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I'm Your Doom - Episode 27&28



I'm Your Doom - Episode 27&28

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}




"What do you mean?" Marigold asked. 

Jericho cleared his throat and turned away from her. "Forget I said that" He mumbled. 

"Are you jealous......"

"Jealous of what? Do I look like someone who gets jealous?" Jericho asked. 

"Actually...." Marigold shook her head. 

"Then,am I forgiven?" She asked with a smile and he rolled her eyes. 

"Why are you still here then?" Jericho looked at her. 

"I said we should eat dinner together,since you don't cook" Marigold smiled. 

Jericho raised his brows. 

"Wait here" Marigold said and immediately ran out,the door opened again and she came back with grocery bag with Milky. 

Jericho's eyes widened. 

"What's that thing doing here?" He asked,pointing at Milky. 

Milky jumped out of Marigold's hands and ran to Jericho. 

"The fuck!" Jericho shouted and almost kicked her. 

Milky ran back to Marigold and she laughed. 

"Why did you bring....."

"Come on,she's harmless,isn't she cute?" Marigold picked Milky up and moved closer to Jericho. 

"Try touching her hair" She said. 

"I don't like cats,not that I am scared of it,I just don't like it" Jericho scoffed. 

"Why? But Milky is cute" Marigold pouted. 

"Meow" Milky raised her head. 

"Just take it away" Jericho moved away from her. 

"Can I drop her on the floor?" Marigold asked. 

"As long as she won't......"

"No dont worry,she's not that dirty" Marigold smiled and dropped Milky. 

"Let's go cook" She grabbed Jericho's hand into the kitchen. 

"Let's grilled chicken" She smiled. 

Jericho sighed and pushed his hands into the pocket. 

"Aren't you scared?" He asked and Marigold looked at  him. 

"Of what?" She asked. 

"Your brother finding out......"

Marigold shook her head. "He won't find out" she mumbled. 

"You're so sure" Jericho scoffed. 

"Let's just prepare this first,stop thinking about my brother" She smiled. 

Jericho and Marigold stood side by side in the kitchen, the sizzle of the grill filling the air as Marigold did the work, The aroma of olive oil, garlic,spices and lemon wafted through the kitchen. 

"What can I do? I've been standing beside you" Jericho broke the silence and Marigold looked at him. 

"Can you massage the spices into the mest?" She asked. 

"Okay" Jericho mumbled and Marigold shifted the tray to him. 

"I need to use the restroom" Marigold said and walked out,few minutes later,she returned and met Jericho still on it,he was carefully using teaspoon to apply the spice on the chicken laps. 

Marigold blinked in shock,Jericho raised his head. 

"Oh you're back,what do you think?" He asked and raised the only chicken he was holding since Marigold left. It's halfly painted with the spice and inside the small bowl where the spice was,its almost finished

"I'm not done yet" Jericho said proudly. 

Marigold nodded and started clapping. 

"Wow Tiger,you should be a chef. You rock" she gave him a thumb up and Jericho smiled. 

"Is this funny?" Marigold frowned. 

"Huh? I thought you said......"

"You've finished all the spices! You just have to put all the chickens and massage with your hand,I clearly said massage!" Marigold groaned. 

She pushed Jericho slowly and started doing it instead. 



Holly slipped into the private bar room, she removed her glasses which she used to disguise,her eyes scanning the dimly lit space until they landed on Sky, Noir's enigmatic manager. She made her way over, her heels clicking on the polished floor, and slid into the booth across from him.

With a graceful motion, she removed her mask, revealing her striking features. Sky's expression remained neutral, but his eyes betrayed a flicker of interest.

"Holly," he said, his deep voice low and smooth. "I heard you've been wanting to meet me for a while now,I mean precisely,Noir" He said. 

Holly leaned forward, her voice taking on a conspiratorial tone. "I want to collaborate with Noir."

Sky raised an eyebrow. "You know as well as I do, Holly, that Noir's identity is strictly confidential."

Holly's smile was persuasive. "I'm not looking to uncover his secrets, Sky. I just want to make music with him. I've been a fan for years, and I think our styles would mesh beautifully."

Sky leaned back in his seat, steepling his fingers together. "I'll need to discuss this with Noir. But I can't promise anything."

Holly nodded, her eyes sparkling with determination. "I understand. But I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make this collaboration happen."

Sky's gaze lingered on her, his expression unreadable. "I'll be in touch, Holly. Soon."

As she left the bar room, Holly couldn't shake the feeling that she was one step closer to uncovering the mystery that was Noir. And she was ready to do whatever it took to make her dream collaboration come true.

She literally listens to all Noir songs and she got so addicted more than just a fan. 

Getting back into her car,she saw Sky also came out of the bar,he entered his car and drove off. 

"Let's go home" Holly told the driver and the car started. 



Mr. Brown emerged from the luxurious lounge, his tailored suit and charismatic smile gleaming in the bright lights of the awaiting media frenzy. By his side, Felix walked with a confident stride, his eyes scanning the crowd with a hint of caution. The party had been a success, but now it was time to face the press.

As they stepped out into the cool night air, a sea of reporters surged forward, microphones and cameras at the ready. "Mr. Brown, how does it feel to be a frontrunner in the presidential race?" one reporter shouted.

"Confident, of course," Mr. Brown replied with a grin, his voice booming through the throng. "The people are ready for change, and I'm the man to bring it to them."

Felix nodded in agreement, his eyes fixed on the crowd as the reporters continued to pepper them with questions.

"Mr. Brown, how do you respond to critics who say you're out of touch with the common man?" another reporter asked.

"I've spent my entire career serving the public," Mr. Brown replied. "I know what they need, and I'm committed to delivering it."

Just then, a reporter from the back of the crowd called out, "Mr. Brown, is it true you only have one son, Felix here?"

Mr. Brown's smile faltered for a moment before he recovered, his expression smooth as silk. "Ah, yes, Felix is my only son. Why do you ask?"

The reporter pressed on, "There have been rumors of another son, sir. Care to comment?"

Mr. Brown's eyes narrowed, his voice taking on a hint of steel. "I think we've covered enough ground for tonight, gentlemen. My family is off-limits."

Just then, a team of burly bodyguards appeared, expertly ushering the Browns through the crowd and into a waiting limousine. As they sped away from the chaos, Felix turned to his father with a questioning glance.

Mr. Brown's expression was unreadable, but his voice was low and even. "We'll discuss this later, son. For now, let's just focus on the campaign."

The limousine glided into the night, leaving the reporters and their questions. 



Marigold sat on the plush couch in Jericho's living room, her eyes fixed on the TV as the news anchor discussed Mr. Brown's presidential bid. "And Mr. Brown has always been open about his family life, proudly declaring his son Felix as his only child," the anchor said, a photo of Felix and Mr. Brown flashing on the screen.

Marigold smiled, her eyes shining with admiration. "I somehow likes this man, he seems like a great guy. I hope he wins the election!,he's got the same last name...Brown...Jericho Brown" Marigold grinned naively,patting Milky's head. 

Jericho, who had been quietly watching the news with her, suddenly stood up and turned off the TV. His movements were swift and abrupt, his face tense with a mix of emotions.

"Marigold, I think it's time for you to leave," he said, his voice firm but laced with a hint of strain.

Marigold's brow furrowed in confusion. "What's wrong?" 

Jericho's eyes flashed with a sigh. 

"It's getting late you don't wanna get into trouble again" He said. 

Marigold checked the time and gasped out loudly. 

"Oh Lord!" 

 She quickly gathered her things and made a hasty exit with Milky. 

"Goodnight Tiger!!' 

Jericho sighed and went upstairs. 



Jericho revved his powerful bike, the wind whipping he sped down the highway. He was still focused on the road when he noticed a car trailing behind him. At first, he thought nothing of it, assuming it was just another commuter heading in the same direction.

But as the car continued to follow, Jericho's instincts kicked in. He gunned the engine, weaving in and out of lanes with precision and speed. The car kept pace, its driver refusing to back off.

Jericho's eyes narrowed, his grip on the handlebars tightening. He spotted a lonely stretch of highway ahead and made his move, braking hard and swerving onto the shoulder. The car screeched to a halt behind him, its tires squealing in protest.

Jericho swung off his bike, his movements fluid and graceful as he removed his helmet, his dark hair mussed from the ride. He strode towards the car, his eyes blazing with intensity, and yanked open the driver's door.

The driver, a young guy stumbled out, his eyes wide with fear. Jericho's hand shot out, grasping his collar as he slammed him against the car.

"Why are you following me?" Jericho asked,his eyes darkened with anger. 

The guy trembled and tried fighting back,Jericho punched his face and slammed his back against the car again,making it impossible for him to move. 

He groaned out painfully. 

"Was it Felix who sent you?" Jericho snarled, his voice low and menacing.

The guy's eyes darting wildly. "You....are...mistaken" 

Jericho's expression twisted in rage, his fists clenched as he pummeled the guy with a flurry of punches. He crumbled to the ground, moaning in pain, as Jericho stood over him, his chest heaving with anger.

With a final glare, Jericho turned and strode back to his bike, his helmet still clutched in his hand. He roared back to life, speeding away from the scene, leaving the battered driver and the car in his dust.

He wasn't convinced enough that it's not Felix,it's definitely him who would do that nobody else. 



Marigold and her friends chatted and laughed as they ate their lunch in the bustling cafeteria. But Yuna looked pale and subdued, wincing in discomfort.

"Hey, Yuna, are you okay?" Marigold asked. 

Yuna nodded weakly. "Just cramps, I'll be fine."

"Awwwwnn,I miss my jovia bestie" Marigold said and they all laughed. 

"Today has been boring because of Yuna" Sawyer sighed. 

"I used pills but this shit is messing with me so badly" Yuna pouts. 

Marigold sympathized. "I'll go get you some water."

As she got up from her seat, Melissa and her friends snickered and whispered to each other. Marigold ignored them, but as she walked away, they called out taunts.

"Look at her, thinking she's so perfect, running after Jericho like a bitch in heat!"

Marigold spun around, her eyes flashing. "At least I don't have to rely on cheap insults and bullying to feel powerful, Melissa."

Melissa's face turned red with anger, and she took a step forward, but Marigold stood her ground.

Just then, a poised and elegant girl with long, curly hair and a kind smile intervened. "Hey, Melissa, leave her alone. We're all tired of your drama."

Melissa sneered, but the girl stood firm, her eyes never leaving Marigold's face.

"Thanks" Marigold said gratefully, smiling at her rescuer.

The girl nodded "Anytime" She smiled and walked deeper into the canteen. 

Marigold's friends came over to her. 

"Let's leave,Yuna needs fresh air" Alice said. 

Together, the four girls walked away from the cafeteria. 



Jericho slumped in his seat, his headphones blasting music as he dozed off. The silence was suddenly broken by the creaking of the door, and he opened his eyes to find Catalina standing before him, a sly smile spreading across her face.

"Hey, Jericho," she whispered, her voice husky, as she straddled his lap.

Jericho's eyes widened in surprise, and he quickly removed his headphones. "Catalina, what are you doing?"

She leaned in, her lips inches from his. "You've been avoiding me,it's unfair" 

Jericho's face twisted in disgust. "I'm not in the mood" He muttered. 

But Catalina persisted, her hands roaming his chest, her lips brushing against his ear even though Jericho was not giving her the attention. 

"Stop pushing me away because of her!!" She cried,she clung to him, her grip surprisingly strong,trying so hard to kiss him. 

Just then, the door swung open, and Xavier walked in, his eyes scanning the scene before him. For a moment, their gazes locked, and Jericho saw a flash of anger and disgust in Xavier's eyes.

Xavier turned and walked out. 

"Catalina, seriously, get off me!" Jericho shouted, finally managing to push her away.

Catalina pouted, her face red with anger, but she stormed out of the classroom. 

"Gosh" Jericho groaned,running his fingers through his hair. 


"Are you disappointed?" Kelly asked Xavier who just told him what he saw. 

"Why would I? He can never change,I just hope my sister listens,I can't stand her crying because of a guy,I will kill him" Xavier muttered. 

His eyes fell on Miss Annie walking with Dr Ruben and he clenched his fist. 

"Frat house clubbing tonight?" Kelly asked. 

"No,I have something important to do" Xavier mumbled. 



The whole house was alive with music, laughter, and revelry. Students mingled and danced, their cares forgotten in the joy of the moment. The atmosphere was electric, with neon lights flashing and the thumping beat of the music drawing everyone in.

Yuna was seen dancing with a glass of cocktail in her hand,her cramps already left her and she was enjoying the moment,Alice and Sawyer were sitting down,talking. 

Marigold joined Yuna and they both danced to the hip music that the DJ dropped,causing a sweet commotion in the house. Just then,Someone's arm slide around Marigold's waist and turned at once ready to slam,but her eyes cooled when she saw Richard. 

"Richie" She called. 

"You look hot" He smiled and she blushed. 

They both left Yuna's side. 

Franco turned to Jericho who was staring at Richard and Marigold already. 

"You okay?" He asked. 

Jericho rolled his eyes and said nothing,he lightened his weed to smoke. 


The DJ announced and reduced the music,getting everyone's attention. 


👥 Yeah!!!

The voting took just five minutes and the result was out. 

Shawn came 4th,Franco 3rd and Richard 2nd. 


👥 Jericho Brown!!!

"I knew he was gonna win" Rylie said beside Catalina but she didn't move,she just sat down there,drinking expecting the girl Jericho would choose..

Melissa cat walked to Jericho like it was a plan between them,She tried sitting on his laps but Jericho was quick with the rejection,surprising everyone. 

👥 If he reject Melissa then who??

That was how he kept on rejecting all the girls. 

Meanwhile,Marigold was with Richard,also curious to see the lucky girl,as much as she would like Jericho to choose her,it's definitely impossible,not with all these eyes,the news will definitely get to Xavier. 

Jericho's eyes scanned around the room until they landed on Marigold. With a confident stride, he made his way over to her, everyone started murmuring. 

Jericho stopped right in front of Marigold not giving a damn about Richard,Marigold eyes twitched. 

Richard scoffed. 

"Dude,are you crazy? Who do you think you are" He asked. 

Jericho grabbed Marigold's waist and pulled her close,she gasped. 


"I will allow your brother hit me for free" Jericho muttered and their eyes locked. 

Without a second warning,Jericho's lips slammed on her own. 

👥 F+ck!!!!!


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