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I'm Your Doom - Episode 45&46



I'm Your Doom - Episode 45&46

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



Marigold turned immediately and ran back to him,Jericho opened his arms wide as she embraced him into a tight affectionate hug.

👥 oh I'm so jealous right now

👥 This is sweet

👥 I still can't believe my eyes. 

"I love you too Tiger,you know I do" Marigold said. 

Jericho smiled and kissed her cheeks. 

Catalina ran away in tears,Paige immediately followed her. Melissa also walked away. 

From another angle,Richard was also watching the whole scene,he turned back and walked straight to the parking lots,he entered his car and drove out of the school. 



Dr Ruben entered into the office and Annie looked up from her desk. 

"You should knock before coming in Ruben" She said and he chuckled. 

"I wonder if you will say that if it was Xavier" Ruben said. 

Annie frowned. 

"What are you even talking about?" She snapped. 

"You don't have to deny it,that idiot's got his eyes on you and you're not doing anything about it? Or by any chance you feel the same way?" Ruben asked. 

"This shouldn't be a conversation between us,it's none of your damn business,you should act like an adult" Annie said. 

Ruben chuckled and placed his palms on the desk in front of her,their eyes fighting as they stared at each other. 

"What do you think would happen If I report your precious student to the school authority? You know the damn rule,a student is not allowed to hit on any lecturer,I'm sure you know what would happen" He said. 

"He might be expelled by the time I'm done with you two,but nothing will happen to you,since he's a lover boy,he should be able to take all the hits" Ruben smirked and pushed his hands into his pocket. 

"Don't you dare try any shit that will hurt Xavier or you're going to regret it" Annie said. 

"To avoid that...then..you have my number,call me and we are gonna settle everything,you're the one acting stubborn" He winked and caress her cheek before going out. 

Annie dropped the pen in her hand and run her fingers deep into her hair before covering her face with her palms. 

A knock came on the door few minutes later and she looked up. 


The door opened and Xavier came in,their eyes met. 

"Miss" He smiled. 

"What are you doing here? I didn't call for you" Prof Annie said. 

"I came to say goodbye,I haven't seen you all day" Xavier smiled. 

"Don't do it again" Annie muttered and Xavier raised his brows. 

"Come only when I ask or call for you please,I don't appreciate you showing up anyhow and everywhere" She said and continue her work without looking at him again. 

"Okay,and you don't have to be so angry,call me when you need me" Xavier said and went out of the office. 

"Aghh!" Annie groaned out in frustration. 

"Why did I do that? Why the fuck am I scared of what Ruben said" She roughed her hair and kept groaning. 


Franco was just driving out of the school when he saw Yuna walking,she was on her phone as she walked. Franco didn't think twice before stopping the car,he hunked and Yuna looked up. 

"Hey" Franco waved at her. 

"Hi" She smiled. 

"Going home?" 


"I will give you a ride" Franco mouthed. 

"Wow,thank you!" She said and immediately entered the car. 

Franco started driving again. 

"Why did you help me though?" Yuna asked curiously. 

"Must I have a reason? I should be asking you why you're walking home" Franco said,not taking his eyes off the road. 

"My sister left without me,I had late classes and she couldn't wait" Yuna replied. 

"Oh" Franco mumbled. 

"Where do you stay though? Is it far from our place?" Yuna asked. 

"Why? You wanna come?" Franco also questioned. 

"Am I allowed to?" She grinned. 

"No" Franco mumbled and she looked away sadly. 

After minutes of driving,Franco stopped in front of their house. 

"Thanks for the right,I appreciate you" Yuna said and Franco nodded,watching her get down from the car. 

Meanwhile,Nadia was watching them from her window upstairs. 

"When did they get so close?" She mumbled in confusion. 

She stared at them waving at each other until Franco drove off. 

Yuna smiled brightly before going into the house. 



"I'm home!" Franco announced as he entered the house,taking off his jacket at once. 

He suddenly stopped walking when he heard the familiar voice coming from the dinning room,he frowned and walked over there to prove himself wrong or right. 

"Jericho?!" His eyes widened to see Jericho sitting and eating,Mrs Robinson dishing out even more for him. 

"Dude,so you ditched me in school to cone here and eat?" Franco asked and immediately joined him. 

"Because I was starving,and I miss her food" Jericho said,picking up from the mouthful size of the spiced beef. 

"Wow I see" Franco chuckled. 

"You must be hungry too" Mrs Robinson chuckled as Franco picked up a spoon to join Jericho. 

"Can we have more?" He asked. 

"Of course,I prepared alot" Mrs Robinson replied and went into the kitchen. 

"Your news is everywhere,how could you do that with all eyes on you?" Franco asked with his mouth full. 

"You can't understand the shit I was passing through,she wouldn't talk to me" Jericho muttered. 

"So..you really love her? That's new,Marigold deserves an award for making the almighty Jericho fall flat" Franco said. 

"Shut up and let me in eat in peace" Jericho snapped and Franco chuckled. 

Mrs Robinson returned and added more side dishes on the the table for them before leaving. 

"Gosh I miss this" Jericho muttered,eating from the grilled salmon. He chewed slowly and moaned. 

"Your mom is the best when it comes to cooking" Jericho said. 

"Have you ever tasted my food?" Franco asked. 

Jericho hissed and Franco laughed. 



Holly was inside the bathtub,singing out loudly while splashing the water with her legs. A glass of wine in her hand. 

🎵 Your smile is my sunshine in the rain

🎵 Your laughter's the music that makes me sway

🎵 Every moment with you is like a dream come true

🎵  I'm lost in your eyes, oh baby, I'm crazy over you

Since she met Noir,her brain haven't settled,she stopped singing and gulped down her wine before dropping the glass. 

She came out of the bathtub and wrapped around her a towel,she returned to the bedroom. 

Holly walked over to the mirror and stood in front of it,staring at her self. 

"Noir....I'm gonna make him mine,no matter what" She smiled and began applying her night cream on her face. 

"Gosh,I'm going crazy for real,but how can he be so perfect even without a face reveal?" She shook her head and closed her eyes with deep thoughts. 



Jericho came out of his room and started walking to the balcony,,it was a very cold night. Standing there and staring at the silent city lights made him feel relaxed a little from the pressure of not getting even an half hour of sleep. 

He brought out his phone from his pocket and checked his contact list,he stopped scrolling and stared at Marigold's number for a while. 

"She must be sleeping...she doesn't joke with that" He scoffed and was about shoving the phone back into his pocket when it rang..Marigold calling. 

He answered the call with a confused look on his face. 

"Did something happened?" He asked. 

"Where are you?" Marigold asked. 

"Balcony" Jericho mumbled. 

"I knew you weren't sleeping,I couldn't sleep because I'm worried about you" Marigold muttered. 

"Worried about me?" Jericho asked again. 

"Is there a reason why you can't sleep at night? Can you share with me?" She asked. 

Jericho said nothing,silence followed. 

"It's okay if you don't want to tell me now,I'm going to wait. But I wish I can do something to make you sleep peacefully" 

Jericho chuckled. 

"Does this come naturally for you? You're acting like a good girlfriend already" He teased. 

"But I've always been this caring,you're the one acting unfair towards me" Marigold said and Jericho imagined her pouting her lips. 

"I miss you" He muttered. 

"Me too!! I wish I'm with you right now" 

"Then.....would you spend the night here tomorrow?" Jericho asked. 

"I'm going to take permission from mom...."

"Sure,do that" Jericho said. 



Annie was pacing to and fro in the living room,her phone in her hand,she kept biting her lips. 

She couldn't stop thinking about Xavier,was she too harsh on him earlier? What if he's really angry with her?

"Oh gosh Annie,what am I doing" Sue groaned and fell on the couch. 

She decided to text him instead of calling. 

She already typed the message but then erased it back. 

"I'm so pathetic" She roughed her hair and dropped the phone. 

She lay on the couch and closed her eyes. 

"I should be able to sleep here..." she mumbled. 



"Bye mom" Marigold kissed her mom's cheek. 

"Alright" Mrs Scott said,not fully paying attention,she was also in a hurry to get dressed. 

Marigold checked the time and walked out of the room. Getting out of the house,she could see Jericho's car waiting just down the road,he was standing out and resting on the car,a smile appeared on her face and she started walking. 

Jericho saw her coming and he smiled,staring at her every steps. She was looking pretty as usual. 

"Pretty?" He muttered. 

His eyes suddenly left Marigold and they fell on a strange man in black,peeping from the back of the fence at the end of the street. He was staring at Marigold. He was wearing a hoodie that covered his face so he couldn't see him well. 

Jericho frowned and stood properly,staring at the man. 

"Is he a stalker?" He mumbled,seems like the man saw Jericho looking and he suddenly disappeared. 


"Tiger" Marigold called when she finally got to him. 

He faced her with a smile and pulled her into a hug. 

"I missed you all night" he muttered. 

Marigold smiled. "Me too" 

"How do I look? I didn't really check before leaving the house,I was in a hurry" She said,turning around in front of him. 

Jericho grabbed her waist and pulled her close to himself. 

"Let's go to school,you look hot and you know that" He said,making her blush. 

He opened the door for her and she entered,after joining her,he drove off. His mind went back to the black hoodie man he saw earlier and sighed. 

'Maybe I'm over thinking' he said inwardly. 



"Honestly,I never imagined that the cold hearted,serious,bad boy called Jericho would have a girlfriend before me" Shawn teased,as soon as Jericho came in. 

"I told you not to bring him with you anytime we are together,He's crazy" Jericho said to Franco who laughed. 

"He refused to stay back" Franco said. 

Jericho scoffed and entered fully. 

"So how was your first day? What have you done so far? I trust you,,I know you won't take things slow" Shawn chuckled and Jericho glared at him. 

"I think you should stop talking" Franco whispered to Shawn. 

"Why? I love it when he frowns" Shawn said loudly. 

"Shouldn't you be training right now? Do you have time to run your mouth so much?" Jericho asked. 

"Of course you wouldn't know since you don't ask...but our training ended already. And....this time I might be in the Olympic next month" Shawn said. 

"Wow....you're really amazing. You're the leader in the Swimming team,you play basketball ball too" Franco clapped. 

"You both should join a team also,how about basketball......."

"I'm not interested" Franco and Jericho said at a time and Shawn sighed before shaking his head. 



"You've been smiling since morning" Sawyer said to Marigold. 

"Someone's dating the hottest guy in school and you expect her to frown? Teach me how you did it" Yuna pouted. 

Marigold chuckled. 

"Stop it" She muttered and drank a little bit from her water. 

"So...have you guys had......"

"Shut up!" The girls all yelled at Yuna at a time and she blinked. 

"Why are you bullying me?"

"So you expect them to have sex on their first day?" Alice asked. 

"Not really bad" Yuna grinned. 

"Gosh" Sawyer shook her  head. 

"And you...what's going on between you and Shawn? I've been seeing you both together so much recently" She faced Alice. 

"His girlfriend broke up with him..coz of me" She said. 

"You? How?" Marigold asked. 

"He said she's got a friend here and she sent our pictures to...."

"Who cares? Now is your time to shine baby,go for it" Yuna winked. 

"I support Yuna this time around" Sawyer smiled. 

"But.....he just broke up,,won't it look somehow?" Alice asked. 

"Don't talk to him first,just follow the vibes if he start a conversation with you" Yuna immediately said. 

"Okay" Alice nodded. 



"Is there anything else we have not discussed?" Xavier asked,He's the team leader. 

"I just hope the part you gave me is easy to find" A girl said as she arranged her bag. 

"You don't have a choice anyway,we are all taking parts in this,nobody left out" Xavier replied. 

"Bye everyone" 

They started leaving one after the other,Xavier closed his laptop and turned,only to find Jericho still sitting down. He ignored him as usual and started walking to the door. 

"Don't you think we should talk?" Jericho asked. 

Xavier frowned and looked at him. 

"I have nothing to say to you" He said. 

Jericho stood up. 

"No,you must have a lot of questions and scolding to do. Don't worry,I won't get mad,since you're my girlfriend's brother now" Jericho said. 

Xavier scoffed. 

"Like I said,I have nothing to say to you. So stop feeling yourself thinking everyone must like you,it's annoying. Because you're dating her doesn't mean we should stand together and talk,I don't even want to think about it,so stay your lane" He said. 

"Are you sure this is about me dating your sister? Do you have any other things against me?" Jericho raised his brows. 

"I hate talking too much" Xavier shot him a glare and walked out of the class. 

"Wow that was hot" Shawn and Franco came in. 

"How do you date a girl whose brother doesn't like you? You think he won't influence her mom not to like you also?" Shawn asked. 

Jericho said nothing. 

"You must like her alot,the Jericho I know would give up completely on her,her brother is giving you stress" Franco muttered. 

"Seems like you don't care tho" Shawn said. 

"I do" Jericho replied and went out. 

Shawn and Franco exchanged glances and followed him. 



Jericho was in the wine cellar,he was listening to some voice messages left for him,while smoking with one hand. He suddenly heard a distant sound and he turned around,nothing. 

He got up from his seat and went to the living room,it was empty and it doesn't look like someone entered,he locked the door and went upstairs. 

"Surprise!!" Marigold screamed as Jericho entered the bedroom. 

Jericho raised his brows. 

"When did you get here? I didn't hear a thing" He said. 

"That's your kitten for you" Marigold said. 

Jericho smiled and pulled her into a hug,a tight one. 

"I thought you weren't coming again" He mumbled. 

"I was getting food for us....I'm sure you didn't eat,let's go downstairs" Marigold said but Jericho didn't break the hug. 

"You're not hungry?" 

"No,I was hungry for you instead" Jericho said and she chuckled. 

He broke the hug and cupped her cheek. 

"Why didn't you show up anywhere around me in school today? I was missing you badly" He said. 

Marigold smiled and went on her toes to kiss him,he didn't think twice before kissing her back. He carried her up like she's just a child,deepening the kiss hungrily,it was so hard and wild that she was almost breathless. 

Jericho broke the kiss and stared at her intensely. 

"I'm quite hard..I'm over protective too,I get jealous madly and might end up going crazy if I see you with other guys.,it's hard to control my anger sometimes..once I start,I won't be able to stop,do you think you can cope with that?? My dark sides" He said.

Marigold smiled and touched his face. 

"I don't mind" She said,kissing him again. 

They landed on the bed,keeping up with the hard kiss,their breaths raising and falling against each other's mouth. Jericho was almost about taking off her dress when he stopped. 

Marigold opened her eyes at once. 

"Why??....why did you stop?" She asked,not having the idea at all. 

"Not now...."

"Why?" She asked again. 

"I don't want it to look like I'm taking advantage of you" Jericho muttered. 

"I'm your girlfriend,what advantage are you talking about?" Marigold asked. 

Jericho smiled and pecked her lips,he continue pouring kisses all over her,turning her on in a sexy way. 

Marigold moans as his lips touched every sensitive part of her body. 

"Tiger" She called,her eyes closed. 


"At least you can use....." She stopped. 

Jericho stopped and looked at her. 

"Use what?" He asked. 

Marigold swallowed and opened her eyes. 

"Use what?" Jericho asked again and she shut her eyes before speaking up. 

"Your fingers!" She said and Jericho's eyes almost popped out in shock. 


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