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Golden High 2024 - Final




Golden High 2024 - Episode 83&84

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.



Theodore just finished dressing up for class when his phone rang,he walked to the bed and pick the phone,a smile flashes on his face seeing his Barbie on the screen. 

"Hey babe" 


"You dreamt about me right? We talked last night and now you're calling again" Theodore said. 

"You're so full of yourself,,I'm angry you're right" Isabella muttered and he chuckled. 

"I'm about leaving the house" Theodore said. 

"Why?! You promised to show me around your apartment today" 

"How about waiting until I get back from class?" 

"Are you sure you're staying alone? I'm suspecting you already" 

"The heck" Theodore muttered and immediately switched to video call. 

"Happy now?" He asked,seeing Isabella chuckling. 

He started showing her around the house. 

"Wow,I'm so jealous of you. It's so beautiful and big" Isabella muttered. 

"It's not bad having roommates,I just can't cope with another person in the same house,not even talking about room" Theodore shook his head and carried his bag,heading out already. 

"Foxy,you look hot" Isabella mumbled. 

"I don't think so...it's fucking cold here and I'm wearing something big....."

"You still look hot" 

"You're in your room,you don't have any lectures?" Theo asked.

"I still have one hour left" Isabella said. 

Theodore kissed her through the screen and she blushed. 

"I miss your lips" Theo winked. 

"I miss the whole you" Isabella pouted. 

"Let's talk later,I need to go" Theodore muttered. 

"Bye..love you" she waved. 

"Same same" Theo smiled and hung up. 

He left the living room and went out of the house,he put his phone into his bag and walked the motorbike,he bought it just as soon as he got here. Getting on,he used his helmet and started the engine,he left the house. 



Theodore pulled over in the parking lot and carefully removed his helmet,he arranged his hair with his finger,he almost flinched when he heard screams from different angles. 

"What happened?" He asked himself and looked around. 

👥 He's so hot!!

👥 Heard he's a Korean

👥 Isn't he a freshman?

👥 He's so handsome. 

"Does this get any better or worse" he mumbled and started walking,the murmurs continued and he almost lost it. 

"Hey dude" Two guys crossed their arms around his neck on both sides. 

"Hi" Theo smiled. 

Johnny and Chris. 

They are the two friends he's made since resumption,He's still trying to get along with them anyway. 

"I thought we planned to eat together yesterday,but you suddenly disappeared,I called but you ignored my calls" Johnny said. 

"You called me?" Theodore asked,looking surprised. 

"Whoa,don't tell me you haven't saved my contact" 

Theodore let out a guilty smile on his face. 

"Call me now,I will save it right away" He muttered and brought out his phone. 

"Me too...save mine or you're dead" Chris said and he chuckled. 

"I heard there's a party tonight,interested?" 

"No" Theo immediately said. 

"Hun hun,why? Let's go together,bet you're gonna make the girls scream again" Johnny winked. 

"Scream? For what?......"

"Gosh you're acting like an innocent virgin boy" They groaned and Theo laughed. 

"Right now...you're the most popular freshman,but you're acting slow,If I were you,I will use the opportunity and........"

"We are late for lecture,let's go" Theo tapped their backs and walked forward,they exchanged glances and followed him. 



The door opened,Helena and Grace came in,they almost talked when they noticed Isabella on call,they are roommates. 

"Not again,it's one year already and nothing changed" Helena shook her head. 

"How does she stay on call twelve hours a day? Are they stalking themselves?" Grace asked and Helena chuckled. 

"She refused to show me her So called boyfriend's picture,I need to see if he really worth all these love and attention,Isabella looks like a fool in love,annoying" Helena shook her head. 

Isabella smiled as she hung up her call and faced the girls. 

"You were saying?" She asked. 

"Nothing,we got your favorite,let's eat" Grace said. 

"You got burgers?" Isabella asked excitedly. 

"We used your card" Grace muttered and her eyes widened. 

"Why? You didn't ask me" She said. 

"Your boyfriend always send you money,you can't enter the limit,don't be mad" 

"Do I have to spend Carelessly because he sends me money every time? You girls are annoying" She scoffed. 

"Sorry" Grace blinked cutely. 

"I'm so jealous of you,,,you're brilliant,pretty,rich,sexy,and now a rich boyfriend,you're perfect" Helena muttered. 

"Should I start counting yours too? You're pretty,thick,sexy,rich,brilliant,you have a boyfriend too" Isabella said,counting with her fingers. 

"I don't like being thick tho,and I'm not as brilliant as you are,but I guess being second best isn't that bad" Helena said. 



Isabella was just coming from the library,she was on her way back to the dorm when a guy joined her,she sighed out the moment she saw him,it's the same guy who's been chasing after her for a while now. 


Isabella stopped walking and faced him. 

"Is there any problem with your ears or something? You heard me well,I have a boyfriend" Isabella said. 

"I heard your boyfriend is not in our school...He's not even in korea,long distance relationship" He said. 

"So what? Who are you to question me?" Isabella snapped. 

"Come on,it's not like he's going to find out. And besides,who knows if he's smashing another girl there already" He smiled and Isabella glared at him angrily. 

"How about a date? Just tonight,if you don't like me,I won't disturb you again......" He smiled and tried touching her cheek. 

Someone grabbed his hand from the back and another person kicked him,he fell roughly on the ground. 

"Hey,do you have a death wish? How dare you try to touch her!" Leo yelled. 

The guy shifted on the ground in fear. 

"Get lost right now if you love your small dick" Angelo threatened. 

"Is it really small?" Adriel grinned and they laughed. 

"Fuck off" Leo pushed the guy with his kick,he got up and ran away. 

They faced Isabella. 

"Are you okay?" 

She nodded and sighed out. 

"Thanks to you guys,I was at the point of slapping him,He's so annoying" She muttered. 

"You don't have to do anything,just call us next time...don't worry" Leo said and she smiled. 

"Where are you guys going?" She asked. 

"Actually,we were on our way to your room......care for a movie night?" Adriel asked. 

"Phoenix,Ariana and Cleo will be there" Angelo told her. 

Ariana also joined them few months ago,a freshman. 

"Of course,I had a boring day anyway" Isabella smiled. 

"What about Chelsea?" Leo asked. 

"She said she have a blind date" Angelo replied. 

"Again!!!!" Leo and Adriel shouted. 

"All those guys are....crazy" Angelo shook his head. 

Isabella said nothing. 

"We are gonna wait for you outside,get dressed,hurry up let's go" Adriel winked. 

Leo slapped him. 

"Do you wanna die? Theo will kill you" He said and they laughed. 

"Come on" Isabella chuckled. 

They walked with her till she went into her room and they waited for her,she came out after some minutes. 

"Are we going to you guys apartment?" She asked. 




Johnny and Chris watched as Theo arranged few stuffs into a mini bag. 

"Are you going there to spend three days? What about clothes?" Chris asked. 

"I can get new clothes when I get home,I hate carrying loads" Theodore muttered. 

"I wish I can go with you,I'm going to miss you" Johnny pouted. 

Theodore chuckled. 

"You remind of my friends" He said. 

"Friends? Your high school friends?" Johnny asked and Theo nodded. 

"Can't you just wait until next week? I really want to go to Korea,I already wrote down few places I would like to visit" Chris said. 

"Our break is just three weeks,I miss my girlfriend so much,I don't want to"

"Must we resume exactly the same day the school resumes?" Johnny asked and Theodore thought about it. 

"We can spend extra two weeks there before coming back?" He blinks. 

"Of course!" Johnny and Chris chorused and he smiled. 

"She's not really aware we are on break already,it's a surprise" Theodore muttered. 

"It's been two years since you guys saw each other,I don't want to imagine how she's gonna react" Chris shook his head. 

"Anyway...I'm gonna wait till next week. So get permission from your parents....."

"They won't argue,don't worry,it's like a trip" Johnny said. 

"Dude,why do you have in your house? I'm hungry" Chris said. 

"You know I only have ramen here,unless we order....."

"No ordering of shit,let's go out and eat" 


"Why? You're hiding from Sloane?" Chris teased. 

"I don't know why she wouldn't leave me alone,how the fuck am I supposed to tell her to listen to me that I have a girlfriend?" Theodore scoffed. 

"She's willing to be the side chick,just fuck and go" Johnny said. 

"Fuck? No...I don't do that" Theodore muttered. 

"Why? You're not of age? Guy you're nineteen already not seventeen"

"She's twenty two!!" Theodore screamed. 

"Who cares!!" They shouted. 

"My first time shouldn't be with a fuck and go girl" Theodore mumbled. 

"Ahhhhhnnn.....Right,make sure you have sex with your girlfriend now that we are going to Korea" Johnny said. 

"Can we stop talking about that?" He fell on the bed. 

They carried him. 

"Let's go and eat,stop acting like a little bunny"

"Okay okay!! Drop me!!" 



Helena and Grace rushed into the room,breathing heavily,almost scaring Isabella. 

"What's that?" 

"Babe.....there's....a.....there's a...hot dude outside....he said he's looking for you!!!!" Helena screamed,breathing in between. 

Isabella rolled her eyes. 

"Not me,I'm not expecting anyone" she muttered. 

"He looks so fucking hot and rich!! I saw his car and I was like damn,I've never seen anyone drive that car in this school,He's probably not a student here" Grace screamed,stomping her feet on the floor. 

Isabella raised her brows. 

'What's going on?' She thought and sighed. 

"Just go and check at least,he seems like he knows exactly who you are...he even called you a nickname,what was it?" Helena asked Grace. 


Isabella's eyes widened,she rushed to to the door and opened at once,she didn't even bother wearing her shoes before running out of the dorm. 

She got outside and her heart literally stopped beating the moment she saw Theodore standing beside the car,looking like an Angel in his all white outfit,the girls in the dorm watching secretly from every angle and whispering. 

👥 Who's he?

👥 Whose boyfriend is he?

👥 He looks so unreal

👥 He's such a hottie. 

Theodore raised his head and his eyes landed on Isabella whose legs suddenly became heavy as she saw him,she took her steps one after the other,tears falling from her eyes. 

"Barbie" Theo called. 

"Fo....xy?" Isabella stuttered and he nodded. 

She ran to him and jumped on him,Theodore wrapped his arms around her waist,hugging her like his life depends on it. 

👥 Wow

👥 It's really true she has a boyfriend

"It's really you foxy!" Isabella cried,snuggling like she would enter into his skin. 

Theo smiled,hugging her with the same energy. She broke the hug and cupped his cheeks. 

"You look so handsome,,you're so handsome" She said in tears. 

"You too....you look beautiful,a lot" Theo muttered. 

Isabella slammed her lips on his own without thinking twice,,tears rolling down their eyes as they kissed each other hungrily almost forgotten they were outside. 

Theodore dropped her after the kiss and opened the car door,he brought out a giant purple teddy bear and gave it to her. 

"For you" 

Isabella smiled and grabbed his hand,taking him inside. Grace and Helena pathed way for them,they were staring with wide eyes. 

They entered the room and Isabella dropped the teddy bear,she hugged him again. 

"We just spoke on phone an hour ago,how come you're here?" 

"I wanted to surprise you...I met with the guys first and they showed me the way here" Theodore replied. 

The door opened,Helena and Grace came in and they broke the hug. 

"Meet my roomies..Helena and Grace....and you girls meet Theodore,my Foxy" Isabella said. 

"Nice to meet you....you're so handsome" Grace said. 

"Thanks" Theo smiled. 

"Finally I get to see her hidden boyfriend,she's really amazing you see? I'm so glad to meet you" Helena said. 

Theodore pulled Isabella into a quick hug and look around 

"You should get dressed"

"Are we going out?" Isabella asked and he nodded. 

"Since you're here,let's go watch the meteor shower together tonight,okay?" Isabella said. 

"I was about saying that,hurry up and get dressed,I have a lot of places I wanna go with you" Theodore said. 

"You're sounding like you want to leave tomorrow....."

"Nope,I still have one full month to spend here before leaving,when is your break starting?" He asked,already helping her to find something to wear. 

"We are done with our exams already,I was planning to leave the dorm tomorrow with my sister" Isabella replied. 

"Nice" Theo smiled. 



"Dude,are you in a hurry?" Adriel asked Theodore who was checking the time every second. 

"I'm meeting with Isabella in one hour" Theo replied. 

"I thought you met her already" Leo said. 

"Are you jealous?" Theo teased. 

"You should have just stayed with her and let's hang out tomorrow,you don't even know how much we miss you" Leo replied. 

Johnny and Chris joined them and dropped two bottle of wine on the table. 

"Great" Theodore smiled. 

"Who are they?" Angelo asked. 

"Johnny...Chris..my friends" Theo replied. 

"Wow,you really know how to make friends easily" Adriel muttered. 

"Honestly,Theo I can tell their names just by looking at them" Johnny grinned. 

"Stop talking like it's magic,I showed you countless pictures of them" Theo snapped and they laughed. 

"You never told us you made friends" Angelo said as they began eating. 

"I forgot" Theo replied. 

"Can't believe it's been two years already....wait,did you call Chelsea?" Leo asked. 

"Yeah...I'm gonna see her tomorrow" Theo muttered. 

"She's probably on a date again" Adriel scoffed and the boys laughed. 

"Date?" Theodore chuckled. 

"Of course,those silly guys keep asking for a night date for her to conclude if she really don't want them and she doesn't decline,she said she's learning for her real boyfriend" Angelo said and they laughed again. 

"Who's Chelsea?" Johnny asked. 

"A friend,you will meet her tomorrow" Theo said. 

"Is she sexy?" Chris asked with a naughty smirked and Theo slapped his head. 

"She can't date a playboy like you,forget about it" Theodore said. 

"I can change....."

"It's a no for me" Theodore snapped. 

"You shouldn't be talking to them too much,you've been with them for more than two years,focus on us" Angelo said. 

"Exactly,it's annoying" Leo scoffed at Johnny and Chris. 

"Don't start" Theo laughed. 

"We still have four weeks to spend here,don't feel bad" Chris said. 

"Better" Adriel rolled his eyes. 



As Theodore and Isabella strolled hand in hand towards the viewing spot, the night sky transformed into a celestial showcase. The meteor shower was a breathtaking spectacle, with shooting stars streaking across the darkness like diamonds on velvet. 

As the meteors flashed and flared, the crowd erupted into cheers and applause, their faces aglow with delight. Theodore and Isabella found a cozy spot, wrapping their arms around each other as they gazed up at the celestial ballet. 

As they watched, a particularly bright meteor streaked across the sky, leaving a glowing trail in its wake. The crowd "oohed" in unison, and Theodore turned to Isabella with a smile, his eyes shining with excitement. She smiled back, her eyes sparkling with delight. 

"I can't explain how I feel right now,seeing you this close suddenly feels like a dream" Theodore muttered. 

"Me too,I miss you every second,even while we talked on phone" Isabella pouted. 

Theodore caress her face,their eyes filled with just love and happiness,longs for each other. 

"Should we go over to the villa tonight?" He asked in a whisper. 

Isabella's cheeks turned red. 

"What are you thinking? Naughty head" Theo pushed her forehead playfully and she laughed. 

"I'm thinking exactly what's on your mind" She said. 

"Really? To watch movies all night?" Theodore asked. 

"Really? You must really wanna get raped" She said and Theo laughed. 

"What?! Who taught you all these naughty things" 

"You must have forgotten,I'm twenty years old now,I'm no longer eighteen and I'm about to get disvirgined...tonight" She whispered into his ear. 

"I think you should stop" 

"Or what?" She asked in a seductive voice. 

"I'm gonna eat you up right here..."

"I don't care" 

They began walking again,hand in hand,suddenly it started snowing. 

👥 Oh my gosh!

👥 First snow of the year!!

"Wow" Theo and Isabella chorused as they stopped walking to watch the snow falling. 

"Nature always seems to be on our side" Isabella said. 

"I love you so much,till forever" Theodore said. 

"Till forever" Isabella said. 

"I can't wait to get married,I'm hungry for that.." Theo mumbled. 

"Should we get married tomorrow?" Isabella asked. 

"We can,of course" he replied. 

"Silly" She hit him playfully. 

Theo chuckled and pecked her lips. 

Isabella pulled him back with his shirt and kissed him again,Theo smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist,kissing her deeply this time around,in the middle of the road,not caring about the people walking and staring at them. 

Their love story blossoms every where,anytime. 

As they kissed under the endless snow falling, the world around them melting away. In that moment, they knew their love would last an eternity, a love that would shine brighter than any star, and endure longer than any lifetime.

And so, under the celestial display, they sealed their fate, their hearts entwined forever, as the meteor shower faded into the dawn of a new beginning.


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