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I'm Your Doom - Episode 43&44



I'm Your Doom - Episode 43&44

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}




"Are you okay?" Marigold asked the injured guy after the nurse finished treating his head,it was plastered and he was fine. 

"Yeah,I'm sorry for doing that,I actually didn't know Jericho is your boyfriend" He apologized. 

"As if" Marigold mumbled and then stood up. 

"I'm sorry on his behalf,you got injured because of me...."

"No,it's okay" 

Marigold nodded. 

"You should go home and rest...are you a freshman too?" 

"Yeah...you can go,you don't have to worry about me" 

"Goodnight" Marigold waved at him before going out of the clinic,two guys ran into the ward the guy was,probably his friends,.

Marigold met Jericho standing outside and their eyes met,she rolled her eyes and started leaving. 

Jericho followed her and grabbed her hand,he made her face him. 

"Don't touch me!" Marigold half yelled and threw his hand off. 

"Why? But other guys can touch you?" Jericho asked and she looked at him. 

"Are you serious right now? Who fucking gave you the right to do that? You forgot so easily? You called me names! You said I was acting cheap,do you find pleasure in messing with my brain? What the fuck do you want from me?! You told me to stay away!!!" She shouted angrily. 

"So what? You're going to start flirting around because I said you should stay away from me?" Jericho asked. 

"That's none of your damn business if I flirt around,you don't own me,we shouldn't act like we give a fuck about each other,that was what you told me" Marigold glared at him. 

"Wasn't that to make me mad? You did that to get my reaction" Jericho said. 

"You really think so high of yourself" Marigold mumbled and left. 

Jericho stood there,staring at her until she was out of sight. He pushed his hands into his pocket and also walked away. 


Alice went to the rooftop to get some cool natural breeze,getting there,she met Shawn,standing with cigarette in his hand,he turned,hearing the footsteps. 

"Hey" He smiled. 

"Hi" Alice also smiled and moved closer,she stood beside him,they both leaned on the guardrail. 

"I didn't know you smokes" Alice muttered. 

"Just...sometimes...maybe....once in a week when I feel heavy" Shawn said. 

"So you feel heavy now?" Alice asked. 

"Yeah,but I'm good now since you're here" Shawn looked at her. 

"I didn't come here for you,I never expected to meet you here" Alice scoffed. 

Shawn chuckled and dropped the cigarette remains on the ground then matched it. 

"Do you have a boyfriend?" He asked. 

"No,what about you? Girlfriend?" 

"We broke up" Shawn muttered. 


"Few minutes ago" Shawn mumbled. 

"That's why you feel heavy? Does she attend Oak Valley?" Alice asked. 

"No,quite close though,I see her almost everyday" Shawn replied. 

"She broke up with you....why?" 

"Because she thinks.....I'm cheating on her" He said. 

"You look like a playboy,I don't blame her" 

Shawn chuckled and brought out his phone,he gave it to Alice and her eyes widened to see a picture of her and Shawn,it was taken by someone. It was today,when she gave him the candy. 

"What's....this??" She asked. 

"She's got a friend here,she did that and sent it to her possibly." Shawn sighed. 

"Then....I'm the reason why she broke up with you??" Alice's eyes widened. 

"Forget it....it's stupid" He scoffed and took his phone back from her. 

"You should have explained to her that we are nothing,we are not even friends...if I knew you had a girlfriend,I wouldn't have...." She stopped when Shawn looked at her intensely. 

"Now what? You regret talking to me? You will stop talking to me now?" He asked. 

"I mean,we can just explain to her...."

"I can't do that,if she doesn't trust me,her lost. You really think I have time to explain shit?" Shawn shook his head. 

"I'm sorry,it's all my....."

"Stop it" Shawn cut in and she stared at him. 

"Let's go back to the clubroom" He said and started leaving,Alice followed him behind,sighing guiltily. 


Jericho climbed on his bike and his phone started ringing,Franco calling. 

"Hey,where are you?" Franco asked. 

"I left,see you tomorrow" Jericho muttered and hung up. 

He wore his helmet and rode off speedily. 



Annie strolled along the beach, her high heels dangling from her hand as she savored the sand beneath her feet. Her long, flowing skirt caught the ocean breeze, billowing out like a sail as she walked. The slide cut up to her thigh revealed a tantalizing glimpse of her perfect white skin, and her hair flowed like a golden river, dancing in the night sea breeze.

As she paused to watch the water's rhythmic motion, her gaze was drawn to the joyful chaos of people laughing and playing in the waves. But her tranquility was soon disrupted by a stranger's approach. 

"Hi beauty" He smiled,checking her out with his naughty eyes. 

Annie looked at him ,totally uninterested with his existence. 

"Are you a goddess? I couldn't concentrate since I saw you,here alone?" He asked. 

Annie sighed but refused to talk. 

"What's your name? You're here alone right? Wanna join me and my friends??......"

"Return to your friends,she's not here alone" Xavier's voice came from the back and Annie quickly turned,a smile escaped her lips when she saw him. 

"Kid,what are you talking about?" The guy chuckled. 

Xavier gave him a cold death glare and he blinked. 

"No problem,I was just kidding" he smiled and walked away. 

Xavier rolled his eyes and faced Annie. 

"You're quite fast" She smiled. 

Xavier stared at her and the heels in her hands,then her feet,he sighed. 

"Why are you here? And why did you call me?" He asked. 

"Were you busy?" Annie asked. 

"You didn't ask me that on the phone,you sounded like it's a must to be here" Xavier muttered. 

Annie smiled as they continue walking,they moved far away from other people and she dropped the heels in her hand. 

"I was bored all alone,that was why I called you...you can at least watch me right?" She smiled and ran close to the water flowing in and out of the sea. 

Xavier stood there,staring at her as she played with the water like a kid. His eyes followed her every movement,he couldn't even blink,her laughters sound like music in his ears. 

"Do you wanna come?! It's fun!" Annie shouted.

"No,have fun" Xavier replied. 

Minutes later,Annie finally came out of the water,she was dripping wet,her hair included. She walked over to Xavier where he was standing,Xavier stared at her face then down to her chest,her blouse got wet and turned transparent that her bra line could be seen,Xavier immediately looked away and took off his jacket,he put it around her. 

"Thanks" She smiled. 

"Did you bring your car?" Xavier asked and she shook her head. 

"I will take you home if you're ready" He said. 

"We should find somewhere to eat......."

"Just go home already,you want to go and eat while looking this way?!" Xavier snapped and she blinked. 

She looked down at herself,she covered her chest well with the jacket,even the skirt was stuck to her body,showing her curves. 

"Just go home,you can order something to eat" Xavier said and picked up her heels on the ground. 

"Let's go" He muttered and started walking,Annie followed him. 

They got to the car and entered,he drove off. 



Samantha smiled as she watched Catalina who was enjoying the meal. "How's school these days? Is there anything you wanna tell me?" 

Catalina looked at her. 

"Nothing much,I'm doing well" She replied. 

"I heard about your recent nomination,,....."

"Don't talk about it,don't do anything about it either. I wish I can win this because of myself,not because I'm your daughter" Catalina said. 

"Oh come on,who said anything like that? Of course all your wins are because of you" Samantha smiled. 

Catalina sighed. 

"I hope so...I heard the winner will have more opportunity in the modeling world,I want to do this" 

"I told you I was going to talk to my friends....you agreed and suddenly disagreed again,you don't have to win the award before you chase your dream" Samantha said. 

"There's a girl in my school...she's like my rival and somehow...I think she's really better than me,she was able to appear on the cover of a magazine with nobody's influence,but me....."

"Nothing like that,it was just her luck. Yours are coming too,she's not better than you,okay?" 

Catalina smiled and nodded. 

"I know" 

"Let's quit talking about that,enjoy your meal" 

"I wish we can do this often" Catalina muttered and Samantha chuckled. 



Melissa was in the living room,sitting on the couch when his dad got home,he entered the living room and Melissa turned back. 

"Welcome dad" She greeted. 

"Is something wrong? You're sitting here" Mr Josh said. 

"I was waiting for you,and besides,I couldn't sleep" Melissa replied.

Mr Josh handed the fruit basket Samantha gave him to her. 

"For me? You bought it?" Melissa asked. 

"Someone gave me..she insisted I took it from her" 

"A lady? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm" Melissa grinned. 

"It's not what you're thinking,never,it won't happen" Mr Josh immediately Said. 

"Oh please dad,you're still young,you're handsome too,there's nothing wrong in getting married again,and besides I'm old enough to handle that,nothing like step mom maltreating me or something like that" Melissa said. 

"Goodnight" Mr Josh muttered and went upstairs. 

"Try to smile more often daddy!!" Melissa called after him. 

She went to the kitchen and took the grapes,she washed it and took a bottle of water from the fridge before going upstairs also. 



As Jericho approached the house,he saw a car parked outside the gate,right in front of his place,he finally stopped when he got there and standing beside the car was Felix. 

Jericho climbed down from the bike and removed his helmet. 

"You're finally home" Felix said with the most fake smile ever. 

Jericho faced him with a frown. 

"Why are you here?" He asked. 

"Why? You don't want me to come here....."

"And why would you be here? What are we?" Jericho snapped. 

"This anger of yours,I thought you already got rid of it,guess I was wrong,guess once a psychopath,will always be a psychopath,no cure" Felix chuckled. 

"Leave" Jericho muttered. 

"I heard you got the house and other things with your money,how?" Felix asked. 

"Why are you asking? Are you afraid I might not be useless like your mother and father tagged me as? You must be scared your father might have a change of mind if I turn out to be greater than your expectations" Jericho said. 

Felix scoffed. 

"As if...if you wanted to do anything with your life,you would have done it all those years and proved dad wrong" He said. 

"Prove him wrong? Ah...you mean your father? And why would I try to prove him wrong? I'm not hungry for his wealth like you and your mom" Jericho said. 

"Hey,watch your mouth!" Felix snapped angrily. 

"But I'm saying the truth!! You should have just fucking stayed in your fucking damn place and not come to my space!!" Jericho yelled back. 

"You're just an attention seeker,a shameless pretender who's hungry for power and you also love the way your dad treated me,you and your mom probably want everything for yourself and I did you a great favor by leaving for you,so stay your damn place......" Felix threw a punch on his face. 

"Watch your mouth! I'm still older than you!" He yelled. 

Jericho glared at him angrily and grabbed his neck,he pushed him angrily and slammed his back against the wall roughly,Felix groaned in pain. 

Jericho's dark eyes glaring into his soul as if to kill him. 

"You know what I can do...I can fucking kill you here right now and bury your body without feeling any shit called remorse,don't make me angry" He said. 

"You fucking psycho" Felix coughed out. 

Jericho released his neck and moved back. 

"Don't show your face in front of me again" He muttered climbed on his bike again,the gate opened automatically this time around and he entered,the gate closed again. 



FREQ is one or probably the biggest music industry in Paris,with Noir's influence,they got even more recognition and popularity. 

Outside,,some cars stopped at once,the guards rushed out of the cars and ran to the one in front,they opened the door and Noir stepped down,Sky came out of the same car too. 

Noir was using a face mask and sunglasses,Sky walked beside him while the guards followed,covering him up as he walked in their middle into the company building. 

👥 Hello Noir

👥 How are you Noir,it's been a while.

👥 Good to see you again Noir

👥 Hiii!!!

👥 Oh my gosh,it's Noir!!!

Noir kept nodding to return the greetings,it continued until he got to the Director's office,the guards waited outside,and he entered with Sky. 

Holly was already instead,waiting,she spranged up immediately she saw him. 

"Oh my gosh" She covered his mouth with her palm. 

"Noir,welcome" the Director got up to shake hands with him before sitting back down. 

"Hi....I'm Holly,I don't know If you've heard about me...."

"I know you" Noir's voice sounded like sweet melody in her ears and her cheeks turned red. 

"Please have a seat,let's talk. I have somewhere else to go" Noir said. 

Holly Immediately sat down,wishing he would remove the mask and glasses,but it never happened. 



"Nadia! Nadia wait!!" Reid walked after her,calling her name loudly but she didn't stop,she kept going,she suddenly bumped into someone's chest and she raised her head. 

Her eyes met with Franco's own and she quickly moved back. 

Franco looked at Reid and then back to her,he said nothing and simply walked away. Nadia took her lips in and Reid came over to her. 

"I said I am sorry,stop giving me the silent treatment already,I'm sorry" He said. 

"I want to be alone Reid,please" Nadia muttered and walked away. 


Marigold was walking alone,her phone suddenly buzzed and she stopped for a minute to check.

*LET'S TALK*  a message from Jericho. 

She ignored it and pushed her phone back into her pocket before walking away. 

Meanwhile Jericho was right behind her when he sent that,he stopped walking when he saw how she ignored his message. 

He sighed and turned to go only to find Xavier standing there,looking at him. 

"What are you planning again? Didn't we had an agreement?" He asked. 

"How about we start from you telling her that I fucked up because of what you told me?" Jericho asked and moved closer to him. 

"I know I'm quite crazy,but I shouldn't have done that or said all those shits to her,it's all your fault!!" Jericho yelled. 

"You should go ahead and tell her what you told me,to clear the damn misunderstanding at least,it's annoying" He added and walked away,hitting Xavier's shoulder with his. 

Xavier sighed. 



Marigold was sitting in the bleachers,watching the football team jogging round the field,she inserted straw into the banana milk she was holding and started drinking it. 

She brought out her phone and opened Jericho's message again,she stared at it endlessly and sighed. Heaven knows she wanted to run to him badly,and hug him,she was craving to be with him and...she was merely trying to control the urge. 

"You can do this Mari,just a little bit...one last time he makes an attempt" She mumbled. 

'What if he doesn't show up again??' Something whispers and her heart skipped a beat. 

"No...he's going to come again,he will" She folded her shaking hands. 

"Baby face!!" Richard called from the field down. 

"Hi!" She smiled and waved at him,watching as he continue jogging with his team. 



Marigold just walked out of the library,she got her assignment done while waiting for Xavier and now she doesn't even know if he's ready or not. 

"Kitten" Jericho suddenly appeared in front of her. 

Marigold rolled her eyes and walked past him,ignoring him,Jericho followed. 


"Kitten!" He kept calling and walking after her. 

The students walking and the ones around were already staring at them. 

👥 Wow

👥 Jericho calling someone Kitten?

👥 I've never seen Jericho chased a girl. 

👥 Isn't she Xavier's sister?

"Kitten wait!!" Jericho shouted but Marigold didn't. 

"I MISS YOU!!! He shouted. 

👥 Holy Shit

Catalina was watching from an angle Melissa's phone dropped from her hand. The students started murmuring. 

Jericho stared at Marigold who continue walking without turning back. 


Marigold stopped walking but didn't turn back still. 

"I like you too....I feel the same way,I mean it,I'm just a jerk to say all those words to you,I miss your voice,I miss your warm hugs too,please stop ignoring me,,just talk to me,please" He begged. 

Marigold swallowed,

"I LOVE YOU KITTEN!!" He said even more louder. 

Crazy loud gasps filled the air. 


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