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I'm Your Doom - Episode 19&20



I'm Your Doom - Episode 19&20

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



"So what are you going to do now? The video is fucking trending" Sawyer said. 

Marigold sighed,they walked into the canteen together and all eyes fell on her. 

👥 She's that girl. 

👥 The one Jericho gave a ride to school

👥 I heard she's a freshman

👥 She's pretty though. 

👥 I can't wait to watch the drama Catalina and Melissa are planning. 

"Just ignore them" Sawyer scoffed and they sat dowm 

"Ignore what? So this is true?" Yuna and Alice rushed in and sat down. Yuna showed them her phone. 

"Number one trending post in Oak Valley right now...." 

It's a video of Marigold getting down from Jericho's bike,how she removed the helmet and handed to Jericho,everything was captured with a caption which said....

# first time seeing Jericho giving a girl a ride on his bike! Who's she!!#

"You're trending baby" Yuna grinned and dropped her phone. 

"Oh no" Marigold almost hit her head on the table but Alice put her hand on the table,Marigold's head fell on her palm instead. 

"But aside Catalina and Melissa's drama,any other problem this can cause?" Alice looked at them.  

"Her brother of course,you know they are enemies" Sawyer replied. 

"Come on girl,just ignore it and eat,let's eat i'm starving" Yuna gave Marigold the cutleries. 

While doing that,someone kicked their table and they all raised their heads,Melissa,Rylie and Cassidy standing with angry looks on their faces. 

"So fast" Sawyer mumbled. 

"Finally Found you"  Melissa said,glaring at Marigold. 

"Is there a problem?" Marigold questioned. 

"Are you trying to pretend or what?" Cassidy asked. 

"Don't be too hard on yourself girl" Yuna snapped. 

"What? Who's this?" Rylie frowned. 

"You don't have to know me,why are you here exactly?" Yuna asked. 

"We have no business with you but this......." Melissa said,eyeing Marigold. 

"You mean this girl prettier than you imagined" Alice asked. 

"Your wish" Rylie and Cassidy scoffed. 

"I guess she's giving you sleepness night already,the last time I searched,Jericho doesn't have a girlfriend and you're just one of his fuck mates,so why are you so mad about ordinary video?" Yuna asked. 

"Who's this poor bitch? You think you ate?!" Cassidy shouted and Yuna stood up. 

"You shouldn't have said anything brat,your forehead is bigger than your ego snd that's saying something" Yuna said and every students in the cafeteria bursts into laughter,including Marigold and her friends. 

"My forehead? But at least I'm prettier than you" Cassidy flaunt her hair. 

"Oh you think you're pretty? Nobody told you?" Yuna asked. 

"That what you brat" Melissa asked. 

"That her boyfriend must have been desperate to choose her over the thousands of girls in town coz even my dog pet can't stand to lick her face off" Yuna said. 

👥 Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!

👥 That's a hit!!

👥 A bomb!!

"Fuck,girl you're as dumb as a rock,but at least rocks have a purpose in life" Melissa said. 

Alice,Yuna,Marigold and Sawyer laughed. 

"Baby,you think that's a hit? You're as empty headed as a balloon on a windy day coz what the heck did you just spit out with confidence?" Sawyer asked and they laughed again. 

"Hey you......" Rylie tried to talk. 

"Hold it there letter R, remember your vocabulary is as limited as your conversational skills so I will advice you to keep quiet if you don't wanna be disgraced" Yuna raised a finger up. 

"Bitch!!!" Melissa wanted to slap her. 

Yuna grabbed the hand and moved closer to her. 

"Don't even think about it,I swear I will kill you in red blood" She whispered and Melissa blinked. 

"Get lost,since you're done disgracing yourself" Yuna smirked and moved back. 

"Let's go girls,we are definitely dealing with them" Melissa said and the three started walking away. 

"Girls say queen of Flop fashion!!" Yuna screamed. 

"Flop Queen!!!" Her friends screamed and they all laughed. 

👥 They are crazy. 

👥 That was interesting to watch. 

👥 I'm posting this. 

"Fuck,someone made a video" Alice saudm 

"They should post it for Catalina to see that she might fall victim if she try any shit" Yuna saud. 

"I love you" Marigold pouted. 

"I love you more baby girl" Yuna winked and they sat down back to continue eating. 


"Hey" Franco jogged over to Nadia. 

"Oh Hi" She smiled. 

"I'm seeing you a lot these days" Franco bite his lips with a smile playing on his lips. 

"I guess" Nadia said and checked the time. 

"You're in a hurry?" Franco asked. 

"Yeah,I will see you later" She waved at him and walked away,Franco was busy staring at her when suddenly Reid popped up on his face,Franco raised his brows. 

"Take your eyes off her" Reid said in a threatening voice. 

"Are you her boyfriend?" 

"What if I am?" 

"I would say you should watch her close coz I'm getting her soon" Franco said bluntly and Reid grabbed his collar. 

"Stay away from her" He snapped. 

Someone grabbed his hand from the back and pushed him away from Franco. 

Reid turned angrily at the person. 

"Do you wish for death?" He asked. 

"Don't touch him again if you love your ugly hands" Jericho said coldly. 

Franco adjusted his shirt well. 

"And who do you think you are to tell me what to do?" Reid glared at Jericho. 

"Touch him and you might be able to find out who I am,I don't like stress talk" Jericho muttered. 

Reid looked at Franco,he glared at him before walking away. 

Jericho scoffed. 

"Who's he?"

"He's always with Nadia" Franco replied.

"Her boyfriend......"

"No,but I don't care if he's her boyfriend tho" Franco scoffed. 

Jericho wanted to talk again but suddenly his side eye sighted a punch coming and he immediately pulled his head back,dodging it. He turned to see an angry looking Xavier. 

"The heck....." Xavier grabbed his collar and pushed him against the wall before he could finish. 

"Hey" Franco moved closer. 

"Stay back if you love your face" Xavier threatened and faced Jericho back. 

"Do you want to die that badly?" He asked. 

Jericho snapped his hands off him and pushed him back,Xavier punched him without thinking twice. 

The students watching them exclaimed. 

👥 Oh my gosh!

👥 He just hit Jericho.

👥 That might result into a fight

"What the hell" Jericho mumbled when he touched his lip and felt his blood. 

"That's just a trailer if you don't fucking stay away from my sister,I'm going to smash you in an imaginary way and kill you!! Do you get that!!! Bastard son of a whore" Xavier said. 

"What?" Jericho turned to him with red eyes. 

"You heard me loud and clear,or are you deaf too?" Xavier asked. 

Jericho chuckled and bit his lip. 

"Hey Xavier,that's enough" Kelly grabbed Xavier's hand.

"F*+*k off,I need to make sure this psycho heard me clear" Xavier saud. 

"Don't cross the line dude" Franco said. 

"Son of a whore?" Jericho looked at Xavier. 

"So what are you going to do?" Xavier asked. 

"Xavier" Kelly called. 

Jericho looked around and his eyes fell on the nearest metal plank place across a door to lock it,Jericho started removing it roughly. 

"Jericho no" Franco cautioned but it was too late,he already removed it and threw it in Xavier's direction which he narrowly escaped from,the wall there broke. 

"What the f+ck!" Kelly's eyes widened. 

👥 *Gasps*

"Say that again" Jericho approached Xavier but Franco immediately hold him back. 

"You need to learn how to control yoirwelf......."

"Fuck the word Control!!!!" He pushed Franco away,his eyes so red and filled with anger while looking at Xavier who doesn't look scared. 

"You think I'm scared of you? You're just a worthless psychopath living a pathetic life,so stay away from my sister......"

"And who the f+ck is your damn sister?!" Jericho snapped and punched him on the face,he wanted to punch him the second time. 

"No!!!!" A scream from nowhere came and Jericho looked up. 

Marigold ran to the scene and immediately pushed Jericho away from Xavier in tears. 

"Stop it" She said,their eyes locked. 

👥 she's Xavier's sister?

👥 Now I understand why Xavier is angry. 

Jericho released his folded fists and looked away from Marigold,he walked away,Franco followed him. 

"Are you okay?" Marigold faced Xavier worriedly. 

Xavier grabbed her hand and dragged her away. 

"I'm sorry I can explain,it's not what you're thinking!" Marigold cried as he dragged her away,everyone pathing way for them. 

Xavier released her hand angrily when they got to somewhere out of students sight. 

Marigold wiped her tears. 

"Are you going crazy or you're just being silly?! I f+cking warned you myself to stay away from him!" He yelled. 

"What you saw was nothing,he just helped....."

"You should have fucking declined his fucking help!!! Hey,do you even know what he is? You don't know him at all you've hardly use three weeks here and you're acting cheap like his sluts already because I'm very sure he didn't approach you first,how sure am I that he's not thinking of f+cking you next?! Do you have sense at all!" Xavier said angrily. 

"Brother.......he's not as bad as you said,he's......."

"Someone's brain is finally gone,I said you can't be with someone like him! Don't get close to him,he's going to use you and leave you,he's a crazy psychopath who doesn't even know what he can do anytime!! Should I tell dad so he can take you somewhere else if you're not going to listen?!" 

"I'm sorry.....I understand what you're saying" Marigold mumbled. 

"Don't be blind" Xavier said and made to leave. 

"Your lips......"

"Worry about yourself instead" Xavier cut her off and walked away. 

Her friends ran to her as soon as Xavier left. 

"Soft bread,are you okay?" Yuna asked. 

Marigold broke into tears. 

"Oh baby" Alice pulled her into a hug. 


"So now you're going to stay away from Jericho?" Sawyer asked when they finally calmed Marigold down. 

Marigold said nothing. 

"I think they both hit each other,I saw a cut on Jericho's lips too" Yuna mumbled. 

Marigold sighed out. 

"It's all because of me" 

"Don't blame yourself" 

"Who should I blame then? I intentionally hid the fact that Xavier is my brother from him,I should have just stayed away like my brother said,now I don't know how to face him" Marigold sighed. 

"Girl,you're still thinking of how to face him?" Alice asked. 

"I can't just stop talking to him now,you should understand me...."

"Do you like Jericho?" Sawyer looked at her. 

"I didn't say that....just....we are getting along pretty well" Marigold muttered. 

"Getting along? Honestly and personally,I support your brother on this,do you know how many girls heart Jericho has broken? Aside that,do you know how many bitches he's got? They will definitely come for you and we won't be there everytime,your brother can't be there eveythime also,and also,Jericho doesn't do love girl,have that at the back of yoir mind,he only fhck and I don't think you're out of that list,he's a heart breaker" Alice said. 

Marigold said nothing...the Jericho she knows doesn't seem all that bad like everyone's painting him. 


"You're not going to talk about the trending video? Everyone is saying Jericho likes her,its the same girl"  Paige said beside Catalina. 

"She ignored my warning,such mind" Catalina scoffed.

"Do you have any plan?" Paige asked. 

"Aren't you being shameless right now? A plan? For your junior? A girl you're older than? For real?" Richard popped up in between their conversation. 

"And what's your headache about that?" Paige snapped.

"I didn't stop because of you,lost puppy" Richard said and Paige's eyes widened. 

Catalina glared at Richard. 

"Do you like that girl too? What's your stress?" 

"My stress is that I'm here to warn you not to try any shit with her,you will regret it" Richard replied and Catalina scoffed. 

"Who do you think you are?" 

"Someone who stands on his words,try it and smell what I'm saying" Richard said and walked away. 

"Is he crazy? He called me a lost puppy!" 

Catalina rolled her eyes and walked away angrily,leaving her there. 

"Wow this is crazy" Paige muttered. 



The smoke from Jericho's weed filled the air,he was smoking with one hand and his second hand stuck in his pocket. He just stood there,smoking and puffing out the smoke until he heard steps coming closer,he turned gently and his eyes met with Marigold's own. 

"You're here,I went to the library to check up on you" Marigold said and went closer. 

Jericho said nothing and ignored her,he just smoked. 

"Are you mad at me?" Marigold asked. 

He still said nothing. 

"Tiger,I should have told you about my brother....but....."

"What are you doing here" Jericho asked coldly without looking at her. 

 "About what happened......."

"Hey.....are you this dumb?" Jericho cut in and Marigold batted her lashes while staring at him. 

"Oh.....you must really think I care about your @ss in the first place,bless your delusional heart" Jericho scoffed and resumed to smoking. 

Marigold swallowed. 


"Get lost,your brother saved your pu*+*y" Jericho said. 

"Stop trying to push me away,I know you don't mean what you're saying" Marigold said and Jericho threw his weed remain into the water angrily before facing her. 

"So you think I like you or something? You should be thanking your dear brother,,I would have probably f*+*ked you like one of my sluts as usual......"

"You said you don't like virgins!" Marigold cried. 

"And you're dumb enough to believe me? I just confirmed with that,who wouldn't enjoy tight pu*+*y? But now that you have been saved,f*+*k off and don't come close again" Jericho said and made to leave. 

Marigold moved to his front and shook her head.

"You're joking right? You're just angry because......"

Jericho pushed her against the nearest tree and she gasped. 

"Seems like you're not getting it yet,are you addicted to me already? Should I f+ck you here then? Your brother won't find out anyway,let's do it....." He started unbuttoning her shirt. 

"No!!!" Marigold broke into tears,screaming on top of her voice and struggling with her button with Jericho. 

"Should I show you how crazy I can be?! You think I will really like someone like you? Your brother didn't tell you I'm a psycho?!! Didn't he said that!" Jericho yekked. 

"Jericho please!!no!" Marigold cried. 

"Hey you bastard,stay away from her!" Richard pushed Jericho away from Marigold and threw a punch on his face before rushing back to Marigold who was crying out loud,she held her shirt with her hands since most of the buttons already fell off. 

Richard immediately removed his jacket and wore it around her. 

Jericho rolled his eyes and walked away,Marigold's eyes followed him and more tears rolled down her eyes. 

Richard pulled her cheek to face him back. 

"Only look at me from now on" He said and pulled her into a tight hug. 


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