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Priceless One - Episode 23



Priceless One - Episode 23



The atmosphere in the school hall was somewhat serene as Mrs Bello addressed the students of Hamsford college the next day. The seminar had began early in the morning, not quite long after the assembly. All lessons for the day was suspended for the sake of the seminar. 

Mrs Bello was welcomed with a warm applause and the seminar that brought about a transformation in the lives of the students, began.

It was a moment of enlightenment, when Mrs Bello spoke about the effect of traμma in a child’s méntal health.

“ What are these potential factors that could cause traμma in the life of a teenager?” 

Mrs Bello continued and highlighted them.

“...These factors includes, 
Psychological, physical or sexual abuse,
Community or school vi0lence.

"...Witnessing or 
experiencing domëstic vi0lence.
Sudden or viølënce loss of a loved one.

"...Commercial séxúal expl0itation.
Natural disâster and terr0rism.

Mrs Bello took her time to explain each of the key factors and went ahead to encourage those who were experiencing traμma to speak out and get help so it won’t hinder them in the future. She also informed them that protecting their mental health should be a priority no matter what they were passing through.

“...my door is open to you, if there’s anything at all you want to talk about…. I’ll be glad to counsel you.” She announced.

“...Just remember, you are not defined by the circumstances of life…. 
You are special, 
You are unique, and above all,
You are priceless!!”

It was an emotional moment for the students as well, because many were touched, many cried, some were sober and acknowledge inwardly that they needed help.

After the seminar section ended, Mrs Bello's office was opened for a counseling session with the students until break time.

Among the students were many of the SS2 science class.

Sandra was among the first students to have a private conversation with Mrs Bello.

As she sat opposite Mrs Bello in her office, she began 
"I was ten when my father began to r@pe me. At first, the pain was really excruciating for me, but he would beg me after each s£x. My mother d¡ed when I was nine, and he never remarried any woman up till now, so I have always lived with my father, and he has been taking good care of me.

She sighed.

"...He said it was a thing people do when they are in love with each other. He loves me, and I love him too. At least, he provides anything I desire to have. I never lacked anything and he promised me that there was no one else asides from me. So with time, I got adjusted to it. and I’m addicted to it now. So we have s£x on most days 

She hesitated, contemplating whether to continue or not. 

She continued.

"...Presently, I am four months pregnant for my dad, which is not unusual for me, and I’ve been booked to have an ab0rtion immediately after my exams.

"...But for the past few days, I have been really afra¡d.Yesterday night I had a terr¡ble dream that I developed complications when having an ab0rtion and I d¡éd. I woke up really terr¡fied.

She sobbed.

"...But my dad insists I have an ab0rtion even though this will be the sixth ab0rtion I will be having. I’m really scared because the last ab0rtion I did was excruciatingly pa¡nful and I almost passed 0ut. Although my dad has promised me that this one wouldn’t be as pa¡nful. I don’t know what to do..."

She sobbed profusely.

Mrs Bello sighed deeply. 

Sandra’s case was really devastating. But that wasn’t the first time she had come across such kind of case.

“ Thank you for having the boldness to speak out concerning what you are going through Sandra……first of all, you have been through a whole lot for your age and I clearly understand how traμmatic this can be. But I want you to know that none of this is your fault. And that is why I am here, I am here to help you and support you all through.

I need to ask you a question,

She nodded.

“ Do you have any aunty that you are close to?” Mrs Bello asked.

“ No ma…. Except my mom’s younger sister I visited about five years ago. She’s a nice woman but I cannot say I’m really close to her.” 
Sandra replied calmly and faced the woman again.

“...Please…. I don’t want my dad to get arrésted….. I just need to make a decision on this prégnåncy I’m carrying…..I love my dad so much and I don’t want him arrësted.”

Mrs Bello smiled.

“ Sandra I understand how you feel ok, but we need to get you separated from your father, or else there will always be a reoccurrence of the s£xμal relationship between you and your father, leading to you being pregnant….. don’t worry, your father has some psychological problem that needs to be corrected…. And so he would be taken to a correctional facility but we have to report this to the law…… and you also, you need to undergo a recovery therapy, I know an agency that is into this and they will help you.”

She stood up from her seat and closed the gap between them, holding Sandra in a reassuring way.

“...Everything will be alright.” 

Sandra nodded with a faint smile.


 *Chima's  account with* *Mrs Bello* 

"My dad started bëãting up my mother since I was old enough to remember. 

"...I could recall one day, when he hit her head against an iron door and she passed out. I had thought that was the breaking point for my mother and she would leave him for good as soon as she recovers.

But I was wrong..!

"..Instead, she came back home and continued like nothing happened..."

He wiped a tear drop and sniffed.

“...My mom is a good woman and very peaceful, but my dad still looks for the slightest excuse to béåt her up, and after each bëâting, he would buy her a gift and beg her. His excuse most times was that she prov0ked him to ânger..."

"..The worse part of it all is that my mom is subjected to being a full time housewife, with no achievement to her name..."

"...When I was twelve years old, my dad said to me. “ Real men béåt their wives…. That’s a prove that he loves her… so I want you to learn from me so you will know how to handle a woman when you grow up.”

Chima sighed and took in a long breath before he continued.

“...Whenever i hear them f¡ght, her shrill cries Pierce’s through my heart and it becomes too heavy for me to bear, I just get lost of what to do, so I was always in want of an indulgence to serve as a temporary distraction so I could cope with the toxicity of my environment. 
That was what led to my add¡ction to c¡gårette.

"...I also would sneak out of the house at nights, to go to clubs where I could catch some fun.My interest suddenly shifted from my academics and my grades dropped drastically."

He looked up at Mrs Bello and teared up.

"...i’m a cigarette addict ma.

I can’t do without sm0king a pack per day and I don’t know how to stop." 

He sniffed.

"...I know that taking c¡gârette for a long time could lead to cåñcer of the lungs, but I just can’t stop it anymore."

He swallowed hard and seemed to be struggling with expressing himself.

Mrs Bello reached out her hands and patted him softly, urging him to continue, as she jotted down on a note pad.

“Something happened to me yesterday.” He continued.

“...I don’t even know what came over me, but I think it’s an accumulation of the bottled up pain inside of me.

"...I was having my lunch in the dinning room, when my father came out suddenly and yelled at my mom over a trivial matter. 
My mom was trying to explain things, but he wouldn’t hear it.
My dad sl@pped her hard on the face and she screamed, then he started bëãting her as usual.

"...Normally, when this happens, I would take my younger ones up the stairs and close the door.
But yesterday was different, because I was énråged. So I shouted at my father to leave my mom alone but he ignored me and continued... 

"...With the rage boiling inside of me, I went to the kitchen, and rushed out, holding a kn¡fe in my hands.

So when I got back to the scene, my father was whipping my mother with his belt.

I dragged him off her and pointed the knife at him, commanding him to leave her alone, or I will stab him to dëåth. My expression was stone cold and I meant every word of what I said.i guess it was the råge he saw in my eyes that made him retreated and left the house..."

"...I håté my father so much, but I fëár I am slowly becoming like him.” Chima ended.

Mrs Bello patted him calmly.

"...You are a strong man Chima and I want you to know that this is a phase of your life that you will get past. 

"...Nevertheless, I want you to know this:
You are not defined by the strμggles that comes your way, but the choices you make when facing them is what will either make or marr you.You are not your father, even if you’ve made some bad decisions that affected you in some way...... But you can also decide to turn your story for good by making a life changing decision to drop the bâd habits you have picked up along the way and embracing positivity and change for good..."

"...It is possible to quit sm0king if you are willing to. What you need to is prayers and to go for therapy.. but right now, i think I have to see your mom…. Your mom and I needs to have a heart to heart discussion for your benefit. Please can you tell her that your guidance and counselling teacher wants to have a word with her tomorrow?”

Mrs Bello paused.

“...Or better still, can you give me your mom’s number?” She asked Chima.

Chima nodded.

“ yes ma.” 

She gave him à note and he scribbled down his mother’s number.

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