just came in to get my hairpin that I left here, but you pounced on me. That was so unlike you.”

“I'm truly sorry, Allison. I'm confused, it felt like I was under some influence. I'll get to the bottom of this. Likewise, I need to find out what it was that I took that made me feel that way.” He said, and hugged me tight.

Without hesitation, I snapped at him. “It's true. I forgot to tell you, the moment I entered this room, the door was shut from outside immediately.”

“What? Someone shut my door, huh?” Atlas roared. Immediately, the door was unlocked, and the knob twisted. Aunt Barbara and Harper walked into the chambers.

Harper's eyes grew in resentment immediately when she saw me. I could see disappointment in her eyes too. “What the hell are you doing?” She mouthed.

“This slave? What is she doing here, Atlas? Why are you frolicking with a slave?” Aunt Barbara glared at me with hatred. 

Tears circulated in Harper's eyes, and she cried out. “Aunt, now I know why your nephew won't settle with me, that's because he's busy sleeping with a slave who has no class and no origin.” 

With that, Harper ran out of the room in annoyance. Aunt Barbara stared at me angrily, and I quickly got down from the bed with the duvet wrapped around my chest. “I want this slave out of this mansion at once, Atlas.”

“I'm the Alpha. Only I can decide who stays and who leaves the Pack house.” Atlas snapped at her.

Barbara scoffed, and continued. “Don't you think of your reputation and that of the Pack, huh? If you aren't concerned about your reputation, then care about the pack's reputation. What do you think others will say if they hear that you're mated with a slave who has an unknown origin?”


“It isn't like that and…” I tried to speak, but she rushed to me angrily. “Shut your trap, girl. You don't talk while I…” Aunt Barbara raised her hand to slap me, but Atlas held her hand.

She gasped, staring at Atlas with shock. “You lay hands on your only family? Your Aunt?”

“Allison, I need a moment alone with my aunt. Please excuse us.” Atlas said, and I nodded my head before running off. 

Atlas turned to Barbara, who was still gobsmacked with his actions earlier. “I made it perfectly clear, aunt. Allison is mine. Not even you can lay a finger on her.”

“I thought I could count on you, Atlas. But as an Alpha, you're a disappointment.” Barbara snorted at him and walked away.

Atlas rushed to her, and continued. “Aunt, wait. You seem not to understand me, do you? She's my mate and…”

“Cut that crap, Atlas. I would rather not hear anything. You have decided to ignore all of my words of advice. I have grieved my dearest nephew. Currently, I only see you as a king, not my family.” She cut in before leaving angrily.

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