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I'm Your Doom - Episode 15&16



I'm Your Doom - Episode 15&16

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}


"Why did you do that?" Jericho asked. 

"I can't lie to them about where I am,so it's better to ignore the reason that would make me lie" Marigold replied. 

Jericho said nothing. 

"Let's eat the ramen before it gets cold" Marigold grabbed his hand and dragged him to where the ramen is,they both down. 

"I think she's a Korean" Marigold smiled,picking up the chopsticks. 

"I don't think she is" Jericho also took the second set. 

"Can you use chopsticks?" Marigold asked,looking kind of amazed. 

"Why are you asking me when you can use it? But I can't?" Jericho questioned back. 

"I lived in Korea,what are you saying?" Marigold bragged. 

"You lived there?" Jericho asked after his first slurp on the ramen. 

"You don't know? I just got back" Marigold said. 

"You don't look Korean" Jericho said. 

"I'm not a Korean,I just live there with my granny" Marigold said. 

"So why are you here?" Jericho asked. 

"My granny passed away" Marigold replied. 

Jericho said nothing as he looked at her face while she continue eating,his eyes fell on the ramen soup stain on the side of her mouth then looked away again. 

"What about you? Is your granny still alive?" Marigold asked. 

"Wipe your mouth first,I hate seeing that" Jericho said and threw her a tissue. 

Marigold pouted and wiped her mouth. 

"Mean" She rolled her eyes. 

Jericho dropped his chopsticks and rest his back on the seat. 

"Answer my question" Marigold said. 

"I've reached my limit" Jericho muttered. 

"What limit?" Marigold raised her brows. 

"Because of you,I talk more than usual" Jericho said and Marigold chuckled. 

She finished up the ramen and drank the water also. 

"Gosh!! I'm so full!!" She groaned and touched her tummy. 

Jericho looked away and chuckled secretly. 

"Oh,the rain is stopping" Marigold said and Jericho stood up. 

The rain finally stopped dropping,Jericho turned and their eyes locked. 

"Let's go" He mumbled and walked out,Marigold immediately carried her bag and ran after him. 

They greeted and appreciated the bookstore lady before leaving. 

Jericho threw his helmet for Marigold and she caught it.

"Ouch!! That's painful!" She screamed. 

Jericho climbed on the bike.

"Climb on if you want" He said. 

"Try to act cool sometimes at least" Marigold scoffed and immediately wore the helmet,she climbed on the bike and Jericho took off. 

"Hold on tight,I don't know how to go slow" Jericho mumbled. 

Marigold immediately tightened her grip around him. 

Minutes later,Jericho stopped few distance away from the Scotts place. 

"Thank you Tiger" Marigold smiled as she returned his helmet. 

Jericho ignored what she said and rode off speedily. 

Marigold scoffed and started running home,getting home she met the whole family about having dinner,her dad was home too.

"Daddyyyyy!!!!!!!!" Marigold screamed the moment she heard his voice. 

"Prettiest daughter in the universe" Mr Scott called,opening his arms as Marigold rushed into his warm embrace. 

"I missed you so much dad,alot" She mumbled. 

"I missed you more,I rushed my works because of you,I couldn't wait to see you" Mr Scott said and Marigold blushed. 

Mrs Scott cleared her throat. 

"Where are you coming from?" Xavier asked,not caring about the happy moment. 

"I told mom I was going to watch a movie with my friend,but unfortunately it started raining,so we stayed back until it stopped" Marigold replied. Xavier gave her an unsatisfied look but he didnt say anything else. 

"I'm saying the truth" Marigold said as she sat down.

"I didn't say anything" Xavier replied. 

"Come on Xavier,let her be. She's enjoying this place,but I'm surprised you got friends so quickly" Mr Scott said. 

Kate was already dishing out their meal. 

"Yes dad,I have three friends" Marigold said proudly. 

"Of course anyone would want to be my baby's friend" Mrs Scott said. 

"You're making me red mom" Marigold said dramatically and Mrs Scott laughed. 

"Xavier why are you quiet? Did anything happened in school?" Mr Scott asked. 

"Just.....some crazy stuffs" Xavier muttered. 

"Let's have some men's talk after dinner" Mr Scott said and Xavier smiled. 

"With a bottle of wine" He said. 

"Anything you want son" Mr Scott replied. 

"Baby,we should have some ladies talk too" Mrs Scott said to Marigold and they all laughed. 

"What's funny? Can't we have some ladies talk too?" Mrs Scott asked. 

"You're so jealous woman,come on" Mr Scott saud. 

"You should be with me after dinner,not with your son please,I want my husband" Mrs Scott rolled her eyes. 

"Don't worry mom,I will release him early" Xavier said. 

"But honestly,I don't want a kid sister or brother" Marigold said and they laughed again. 



Jericho sighed out loudly the moment he opened his eyes,he sat up on the bed and took a journal on the bedside stool. It's written on the journal..SLEEP JOURNAL. 

He removed the pen and opened it to write,it's filled up with his sleep records,everyday and night,and he wrote this time around. 

📚 12:30am-2am. 

It's less than two hours he slept and now he's awake again,it's no longer a new thing,sometimes it's just one hour and some other day he just wouldn't be able to sleep at all. 

He dropped the journal and left the room,he went downstairs and entered the bar where he sat down,he picked one of the alcoholic wine and a glass. He started drinking. 

He was there until morning,he didn't sleep a wink as usual. After checking the time,he went upstairs to get ready for school. 



"Honey,you should at least eat something before leaving,you've been so busy these past few days,I don't want you to get sick please" Ember followed Mr Brown with a mug of tea.

"I'm going to eat something when I am done with the meeting...."

"No,have this first" Ember insisted. 

Mr Brown dranked it and she smiled. 

Felix came downstairs and met them,he wasn't totally dressed yet. 

"Morning dad" He greeted. 

"Morning son" Mr Brown replied. 

Clent walked in. 

"I was thinking....should I try to find out where Jericho lives?" Felix asked Mr Brown and Ember frowned. 

"There's no need for that" Mr Brown replied. 

"I'm sure he's fine,he's not a child" Ember smiled. 

Mr Brown turned to Clent. 

"You're here,thank goodness. I was about calling you,let's go" Mr Brown said. 

Clent looked at Ember and she rolled her eyes at him,he ignored it and followed Mr Brown out. 



Xavier entered and closed the door behind him. 

"Oh,Xavier" Annie smiled on seeing him. 

"Morning miss" Xavier greeted shortly and walked over to her table,he dropped a note. 

"Here is the list you asked me to bring" He ssid. 

"Oh thank you so much" Prof Annie smiled

Xavier said nothing. 

"Is there something wrong? Your face look unapproachable,unlike you" Annie said. 

"I'm just trying to bring my hope down before it's too late" Xavier said. 

"Huh?" Prof Annie was confused. 

Xavier was about talking when they heard someone knocking on the door. 

"Come in please" Prof Annie said. 

The door opened amd Dr Ruben entered. 

Xavier rolled his eyes. 

"Morning" Ruben smiled. 

"Oh morning" Prof Annie retuned the kind smile.

"I got you breakfast,or have you eaten?" He asked. 

Xavier walked out of the office after giving Ruben a cold stare. 

"Is he your student?" Ruben asked. 

"Yeah,I came to report an assignment I gave him" Prof Annie replied. 


Marigold was on her way to her first class,she was in so much hurry that she wasn't even looking at where she was going. 

Someone suddenly stopped her with a finger on her head. 

"Ouuuuu" Marigold looked up. 

"Richie" She called with a smile. 

"How many minutes late?" Richard asked. 

"Not late yet but the lecturer should enter the LH in ten minutes,I hate sitting at the back" Marigold muttered. 

"It's tonight" Richard said. 

"Tonight? What?" Marigold asked. 

"You promised to have dinner with me remember?" 

"Oh...that's true" Marigold smiled. 

"So you will be available tonight right?" Richard asked and she nodded. 

"I will come pick you up,don't worry about your brother,I will tell him" Richard said. 

"Okay,see you later" Marigold smiled. 

Richard held her hand and she looked at him,she wanted to ask why but was surprised when he hugged her. 

"Don't forget" He simply whispered into her ear and Marigold blinked in a fast motion. 

'What just happened?' She asked herself. 

"Bye" She mumbled and walked say,almost staggering. 

Richard looked up and saw Jericho watching him from where he was standing,trying to smoke. He actually saw him hugging Marigold. Richard walked away. 


"Girl,have you seen this?" Cassidy asked,showing Melissa a video on her phone. 

"He dedicated a goal to a girl" Rylie said. 

"What?! Who's she?" Melissa asked. 

"I couldn't capture who the girl is,but I heard she's in year one" Cassidy replied. 

"That's not possible,why would Jericho do that for a freshman,how did they even meet so soon?" Melissa scoffed. 

"Same question I'm asking,maybe it's a prank?" 

"But the funniest part is that,Catalina was beside him when he did that" Rylie said and they all laughed.

"Why are you surprised? That girl doesn't mean a thing to him,she's just forcing it" Melissa hissed. 

"How's your photoshoot plan with Holly?" Cassidy asked. 

"It's this weekend,I heard she might arrive today,I'm not sure tho" Melissa replied. 

"I can't wait to see that,gosh. I'm sure Catalina might just decide to die when the magazine is finally out" Rylie said and Cassidy laughed.

Melissa only smiled. 

"I'm going for shopping after school,you girls available?" She asked. 

"Always available for shopping and you know that" Cassidy and Rylie said at a time.



Marigold and Sawyer walked out of the lecture hall tiredly. 

"Fuck it,LIN 132 is my greatest enemy at this point,what sort of assignments did she just gave us,how many questions,for how many days?! She should just kill me to satisfy herself" Sawyer groaned. 

"Life is not all roses,you haven't even gotten anywhere" Marigold said. 

"I know,but I seriously hate assignments" Sawyer muttered. 

"Girls!" Yuna and Alice ran over to them. 

"What's up?" Sawyer asked.

"Anyone interested in joining the cheerleading team? They are looking for new members" Yuna said. 

"Not interested" Sawyer scoffed. 

"Me too" Alice rolled her eyes. 

"I'm interested,I love dancing" Marigold smiled. 

"Oh finally,then let's go" Yuna immediately said. 

"Wait,I should ask my brother if I can do that" Marigold said and dialed Xavier's number. 

She talked for like two minutes before hanging up. 

"What was his response?" Yuna asked curiously. 

"He said I can do whatever I want,but don't get hurt" Marigold grinned. 

"Yesss!!!" Yuna screamed and grabbed her hand,they both ran away,leaving Sawyer and Alice. 

"I'm hungry,let's go find something to eat please" Sawyer said and they walked to the school Canteen together. 

After getting their food,they went to sit down. 

They've started eating when they started hearing soke murmurs,They both turned to see Shawn entering into the canteen with his team. 

"Oh my gosh,oh my gosh" Alice immediately arranged her hair properly,that's her crush. 

Sawyer chuckled.

Shawn is the leader of the school swimming team,he's handsome and hot too. 

👥 Hey Shawn

👥 You look so handsome

👥 I love your new hair style

Shawn waved at the girls calling out his name. 

"Look at me here,please" Alice pleaded inwardly. 

Shawn walked pass them and went to sit down somewhere. 

"Well,I'm going to get him one day" Alice saud. 

"I pray you do" Sawyer laughed. 



The new students who came to join are on one side of the hall,the two coordinators who are females are testing them out since they can't accept everyone of them. 

Catalina and Melissa also present,they are both the leaders of the team even though they never get along but since none of them is ready to give up for the other,they have to remain there. 

"You have to know at least a few steps in dancing before you think of joining this team please,tho everything is not about dancing,but dancing is our significant aspect here" One of the coordinators spoke up after seeing a girl who can't even dance to save her life. 

Yuna already got tested and as expected she passed. 

And finally it was Marigold's turn. 

"Do you have anything you would like to dance to?"

"Anything" Marigold replied. 

Catalina scoffed,glaring at Marigold hatefully. 

The music was played and Marigold started doing her dance,surprisingly she was so good,almost too perfect,the way she moves,her body twists and flexibility everyone was totally amazed. 

👥 Wow

👥 She's so perfect.

The music stopped and the coordinators clapped.

"Are you a dancer?"

"No....I just trained so hard because I wanted to audition to become a kpop idol" Marigold replied. 

"Oh,you're from Korea?"


"I don't think her steps are that great to call hee perfect" Melissa spoke up. 

"She's good Melissa,this is not even a chorography yet" The coordinator said and she rolled ner eyes. 

"Someone's mad" Yuna giggled. 



Nadia was busy checking out some works and history for next week broadcast. 

She's the leader of the broadcasting team and always work herself to stupor like she's being paid. 

She was standing in front of a piece of art when suddenly someone stood beside her. 

She turned and was almost shocked to see Frabxo. 

"Oh...it's you...Frankie" She said. 

Franco chuckled. 

"At least you remember my face" He said. 

"Oh,I got the name wrong again? I'm sorry" She said sadly. 

"You can just call me Frankie,since it's easier for you" Franco said and she smiled. 

"Thanks....but what are you doing here?" She asked. 

"I just came" Franco replied. 

"Oh" Nadia mumbled and took her lips in. 

They ended up going out together,even though it was a short period of time.



Marigold just finished her last class for the day,Sawyer left early because her period suddenly came. 

She saw Franco walking and immediately ran after him. 

"Hi" Marigold said. 

"Hi" Franco muttered,looking kind of confused. 

"Have you seen Tiger....I mean Jericho,I've not seen him all day" She saud. 

Franco shook his head and showed her his phone screen,he was calling Jericho's number. 

"He's not answering,maybe he left" Franco said. 

"Oh,thank you" Marigold said and walked away. 

"Who's she?" Franco mumbled and suddenly remember. 

"Isn't she the girl who fainted that Day?" He mumbled and turned to see her again but Marigold already left. 


Marigold entered the old library where Jericho always sleep and walked to his corner,as expected she met him there sitting but with his eyes closed. 

"Hey Tiger,don't you sleep at home?!" She yelled. 

No response.

"Hey" She touched his face and a gasp escaped her lips. 

His body was so fucking hot. 

"Hey!! Jericho!!" She shouted and tapped him continuously. 

"Is he dead? Tiger!" She screamed and Jericho opened his eyes slowly. 

"So loud" He groaned. 

"You're burning!" Marigold said. 

She touched his head. 

"Cold water or ice" She mumbled and immediately dropped her bag,she wanted to run out to get what she mentioned. 

Jericho grabbed her hand and she turned. 

"I don't need those" He mumbled. 

"But,your temperature is too high to ignore...." Jericho pulled her closer,so quick that she fell on his laps.
She gasped and her eyes widened. 

"Stop being too loud" He said. 

Marigold could feel her head torn into two,beating aggressively. 

"What,why do you look so shocked?" Jericho asked In a mocking voice. 

"I.....can I....stand up....I...." She stuttered. 

"I can't hear that" Jericho said. 

"I want to....." The remaining words seized to come out from her throat as something soft landed on her lips. 

Her eyes grew even wider. 

Jericho Brown just kissed her!!


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