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I'm Your Doom - Episode 41&42



I'm Your Doom - Episode 41&42

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}




"Gosh! This girl is something else,Is she really trying to mess with my brain at this point?! Huh?!!" Mrs Scott screamed out in frustration after trying Marigold's number for the umpteenth time without getting a response. 

The rain was beginning to fall again and Marigold isn't home yet,it was getting dark also. 

"Maybe she might be with sir Xavier" Kate said,trying to calm Mrs Scott down. 

"I don't think so" Mrs Scott said and just like that, the door opened,Xavier entered. 

"Where's your sister?" Mrs Scott asked before he could greet. 

"She's not home yet?" Xavier raised his brows. 

"Do you even check up on her in school at all?!" 

"She told me herself that she can always find her way back home,and you don't expect me to always see her in school,our faculties are totally different,we just meet coincidentally sometimes,why are you blaming me" Xavier replied. 

Mrs Scott sighed and fell on the couch. 

"She will be back,this is not her first time anyway" Xavier muttered and walked toward the tears. 

"Does she have a boyfriend or what?" Mrs Scott called back. 

"I don't know,ask her" Xavier replied and went upstairs. 

He got to his room and dialed Marigold's number,he tried repeatedly three times but got no answer. 

"I'm so done with her" He muttered and threw his phone on the bed before going into the bathroom. 



Nadia entered Yuna's room and met her on the bed,wrapped inside the big duvet with a bowl of popcorn in her hand,she was looking as good as dead as she watch a movie on her laptop,visible tears could be seen in her eyes. 

Nadia closed the door and crossed her arms. 

"Is the movie that sad? Or are you cold??"She asked. 

Yuna sniffed and said nothing. 

"You didn't close your window,what if the rain breeze get too heavy?" Nadia walked over to the window and closed them all. 

"Gosh" She shook her head,hearing how heavy the rain became,then she faced Yuna back. 

"Hey,I told you to stop acting extra because of movies,why the heck are you crying?" Nadia sat down on the bed and tried touching her hair. 

"I want to be alone" Yuna flung her hand off. 

"Are you mad at me too?" Nadia chuckled. 

"I said I want to be alone!! Leave me alone!!" Yuna cried out in tears. 

Nadia blinked in confusion but got down from the bed anyway. 

"Did....something happened?" She asked worriedly. 

Yuna closed her laptop and threw the popcorn away,she slept on the bed and covered her body with the duvet,including her head. 

Nadia took her lips in,looking confused,she sighed and walked out of the room. 

"I heard Yuna's voice,is she okay?" She met her mom on the way. 

"I think we should let her be,she doesn't wanna talk to anyone" Nadia replied. 



The rain poured down like a relentless curtain, shrouding the streets in a gray mist. 

Marigold trudged through the downpour,walking inside the rain not caring about a thing in the world,her heart heavy,, her tears mingling with the raindrops as she walked. Her eyes were red and puffy, her face a picture of heartbreak. She moved slowly, her feet heavy with sorrow, her heart weighed down by the heart breaking words Jericho had spoken.

Cars honked and swerved around her, but Marigold didn't flinch. She passed by bus stops, ignoring the curious glances of strangers. Her thoughts were consumed by the pain and hurt Jericho had inflicted upon her. The rain soaked through her clothes, chilling her to the bone, but she didn't care. She was numb, lost in a sea of despair.

As she walked, her legs grew weaker, her vision blurry. The rain and tears merged into a single, endless stream. Finally, her body gave out, and she collapsed onto the wet pavement, her faint form disappearing into the rain-soaked darkness. Her bag also fell beside her. 

Her eyes closed as she became unconscious in the rain. 


Xavier was just about settling down on the bed when his phone rang,from Marigold. 

He answered almost immediately. 

"Hey,where are you?" He asked. 

"I'm sorry but...are you the phone owner's brother?" The strange voice asked and Xavier stood up. 

"Yes,is there a problem? Where's she?"

"I'm calling from MedPlus hospital,in Avenue Montaigne,do you know the place?" 

"Why? What happened exactly?" Xavier asked with trembling voice. 

"She fell unconscious in the rain and was brought here" 

"I will be there right away" Xavier hung up and rushed to his closet,he hurriedly put on his clothes and ran out of the room.

"Mom" He called. 

"Did you hear from your sister.... "

"I got a call,she's in the hospital" 

"What?!!!" Mrs Scott spranged up with wide eyes. 

"I'm on my way there...."

"Get the car ready,I will put on some clothes and join you,gosh should I call my husband?" She uttered,while running upstairs. 

Xavier went out of the house to get the car as told. 



Nadia and Reid stood side by side,surrounded by other students busy preparing for the live recording.

 The room buzzed with excitement as the crew scrambled to finalize the setup.

As the clock struck the designated hour, the room fell silent. The director, a senior student, gave a thumbs-up, and the recording began. Nadia's voice echoed through the microphones,

"Good morning, and welcome to today's edition of Oak Talk"

Reid monitored the sound levels and camera angles, ensuring a seamless broadcast. The other students worked in harmony, operating cameras, handling lighting, and managing the audio equipment. The show's theme music filled the room before Nadia continued. 

Minutes later,the broadcast ended and the director clapped in satisfaction. 

"That was a great one Nadia,you improved a lot" 

"Thanks" Nadia smiled,coming out of the record unit. 

Reid gave her a thumb up. 

After everything was finalized,the team started leaving one after the other. 

"Aren't you leaving?" Reid asked Nadia when they were left alone. 

"I want to do something on my assignment first before the next class,you can go I will meet you in class" Nadia replied. 

"I really think you should learn how to rest at least" Reid took the book in front of her and she looked up. 

"After this I promise" She tried taking it back,Reid raised his hand up and she couldn't get it. 

"Reid come on" She groaned and jumped but still her hand didn't touch the book. 

"Ahh!" She gasped as she almost fell,Reid immediately grabbed her by the waist and her eyes widened. 

"Don't worry,I gat you" Reid smiled. 

Nadia made to leave his grip but he held her tighter. She looked at him. 

"What are you doing......" She stopped when he leaned his head closer. 

"Reid....." His lips landed on hers before she could finish. 

Her eyes widened,she quickly pushed him away. 


"Don't do that again" Nadia muttered,she took her book from him and ran out of the broadcast room. 



Annie was stealing glances from Xavier every second as he worked on her laptop,he had an unusual blank expression on his face. 

"Hey" Prof Annie called and Xavier looked up. 

"Are you okay?" She asked. 

"Yeah" Xavier mumbled and was about facing the laptop back when Annie held his hand,he looked at her again. 

"If you don't feel too good,you don't have to do this,maybe next time" She said. 

"Okay" Xavier mumbled and didn't think twice before saving his work and stood up. 

"Bye miss" He said shortly and walked toward the door. 

"Xavian" Prof Annie got up at once and walked over to him,he turned and faced her. 

"Do you mind.....talking to me...about what's wrong? Or...is there anything I can do?" She asked. 

"Why are you nervous?" Xavier asked. 

"I'm not nervous,I'm just......." 

Xavier took two steps closer to her and she immediately shifted back,he moved closer again,the moment she also tried to step back,he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her back. 

A gasp escaped her lips and she looked up at him. 

"Are you worried about me?" Xavier asked blankly and she swallowed. 

"You can't touch me like that......." She mumbled. 

Xavier chuckled and let go of her. 

"I'm sorry" he mouthed. 

Annie shifted back at once. 

"Bye" He smiled and walked out of the office. 

Prof Annie sat down and exhaled loudly,her heart still beating fast,it was as if Xavier's hand was still on her waist. 

"He's something else,my heart stopped beating just now" She sighed and touched her chest,she touched her cheeks which turned pink and shook her head. 

"Oh gosh,I'm doomed" She took her lips in. 


Alice saw Shawn walking and she ran over to him with candy in her hand. 

"Hey" She smiled. 

"Alice" Shawn smiled at her also. 

"Here,thanks for the burger yesterday" She handed the candy to him and he chuckled. 


"You don't like candies?" Alice asked. 

"No,but I will like the one you give me" He replied and she blushed. 

They started walking together. 

"You don't have a class now?" Shawn questioned. 

"For about twenty minutes,I'm still free. How about you?" She looked at him. 

"I can decide to just go home now,I'm just here because I don't want to hear my mom nag" Shawn replied. 

"Why would she nag you? You did something right?" 

"Yeah,,I stole dad's credit card and used a lot" Shawn replied and Alice gasped. 

"You're such a bad boy!" 

"No I'm not,I simply asked him and he said no,so I stole his card" Shawn said and they both laughed. 

"So what did you do to with the money you got from there?" 

"I got a new gadget" 

"But...what happened to your own credit card?" Alice asked curiously. 

"Why should I use mine when I have my dad?" Shawn asked and she laughed again. 

"Now I have to sneak into the house and sneak out again,but I will be fine" Shawn smiled. 

"You should just apologize!" Alice snapped. 

"I will try" Shawn chuckled. 


Yuna walked out of the LH,her two hands inside the hoodie she was wearing. She was alone because she yelled at Sawyer and Alice to leave her alone and now she regret her action because she was beginning to miss them. 

She suddenly bumped into someone as she walked in the lobby. 

"You again" Franco chuckled but worries filled his eyes when he saw her face. 

"Are you okay?" He asked. 

Yuna said nothing and tried walking away. 

"Hey hey" Franco followed her and stood in front of her. .

"Did something happened?" he asked. 

"Why are you asking? Because of Nadia's sister?" Yuna snapped. 

"No...I'm asking because I got worried just now" Franco replied. 

Yuna rolled her eyes. 

"Don't ask me,I don't wanna talk to anyone" She said. 

"Do you want....ice cream?" Franco asked and her eyes widened. 

"How did you know...I love ice cream?!" 

"I just guessed" Franco smiled. 

Yuna sighed out and shook her head. 

"I'm fucking stupid" She roughed her hair. 

"Easy easy,let's go" Franco held her hand and her heart skipped a beat,she immediately slides her hand from his grip. 



The sound of Holly's sweet voice filled the whole room,the producer standing at a corner of the studio,listening to the new jam,the audio engineer also working timelessly as Holly sang. 

🎶I saw you across the room, and my heart skipped a beat
🎶Your smile lit up the space, and my soul felt complete
🎶Your eyes locked on mine, and I felt a spark take flight
🎶In that moment, I knew I'd spend the night

🎶I saw you, and my heart went wild
🎶I saw you
🎶You stole my breath, and my heart's on fire
🎶I saw you, and I can't deny

"That was a good one" The squad clapped as Holly dropped the headphones. 

She smiled,seeing the producer and director speaking with the studio musicians,probably discussing about the music and beats. 

The door opened and Louisa came in. 

"I got great news" She announced and everyone turned. 

"I just got a message from Noir's manager that Noir finally agreed for a collaboration" Louisa said. 

"What?! So sudden?"

"Oh my gosh!!!" Holly screamed. 

"That's amazing,you did it Holly" 

"I can't wait to meet him" Holly chuckled. 



The door opened and the director's secretary came inside,she bowed shortly. 


Mr Josh raised his head and removed his glasses. 


"Miss Samantha said she would like to talk to you for a minute" 

"Did she get the contract already?" Mr Josh asied. 

"Of course sir" 

"Let her in" 

The Secretary walked out of the office and a minute later,Samantha came in,her heels making pleasant sounds,her beautiful smile flashes at Josh as he looked her way. 

"Am I disturbing anything?" 

"Of course not" Josh said. 

She walked closer and dropped a fresh fruit basket on the table. 

"Don't reject it,just my little appreciation. You've been helping me out these past few months,thanks to you" Samantha smiled. 

"You're welcome" Mr Josh said,just bluntly. 

He's known for his quietness and oldness,but no doubt he's an amazing director in the movie industry,respected by everyone coz he never gives room for disrespect. He's said to be a divorcée,a single dad precisely. 

"Bye sir" Samantha said and walked out of the office. 

"Gosh,He's just as described" She sighed out. 

"Is this your first time talking to him?" Her manager joined her. 

"Yeah" Samantha replied and dialed Catalina's number. 

"Let's have dinner together,be ready before I get home" She said as soon as Catalina answered. 



Marigold was busy munching on different snacks in her room,she was on the bed all day and refused to go out,she didn't even take her bath,she just stuck up on her bed,sleeping and waking up. 

The door burst opened and her friends ran in. 

"Baby!!" They screamed,jumping on the bed with her. 

"You're suffocating me" Marigold coughed . 

"We missed you so much in school today,a lot" Alice pouted. 

"Me too" Marigold muttered. 

"So tell us,what happened last night?" Yuna asked. 

Marigold sighed out and told them everything. 

"Wow,I can't believe Jericho did that" Sawyer scoffed. 

"I was heartbroken yesterday too,are we soulmates?" Yuna hugged her and she laughed. 

"Are you girls really here for this alone? Why are you all dressed so hot?" Marigold asked. 

"There's a party" Yuna said and Marigold shook her head. 

"No babe,you're going. At least leave your room and dress sexy,dance your pain away!!" Alice threw the duvet off her. 

"Stop!!" Marigold screamed. 

She was only in her panty and tiny singlet showing her sexy bellybutton. 

"Wow,girl you look hot" Sawyer muttered. 

"Stop it,I'm not" Marigold mumbled and got down from the bed. 

"Should we kill Jericho tonight?" Yuna smirked and the girls faced her st once. 

"Let's kill him with Mari's hot body" She winked. 

"I'm not interested" Marigold mumbled. 

"Oh come in,this is how you get your fucking revenge on him,not like you're gonna talk to him,you know what I'm saying?" Yuna said. 

Marigold sighed. 

"I don't want it to look like I'm trying to seduce him" She mumbled. 

"Oh spare me,,but he's allowed to be so hot and make out with other girls? Come on this is your time,you guys are not in talking terms,you should show him you can do without him" Sawyer said. 

"Fine" Marigold groaned. 

"I'm gonna find you an outfit,a sexy one" Yuna ran to her closet. 

Sawyer and Alice pushed Marigold into the bathroom. 



The party room was electric, pulsating with music and laughter. Marigold was in her element, surrounded by friends and dancing with abandon, a cup of wine held loosely in her hand. Her outfit was a stunning display of confidence and style - a vibrant crop top that showcased her toned and sexy bellybutton, paired with high-waisted bum shorts that accentuated her curves. Her long, black hair cascaded down her back. 

Across the room,Jericho was sitting at a corner,smoking his blunt beside Franco and Shawn who were busy chatting while drinking,but Jericho's eyes were fixed on Marigold like a magnet. Her friends suddenly walked toward the restroom,leaving her alone. 

He couldn't tear his gaze away, his attention consumed by the way her hips swayed to the music, the way her laughter tinkled like a bell, and the way her eyes sparkled like diamonds in the dim light. 

"Dude just go to her and stop stripping her naked with your eyes" Shawn said. 

"I support him" Franco muttered. 

Jericho said nothing and just continue smoking,but then suddenly a random guy in the room walked up to Marigold,Jericho's eyes darkened. 

The guy stood behind her,staring down at her @ss while she just continue swaying and dancing like she doesn't care. 

"What the fuck is she doing?"Jericho mumbled and his fist clenched against the smoke in his hand. 

The last minute,the guy touched her waist and Marigold turned. 

"Hey" The guy smiled at her. 

Jericho acted without thinking, he grabbed one of the bottle of alcohol on the table and threw it angrily toward the direction where the guy was,the bottle smashed against the wall,the broken bottle pierced into the guy's head and he started bleeding,Marigold's eyes widened,she turned and her eyes met with Jericho's angry eyes. 

Loud screams and gasps filled the air as the guy collapsed on the floor. 


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