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I'm Your Doom - Episode 25&26



I'm Your Doom - Episode 25&26

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}




          { NOTHING SPECIAL }


Marigold dried her hands and gazed into the mirror, ensuring she looked flawless before exiting the restroom. As she stepped out, Sawyer was waiting for her, her eyes crinkling at the corners as she smiled.

"Ready to get back to the party?" She asked and Marigold nodded. 

"What you did to Catalina was out of jealousy right?" Sawyer asked and Marigold blinked,of course Sawyer is right but she can't admit,what if her brother is around somewhere??

"Don't bother,let's just go back" Sawyer said,offering her a hand. 

Marigold took it, and they strolled together, the music and laughter growing louder as they approached the party hall. As they entered, Marigold's eyes scanned the room, and her eyes fell on Alice. 

Her supposed friend, was cozied up with Shawn and his friends, laughing and sipping drinks like they were old pals. 

"Looks like Alice is getting along with Shawn now" Sawyer observed. 

"Who's he?" Marigold asked. 

"Her crush" Sawyer grinned. 

Marigold's eyes flashed with shock but she said nothing, her gaze fixed on the group. Sawyer followed her stare, her expression unreadable.

"You're so pretty Alice" One of Shawn's friends said,trying to shake hands with her. 

"Stop it" Shawn snapped,pushing him off gently. 

Alice's smile faltered, and she excused herself, her eyes darting between Marigold and Sawyer.

"Hey, guys! I was just... uh... catching up with Shawn and his friends," Alice stammered, her voice laced with shyness. 

"Hmmmmm" Sawyer and Marigold said at a time and they all laughed. 

"He's really nice,I didn't imagine that" Alice smiled. 

"You're head over heels for him" Sawyer chuckled. 

"Where's Yuna by the way?" Alice asked. 

Marigold already turned around to check on Jericho but he was nowhere in the party hall again. 

Shawn excused himself from the group and made his way to the outdoor patio, where Jericho was puffing on a cigarette, lost in thought. The dim lighting and soft music created a tranquil atmosphere, a welcome respite from the vibrant party inside.

"Hey, man, what's on your mind?" Shawn asked, nodding towards the cigarette.

Jericho exhaled a stream of smoke, his eyes squinting slightly. "Who are you?" He requested. 

"Seriously? You don't know who I am?" Shawn asked. 

"Are you that important that I should know you?" Jericho looked at him,already looking so pissed from the crazy pride. 

"Come on,it's just a joke. I'm Shawn,basketball team leader" Shawn smiled,bringing out his hand for a shake. Jericho rolled his eyes and continue smoking without replying or taking his hand. 

"Wow,are you a snob?" Shawn asked,pushing his hands into his pockets. 

"I hate people disturbing my peace" Jericho muttered. 

Meanwhile, back inside the party hall, Marigold's friends had wandered off to dance and enjoy the music, leaving her alone once again. That's when Richard reappeared by her side, a charming smile on his face.

"Looks like your friends abandoned you again," he said, playfully teasing her. "But I'm happy to keep your company always" He winked. 

Marigold laughed"Thanks, Richie" She mumbled. 

As they chatted and enjoyed the music together, Marigold couldn't help but notice the contrast between Richard's warm and caring demeanor and the mysterious, brooding nature of Jericho. 

'They are so different' she thought. 


Franco slid into the empty chair beside Nadia, his presence making her fidget nervously. She clutched her drink tightly, taking quick sips as if seeking courage. Franco noticed her unease and asked, "Hey, what's wrong? You seem a bit shaken."

Nadia's eyes darted around the room, her voice barely above a whisper. "It's just...nothing...I'm not a fan of parties you know" Nadia said. 

"I noticed,I was surprised when I saw you also,but simce your sister forced you,I should thank her" Franco said and Nadia looked at him. 

"Seriously? Thank her for what?" She questioned. 

Franco smiled. "Blessing me to see this pretty damsel tonight" he flirted. 

Nadia took her lips in,trying to suppress her smile but couldn't help it. 

"You don't even know how long I've been trying to start a conversation with you" Franco said and Nadia was surprised. 

"Really?" She asked. 

Before Franco could respond, Reid appeared out of nowhere, his eyes blazing with jealousy. He shoved Franco's chest, snarling, "Stay away from her, I warned you didn't I"

"Reid" Nadia stood up immediately. 

"Nadia,is he your boyfriend?" Franco asked. 

"He's my friend" Nadia answered,Franco chuckled and gave Reid a glare. 

All eyes already centered on them in the hall. 

"Reid please,let go of him,let's talk....."

"Why would you talk to him? To explain why I was with you? He's not your f+cking boyfriend and should stop acting like one!" Franco snapped and Reid punched him at once. 

"What's your own business in that bastard!!" He yelled. 

Jericho, who had been observing the scene unfold, swiftly intervened. His fist connected with Reid's face, and the sound of the punch echoed through the room. 

Everyone gasped out as Reid fell on the floor with blood all over his mouth. 

"I warned you,don't f+cking touch him" Jericho said in a calm but cold voice. 

"Reid" Nadia rushed to him on the floor and Franco fold his fists. 

"Let's go dude" Jericho told Franco. 

As they turned, Jricho's gaze locked onto Marigold who was standing beside Richard, his eyes lingering for a moment before he walked away, leaving the stunned onlookers in his wake. The tension was palpable, and Nadia's nervousness had escalated into outright fear.

Yuna ran to the scene. 

"Sisi,are you okay?" She asked Nadia and everyone started murmuring. 

👥 What just happened? Is Nadia dating Reid?

👥 Why would Reid punch Franco because he sat with Nadia?

👥 I love the way Jerri fought for Franco,bromance


"Are you okay?" Jericho asked Franco who was lost in thought. 

"You think she likes him?" Franco faced him. 

"What do you expect? They are always together," Jericho groaned and Franco shook his head. 

"I don't want to believe that" He mumbled and Jericho gave him a look. 

"Are you going to keep on getting hit because of her then?" Franco said nothing. 

"Come and drive" Jericho said and got down from the driver's side. 

They exchanged positions and Franco drove off. 



A sleek and modern studio, was transformed into a vibrant wonderland as the night wore on. The air was electric with creativity, and the sound of cameras clicking and music pulsating filled the space. Melissa was thrilled to be shooting for the same magazine as her idol, albeit for a different section.

Melissa's photoshoot, focused on up-and-coming models,was a whirlwind of excitement. She posed with her pretty face and hot body,and her passion shining through in every frame. The photographer, a seasoned pro, coaxed out her best angles, and the stylist ensured she looked every bit beautiful. 

Meanwhile, Holly's shoot was a masterclass in glamour and sophistication. The celebrity singer, resplendent in a dazzling gown, sashayed and posed with effortless ease, her voice and presence commanding attention. The camera loved her, and she reciprocated with a radiant smile and sparkling eyes. The theme was "Elegance in Motion," and Holly embodied it perfectly.

Next was Melissa and Holly together and they did perfectly,without any mistakes. 

As the shoots wrapped up, Melissa's eyes widened with excitement as she spotted Holly walking towards her, a warm smile on her face. "Hey, darling! I heard it's your first shoot for a magazine, How was your experience?"Holly asked. 

Melissa's heart skipped a beat as she gushed about the shoots. 

"I had so much fun,I still can't believe I'm here with you,I'm a fan" 

Holly smiled. "Thanks for being a fan.." She wanted to say more but then Louisa approached,telling her it's time to leave. 

They both walked away. 

👥 Bye Holly

👥Thanks for your cooperation today Holly

Holly waved at them and finally entered her car. 

"How about our discussion?" She asked Louisa who entered with her. 

"I already booked an appointment with Noir's manager...."

"I will talk to him myself,when is the appointment?" Holly asked. 

"Tomorrow night" Louisa replied. 



Richard pulled up to Marigold's house, the soft glow of the porch light illuminating the quiet night.

 "Thanks, Richie." Marigold faced him in the car. 

Richard leaned in and hugged her,she got down after the hug and went inside. 

As she stepped inside, Marigold's mind raced with thoughts of Jericho. She quickly grabbed her phone as if to call him but then realized they've never exchanged contacts. 

"Gosh" She groaned. 

She checked on her parents,they were already asleep,probably Xavier might spend the night with Kelly since he haven't gotten home yet. She got to her room and sat down on the bed,Kate came with Milky who jumped on her at once. 

"Thanks for taking care of her Kate" Marigold smiled. 

"It's nothing" Kate smiled and went out again. 

Marigold opened Instagram, searching for Jericho's profile. But to her surprise, she couldn't find him. She tried different spellings and variations, but he was nowhere to be found.

Just as she was about to give up, her hand brushed against something metallic in her bag. She reached in and pulled out Jericho's wristwatch,it's the same bag she was with on that rainy day,probably he had put it inside her bag and forgot to take it back. She immediately kept it safe somewhere. 

"I'm gonna give him on Monday" She muttered and started to undress. 



The door opened and Cohen, Felix's trusted secretary, knocked on the door of Felix's office before entering. "Good morning, sir. I have some updates for you."

Felix, seated behind his desk, looked up from his papers. "What is it, Cohen?"

"Firstly, the new contract is ready for your review. I've scheduled meetings with the relevant parties for this week," Cohen reported efficiently.

Felix nodded, his expression serious. "Good work, Cohen. Also, I'll be leaving the office early today. I have a personal matter to attend to."

Cohen's eyes narrowed slightly,"Shall I arrange for another car, sir?"

"No, that won't be necessary. But, Cohen, I have a special task for you," Felix said, his voice low and deliberate. "I want you to find out where Jericho lives. I want to know if he's up to something."

Cohen's expression remained neutral, but he knew the animosity between Felix and Jericho was palpable. "Understood, sir. I'll discreetly look into it."

Felix's eyes gleamed with a hint of malice. "I want to be informed of any suspicious activities, Cohen. Jericho is too quiet these days, but I'll be watching him closely."

Cohen nodded,"no problem sir"  he bowed. 

"You can go" Felix ordered and Cohen walked out of the office. 



The grandeur of the Samantha Kendy Mansion enveloped Catalina as she stormed into the opulent living room, her frustration notable,She's already dressed up for school. 

 "Mom, I'm so tired of this modeling career! I feel like I'm not getting anywhere, and it's all so superficial!"

Samantha, lounging on the plush sofa, looked up from her phone, concern etched on her face. "Aww, sweetie, I know it's tough, but you're doing great! And I promise, I'll introduce you to some of my model friends soon. They can give you valuable advice and connections."

Catalina sighed, her shoulders slumping in defeat. "Thanks, Mom, but you're never home to help me with anything. You're always busy with going to different locations and all that"

Samantha's expression turned apologetic. "I know, baby, but I'm home today, and we can spend some quality time together. Let's have a relaxing day, just us girls."

"I have classes today,but I don't mind spending time with you" Catalina said. 

"How about hanging out?" Samantha asked. 

"Hang out where? You want your fans to flood over you? I'm not ready for that mom" Catalina scoffed. 

"Don't worry about that" 

Just as Catalina nodded, Samantha's phone rang. She answered, and her expression transformed from serene to surprised. "Oh, hi, Mark! I didn't expect a call from you today...What??, I'll be right there."

Catalina's eyes widened in disbelief. "Mom, you're leaving again? But you promised we'd spend the day together!"

Samantha hastily stood up, apologetic. "I'm so sorry, sweetie, but this is an emergency. I'll make it up to you, I promise"

With a disappointed sigh, Catalina grabbed her bag and headed out the door angrily. 



Jericho paced back and forth in the library, his eyes scanning the tables and shelves with a growing sense of frustration. "Where is she?" he muttered to himself, his mind fixed on Marigold. He had expected to see her here, studying or researching,or drawing as usual but she was nowhere to be found.

He sighed out loudly,wondering why he was actually expecting her. 

After the long wait,Jericho stormed out of the library,and immediately spotted Marigold and Richard laughing together, and his eyes narrowed. He stood there for a minute,staring at them,the way Marigold spoke with him freely and the smiles are all the same with when she's with him. 

Jericho pushed his hands into his pocket and walked away. Melissa appeared out of nowhere, her eyes sparkling with excitement. "Jericho, wait! I need to ask you something."

Before he could respond, she dragged him into an empty classroom, her voice barely above a whisper. "Did you see my photoshoots? I've been dying to know what you think!"

Jericho's gaze locked onto hers, his eyes burning with intensity. And then, without warning, he kissed her. Melissa's eyes widened in surprise, but Jericho broke away just as quickly, his expression cold and detached.


"Forget about it" He mumbled and walked out. He went straight to the lecture hall. 

Immediately,four girls rushed over to him, their faces beaming. "Jericho, we're so excited! We're in the same group for the project!"

Xavier, who was on his way out raised an eyebrow. "Isn't that exactly what you like, Jericho? Being surrounded by adoring fans?" He smirked and went out. 

Jericho's gaze swept over the girls, his expression uninterested. "I don't have time for this. Find someone else to work with,he said and put on his headphones. 



Xavier knocked on the door of Prof Annie's office before entering. He was greeted by the sight of her wincing in pain, her finger bleeding from a small pinprick. Without hesitation, Xavier rushed to her side, his concern evident. "Prof Annie, let me help you!"

"Oh thanks,first aid box over there" She pointed. 

As Xavier carefully cleaned and bandaged her finger, a knock at the door interrupted them,they heard Dr Ruben's voice and Xavier rolled his eyes. 

"Can I tell him you're busy?" Xavier offered, and Prof Annie nodded slowly. 

Xavier opened the door to find Dr. Ruben standing in the hallway, a look of annoyance on his face. 

"Why are you the one here?" Dr Ruben asked. 

"She's busy" Xavier said bluntly. 

Dr. Ruben's expression turned disapproving, but Xavier closed the door before he could say more. 

"Why did you request for that?" Prof Annie asked after Xavier was done with her finger. 

"I don't like him" Xavier mumbled and she chuckled. 

"You are so straight forward" She mumbled. 

Xavier said nothing. 

"How old are you?"

"Twenty one" He looked up. 

"Do you know mine?" 


"I'm Twenty seven" 

"You look prettier and younger than your age,Miss" Xavier said,staring into her eyes. 

"That's not the point, Xavier."

"What is the point, then?" Xavier mumbled and Prof Annie couldn't talk. 


Marigold was walking with her friends when she saw Jericho,she immediately ran after him to give him his phone. 

"Tiger!" She called. 

Jericho looked at her coldly and she stopped in confusion,did she do anything wrong? Jericho walked away. 

"What's wrong?" Marigold mumbled sadly. 



Marigold stood outside Jericho's residence, her heart pounding in anticipation. She had come to confront him about his distant behavior and to return his watch, she had to lie at home that she's hanging out with her friends. 

As the door opened for her,Jericho's expression was icy, his eyes narrowed. 

 Marigold's confidence began to waver, but she pressed on, her voice firm. "Tiger,is....something wrong?" She entered with him. 

For a moment, he said nothing, his silence deafening. Then, his voice cut through the tension like a knife. 

"Nothing,why are you here?" 

Marigold dropped his wristwatch on the table snd faced him again with a smile. 

"Let's have dinner together,how about chicken?" She grinned. 

Jericho scoffed. 

"Stop acting this way when you're around me like you don't do it with everyone else" He said. 


"Those smiles of yours.....are nothing special,smiling at everyone that way is not special" Jericho rolled his eyes and made to leave. 

"Tiger" Marigold blocked him. 

"Tell me what happened exactly,I don't........."

"Why are you always with him? Do you like him that much?" 


"Richard......I hate seeing you two together" Jericho voiced out and Marigold blinked rapidly in disbelief. 


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