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I'm Your Doom - Episode 33&34



I'm Your Doom - Episode 33&34

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



"Aren't we going to your place?" She asked. 

"No,there are lots and lots of guys where we are going to,and I hate it when other guys stare at what's mine" Jericho blurted out before he could control it. 

Marigold's eyes enlarged with shock.


"I mean....since you're going with me,that makes you......forget it,just go and change into something better" Jericho muttered. 

"You're good at telling me to forget something after saying it" Marigold frowned. 

"Anyway,I really can't go back inside,I lied to them that I was going to my friends place for assignment,they possibly think I left already,and besides we should just go,my brother might come back soon,you wouldn't want him to meet us here" Marigold mumbled. 

Jericho sighed,looking at her dress again. 

"Come on,let's go,it's not that short" Marigold said with a pout. 

Jericho handed the helmet to her and she smiled before putting it on,she climbed on the bike and Jericho sped off. 

"But then....you haven't told me where we are going" She said. 

"I can't hear you kitten,just focus with holding on" Jericho said and there was silence after,just the sound of the machine speeding. 

Jericho was still driving when suddenly Marigold sighed a live music venue,lot of people there having fun..

"Tiger!!" She screamed and tapped him repeatedly until Jericho stopped the bike. 

"The f+ck happened?" He asked. 

"Let's stop here,please please" she pointed and Jericho removed his helmet. 

"Where's this place?" He asked. 

"Live music venue,check it out" Marigold removed her helmet and grinned. Before Jericho could talk,she already climbed off and found her way into the crowd singing along to the music performance. 

"Does she even have any idea that I already made a reservation somewhere?" Jericho mumbled and sighed out,not like he's got any choice. He also climbed down the bike and followed her from behind. 

"Aish!" Jericho shouted when a girl almost slapped his face because she was swinging the carton made cheering bomb in her hand. 

"What the f+ck is this" He groaned,still trying to get over to where Marigold was already screaming and singing happily. 

"Hey! I hate crowd,like hell,this is annoying" He said and Marigold faced him. 

"But it's fun" She said. 

"No it's not fun!" Jericho snapped,covering his ears from the loud screams of people. 

"Can't they just listen to the songs in their houses?" He scoffed. 

"It's like a concert....."

"This isn't a concert! This is outdoor,it's not that safe" Jericho said. 

Marigold chuckled and almost spoke up when suddenly Noir's song popped up. His popular rap tittled SAVAGE. 

The crowd screams tripled immediately,including Marigold just by hearing the intro beat

👥 Noir!!!!!!!

👥 My favorite!!!!!

👥 I love you Noir!!!!

They all started rapping as soon as it started. 

🎵I'm feelin' like a savage, got my game face on
🎵Tryna conquer the day, but my bed's where I belong
🎵I hit the snooze button, like, five times in a row
🎵My invisible mom's like, "Get up, kiddo!" But I'm like, "Just five more minutes, yo!"

🎵I'm a savage, yeah, I'm a savage
🎵I do what I want, when I want, that's my savage
🎵I'm a rebel, yeah, I'm a rebel
🎵But deep down, I'm just a softie, that's my secret, yeah!

🎵I'm tryna be a boss, but my room's a mess
🎵Got my pizza delivery guy on speed dial, that's a yes
🎵I'm a master of procrastination, it's an art form, you see
🎵But when it comes to gaming, I'm a savage, can't nobody beat me!

🎵I'm a social media king, got my followers on fleek
🎵But in real life, I'm shy, it's hard to speak
🎵I'm a sucker for cute dogs, and pizza with extra cheese
🎵And when it comes to love, I'm a savage, got a heart of gold, if you please!

🎵I'm a savage, yeah, I'm a savage
🎵I do what I want, when I want, that's my savage
🎵I'm a rebel, yeah, I'm a rebel
🎵But deep down, I'm just a softie, that's my secret, yeah!

Jericho seems to be the only one among the crowd not saying a thing,his eyes moved around to see everyone having fun,screaming,they obviously know every lyrics word to word.

Marigold faced him,breathing heavily. 

"Are you bored?" She asked. 

"Who the fuck is Noir,why are they so crazy about him?" He asked. 

"You won't understand even if I explain,let's get out of here since you're not feeling it" She grabbed his hand and they walked away from the crowd. 

"Shall we go to where you wanted us to go?" Marigold asked. 

"Check your time,they are probably about closing up,next time" Jericho muttered. 

"Oh...I'm sorry" She bit her lips. 

"Have you ever seen a street rap battle live?" Jericho asked and Marigold's eyes glittered.

"I love things like that! Shall we go!"

Jericho scoffed and shook his head. 

"So f+cking playful,climb on" 

They both got on the bike again and he fired off,,minutes later they got to the busy street. 

The rap battle street was a vibrant and electrifying scene, pulsating with energy and creativity. The air was thick with anticipation as a crowd of enthusiasts gathered to witness the ultimate showdown of lyrical prowess. Jericho and Marigold, hand in hand, pushed their way through the throng, Marigold's eyes wide with excitement.

The street was transformed into an impromptu arena, with makeshift stages and speakers blasting infectious beats. The MC, a charismatic host with a quick wit and sharp tongue, hyped up the crowd, introducing the contenders with flair. The rappers faced each other,maintaining distance tho. 

🎤 Putting ten Euros on this!!! Shall we start!! The beat please!!!!

"Wow,ten euros" Marigold clapped and Jericho chuckled. 

The first rapper was a girl and she started by moving closer to the boy,she measured their height and since the guy is shorter than her,the crowd laughed out. Then she started. 

*Girl Rapper:*


Listen up, shorty, I heard you've been talking smack
But when I see you, all I think is "lack"
Lack of height, lack of skills, lack of flair
You're just a miniature version, with a bad haircut to spare
You can't touch me, you're too short to reach
You're a joke, a puny little thing
You're like a Chihuahua, yapping in the game. 

The girl finished

👥 Whoooooo!!!!!!

"She ate" Marigold clapped. 

"Her lines are weak,too weak for a street battle" Jericho mumbled. 

"Really?" Marigold looked at him and he nodded. 

It was the guy's turn next and the same beat was played for him. 


I still can't believe a faky face like you got no strong bar to bring to the table
You're so fake, even your weave is made of lies
Your personality is as dry as your hair before a wash day
You're so two-faced, you should charge admission for people to visit both sides
You're as shallow as a kiddie pool.
Your @ss is more plastic than a Barbie doll factory
You're a walking disaster, one step away from a hot mess meltdown
Your shade game is weaker than your facial contouring.

👥 Maddddd!!!!!!

"Now that's what im talking about!!" Jericho said and Marigold laughed. 

"That was harsh!!" She screamed. 

"That's it" Jericho said. 

The guy won and others kept coming,battling,

"Let's get out of here,those dudes are definitely gonna fight,that's their ritual" He grabbed Marigold's hand and she chuckled. 

"Where are we going next? I'm hungry" She touched her tummy. 

"Let's go eat then" Jericho said and she smiled. 

"I've been having so much fun,thanks to you" She said. 

Jericho said nothing and wore the helmet for her. 

"You should at least say something!" Marigold half yelled. 

"Get on" Jericho mumbled. 

"Gosh,I'm tired of you" Marigold scoffed. 



"Thanks for tonight Ruben" Annie said as she stepped down from the car. 

"I would love another time too" Ruben said and Annie smiled. 

"Goodnight" She said and went in. 

"Not even a hug?" Ruben bit his lips and sighed out,he entered his car again and drove off. 

"Gosh" Annie groaned as she entered the living room,she went into her room and returned minutes later after taking her bath,she was in her nightie already. She was on her way to the kitchen when she heard the door bell which made her turn. 

"Huh? Who's here by this time?" She mumbled and walked to the door,she gently opened the door and her eyes widened when she saw Xavier. 

"You're not home yet? Why are you here?...." She stopped when she saw the cake box in his hands,she looked at his face and he smiled before entering. 

"Why did you bring that here?" Annie closed the door and walked over to him. 

Xavier dropped it on the table and faced her. 

"It's cheesecake,I got it for you" He said. 

"I didn't ask for it" 

"I know,but I guessed you also love cheesecake like my sister,I just bought it,no hard feelings" Xavier said and Annie took her lips in. 

"Thank you,but it's late you should be home already" 

"I'm a man,not a girl" Xavier said and she chuckled. 

"You're a young boy,I can't call you a man yet" 

"That kind of broke my heart miss" Xavier touched his chest and Annie smiled. 

"Goodnight Miss....see you tomorrow" 

Annie nodded,watching him open the door,he waved at her again before he finally went out,she walked to lock the door and returned back to the cake. 

"Was I being so obvious?" She mumbled and began open the box,she smiled when she saw the beautifully baked cake. 

"Smells so good" She gushed happily and immediately went into the kitchen to bring a small plate with table knife and fork. 



"Aaagghh!" Marigold screamed from her sleep and spranged up,she was sweating,her heart beating so fast. 

The door opened loudly and Jericho came in,looking so worried. "Are you okay?" He asked but when he saw her,he moved closer and sat on the bed. 

Marigold immediately hugged him tightly. 

"Fire.....fire.." She sobs. 

"Fire?" Jericho raised his brows. 

Marigold swallowed,hugging him more closer. After she was calmed,Jericho broke the hug and looked into her eyes. 

"Are you okay now?" He asked. 

Marigold nodded. 

"What fire were you talking about? Was it in your dream?" Jericho asked. 

"It's......a long time ago" Marigold mumbled. 

"So it happened?" 

She nods. 

"Mind telling me about it?" 

"I really can't remember in details but....it was when I was five. I got kidnapped and the kidnapper set the place on fire..I can't remember how I managed to escape death,but he was never caught,even till now..but after that,I kept struggling with the nightmares,that was why I was sent to Korea,,to granny,I stopped having the nightmare a long time ago" Marigold explained. 

"But why did suddenly have it tonight?" Jericho asked and Marigold shook her head. 

"I don't know" She mumbled. 

Jericho said nothing. 

"I'm sorry I disturbed your sleep....oh....don't tell me you couldn't sleep" Marigold said. 

Jericho stood up. 

"Go on and sleep,don't worry about me....."

Marigold immediately grabbed his hand. 

"Let's sleep together......"

"I don't like sleeping beside people" Jericho said and removed her grip from his hand. 

"Huh? You don't like sleeping beside people? Why!"

"Sleep and stop asking questions" Jericho said and went out of the room 

"He's so weird and confusing" Marigold scoffed and fell on her back once again to sleep. 



"Girl!!!" Marigold's friends called as they saw her dropped from Xavier's car. 

"Morning girls!" 

"Hi Xavier!" They waved. 

He replied with a short smile and walked away. 

"How can I get your brother's number?" Sawyer asked and Marigold laughed. 

"Guess what guess what!" Yuna screamed. 

"What's that?"

"Noir just announced a concert!! And I think he's finally going to reveal his face!!" The three girls screamed at once. 

"What?!!!!" Marigold's eyes widened. 


The four friends were still rejoicing when suddenly they began hearing murmurs and screams,they all turned at once. 

A green-black Porsche 911 drove into the school and all eyes followed the iconic car,who would bring such to a school? Probably not even any of the lecturers would afford that.

👥 Who's that?

👥 That Porsche is f+cking insane

As the car pulled into the school parking lot, the sound of its powerful engine and sleek design turned heads. Jericho emerged from the driver's seat, and a collective gasp echoed through the crowd. His confident stride and charismatic smile captivated the students, and all eyes were fixed on him.

Jericho's expensive outfit was immaculately showcasing his chiseled physique. His designer jeans and sleek black leather jacket exuded style and sophistication, perfectly complementing his chiseled features and piercing gaze. A crisp white shirt and silver accessories added a touch of elegance, making him stand out like a superstar,his stylish sunglasses glinted in the sunlight, adding an air of mystery to his already captivating presence. His chiseled jawline and perfectly messy hair only added to his heartthrob status, making the female students swoon.

👥 Jericho!

👥 OH....MY...GOSH!

👥 I feel so hot,or it's just him.

👥 I think I just drooled on my note

👥 Did he just stepped out of a fashion magazine??

The students kept parting way for him as he walked,he saw Marigold among the students and he removed his sunglasseses and smiled at her,the students heads turned at once to see who he was smiling at but Jericho walked away at once. 

"I can't fall for that,I can't" Yuna shook her head. 

"I'm glad you know" Sawyer muttered. 

"But excuse me,Jericho is insanely hot. I think he planned to set the school on fire today coz what was that?" Alice asked. 

"That car,don't try to check up the price,you might faint. What the heck does he do?" Yuna asked. 

Marigold sighed,also confused. 


As Jericho walked,Catalina approached him and stopped in front of him. 

"We need to talk" She said and Jericho sighed. 

"I don't wanna start my day with this" He mumbled and made to leave. 

Catalina stopped him again. 

"Are you dating her?" She asked. 

"What are you talking about?" Jericho asked. 

"Marigold,are you dating her? Why do you act differently to her?" 

"I don't think I owe you an explanation Catalina,we are f+cking done. Stay away" Jericho snapped and walked away. 

Catalina scoffed.

"Done? You should know better Jeri,you and I will never be over,you're mine" She muttered. 



Jericho was walking and minding his business ad usual after a class,he was on his way to meet Franco in the canteen when suddenly an angry looking Richard blocked his way,glaring at Jericho. 

"Where did you took her last night?" Richard asked. 

Jericho raised his brows. 

"I f+cking warned you to stay away from her,are you that dumb that you don't listen....."

"And why should I listen to you?" Jericho snapped. 

"Because animals like you don't worth her love,you're definitely going to misuse it and break her heart in the end,I don't understand why she can't see that side of you and kept following you like a fool....." Jericho grabbed his collar and threw a punch on his face. 

The students passing by gasped loudly. 

Richard chuckled. 

"You lack patience too,your anger issue is insane,you definitely don't worth her,so back off,you're just planning to use her for your own selfish interest....."

"What the fuck do you know you bastard!" Jericho yelled and almost punched him again. 

"Jericho!" Marigold called and ran in between them,she pushed Jericho away from Richard and faced him. 

"Richie,are you okay?" She asked worriedly. 

Jericho grabbed her hand and made her face him. 

"Do you just support people without finding out what happened?" He asked. 

"You can't be hitting everyone the way you want" Marigold snapped. 

"The way I want? You don't know what happened!" Jericho said. 

Richard grabbed Marigold's hand and pulled her close,before Jericho could do a thing,Richard wrapped his arm around Marigold's waist and slammed his lips on her own. 

👥 *Gasps*

Jerocho's throat went dry and his eyes darkened. 


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