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I'm Your Doom - Episode 17&18



I'm Your Doom - Episode 17&18

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}


"I can't hear that" Jericho said. 

"I want to....." The remaining words seized to come out from her throat as something soft landed on her lips. 

Her eyes grew even wider. 

Jericho Brown just kissed her!!

Jericho only kissed her shortly before pulling back,Her eyes still remain widened. 

Marigold jumped out of his laps and swallowed. 

"What....was that?" She stuttered. 

"What was what?" Jericho stood up. 

"You...." She touched her lips. 

Jericho slide his hands into his pocket. 

"Forget about it" He mumbled and walked out of the library. 

"What? Forget about it?" Marigold swallowed and batted her lashes in disbelief. He just took her first kiss and asked her to forget about it??

"Jerk" She mumbled sadly and also left. 

Getting out of the library,she fell in Catalina and Paige hands and she stopped immediately. 

"I knew I was going to catch you after all" Catalina said,looking at her with mean glares. 

She started walking toward Marigold who also moved back. 

"When are you going to start staying away from Jericho?" Catalina asked. 

"When are you going to disappear from his sight you young bitch!" Catalina yelled. 

Paige chuckled,watching with crossed arms. 

Marigold looked around and everywhere is empty,she can't possibly talk back for her own good. 

"Now you can't talk? Why? Your saviors aren't here?" Catalina asked. 

"You're making a mistake if you are trying to bully me" Marigold said. 

Catalina grabbed her hair. 

"Ahh!" Marigold screamed. 

"Repeat what you said,I'm making a mistake?! Do you know who I am?!!" 

"Don't get on my bad side kid,this is just a warning,you won't like it next time so you better run whenever you see what's mine,understood?!!" Catalina yelled and released her hair roughly almost making her fall. 

They left,leaving her there. 

Marigold swallowed and bite her lips,trying not to cry,but in the end,the tears fell. 

Her phone started ringing and she checked,she immediately wiped her tears and cleared her throat when she saw that it was Xavier. 

"You're not home? I thought you came home already" Xavier said. 

"I left with my friends,don't worry about me. I will be home soon" Marigold said. 

"Be careful" Xavier said. 

She hung up and left school. 



👥 Holly!!!

👥 We love you Holly!

👥 You're so beautiful!

Holly smiled and waved at her fans as she walked sexily with her bodyguards covering her up. 

She successfully escaped the paparazzi and got to her car,she entered together with her manager,Louisa. 

"To the hotel" Louisa told the driver. 

"Why hotel? What about the apartment? I told you I'm not leaving anytime soon" Holly snapped. 

"I was told the apartment will never ready tomorrow,so we don't have a choice for today,please manager for today" Louisa said and Holly rolled her eyes. 

"How about what I told you to do? About the masked singer" She asked. 

"Oh Noir,I'm planning to get in touch with his manager,but I don't think he would like to collaborate,he's under the mask....."

"When you get his manager,don't worry about the rest,I will handle it by myself" Holly said. 

"Alright" Louisa mumbled. 



Xavier ran downstairs in a hurry,adjusting his jacket at the same time. 

"Where are you going?" Mrs Scott asked at once.

"I will be back mom" Xavier said and ran out,he entered his car at once and drove off,it was Annie who called him that she needed his help and he left everything he was doing instantly. 

"Where is he going in such a rush?" Mrs Scott shook her head as she watched his girl drove out of the compound,she turned back and saw Marigold coming down the stairs looking beautiful and well dressed. 

"Not you too,where are you going?" She questioned. 

"I have a date" Marigold smiled. 

"Wow,really? You look beautiful,absolutely" Mrs Scott said. 

"Really? I don't need anything else?" Marigold asked and turned aroubd. 

"All perfect,trust me" Mrs Scott clasped her palms. 

"So you have a boyfriend now?" 

"No,he's not my boyfriend,he just....." She was interrupted by the door bell.

"Is that him?" She mumbled and immediately walked to the door. 

"Hi" Richard smiled. 

"Richie" Marigold called. 

"Oh please come in young man" Mrs Scott smiled and Richard entered. 

"Good evening ma'am" He bowed. 

"You're handsome" Mrs Scott smiled. 

"Oh thank you" Richard smiled. 

"So you're taking my baby on a date? That's it?" 

"Mom" Marigold cautioned. 

"Okay okay,you can go. Enjoy" 

"Thanks mom" Marigold smiled and immediately grabbed Richard's hand,they walked out together. 

"You didn't let her talk" Richard chuckled. 

"Because I know her," Marigold scoffed. 

"You look pretty,I love your outfit" Richard said and she smiled. 

"Thank you" 

He opened the car door for her and she got in,Richard joined her and he drove out of tbe house. 

"Where should we go to?" Richard asked. 

"Oh you don't have a Plan?" 

"That's because I don't know what you like and want,we are just getting to know each other right?" 

Marigold nodded. 

"I've always wanted to visit the beach,but my outfit is not for that" She mouthed. 

"We can do that another day" Richard looked at her. 

"Yeah....so....let's go to a nice restaurant then" She smiled. 

"Best choice" Richard winked and she laughed. 



"Melissa!! Holly arrived already!" Rylie screamed on the bed. 

"Oh please stop shouting,she arrived hours ago and you're just seeing it?" Cassidy scoffed. 

Melissa chuckled. 

"The shoot is on Saturday,same day with the party,does that means you won't be able to attend?" Rylie asied. 

"The shoot is more important" Melissa replied. 

"I just don't want Catalina to start acting like the queen of that day" Rylie hissed. 

"But the sweteet part is that,she's gonna see Melissa doing what she's begged for her whole life,it's not by having a celebrity mom" Cassidy saud. 

"Yes baby!!!!" Melissa and Rylie screamed and they all laughed. 

"Tomorrow is Friday,clubbing?" Rylie asked. 

"No,the shoot remember? I can't go there looking like a goner" Melissa shook her head. 

"That's true,I just can't wait for that day"

"Will you girls sleep over? My clothes are intact for tomorrow school" Melissa said 

"Your dad is not around?"

"Business trip,I think he's got a lot of work" Melissa replied. 

"Producers are trying honestly,but your dad is a super rich one" Rylie said and Melissa chuckled. 

She picked her phone and took a quick picture,she posted it on her Instagram and immediately countless likes and comments filled her page. 

She smiled and her mind went to Jericho,she went through all the texts she sent but he replied to none of them. 

She looked up. 

"Who's that freshman Jericho scored for?" She asked. 

"Should we find out?" Cassidy asked. 

"Yeah,I wanna know" Melissa muttered. 



"Coming" Annie said when the door bell came ringing again. 

She opened the door and was quite surprised to see Xavier. 

"Xavier,that was so fast. I wasn't expecting you to arrive so fast" She saud. 

"I....came down immediately I got your call"  Xavier replied. 

"Oh,thank you Xavian,cone in" 

Xavier entered and she closed the door. 

"Have your seat,I was about getting something to wear" 

Xavier looked st her,she was in a bathrobe,like she just had her bath. 

"I will be right back" She left and Xavier sighed out before sitting down. 

Some minutes later,Annie came back into the living room with her laptop. 

She dropped it on the table and went into the kitchen,she returned with a glass of orange juice. 

"Here,to relax" She gave it to Xavier. 

"Thank you miss" Xavier took it from her and dropped it on the table. 

"Right,,here's why I called you" She turned on her laptop and told him some few things. 

"So....tomorrow I won't be in school,and I can't miss this for anything. You just have to explain this to each groups about the project,you can do that for me right? I Should have told you in school but you seemed to be in a bad mood" 

Xavier said nothing and sighed. 

"You're not saying anything" she looked at him. 

"Where are you going tomorrow?" Xavier asked,also looking at her. 

"It's something private" Miss Annie replied. 

"You......you're not going out with Dr Ruben right?" Xavier asked and Annie furrowed her brows. 

"Dr Ruben?" 

"I just....want to know. You two seems close" Xavier said,his eyes still on her. 

"Oh....I'm going alone,it's a family matter" Annie said and Xavier nodded. 

"Don't worry,I got this" He smiled. 

"Thank you....your juice,go on and drink"

Xavier drank a little from it and stood up. 

"Goodnight miss.....can I call you tomorrow? To ask if you get there safe?" He asked and she smiled.

"If you want to do that,I don't mind" 

"Goodnight" Xavier said. 

"Bye" She opened the door for him and he left. 

Annie closed the door back and chuckled when she thought of the question Xavier asked. 

"What was that? Such a cutie" She chuckled. 



"Why did you decide to meet here and not somewhere else?" Jericho muttered as he walked out of the bar with Clent. 

"I just don't want a noisy place for you" Clent smiled. 

Jericho scoffed and stopped beside his bike. 

"How many times do you even use your cars in a week?" Clent asked. 

'You should be asking for month not week....I'm planing to get another bike,can I get red this time around?" 

"I will make reservation for that boss" Clent said. 

Jericho rolled his eyes and climbed in,he was about wearing his helmet when he saw Richard and Marigold coming out of a restaurant,holding hands. 

He stared at them blankly for a long time until they got to Richard's car. 

"Do you know them?" Clent asked. 

Jericho scoffed and wore his helmet. 

"She act sweet with everyone" He said and sped off. 

"Gosh he should be careful at least" Clent said,worried about the speed Jericho just used. 


It was almost midnight,Richard just woke up to get water for himself,his mind suddenly went to HP,he wondered if the person replied his message yet. 

He immediately sat down in front of his laptop and went ahead to check. 

"He replied" Richard mumbled and clicked on it. 

HP: Of course we can be friends. 

Richard smiled. 

BLAZY: Are we allowed to ask for gender?

HP: No

"Oh...he's online" 

BLAZY: Then I will just assume that you're a guy. 


BLAZY: Yeah. 

HP: So you don't have any friends??

BLAZY: I just got one recently. 

HP: A boy?

BLAZY: Girl. 

HP: You are kidding,you sure you just want to be her friend and nothing else?

BLAZY: She's cute,honestly

HP: I knew it,but I don't think you know how to even ask girls out.

Richard chuckled. 

BLAZY: Hey,because I don't have friends doesn't mean I'm dumb in that aspect. 

HP: You're boasting right now,I can't wait to know the outcome.

BLAZY: Don't worry,I'm going to tell you in details. 

HP: I can't wait.....let's talk later,I need to sleep. 

BLAZY: What time will you be available tomorrow?

HP: Should we set time to meet every night then??

BLAZY: I will love that,you pick .

HP: No,you should do that. 

BLAZY: 9:30pm? You stay in Paris right? Or not?

HP: Of course,then 9:30 it is

BLAZY: Goodnight . 

Richard smiled and closed his laptop. 

"Having a friend is quite cool" He muttered. 

His door opened and his dad entered. 

"Did you study at all this night?" He asked. 

"I just finished studying" Richard muttered. 

"Good then" He said and went out again. 

Richard scoffed and went to lock the door angrily. 



"I'm almost there" Yuna said on phone as she ran hurriedly,she mistakenly bumped into someone and all her books fell. 

"Oh no! Not now!" She screamed and quickly bent to pack them,the person also bent and their hands met on the book,they looked at each other and Yuna's eyes widened when she saw Franco. 

"Oh....you again" He smiled. 

Yuna swallowed. 

"Franco" She managed to call his name this time around. 

"You know me" He said and packed her books for her. 

"Who wouldn't? I'm a fan" Yuna also stood upright. 

"Fan?" Franco raised his brows. 

Yuna nodded with a smile and Franco chuckled. 

"What's your name?"

"Yuna,second year" She immediately answered. 

"Dear Yuna,please watch where you are going every time" Franco said and put her books in her hands. 

"Thank you" 

Franco smiled and walked away. 

Yuna stared at his back but was covered by Nadia. 

"What happened? I saw a guy here just now,did you fall?" Nadia asked. 

"Almost,but he saved me. He's so cute" Yuna smiled. 

"Oh....you're blushing kid" Nadia laughed. 

"He's my crush" Yuna whispered. 

"Huh? Crush?" Nadia asked again and she nodded. 

"Do you know him? You should,his name is Franco,quite popular" Yuna blushed. 

Nadia remembered him but she shook her head. 

"No,I don't know who he is. Be careful baby sis,see you later" She said and walked away. 

Yuna also went her own way. 



Jericho was on his way to school on his bike,he wasn't really speeding. He saw Richard driving toward Marigold's street but then some traffic holding him down. He didn't think twice before reversing his bike at once and took the direction to Marigold's street also. 


Marigold checked the time and sighed out,she have twenty minutes left before her class. 

Xavier left too early today,she would have gone with the driver but then Richard said he would pick her up,she's beem waiting for five minutes and she was losing her patience already. 

She brought out her phone and was about dialing Richard's number when a power bike stopped in front of her,she raised her brows in confusion until the person removed the helmet. 

"Tiger?" She called.

"You look surprised" Jericho said,he has no expression on his face as he looked at her. 


"Why are you still here? You're not going to school?" Jericho cut in. 

"I am...I'm almost late... "

"You woke up late?" Jericho cut in and Marigold gave him a confused look. 

'What is he talking about?" 

"Are you waiting for someone?" Jericho asked. 

"Yeah,but I don't know why he's not here,maybe traffic?" Marigold mumbled,checking the time again. 

Jericho also checked the time,Richard is probably out of traffic now, he looked at Marigold again. 

"Climb on,I will will you a ride,maybe something happened" He said and Marigold's eyes brightened. 

"Thank you" She said. 

Jericho gave her the helmet and she climbed on. 

"Use this" He also gave her airpods. 

"Huh? For what?" Marigold looked at him. 

"Don't ask question" 

Marigold scoffed and took it from him,she used them and the music was so loud that she wanted to complain but she didnt,she used the helmet also and immediately Jericho rode off. 

As he was leaving the neighborhood,Richard was also arriving,his eyes widened when he saw Marigold on Jericho's bike. 

"That bastard" he muttered and started pressing the car horn but Marigold didn't hear a thing,she was also facing the other side so its impossible to see him. 

Jericho looked st him and smirked crazily, then left in full speed. 

"F+ck!" Richard hit the car wheel angrily. 


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