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Priceless One - Episode 24



Priceless One - Episode 24



 Day two of the seminar.

 Harriet’s account with Mrs Bello


"I miss my Grandma so very much, that I cry myself to sleep each time I remember her.
She was so loving and caring that I never felt the impact of my mom’s absence in my life.
To me, my grandma was my biological mom, and my grandpa; my dad..."

"...Although we didn’t have so much money, but I was very happy...

Harriet sighed.

"...Grandma would weave my hair into nice weaves, and tell me folk tale stories at night. She supervised my assignments and encouraged me to be the best version of myself.

"..I also love my former school. I love my classmates and friends. I was an A student, always taking the first position in my former school. My best friend used to live in our neighborhood, so she will come to my house and we would play and study together...

"..Grandma never joked with church. She would wake me up early on Sunday morning and made sure we arrived early for Sunday school.
With Grandma, I felt like the most beautiful girl in the world and Grandpa...

"...I so much love my grandpa too. He was an ex military personnel, so he loved telling me stories of his days in the force...
Harriet said with a smile.

"...One day.." She continued. 

"...he was in the yard, tending to the vegetable plants in his little garden, when I went to meet him.

“.. Grandpa. I called...
He looked at me and smiled..

“Yes princess..” 

I smiled back at him and said...

“ I want you to train me on self defense in a physical combat.” I told him.

He looked at me curiously.

“ ...And why do you want me to teach you?.... Is anyone harassing you?” He asked me.

I laughed.

“ ...No grandpa….. I just want to learn how to defend myself in case I find myself in a distressed situation.” I replied him.

He looked at me and laughed out, then gathered me in his arms.

“ ...Ok….I will teach you…..but do not tell your grandma that I taught you o.” 

I nodded.

"...Learning the act of self defense with Grandpa was an intensive training than what I envisaged. But grandpa made it fun filled for me and educated me to never use it as a means of bμlly….but only for a self defense purpose.... 
"...But tragedy struck, and things changed for me when my grandma d¡ed of a brief ¡llness and in no short time, my mother came to pick me...

"...I wasn’t initially used to my mother…. And I wondered at times, why she was completely different from my grandma."

Harriet sighed softly.

"...You see, my mom had me when she was 18years. She was in school as at that time so she had to hand me over to my grandma to take care of me.

"...I moved in with her shortly after my grandma d¡ed. She would abandon me in the house and keep late nights. There were days she would come back home with different kinds of men and this got me irritated so many times. But things have changed now...

"...When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I complained and she promised to change which she’s doing right now and I’m glad about it...She has stopped coming late at nights, and she’s spending more time with me now. But there’s one thing she does and I don’t like...

"...I have asked my mom about my father several times, but she always tried to avoid the subject and I don’t know why...

"...I just want to know my fàther! I don’t care if he has a family now…. Neither do I want to live with him.but I just want to know who he is!"

Harriet broke into sobs.
"...Everyone has a father, and I believe I also have one. But why don’t I get the chance to know my father?.... I thought that should be a right that shouldn’t be denied me.
Sometimes I even do wonder if my father even knows I exist at all. But my mom would always shy away from such discussion. But she doesn’t have the slightest idea how this so badly affects me.” Harriet ended.

Mrs Bello jotted on her note for a while, even after Harriet had ended her story.

She looked up at Harriet and smiled.

“ Harriet, you are truly a beautiful princess dear and you have a great future ahead of you.”

“.. You see.” Mrs Bello continued.

“...Adulthood can be quite complicated at times…. And there are some stories of the past that are hard to share sometimes….. I would say you should give your mom some time to come around...
Because you are still getting to know your mom right now, and she has likely also passed through a lot….. thank God you were trained by your grandma to be good and responsible, 

"...And from what you have said so far, your mom is still trying to get adjusted to a life of motherhood. So you have to be patient with her...
"..There’s a story behind your conception that she’s not willing to share now. But she will someday..."


 Shalewa’s account with Mrs Bello


"I feel my parents are too strict compared to my friends parents. They do not allow my siblings and I to go out and play with friends...

"..Its always church, school, church and church...

"..My father is a full time pastor and my mom is a supportive wife. And most times, I feel it’s quite suff0cating to be a pastor’s daughter, because everyone has a set of standard they expect me to keep and I’m always expected to be flawless in other not to cause a scåñdal..

"...I come from a humble background and I’m the first born with two other siblings after me.
The first day I came to Hamsford college, I saw the caliber of students and how that they came from wealthy backgrounds so I felt int¡m¡dated and wondered how I could strive in the midst of rich kids who had it all on a platter of gold, while I barely had enough to scrape through... 

"...I was afråid that I would be m0cked if my classmates finds out that I’m from a poor background, so I overcompensated by joining the big girls and pretended to be a rich kid as well. It’s the only way I could escape being bμll¡ed. Things got out of hand and I messed up badly and even implicated Tayo my best friend in the process. But thank God Tayo and I are now on talking terms now. And I was able to also gain a true friend in the process...

"..Her name is Harriet...
Harriet really came through for me and I’m so happy she chose me as her friend. Although I feel at times, that she’s so much better than me in many aspects, especially academically, but I will continue to do my best and try not to disappoint my parents again..
"...I learnt my lesson the hard way. But I still cannot help getting intimidated at times, when I see this rich kids flaunt their parents affluence in front of me. I wish sometimes that my parents were also wealthy, so that I can enjoy the good things of life."
Shalewa ended.

Mrs Bello  let out a pleasant smile.

“ Shalewa….life is not a competition!!..... And one vital lesson you must learn is….. never feel intimidated by anyone’s status…. Because on the other hand, there are things that you have that they do not have...

"..You have a lot of untapped resources dwelling on the inside of you, and you must appreciate your uniqueness..

"...You have a wonderful family that loves you and nurtures you in the fear of God…. There are many children, praying fervently to have this….. you are sent here as a representative of your family, so never you look down on yourself for any reason, It’s not a healthy way to think…..the grass is always greener on the other side, but what you fail to know is that behind all those material possession, there are so many secret things that transcends beyond the physical eyes.” Mrs Bello said.

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