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I'm Your Doom - Episode 23&24



I'm Your Doom - Episode 23&24

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



Marigold opened her eyes and found herself in a strange room,she sat up slowly and immediately checked the time,it's midnight already. 

"Damn" she mumbled and looked around. 

"Is this....Jericho's place?" She uttered and walked toward the door. She went out of the room,she was going downstairs before but suddenly heard a sound coming from the other angle which she immediately followed. 

She got to somewhere like an open Balcony and there she saw Jericho's back,he was standing there,the smoke from his weed moving in zigzag direction intp the air. 

A smile escaped her lips forgetting that she was supposed to be home at the moment. 

"Tiger" She called and Jericho turned. 

"You're awake" He muttered and she walked closer. 

"You brought me to your house?" She grinned. 

"Is there a problem with that....."

"You said you don't like taking girls to your house,does that mean I'm the first?" She asked. 

Jericho cleared his throat and looked away. 

"Come on,tell me....I'm the first right?" Marigold grabbed his arm. 

"It's just.....payments for stealing your first kiss" Jericho muttered and Marigold pouted. 

"I see" She took her lips in. 

"Should I take you home?" Jericho asked. 

"No,I will just take whatever punishment comes tomorrow" She sighed,leaning on the stair rail. 

"I love this place,I can see the city lights" She said. 

Jericho just smokes without saying anything,she looked up at him.

"Do you smoke like this everytime?" 

"Yeah" Jericho replied and she took her lips in. 

"Why aren't you sleeping? It's quite late" she asked. 

"It's not a choice" Jericho replied. 

"Huh? Do you have insomnia?" 

"Something like that" Jericho puffed out a thick smoke and Marigold coughed. 

He looked at her and she immediately tried to control her cough. 

"Its not because of your smoke,it's the cold" Marigold said and then coughed again. 

Jericho crushed the weed and dropped it into the ashtray. 

"You should go back to sleep,you passed out earlier....do you have cold?" He asked. 

"Oh......yeah" Marigold mumbled. 

"Then why did you entered the rain with me? Why do you care so much....."

"Don't try to push me away again" She cut in and Jericho sighed. 

"I don't want to have a problem with your brother" 

"Are you scared of him?"

"You won't like it if I fight him,trust me you will hate me" Jericho said and Marigold sighed. 

"He won't find out,I won't let him find out,so stop pushing me away" She mumbled.  

"How did you find me there? The cemetery?" Jericho looked at her. 

"I was passing and I saw your bike,then I went in" 

"All those words you said to me..." Jericho paused. 

Marigold blinked,curiously waiting for him to continue. 

"That....you won't stay away...and that you love psychopaths....do you always say that nonchalantly to everyone to make them feel better?" Jericho asked. 

"No,I've never done that before" Marigold shook her head and Jericho looked at her. 

"So you meant them?"

She nodded. 

"Don't say that again,I'm not that good of a person either" Jericho mumbled and looked away. 

"You're a nice person...to me" Marigold said. 

"All those words you said to me in the garden....you even pulled my clothes.....you didn't meant them right?" She asked,looking into his eyes. 

"That's why you still came to me,what if I mean everything?" Jericho looked at her. 

"I will still understand" Marigold smiled. 

"Well now at least I know you were just trying to make me stay away" She said. 

"Where's your dad?" Marigold suddenly asked. 

"I don't want to talk about him" Jericho replied and she bite her lips. 


There was silence after that. 

"Let's listen to some music" She said and shoved her hand into her pocket,she brought out her phone and earpiece. 

"How come my phone is not wet tho?" She mumbled. 

"I removed them of course,I just put them back when we got here" Jericho said and she smiled. 

She connected it and gave him one ear. 

"It's an artist I started loving recently,but he sings alot of sad songs" Marigold mumbled. 

"I love this one...title is ...Voices" Marigold said and Jericho used the earpiece,she used the second one and played the slow music. 


I hear the voices, they never cease

Whispers in the darkness, a constant release

A cacophony of chaos, a never-ending fight

But I search for silence, a peaceful night

Oh, my mind is a battlefield, a war I can't win
But I long for peace, a quiet place to begin
Free from the voices, the noise and the pain
Just a moment's silence, a chance to breathe again

Marigold sang the outro out


So I'll keep on searching, for that peaceful place
Where the voices fade, and I can rest my face
And maybe someday, I'll find my way to peace
And the voices in my head, will finally release.

"Your voice is pretty" Jericho said and she blushed. 

"Thanks,the song is sad right?" She asked. 

"I'm not a fan of music" Jericho mumbled. 

"Come on,music is life,so why do you always walk with your headphones?" She asked. 

"Just to prevent myself from hearing annoying students voices" Jericho replied and she chuckled. 

Her tummy suddenly made a loud noise. 

"That's not mine,,it's probably....gosh" She bite her lips. 

"I have ramen in the kitchen,you can make them for yourself" Jericho said. 

"Really? Should we do that together?" She asked. 


Marigold pouted. 

"You will take me to the kitchen at least" She said and Jericho led the way,she smiled and followed. 



Marigold opened the door and entered the house,she met her mom in the living room looking angry,Xavier was there too,Milky roaming around.  Mrs Scott stood up the moment she saw Marigold. 

"Morning........" Before Marigold could finish,a loud slap landed on her face and she immediately placed her palm there. 

"Where are you coming from?! You left last night and refused to answer anybody's calls!! How dare you!!" Mrs Scott yelled angrily. 

Marigold bite her lips. 

"Get out of my sight" 

Marigold's tears fell and she immediately ran upstairs and Milky ran after her,she entered her room and broke into tears.

The door opened and Xavier entered,he closed the door and Marigold wiped her tears. 

"Where are you coming from?" He asked. 

"My friends place" Marigold muttered. 

"Are you serious right now? Is that the reason why you couldn't call or even answer anyone's calls?" Xavier asked. 

"That's because I slept off too early,I just saw the missed calls this morning" Marigold replied. 

"I hope you're not lying,you know how mom can be,we were awake all night worried about you,she even cried,you can't just act senseless anytime you want. You don't even know anywhere here,you need to use your brain well and stop being silly thinking you're old enough to do whatever you want,it's becoming annoying" Xavier said. 

"I thought you're here to console me" Marigold pouted. 

"Why should I do that? You made everyone worried all night" 

Marigold hugged him. 

"I'm sorry" She muttered. 

"Go tell mom that,not me" Xavier said. 

Marigold broke the hug and checked out the cut on his lip. 

"It's totally gone" She said. 

Xavier scoffed and she chuckled. 

"Wash up and go apologize to mom if you want peace today,you know her" Xavier saud and Marigold nodded. 

Xavier went out and Marigold sighed out loudly before falling on the bed. She touched her cheek and her mind went to Jericho. Her phone buzzed and she took it at once,a text from Yuna. 

YUNA BABY: I'm coming over soft bread,we are getting ready for the party remember? 

Marigold smiled and replied. 

MARIGOLD: Come over fast,I'm bored. 

She dropped her phone and went into the bathroom. 



Jericho opened the door and Franco came in. 

"When will you stop ignoring my calls?" 

"I'm sorry" Jericho mumbled. 

"That was fast,is something wrong?" Franco asoed. 

"Did you bring food? I can smell it" 

"Yeah,mom sent me" Franco said and Jericho smiled. 



The dimly lit hall pulsed with energy, the air thick with the hum of music and laughter. The party was in full swing, with bodies swaying to the beat and drinks flowing like water. The walls were adorned with colorful streamers and balloons,

In the center of the room, group of students danced with abandon, their arms raised and their voices hoarse from singing along to the music. The DJ spun a hypnotic mix of tracks, each one more infectious than the last. The crowd was a sea of movement, with students of all levels  united in their quest for a good time.

To one side, a cluster of revelers huddled around a makeshift bar, eagerly awaiting their turn to take a shot or grab a refill. The bartenders, charismatic figures with a quick wit and a quicker pour, kept the drinks flowing and the jokes coming.

 Nearby, a group of newcomers hovered at the edge of the party, looking a little lost but eager to join in on the fun.

As the night wore on, the music grew louder and the dancing more frenzied. The room was a whirlwind of color and sound, with confetti and glitter to the excitement,even though the full party and enjoyment was yet to begin in full. 

Xavier and Kelly walked into the hall together and screams filled the air at once. 

👥 Xavier!!!!

👥 He's so hot!

👥 I love you Xavier.

"Gosh its even hard walking with you these days" Kelly scoffed. 

"We can exchange bodies,not like I care about their @$ses" Xavier scoffed and Kelly chuckled. 

They took the glasses of wine offered to them by the bartenders walking around. 

Richard already arrived some minutes ago,he was in a corner,trying too hard to escaped from the girls flirting with him. 

Soon,more screams filled the air,it was the moment Jericho walked in with Franco,both killing the bad boy vibes,making girls go crazy. 

👥 Jericho is not human,gosh!

👥 Franco!!

👥 They are so hot I'm in tears

Jericho kept a cold face till he got to somewhere comfortable to sit,after getting a drink,he crossed his legs and just sat down looking handsome effortlessly. Franco also went his own way,he love associating with people anyway,he found his course mates who dragged him to join them. 

"No,don't" Jericho said to the girls who came over to him. 

"I will make you see good" 

"He said you should get lost" Catalina appeared,walking toward them like a queen. They immediately walked away. She smiled at Jericho and sat down beside him. 

"I thought you weren't coming" She said. 

Jericho said nothing and brought out a ball-like lighter. 

"Let me help" She took it from him and opened it,revealing the blue flame. She light up his weed for him and he started smoking. 

"Are you okay with that? Or do you want a quickie? The bathroom" She whispered. 

Jericho smiled and looked at her. 

Catalina winked. 

They suddenly started hearing murmurs and all eyes turned.

As the doors swung open, a vision in red stepped into the party, commanding the attention of every pair of eyes in the room. Marigold just arrived with her friends,she sashayed into the fray, her confident stride and sultry smile leaving a trail of mesmerized onlookers in her wake.

Her outfit was a masterclass in sophistication and seduction – a sleek, floor-length red gown that hugged her curves in all the right places. The dress was a deep, rich shade that seemed to glow in the dim light of the party, showcasing her sun-kissed skin and raven hair to perfection. A daring thigh-high slit revealed a tantalizing glimpse of her toned legs, while a plunging neckline drew eyes to her décolletage.

But it wasn't just the dress that made her entrance iconic – it was the way she wore it. Marigold exuded a sense of self-assuredness and poise, her shoulders back and her head held high as she scanned the room with a piercing gaze. Her lips were painted a deep red, matching the dress perfectly, and her eyes sparkled like diamonds in the light.

As she made her way through the crowd, the music seemed to fade into the background, and the only sound was the collective gasp of admiration and the soft rustle of her dress as she moved. It was as if time itself had slowed down, allowing everyone to fully absorb the magnitude of her entrance.

All the girls were looking so hot but Marigold hotter,all eyes were on her. 

Jericho wasn't excluded,even though his face were still calm as usual,it didn't hide the fact that he was staring,Catalina was dying with anger right beside him as she glared at Marigold with total hatred. 

Jericho's eyes met with Xavier's own and Xavier shot him a warning glare. 

The girls separated at once,Richard walked over to Marigold with mesmerized smile on his face. 


"Hi" Marigold smiled as he took her hand. 

"You look.....hot" He muttered. 

"Thanks" Marigold replied. 

The bartenders came to hand over a glass of wine to her and she took it. 

"I thought I overdressed....but looking around I don't think so" Marigold mutgered. 

"You look perfect" Richard kissed her hand. 

Jericho got up and walked out of the party room,Catalina stood up and followed him,he went to the rooftop,Catalina met him standing there,smoking aggressively. 

Minutes later,Marigold around to find Jericho,she saw him just coming in with Catalina and their eyes met,he looked away from her and sat down,somewhere different from where he was earlier. 

Their eyes met countless times and they would look away. 

"Wanna dance with me?" Richard asked and Marigold looked at him,she nodded. 

He wrapped his arm around her waist,leading her to tbe center. 

Jericho sipped from his wine. 

"They look great together" Catalina said. 

"You think?" He asked. 

"Of course,and seems her brother likes him" Catalina said and Jericho chuckled. 


"Wow,Nadia?" Franco called in surprise when she saw Nadia. 

"Hey" She smiled shyly. 

"I've never seen you in a party" Franco muttered. 

"Shout out to my sister then" She chuckled. 

"You look hot" He mumbled. 

"Thanks" Nadia said and they started walking together slowly. 

Nadia suddenly sighted Yuna coming from afar. .

"I need to go,later" She waved and immediately walked away leaving Franco speechless. 

"What's with her" He mumbled. .

"Franco" Someone called from the back and he turned. 

"Oh...Yuna right?" 

Yuna nodded immediately and he smiled. 


"You look so handsome tonight" 

"You too" Franco said and she blushed. 

"Do you wanna go check something to ear with me? I want chicken wings" Yuna said and Franco chuckled. 



Back in the party hall,the music shifted to a soulful ballad, the lights dimmed, and the crowd melted away, leaving only the gentle sway of couples lost in the moment. Marigold found herself in the arms of Richard again, their bodies swaying in time to the music.

But despite the intimate embrace,Marigold's gaze drifted across the room, her eyes locking onto Jericho who was laughing and spinning his partner,Catalina. 

"Is he high? Why laughing because of her?" Marigold scoffed inwardly. 

Her eyes lingered on the way Jericho's eyes crinkled at the corners as he smiled, the way his hair curled slightly at the nape of his neck, and the effortless way he was just hot. 

Meanwhile, Richard,held her close, his eyes fixed on hers, his expression soft and gentle. He whispered sweet nothings in her ear, his warm breath sending shivers down her spine, but Marigold's mind was elsewhere, her heart aching with a mix of longing and frustration.

As the music built to a crescendo,her gaze snapped back to Jericho, their eyes meeting in a flash of tension. For a moment, they just stared at each other, Then,her attention returned to Richard. 

"Are you okay?" He asked. 

Marigold managed to nod,the last moment her eyes fell back on Jericho and Catalina...Catalina was trying to kiss Jericho even tho he doesn't look interested,she kept pressing her body on him. 

Marigold lost control if her precious self and pulled down Richards hands from her waist. 

"Let's take a break" She smiled. 

"Okay" Richard also smiled,but it was fake. He knew she's been staring at Jericho. 

Marigold went to grab her red wine in the table and started walking toward Catalina and Jericho. She suddenly faked a balance lose and her red wine poured all over Catalina's white dress. 

Everyone gasped out loudly. 

"Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!" Catalina screamed out,seeing what her pure white dress turned to. 

She faced Marigold with anger. 

"Oh....I'm sorry,it was a mistake" Marigold said 

"Are you mad?!!! Mistake?!! You call this a mistake?!! How is this going to get fixed?!!!" Catalina yelled. 

"By you going home" Marigold mumbled in a cold way. 


"You heard me" Marigold said bluntly. 


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