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I'm Your Doom - Episode 31&32



I'm Your Doom - Episode 31&32

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



Jericho stared blankly at Marigold as she took her time to cry,he said nothing,his hands remained in his pocket as if he was waiting for her to finish crying. 

After some minutes,Marigold wiped little tears from her face and raised her head to look at him. 

"Are you ever going to act like a gentleman? A little sorry would have been fine!" She half yelled. 

"Oh I didn't know I have to say sorry before you stop crying" Jericho blurted. 

"Are you a kid? How old are you?"

"Who said i'm a kid? I am nineteen" Marigold rolled her eyes. 

"Then you should know well enough not to allow anyone bully you,she's a f+cking girl like you,how could you allow her slap you? Not even once but twice?! Seriously!" Jericho yelled at her and she flinched. 

"You're scaring me" she mumbled. 

"Hey,I told you I don't like virgins,I don't like innocent girls,I don't like soft girls,I don't! So next time,if she slaps you,punch her face,slapping is weak,kick her,beat her up,that way she won't come for you again,do you understand?" Jericho asked. 

Marigold said nothing. 

"Are you going to answer me or what...."

"I will try" She mumbled. 

"Try hard,really hard" Jericho said and gave her his handkerchief. 

"Wipe your tears,it's annoying" He said. 

Marigold pouted grumpily and wiped her face. 

"I won't say thank you" 

"I don't even want it,suit yourself" Jericho snapped. 

"You're being harsh right now...." Marigold mumbled. 

"Because I'm mad at you of course" he said. 

"It's not my fault,it was too sudden...."

"Then you give her a sudden punch too,gosh" Jericho groaned and Marigold laughed. 

"Don't worry,her slaps aren't that hard. But yours was.......I didn't know you hit girls..."

"I don't hit girls,I hit obsessed bitches who wouldn't have sense" Jericho said. 

Marigold smiled. 

"Let's exchange numbers,so I can call you anytime I want" She said and Jericho scoffed. 

"Is that all you can think of right now?" He asked. 


"Give me yours,I will text you if I need you,I don't like people disturbing my peace" Jericho said and Marigold sighed out,she gave him her contact. 

"Go on...I have a class to attend" Jericho looked at her shortly before walking away. 


"I still can't believe Jericho would do that, Because of that bitch? Look at your face" Rylie said pitifully as she used Icebag on Melissa's face. 

Melissa wiped her tears. 

"I told you to stop crying,you can't let that girl go scott free like that,you need to teach her a lesson" Cassidy said. 

"Did you even hear what Jericho said? He would kill her if she touches her" Rylie said. 

"Who cares about what Jericho said....." The door suddenly opened loudly and they all turned at once. 

Xavier entered,glaring angrily at Melissa. 

"Hey" He called and walked over to her,Rylie and Cassidy moved back. 

"Do you even have any idea who that girl is?" Xavier asked. 

"I guess you haven't heard yet that she's my sister" 

Melissa swallowed. 

"I'm not going to touch you because someone else already did that,but if you fucking dare stop her to insult her.....I won't even talk about you raising your hands on her,if you insult her,consider yourself dead,I'm going to destroy that fake face of yours,I will kill you and burn your body,so you better watch before you act,if I see you close to my sister again,you will hear from me,shameless bitch" Xavier said and stormed out of the class. 

"She's Xavier's sister?" Classidy blinked her eyes. 

"I heard about that" Rylie said. 

"Why didn't you tell me!!" Cassidy stomped her feet on the floor. 

"Is this even the time to crush on a guy?! Xavier will never look at you,understand that now and focus on your life" Rylie said. 

"How would he look at me? Now I'm a complete enemy" Cassidy mumbled. 

They both moved closer to Melissa and hugged her. 

"You will be fine"

"Where should we go tonight?" Melissa asked. 

"We can go clubbing..all night" Rylie grinned. 

"Have you guys heard Noir's latest song?" Classidy asked. 

"That's my dream husband,why wouldn't I?" Rylie smiled. 

"New Girl...why does that sound....somehow?" Melissa asked. 

"Why? Because it's not his usual style? Well my Noir always try different style of music,He's not an artist who stay on one genre,He's multi talented,He's a vocalist and even a rapper,I'm sure he dances too,I can't wait to watch him live and even see his face" Rylie said dreamily. 

"Don't we have class?"

"I'm skipping" Melissa said. 

"Same!" Rylie and Cassidy exclaimed. 



"Good day Miss Annie"

"Hello Prof,you look beautiful,I love your outfit" 

The students kept pouring compliments on Prof Annie as she entered the hall. 

"Thank you so much guys alot" She smiled climbed the stairs to the podium standing in front of the students. 

"Oh...Jericho and Xavier aren't here" she said. 

Almost immediately,Jericho and Xavier came in..differently tho. Almost all spaces were occupied and they ended sitting together,maintaining sensible space between them. 

"Okay let's go on" Prof Annie smiled and wrote on the digital board. 

Lecture Title: Project Discussion - Design and Development of Embedded Systems

To discuss the ongoing project on Design and Development of Embedded Systems with the students, provide guidance, and address any challenges they are facing. 

Key Discussion Points:

1. Hardware-Software Integration:
2. Power Management and Energy Efficiency:
3. Real-Time Operating Systems and Programming:
4. Debugging and Testing:

After writing,she faced them back and climbed down from the podium. 

"Xavier the groups you made up makes me laugh" She said with a cold look on her face and the students chuckled. 

"I can't accept those lists,so I made mine" She said and connected the board with her laptop,soon the groups and lists of students appeared and they started murmuring. 

Unfortunately...Xavier and Jericho fell in the same group with three other students. 

"Silence everyone,please listen I don't have enough strength to use on you,I'm begging" Prof Annie said. 

The noise died down and she continued. 

"If you have any problem with my list,raise your hand and tell me the reason" She said. 

Silence followed. 

Jericho looked at Xavier. 

"Aren't you gonna raise your hand?" He asked. 

"Shut up" Xavier snapped. 

"Why? Are you crushing on her? You don't wanna get on her bad side?" Jericho smirked. 

"Shut it!" Xavier snapped.

"If there's no objection,we better go to today's work,we have alot to cover up" Prof Annie said,walking back to the podium,her heels making pleasant sounds,Xavier's eyes followed her,wondering what's wrong with her,she doesn't sound good,like she's mad at something or someone? 

About two hours later,the class of over,Prof Annie left the hall. As she entered her office,Xavier came in too and closed the door. Amnie turned at once,surprised to see him 

"What are you doing here? I didn't call for you" She said. 

"Are you okay miss?" Xavier asked. 

"What do you mean?"

"I just....notice you sound unusual today,are you sick?" Xavier asked with concern written all over his face. 

"I'm fine Xavier,you can leave" Prof Annie replied. 

Xavier sighed and made to leave,but then turned back again. 

"Have I done something wrong?" He asked. 

Annie looked at him. 

"Were we closer than this to make you think you did something?"  She asked. 

"Oh..." Xavier mumbled and walked out of the office. 

Prof Annie sighed out and sat down. 

"Was I too harsh?" She groaned and roughed her hair. 

"It's for the best" she mumbled and checked her phone to see Dr Ruben's text. 

"Our date is tonight,don't forget" 

She sighed and replied. "No problem" 

Meanwhile,As Xavier stepped out of her office,he walked into Jericho. Xavier rolled his eyes and continue walking but Jericho followed him. 

"Are you really crushing on her?" He asked. 

Xavier turned angrily. 

"Why are you acting silly? Who the fuck do you think you are to ask me shit! Stay away from me,and don't forget to stay away from my sister too. Don't think I would think over because of the shit you did I could have done that too,you're not special,she doesn't need you,so fuck off and bring your bitches to order,if anyone of them hurt my sister again,you're a dead meat" Xavier said and walked away. 

Jericho chuckled and pushed his hands into his pocket. 

"Why chuckling? He just insulted you" Franco popped up. 

"His angry face is cute" Jericho mumbled and faced him. 

"I'm jealous" Franco said. 

"Are you done with your classes yet?" Jericho asked and Franco nodded. 

"Wanna have a drink somewhere?" 

Franco smiled and nodded,they both began walking. 

"Franco!" Yuna ran after them and Franco stopped,Jericho walked away. 

"Hi" Yuna smiled nervously. 

"Miss drunkard,are you okay now?" Franco asked. 

"Thank you for last night I'm sorry I stressed you but trust me I don't usually drink like that,it just happened" Yuna explained. 

"Okay" Franco nodded and she smiled,not knowing what else to say. 

"Then..." Franco smiled and walked away. 

"What happened to all those lines you crammed and practiced?" Her friends came and Yuna sighed. 

"Blame everything on him,how can he be so handsome? How do you expect me to talk?" Yuna pouted. 

The girls shook their heads. 

"You're totally a gonner Yuna" Alice said. 

"Says someone obsessed with Shawn" Sawyer said and they laughed. 

"Girls,how about some shopping tomorrow?" Yuna asked. 

"You always buy clothes" Marigold said. 

"I was thinking we should get matching outfits" She said. 

"I love that,let's do it" 



Marigold was walking when Richard's car stopped right beside her. 

"Baby face" He called and she immediately waved at him,she entered the car. 

"I haven't see you all day" Marigold said and Richard nodded. 

"I feel somehow sick" He muttered. 

"Huh? Really?' She immediately touched his body,feeling his temperature. 

"I'm quite better now"

"So why did you come to school? You should have rested for today" 

Richard chuckled. 

"As if I can" He mumbled. 

"You can't? Why?" Marigold asked. 

"Because the only thing my dad thinks of is if my points drop,I have to come to school no matter what" Richard said with hint of sadness in his voice and Marigold looked at him. 

"Everything will be fine" She mumbled. 

Richard wrapped his arm around her waist and hugged her,she stood still and allowed him hug her until he was okay. 

"It's okay" She pat his back. 



Dr Ruben opened his car door for Annie and she stepped out in her fancy red heels,red short dress,hugging her perfect body shape,her long hair dropped in full length,she was looking so hot. 

Ruben smiled and offered her his hand which she took,they went inside together and was directed to their table. As soon as Annie sat down,her eyes fell on Xavier sitting on another table away from them,Xavier also saw her and their eyes met but she immediately looked away. 

"Are you okay?" Kelly asked Xavier,seeing his sudden change of expression. 

"Who exactly are we suppose to meet here?" Xavier looked at him.

"Calm down dude,they will be here soon" Kelly replied. 


"Of course,I told you I was gonna introduce you to some hot chicks" Kelly said. 

"Who said I was interested....."

"You can't keep on being boring dude,come on just this once. Try it out and I won't disturb you again" Kelly said. 

Xavier's eyes fell on Annie again,Ruben was trying to feed her but then her eyes met with Xavier's own and caught him staring. 

She coughed. 

"Huh...are you okay?" Ruben immediately asked,giving her water. 

"I will use the restroom,will be back soon" she stood up amf grabbed her purse before leaving. 

She entered the restroom and sighed out in front of the mirror. 

"Annie what's wrong with you,put your shit together please...please" She fanned herself with her hands and sighed out. 

After using about two minutes without doing a thing,she opened the door,ready to go out but then someone entered and closed the door back. 

"Xavier!" Annie called in shock. 

"What are you doing here?" She asked,moving backward.

"Do you have any problem with me?" Xavier asked. 

"Problem with you? Because I'm on a date?......"

"I don't care about your dating life,I'm just asking if you have a problem with me,I can't stand you staring at me with those eyes like I did something wrong,just tell me if I did something" Xavier cut in. 

"Xavier,you really realize I'm your lecturer right??" 

"Here we go again,I know okay,I know you're twenty seven and I'm twenty one,what else are you going to chase me away with?"

Annie said nothing. 

"Now tell me...."

"You have a girlfriend,so I don't understand why you're doing all these,is it fun for you? Are you trying to confuse me for fun? Huh?" Annie snapped.

"Girlfriend? What are you talking about?" Xavier raised his brows. 

"Of course you wouldn't say the truth" She scoffed. 

"Can you at least tell me why you think I have a girlfriend?" 

"Cheesecake....you also spoke to her on phone" Annie mumbled. 

Xavier looked at her with total surprise written on his face before chuckling. 

"What's funny?" 

"Wait,is that the reason why you decided to date him?"

"No,why would that be a reason?" Anmie scoffed. 

"That wasn't for my girlfriend,I don't even have one. It was for my sister,I wad speaking with my sister on phone,I guess you don't know I have a sister even though she attends the same school" Xavier explained. 

Annie blinked,feeling totally embarrassed at that moment,she couldn't utter a word. 

"Were you jea........."

"No I wasn't!" She snapped and walked out of the bathroom. 

Xavier lean on the wall and chuckled. 

"Gosh,she's fucking cute" He muttered and bite his lips,thinking about Annie's face again. 



Marigold just got up from her study table after two hours of studying,she yawned and fell on the bed but was followed by her phone ringing. She took the phone...it's an unknown number but she answered the call. 

"Hey kitten" came the voice. 

Marigold's eyes widened. 

"Ti.....Tiger?" She called,almost not believing her ears. 

"Can you leave your house right now?" Jericho asked. 

"Huh?! Of course I can,where are you?" Marigold immediately asked. 

"Home" Jericho muttered and Marigold batted her lashes. 

"Oh....okay,I will be there" She hung up and rushed to dress up,she threw on a mini gown and wore her shoes in a hurry,she brushed her hair and ran out of the room. Getting downstairs she met her parents. 

"Baby,where are you going?" Mr Scott asked. 

"I suddenly remember that I left my assignment note with my friends and we have to submit tomorrow,it's going to be too much for her to finish up,I might not come back home so don't worry about me" she kissed their cheeks. 

"The driver should take you....."

"No,I can find my own way,goodnight" She smiled and walked out of the house. 

Getting outside she sighed,thinking of how best to get a taxi faster,but almost instantly she heard the sound of Jericho's bike which made her turn. 

"Tiger!" She called excitedly when she saw him. 

"You really thought I would allow you go to my place all the way here by this time?" Jericho asked and she smiled. 

"Where are we going?" Marigold asked. 

Jericho stared at her dress and she rubbed her legs together shyly. 

"Your dress is short" He said. 

Marigold looked down,her gown is just few inch away from her knees,still okay. 

"I don't think it's that short......"

"I don't like it" Jericho cut in and Marigold looked at him. 

"Aren't we going to your place?" She asked. 

"No,there are lots and lots of guys where we are going to,and I hate it when other guys stare at what's mine" Jericho blurted out before he could control it. 

Marigold's eyes enlarged with shock. 


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