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I'm Your Doom - Episode 21&22



I'm Your Doom - Episode 21&22

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



Marigold sighed out loudly as she finished writing in her diary,she still can't forget what happened earlier in school,Xavier refused to talk to her also and now she's super sad and bored. 

"Meow" Milky jumped on her,snuggling into her arms. 

"I'm not happy Milky" She mumbled and placed her head on the table,hugging the cat in the process. 

"You know Tiger right? Now I have to stay away from him...but,I don't want to do that. Even after what he said and did to me in school today,I'm sure he only did to chase me away from him,should I talk to him tomorrow? Oh I'm not going to school tomorrow,I have no class" Marigold sighed. 

"This is a secret tho,only sharing with you,My brother must not know this" Marigold got up and walked to the bed,Milky followed her. 

She hugged the pillow to herself and her mind went to Richard. 

'Only look at me from now on' 

She shook her head. 

"What does that mean?" She bite her lips and sighed out loudly. 

"Let's just sleep and forget everything" She mumbled to herself and closed her eyes. 



Jericho was sitting down,drinking. Three bottles of alcohol already empty on the table and he's on the fourth one. 

The bartender came to park the empty bottles. Girls in the bar staring at Jericho,they couldn't stop staring,he's been rejecting all the girls who approached him all night. He wasn't just in the mood and he doesn't know why. 

A normal him would have to f**k girls to make himself feel better but tonight he was totally out of control. 

Soon,a girl came over,she was looking more endowed than any of the girls that already showed up,a perfect figure eight shape. She stood up in front of Jericho,giving seductive moves. She's literally one of the girls who's hardly rejected by customers. 

Jericho said nothing and tried pouring himself a glass. 

"Let me help" She sat down and took the bottle from him. 

Jericho's eyes were on the glass and immediately it got filled up,he took it and gulped everything down.

"How come you're not drunk yet" The girl askee. 

Jericho ignored her and puffed in his smoke. 

"You're hot" she said and touched Jericho's biceps. 

"S+xy too" She bite her lips. 

Jericho dropped his weed and looked at her. 

"Fuck off" He muttered. 

The girl looked at him with a surprised gaze. 

"Huh?" She asked again to be sure. 

"Screw off" Jericho repeated and she bashed her lashes. 

"I just....."

"Don't touch me again,it's a warning" Jericho said and continue smoking. 

The girl gently stood up and walked away. 

Jericho continue his mission until he was satisfied,he got up and walked out of the bar. He climbed on the bike and rode off roughly. 

He got home and meet Clent waiting for him. 

"I've been calling you,why did you ignore my calls" Clent asked.

Jericho rolled his eyes and took the stairs without saying a word.

"Your dad want you to come over tomorrow night" Clent said and Jericho turned. 

"For?" He asked. 

"Tomorrow is his wedding anniversary" Clent replied. 

Jericho chuckled darkly and went upstairs. 

Clent sighed out and walked out of the house. 



Marigold yawned as she climbed down the stairs. 

"I'm so hungry" She groaned as she entered the kitchen,opening the fridge direct. 

"That's what you get when you don't eat dinner" Mrs Scott said and Marigold turned at once to see her mom preparing breakfast. 

"Mom! What are you doing here?" She asked. 

"It's Kate's off day" Mrs Scott replied. 

"Morning mom" She smiled and brought out cereal and milk,she took water and made it with cold water. 

"'Cold water? Can't you feel this cold weather right now?" Mrs Scott asked. 

"I'm too hungry to heat water mom" Marigold said with full cereals in her mouth. 

"Where's dad and brother?" 

"Your brother went to school and your dad to the office,why are you not leaving home?" 

"I have no classes" Marigold replied. 

After eating the cereals,she joined her mom to prepare breakfast..

"You're not doing anything this evening right?" Mrs Scott asked. 


"I will be going to visit a friend of mine this evening,mind coming along?"

"I will go with you" Marigold smiled and ate out of the beef she was slicing. Mrs Scott slapped her back.

"Mom!" She laughed. 

"Do you even know how to cook?"

"Oh mom please don't try me,granny didn't tell you my story?" Marigold bragged. 

"Oh wow so there's even a story"

"That's to tell you how cook I am when it comes to cooking" Marigold said and Mrs Scott laughed.  



Franco came downstairs and met his mom in the living room,he pecked her cheek. 

"Off to school" He said. 

"It's been a while since I saw Jericho,will you invite him over tonight?" Mrs Jenkins asked. 

"I will tell him that,bye mom" Franco went out. 

He entered his car and dialed Jericho's number,he's been calling him since last night but he never answered,he didnt even read his texts either. 

"Is he mad at me?" Franco sighed out loudly and started the car,he drove off to school. 



Xavier entered Prof Annie's office and she smiled. 

"Hey Xavian" 

"You're welcome miss" Xavier said. 

"Thank you so much for yesterday,you really saved me the stress" 

"You're welcome" 

"Oh.....what happened to your lips? Did you get into a fight?" Prof Annie asked worriedly when she saw the cut on his lips,it's from Jericho's punch yesterday. 

"This is nothing,you don't have to worry about it" Xavier said. 

"But still you have to take care of your wounds,no matter how small or little it is" She stood up and walked over to take the small first aid box in her office,Xavier's eyes followed her. 

She returned. 

"Have a seat" She mumbled and Xavier gently sat down. 

She opened the first aid box and brought out an ointment,she started applying it on Xavier's lip. 

Xavier's eyes on her,he immediately looked away when their eyes almost met. 

"Is it painful?"

"Of course not,it's just a cut" Xavier said. 

"That's good to hear" She smiled and closed the box. 

"You can have this" She gave him the ointment.

"Thank you" Xavier smiled. 

"You should be careful,don't get into fights" Prof Annie said and Xavier nodded. 

"Can I get the lists of what the students are working on? Is anyone absent today? " 

"No" Xavier said and his mind went to Jericho. 

"Jericho is in school?" Prof Annie looked at him. 

"No" Xavier muttered. 

Annie raised a brow. 

"I just remembered" Xavier mumbled and she smiled. 

"I understand" She said. 


Alice was searching for her necklace in the basket ball court,she came to watch a game with Yuna and now her necklace is gone. 

"I can't lose that,gosh please" She groaned. 

"Looking for this?" A voice said from the back and she immediately turned,her eyes widened when she saw Shawn raising a necklace up. 

"That's mine" Alice smiled and walked over to him. 

Shawn raised the necklace higher and Alice looked at him. 

"I know you" He said. 

Alice's eyes widened. He knows her?? Her crush knows her?!!

"You...do?" She asked calmly and Shawn smiled. 

"You always come to watch whenever I play" he said and brought down his hand. 

"I'm a fan" Alice smiled. 

"Oh I See" Shawn chuckled and leaned in,Alice swallowed hard. He wore the necklace around her neck and Alice almost disssapeared. What the heck is he doing to her?!

"All done,it's pretty" Shawn said. 

"Thank you" Alice touched the necklace. 

"What's your name?" 



"Second year" She said. 

"Oh" Shawn pulled his hands into his pocket. He wanted to say more but then the door opened and his friends rushed in. 

He smiled At Alice. 

"See you around" 

Alice nodded and walked out of the court,meeting Yuna on the way. 

"You found it? Thank goodness,I've searched the whole hall" Yuna said and Alice jumped on her. 

"What's this?"

"I don't wanna scream!!!!" Alice screamed. 

"What happened?" Yuna asked. 

"Shawn talked to me" 


"He actually found my necklace,he even wore it for me" 

"Whoa" Yuna laughed. 

"Like,I'm literally shaking right now." 

Yuna chuckled. 



"Thanks" Marigold smiled after paying the cashier,she went out. 

"Baby face!" Richard called and waved at her,he was standing beside his car. 

"Richie" Marigold smiled and walked over to him. 

"How did you know I was in??" 

"I saw you going in" Richard replied. 

"I came to buy some snacks,wanna share?" She asked and Richard smiled. 

"I was going to ask if you would have lunch with me,I just left school" He said. 

"Let's go then,I want some delicious mashed potatoes with chicken sauce" Marigold rubbed her tummy. 

Richard laughed. 

"I think I will go for that also" He winked and opened the car for her. 

"Thanks" Marigold smiled and entered. 

He came in also and they left. 



Mr Brown walked out of his room and turned to a guard. 

"Is Jericho here yet?" He asked. 

"No sir" 

"Come on honey,he might be busy to come,let's just have fun" Ember showed up in her dress and held him. 

They both went downstairs,Felix was already waiting for them on the dinning table. 

"You look handsome son" Ember smiled. 

"Thanks mom"

They all sat down and the maids started dishing out the meals. 

"Should we just cut the cake first?"

"No,let's wait" Mr Brown said. 

"Our next anniversary,I'm planning alot for that,it won't just be under our roof like this"  She said. 

Mr Brown nodded. 

"Anyhow you want it" He said and she smiled. 

"Thanks honey" 



Marigold stood up from where she was sitting,she's been on her phone and now she was getting bored. Mrs Andrew and her friends still gistimg and doesn't seem like they will be done anytime soon,thank goodness tomorrow is saturday,the only thing she's got to do tomorrow is the party. 

"Where are you going?" Mrs Andrew asked. 

"Taking a walk,don't worry about me and just call when you're ready" Marigold replied and went out before her mom could talk again. 

Getting out,she was surprised that it was raining cat and dog,it was so heavy but it's not stopping Marigold. 

She saw an umbrella inside a bucket and took it,she walked out of the house. She kept on walking,making sure she would be able to find her way back,or probably If she can't,she will just go home direct. 

She was still walking when she saw something familiar which made her stop,Marigold turned back to the bike she just passed. 

"It's....Jericho's bike" She mumbled. 

"Why is it here? Does he stay around here?" She asked herself but then shook her head. 

Jericho can't possibly be going to school everyday all the way from here everyday. Then why is his bike there? She raised her head to see what that place was but she couldn't see it clearly.

"Just ignore it Marigold please" She said to herself and started walking away trying so hard to convince herself not to care. 

"He said you should fuck off remember? He doesn't like you,he just want to get into your pant" She stopped.

"Holy shit I'm a goner!!!" She cursed herself and ran back at once. She entered the place where Jericho's bike was packed. 

As she entered,a security stopped her. He was also using an umbrella since the rain was still heavy. 

"Oh...good evening" Marigold bowed. 

"Same young lady,is there something?" 

"Please,what is this place?" Marigold asked. 

The man point his flashlight up and Marigold's eyes followed to see what was written. 

It's a Cemetery. 

Her eyes widened.

"I saw my friend's bike outside and I camw to check on him" She muttered. 

"You're not looking for the young man who always come here to sleep on the grave right?"

"Huh?" Marigold blinked. 

"You can go in" the security man said. 

Marigold started walking in,fear gripped her whole body but her stubborn mind wouldn't let her go back,the rain was so hard and the breeze was so cold,she was beginning to feel it since what she wore was short. 

Suddenly she stopped when she saw am image sitting down on a grave,inside the rain. She immediately walked toward the person,getting closer,she saw him....Jericho sitting down,his head on the upper side of the grave with his eyes closed,the rain beating him badly but he didn't mind. 

Marigold swallowed hard and her legs started shaking as she walked more closer. 

"Tiger" She called and Jericho opened his eyes,he raised his head up and their eyes locked. His eyes looking so red like someone who have been crying all day. 

Marigold stood still,she couldn't move,her grip tightened on the umbrella,seeing him that way. 

"Tiger" She stuttered and bent before him,she covered him with the umbrella,their eyes still locked. 

"Why are you here alone?" She asked softly. 

"I....can't leave her alone.......it's super cold" Jericho said....his tears falling. 

Marigold bite her lips,trying to control her own tears. 

"You will catch a cold,you need to leave,hmm?" She shook him. 

"Do you know something interesting?" Jericho looked at her and Marigold listened. 

"Today is....her death anniversary....and also....my dad's wedding anniversary. It's funny how they have to celebrate so well on the day of her death like nothing happened" Jericho said and looked away,trying to hide his tears. 

Marigold dropped the umbrella in her hand and pulled him into a hug,she was beginning to cry. 

"It was all my fault,,she wouldn't have died,it's all because if me,I shouldn't have been born then she wouldn't be here all alone................I'm just.....a pain to everybody....I.....shouldn't be living....I'm just....."

"Stop it" Marigold muttered and broke the hug,their eyes locked. 

The rain pouring aggressively on them both. 

"It's not your fault that you were born,you shouldn't be feeling that way" Marigold shook her head and cupped his cheeks. 

"Get up let's go,you shouldn't get sick" 

Jericho stared at her. 

"Aren't you....going to stay away from me too? Aren't you?" 

Marigold shook her head.

"I don't want To" 

"I'm a pain" 

"I still won't stay away"

"I might just break your heart"

"I'm not staying away"

"I'm a psychopath"

"I love psychopaths,a lot" Marigold said. 

"I'm a.........." 

"Shshhh" Marigold placed a finger on his lips. 

"You're just wasting your time Tiger,I've made up my mind" She muttered. 

"Your brother....."

"He won't find out" 

There was silence as they continue staring at each other in the shower of rainfall. 

"Then......can I..kiss you?." Jericho uttered and Marigold swallowed. 

"Please" he added and gently grabbed her waist,their lips smashed against each others own.


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