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I'm Your Doom - Episode 29&30



I'm Your Doom - Episode 29&30

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}




"I will allow your brother hit me for free" Jericho muttered and their eyes locked. 

Without a second warning,Jericho's lips slammed on her own. 

πŸ‘₯ F+ck!!!!!


In reality,Jericho was just getting up,Marigold immediately shook her head,getting rid of her imaginations. 

🎀 Who's Jericho going to choose?!

"I'm not interested" Jericho said and walked out of the frathouse,everyone started murmuring. 

Marigold's blinked twice,he didn't choose anyone? 

πŸ‘₯ What just happened? 

πŸ‘₯ That was surprising. 

"Are you okay?" Richard asked Marigold and she immediately nodded. 

"I need to use the restroom" She said and left. 

Richard also walked out of the Frathouse. 

🎀 Ladies and gentlemen! Let's have fun!!

The DJ started playing more banging songs,bringing back the dancing floor to life. 

Shawn sat down beside Franco who was busy staring at someone.

"Hey" He called and Franco faced him. 


"Hi" Shawn smiled. 

"Shawn right?" Franco asked and Shawn nodded. 

"At least you know me" He said and Franco chuckled. 

"Let me guess,you met Jericho and he said he doesn't know you?" Franco asked. 

"You got that" Shawn said and Franco laughed. 

"He f+cking snubbed me" Shawn said. 

"He doesn't really like people that much,sorry" Franco shook his head. 

"You're his only friend,how do you cope with that dude?"

"He's not that bad" Franco smiled. 

He turned his eyes back on Yuna who was already slightly drunk,she started walking toward the inner room almost staggering,Franco saw a random guy followed her and his brows raised. 

"What's wrong?" Shawn asked,reading his face. 

"I will be back" Franco stood up and also followed the same direction. 

Yuna finished up in the restroom after throwing up,she walked out and a guy approached her. 

"Hey s+xy" He grinned. 

"Huh? Who.....are you?" Yuna asked and staggered. 

"Oh careful" The guy immediately held her waist. 

"Oh oh....I don't...like being touched there" Yuna said. 

"Let me help you out of here" The guy said. 

"Why? Do you know me?" Yuna asked in her drunk state. 

The guy chuckled and started walking,his hand still around her waist. 

"Leave her alone" Franco popped up and the guy looked up. 

"Huh?" Yuna saw Franco and grinned. 

"Are you her boyfriend to tell me that?" The guy asked. 

"Do you want it in peace or pieces? I said leave her alone" Franco said in a more serious voice. 

The guy scoffed stubbornly. 

"I found her first...."

"Found her first? Is she an object?" Franco asked,looking pissed already. 

"What,why pretending,aren't you going to f+ck her....." Before he could finish,Franco threw a flying kick on his face and he released Yuna before falling roughly on the floor. Franco caught Yuna before she could fall too. 

The guy groaned on the floor in pains. 

"Wow....superman" Yuna grinned at Franco. 

"Gosh,,this girl is something else" Franco mumbled and carried her on his shoulder. 

Sawyer and Marigold saw him as he came back into the club room. They ran to him.

"What happened?!" Sawyer asked,Yuna was already asleep. 

"Where's her house at?" Franco asked. 

"I can follow you,are you taking her home?" Sawyer asked. 

"Not like I have a choice" Franco muttered 

"Oh thank you,I will go get her bag" Sawyer said. 


Outside,Jericho was leaning on the wall,smoking. He got Franco's message that he already left and he also turned to go,only to find Richard standing. 

"Don't you think you should reduce the way you smoke? You might die young" Richard said with a blank look on his face. 

Jericho rolled his eyes and took another step to walk away,Richard moved to the same part and blocked him,Jericho frowned. 

"Aren't you going to stay away from her?" He asked. 


"I saw you staring at her all through,aren't you going to just fuck off already?" 

Jericho scoffed and dropped his smoke remain,he stepped on it and looked at Richard again. 

"If you like her,Focus on winning her heart and stop acting stupid" He said. 

"Exactly what I'm doing,but I need you to stay off her,its a warning" Richard said and walked away. 

Jericho scoffed and didn't bother going back into the frat house,he got to his bike and climbed on,he was about using his helmet when someone grabbed his arm and he turned. 

"Hey" Marigold smiled. 

Jericho looked around and then faced her.

"Where's your guy of the night?" He asked. 

"Richard?" Marigold asked. 

"So you know who your guy is" Jericho muttered 

"No I just...."

"Don't stay out too late" Jericho mumbled and wore his helmet.

"Tiger....." Jericho sped off before she could finish. 

Marigold bite her lip and went back in. 



Nadia was the one who opened the door and instantly her eyes met with Franco's own,carrying Yuna in his arms. 

"Nadia? Wow you two stay together?" He asked. 

"Nadia! Is that your sister?" Their mom appeared and Franco's eyes widened. 

"She's your sister?" He asked and Nadia nodded.

"Come in" she said and Franco entered,greeting their mom before following Nadia upstairs,they both entered Yuna's room and he placed her gently on the bed. 

"Thank you Frankie" Nadia smiled,she removed Yuna's heels and faced him. 

"I seriously didn't know she's your sister" Franco muttered. 

"Well,now you know" 

They both left the room together. 

"I was expecting you tonight,but was disappointed" Franco said and Nadia faced him. 

"Why?" She asked. 

"I told you I've always wanted to talk to you....." Franco replied and Nadia smiled. 

"Mind being friends?" He asked. 

"Even after what happened the last time?" 

"I don't really care,He's not even your boyfriend,or was that a lie?" Franco asked. 

"Reid and I are friends....."

"Probably he likes you" Franco scoffed and Nadia sighed. 

They went downstairs and exchanged contacts. 

"Goodnight" Nadia waved at him as he entered his car,he winked and drove off. 

Nadia took her lip in and went inside. 



"What?! He did all these to you?!" Felix couldn't believe his eyes,seeing the guy he sent after Jericho,his face was all bruised up from Jericho's beatings 

"He's really strong boss....."

"You mean he's stronger than you?!" Felix yelled and he immediately kept quiet. 

"What do you want me to do now boss?" Cohen asked. 

Felix sighed out and paced a little before stopping again. 

"Now it's obvious he's up to something,since he mentioned my name,he must have suspected me first to think I sent him,doesn't that mean he's up to something?" Felix asked. 

As he was speaking,Mr Brown's call came on his phone and he walked away before picking up. 

"Yes dad?" 

"Can you invite your brother over for dinner tomorrow? He won't answer my calls" Mr Brown said. 

"I will try dad" Felix said softly and hung up,he then scoffed. 

"That old man really thinks I like that kid?" He rolled his eyes. 

"Keep an eye on him in secret for now,I don't think he would do anything stupid yet" Felix said and walked out,the guys there all bowed,Cohen followed him out. 



Prof Annie's eyes roamed about as she picked her goodies randomly into the cart,she was almost done when she saw Xavier from the next angle. 

"Xa......" She already raised her hand to wave but then stopped almost immediately. 

"I shouldn't be that excited to see my student...right?" She questioned herself and decided to pretend not seeing him,she continue pushing her cart.

"Miss!" Xavier saw her and walked over to her. 

"Oh hey! Xavier,how are you?" She asked and he smiled. 

"You didn't see me?" He asked. 

"No I didn't,why?" 

"Nothing,I was thinking you are avoiding me" Xavier said. 

"Why would I avoid you?" She chuckled and they walked to the cashier together. 

"I thought you were buying something" Annie said. 

"Oh yes" Xavier dropped the cheesecake he got on the table. 

"Oh,Cheesecake" Annie mumbled and Xavier looked at her. 


"Nothing" She immediately shook her head. 

They both paid for their stuffs and went out together,Xavier faced her. 

"Goodnight miss" He said.

"Goodnight" She smiled. 

Xavier's phone rang and he answered. 

"Yeah,I got you a big one" Xavier said on the phone as he walked away,Annie watched him entered his car and drove off. 

"He's got a girlfriend?" She mumbled and raised her brows. 

"What's my business?" She immediately dropped her stuffs at the back of her car before getting in and then drove off. 


"Oh my gosh!! Thank you!!" Marigold screamed as Xavier gave her the cake. 

"So now I'm the one who buys what you're craving for? Am I your boyfriend or something?" Xavier asked. 

Marigold only chuckled and unwrapped the cake,she cut and ate from it. 

"Hmm" She touched her head,feeling delicious taste 

Xavier shook his head and left her room. 

"Milky,come over let's have some cake!!" She called and Milky ran into the room from wherever she was before. 



Sky sat down in silence watching Noir sipping from his wine,using the second hand to scroll through his phone. 

"You haven't said anything yet? It's quite late but I had to call you and come all the way here" Sky said. 

Noir dropped his wine and looked up. 

"You should know what my answer would be already,why wasting your time to even meet her?" He asked. 

"She kept disturbing,she said she want a collaboration......."

"I'm not interested" Noir cut in and Sky sighed out. 

"I don't think it's a must for you to show your face because of collaboration,your voice is enough. I spoke with the company's director this morning and he said the collaboration is definitely going to be a blast,Holly is a good artist,together with your voice and......."

"I'm not interested,I didn't sign up for all that" Noir said in his usual calm voice. 

"You always sound calm but rude,gosh" Sky groaned. 

"You can just do the collab with her instead" Noir scoffed and stood up. 

"When is my new music going to be released? My fans are waiting already and I am working on another one" Noir said. 

"Already? Another one?!" Sky exclaimed and Noir smiled.

"Just...there's a lot of lyrics to write these days" He said. 

"Tomorrow morning...they will be dropping it. But what's music without music video and concerts? Your fans are dying to meet you,aren't you seeing? You can put on your mask on stage if you want,just do this!" Sky said 

"I will think about it" Noir said and left him there,he entered into his studio. It's his own personal studio but screaming luxury and passion for music,just one day....maybe he would be able to show off the face behind all those beautiful songs. 



Richard came online to meet HP's messages and he was still online. 

BLAZY: Sorry I replied late. 

HP: I guess you were busy,we promised to meet by 9pm every night

BLAZY: Yeah,I had some things to take care of. 

The continue chatting until midnight. 

BLAZY: Honestly,I always enjoy talking to you,I wish we can meet right now

HP: I think we need more time,not right now 

BLAZY: Yeah...so shall er talk tomorrow??

HP: Don't keep me waiting like tonight. 

BLAZY: I promise I won't. 

HP: Then,goodnight. 

BLAZY: Goodnight. 

Richard smiled and groaned tiredly before falling on his bed. 



Marigold came down from the car with Xavier and she waved at him. 

"See you later sweetie" 

Xavier scoffed. 

"Gosh you're not romantic at all" She said and walked away,adjusting her hair. 

Meanwhile,Jericho saw Marigold as she got down from Xavier's car,walking to the hallway. He climbed through the other side. 

"Baby face" The voice called as Marigold was walking and immediately she knew who it was.

"Hi" She smiled at Richard. 

"Going the same way? Are you in a hurry?" Richard asked. 

"No,I just followed my brother,I still have about an hour before my class" Marigold said. 

"Then,how about breakfast together?" Richard asked. 

"Oh I....."

"You can just follow me then if you ate already,I don't want to go alone" Richard insisted. 

"Okay" Marigold muttered and he grabbed her hand. 

Jericho stopped walking the moment he saw them going,Richard turned back and gave him a glare. 

Jericho rolled his eyes and walked away. 



Marigold entered the hall and found everywhere noisy. 

"What's going on?" She ran to her Sawyer. 

"Noir's new music is out!" Sawyer said. 

"What?! I was anticipating all night,can't believe I missed" Marigold groaned. 

"Go and stream baby girl!" 

Marigold immediately searched and tapped on the music title...NEW GIRL. 

πŸ‘₯ Awwwn,is my Noir falling in love?

πŸ‘₯ Never,Noir is mine

The music started playing in Marigold's earpiece. 


In a world so familiar, she walked in like a dream
A beauty from a distant land, with a smile so serene
Her eyes, like sapphires shining bright, caught my gaze
And I knew in that moment, my heart would forever sway


Oh, new girl, with a heart so pure and kind
You're changing my view, one smile at a time
Your laughter echoes, a melody so sweet
And I'm lost in the beauty, of your eyes, so unique


Her skin, like porcelain, 
Glows with a gentle grace
And her hair, like silk, flows with a radiant embrace
Her accent, a gentle breeze, whispers sweet delight
And I'm captivated, by her charm, in the morning light

Marigold closed her eyes,sticking and traveling into the world of music,listening to the sweet melodies of the voice. 



Marigold walked out of the LH tiredly,she yawned and rubbed her eyes. Sawyer also Came out. 

"Gosh I'm fucking hungry" Sawyer said. 

"Me too,I want fried rice and chicken" Marigold pouted. 

"Let's go" Sawyer said. 

As Marigold turned to go,she bumped into someone and she heard the students gasped. Marigold blinked and turned at once to see Melissa standing with her clothes covered with the drinks she was holding. 

"Oh....I'm sorry,I didn't mean to......" As she was trying to talk,Melissa raised her hand and flashed a loud slap on her face. 

πŸ‘₯ *Gasps*

Sawyer's eyes widened. 

Marigold touched her face and looked at Melissa who was wearing a face of hatred as she glared at Marigold. 

"I apologized,didn't I....." 

Melissa slapped her again. 

"Hey! Are you crazy?!" Sawyer yelled and tried rushing to her,Rylie and Cassidy immediately grabbed her. 

Melissa kept walking closer to Marigold who was already tearing up. 

The students gathering more to watch the drama. 

"I told you right? I fucking warned you,it was all your fault last night,he rejected me because of you!!" Melissa yelled,raising her hand to slap her again. 

Someone grabbed her hand from the back..Marigold blinked out tears and looked up to see Jericho whose eyes was filled with total anger. 

He made Melissa face him.

"Jeri......." Melissa tried to talk but it was followed by a slap from Jericho,everyone gasped. 

"Jericho!" Melissa screamed. 

Jericho slapped her again and she fell on the ground. 

πŸ‘₯ That was hot

πŸ‘₯ I knew there would be a problem

πŸ‘₯ I can't believe my eyes. 

"Next time you lay your hands on her,I will kill you,I swear" Jericho muttered. 

He grabbed Marigold's hand and took her away,leaving everyone in shock. 


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