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Priceless One - Episode 8



Priceless One - Episode 8



Shalewa smiled inwardly to herself as she watched the TV series with her younger ones. On a normal day, when her parents were around, she wouldn’t be having the liberty to watch a TV series at this time of the day.

 But they are not around and she needed to maximize her liberty.
Her phone rang and it was Sandra who called.

“ Do not forget Shalewa that Chioma's birthday party is tonight…..  and it’s almost time.” Sandra reminded her.

“But I thought I told you that I’m not coming!!” Shalewa replied.

Sandra became pissed.

“ Come on Shalewa!!.... Don’t be stμpid…..I already told you that Edwin is not invited and this party will be a modest one and will be so much fun….. besides, it will not speak well of you to be absent to Chioma’s party because she is one of us.” Sandra said.

Shalewa exhaled deeply.
Going to the party was really tempting, but she needed to feel safe and secure so that a repeat of what happened the other night would not reoccur.

An idea suddenly popped into her head.

What if she took Tayo along with her?

At least that will make her more comfortable and his presence would serve as a protection to her, against any predator.

Now that she had the freedom to leave the house anytime she wanted, since her parents were not around. So there’s no barrier whatsoever stopping her. 

She decided to ask Sandra if she could bring an extra company along.

“ Can I bring someone along with me?” She asked Sandra.

“ Why not?.... You can come with whoever you want to come with.” Sandra assured her.

“ Ok thanks….. I’ll be there.” Was Shalewa’s final answer before she hung up the call.

She quickly placed a call through to Tayo and begged him to accompany her to the pool party. Tayo was after all, a master in sneaking out of his parents house without being caught and him coming along with a ride from the fleet of his father’s cars, was an extra bonus on her side. She quickly went inside to freshen up and was ready.

“ Aunty Shalewa…… where are you going?” Folake her immediate younger sister asked her as she was about to leave the house.

“ Erm!.... Sorry I forgot to inform you that I will be going for a church vigil program tonight….. that church that is in the next street of our neighbourhood…… the one we went for their anniversary last month.” Shalewa explained to her sister.

“ Ok then….let’s go with you….. don’t leave us alone in this house….I am scared to sleep alone.” Folake voiced her fears.

“ Haba Folake!..... You are not a baby now……and Toun is also with you, so why should you be scared?.....”
Shalewa sighed.

“...See, I promise I will not stay long ok?....and if you are hungry, there is food in the house ehn……please shut the door after I leave.” Shalewa said.

But Folake was still not comfortable.

“ Why don’t we all go together?” She asked again.

“ And I said No!!” Shalewa snapped and hurriedly left the house, heading to the T junction where she normally meets Tayo.

Tayo was already there waiting for her. He wore a frown the moment he saw her.

“ I don’t like impromptu calls.” He stated.
She smiled apologetically.

“ I know…. I’m sorry…. I initially didn’t plan to take you along, but I was permitted to invite someone to the party…..and since you love to have fun, that’s why I want us to go together.” She said.

Tayo nodded.

She suddenly noticed the SUV Tayo came in, and grew more excited.

“ Tayo!.... Tayo!!..... This car is the real deal…. But hope we will not get into trouble like this, because I know that this is your dad’s favorite car?” She asked on worry.

Tayo shrugged.

“ If we stick to the time and come back before 2pm, there won’t be any problem…..since my dad would still be asleep at that time.” He said.

“ Ok then……let’s get going.” She replied excitedly.


Harriet finished the last of her assignment and returned her books in her school bag. The mathematics assignment was a bit technical, but she was able to figure her way through it.

She yawned tiredly, slowly feeling the pang of hunger, she climbed down the stairs and proceeded to the kitchen to prepare a meal for herself.

It was 11pm, and her mom was out as usual, leaving her home alone. But she had already adjusted and gotten used to her mom’s late coming.

She managed to fry some eggs to eat with bread and placed a cup of beverage on a tray. She advanced to the sitting room to eat her food.

Obviously in a mood for entertainment, she switched on the TV and perused through the channels in search of an interesting program as she munched on her food.

Time soon elapsed, and she drifted into sleep.
By the time she woke up, it was 12 am already.
She quickly turned off the TV and ensured that the doors were locked, before heading to her room to sleep.


“ Toun!!..... Toun!!!..... What’s wrong with you…. Please talk to me Toun!” Folake shook her little brother vehemently.

The boy, all of a sudden, woke up from sleep and began to gasp for breath, tapping and waking her up in the process.

Folake couldn’t understand what happened to her brother and why he had a laboured breathing.

“ Oh I’m in trouble o!!..... Toun!!..... Please tell me what is wrong?..... Do you want water?......Toun please now….we are the only ones at home…. Please tell me what is wrong?” She asked in panic.

She quickly searched for her phone and dialled Shalewa’s number. It rang but there was no reply.

Folake clasped her hands on her head.

“...I am in trouble o.” She cried, Biting her hands and wondering what to do.

It was already late that night and she wondered where to find Shalewa.
She knelt in front of her brother.

“ Toun, please hold on…. Please hang on, let me get help from our neighbor.” She begged 

Toun who was already restless this time.

She quickly ran to the next flat and knocked on mummy Nkem; their neighbor's door.

Mummy Nkem was already asleep. But Folake knocked hard and loudly, not minding if her knocks would tear down the door.

“ Who is that?” It was daddy Nkem that replied harshly.

“ It’s me sir…… it’s Folake….. please help me sir….My brother is sick!!” Folake said loudly.

There was a pause for about five minutes, before daddy Nkem opened the door and saw Folake crying profusely.

“ Folake what is that matter?” He asked concernedly.

“ It’s Toun!!.... Toun is not breathing well!!” Folake announced agitatedly.
Mummy Nkem, who had also been awoken by Folake's voice, also came out.

“ How come Toun is not breathing properly….. is he sick or something?” She asked Folake anxiously.

“ I don’t know ma… I don’t know what’s wrong with him ma…..we are the only two at home!” 

“ What of your parents?.....” Daddy Nkem asked.

“ They travelled for a program since yesterday and they are not back.” Folake explained.

Daddy Nkem rushed inside to take his shirt.

“ Let’s go and see him.” He said and left with her hurriedly, with his wife following behind as she struggled to tie her wrapper.

When they got to the house, Toun was still battling for his breath.

Daddy Nkem took him and tilted his back forward, while he tapped him at interval. He pulled Toun's shirt and said soothing words to calm him down.

Toun began to calm down slowly. But he still had a little difficulty breathing.

“ Get him water!” daddy Nkem instructed Folake and Folake rushed to get a bottle of water and gave Toun to drink.

Mummy Nkem suddenly noticed Shalewa’s absence and asked Folake.

“ Where is Shalewa?” She asked.

“ Folake went to a vigil in a church a few blocks away.” 

“ Have you called her to inform her about what the situation?” Daddy Nkem asked.

“ Yes sir….. I’ve called her phone severally but she is not picking.” Folake replied.

“ I think you need to go and fetch your sister…..we need to take this boy to the hospital…. You can see he is still having difficulties breathing.” Daddy Nkem said.

“ Ok sir….let me quickly go and fetch her.” She said.

“ Yes go…..we will stay with him….but you need to hurry up!” Mummy Nkem replied.

“ Ok ma.” 

Folake rushed out of the house and headed to the church Shalewa had earlier told her that she was going to.

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