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Golden High 2024 - Episode 81&82




Golden High 2024 - Episode 81&82

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.



The door opened and the guards came in with Theodore's stuffs,they took them upstairs and Theodore entered the house. 

It was a Saturday,they finished the final exam about two weeks ago and now all the final year students already left school. 

"Son!!" Mrs Andrew got up and ran to him. Mr Andrew was sitting on the couch also. 

"You're back" Mrs Andrew hugged him happily. 

Theo said nothing,no single smile on his face. 

"What happened? Why do you look this way?" Mr Andrew asked and Mrs Andrew broke the hug,also worried. 

Theodore walked to his dad and dropped the admission form of Harvard Summer gave him,he didn't fill it,not even a single thing. 


"I'm not going anywhere dad" Theo said. 

"Theodore" Mrs Andrew called. 

"Can't I just at least choose the university of my choice? Are you two planning to forget me there? I don't know anyone...."

"I understand you,but trust me you won't regret it. Harvard is one of the best universities in the world,why aren't you thinking?" Mr Andrew said. 


"The Doctor said if you change your environment,it might also help with your mental health" Mrs Andrew said. 

"What about my friends?...Isabella too" Theodore muttered.

"You're not leaving forever Theo,,your friends are going to be in their different schools too..as for you and Isabella,you two can visit each other anytime you want,is money the issue or what? I just want the best for you,son" Mr Andrew said. 

Theodore stared at the form and took it. 

"Fine...I'm going to fill the form" He muttered. 

"You should do it right away,I spoke with the chancellor yesterday and he said their registration is due already,but he's going to accept yours because it's me" Mr Andrew said. 

"So I just have to fill the form?" Theo asked. 

Mr Andrew's phone rang and he answered,he spoke on phone for like five minutes before hanging up. 

"You don't have to fill the form anymore,You can just do that online,later tonight when your sister comes home" 

Theodore nodded.



Theo and Isabella walked hand in hand as they passed through the railway. 

"It's my first time here" She said,letting go of Theo's hand. She ran to the front and faced him. 

"Finally we are done with our exams,in a week,we are gonna be done with High School,I'm so happy" she said happily. 

"Me too" Theodore muttered. 

"Hun hun....you don't sound happy,is there something wrong? You've been acting strange for weeks now and you refuse to tell me what's going on,did I do anything wrong?" Isabella asked. 

"I have something to tell you" Theodore said and she stopped. Her legs almost became weak...

'Is he....breaking up with me?' She thought. 

"What have I done wrong?" She asked. 

"Huh?" Theodore raised his brows. 

"You've been acting strange and now you said you have something to tell me...isn't that how boys break up with their girlfriends? Why are you breaking up? Did I do anything wrong?" She asked tearfully. 

"You've watched too much movies" Theodore sighed and moved closer to her. 

"Who said I'm breaking up with you?" He wiped her tears. 

"Then...what is it?" Isabella asked. 

Theodore sighed. 

"I'm sorry we won't be going to the same university like we planned" he said. 

"Why? Then....where are you going?" 


Isabella's eyes widened. 

"Har.....vard??" She stuttered and moved back. 


"Why? You're leaving me? I thought we planned to spend more time together in college,remember? What about all the night out we planned? Living together,waking together,matching outfits,being the best couples in school,what about all that?" She asked,tears dropping from her eyes. 

"I wanted to reject it before....but then....I thought about it,,My parents probably want the best for me...."

"What about me?" Isabella cut in.

"It's just different schools right? We can probably meet each other during our breaks...."

"You think it's the same?" Isabella asked. 

"I can wait for you,I don't really have interest in any other guys,,but what about you? What will you do when those girls flirt with you? You can't avoid them forever,it's four years not four days,you don't think the distance will spoil our relationship?" 

"You should trust me......"

"Of course I trust you,but you're a guy,no matter what.   You can't reject all the girls in the world because of me,that's what I'm saying!" She cried and squatted,tearing up. 

Theodore pulled her up and hugged her. 

"You really think I'm going cheat on you?? That's never going to happen" He said,rubbing her back. 

"I'm still sad,how do you expect me to cope without you? It's going to be boring,I will be lonely,I can't" She cried,hugging him tightly. 

"We can talk everyday,I won't let you feel lonely,and besides others are here to keep your company,unlike me..I don't have anyone over there" Theodore said. 

Isabella broke the hug and Theo wiped her tears. 

"Don't cry,I'm not leaving you. Never..." He said snd kissed her eyes. 

"So..when are you leaving??" 

"Maybe...in three weeks time? My sister said I have to go through some process before I can settle down completely"  Theodore said and Isabella broke into another round of tears. 

"Come on barbie!" Theodore groaned. 

"What am I going to do now? I feel weak inwardly" She said,breathing heavily in tears. 

Theodore sighed and kissed her tears. 



"Guys!!!" Leo and Cleo called as they came in,others already waiting for them. 

"You two are late" Chelsea said. 

"Sorry" Cleo smiled. 

"Hey baby" Angelo called and she immediately went to sit beside him,he pecked her cheek. 

"Huh? Where's Ariana?" Leo asked 

"Isn't she your girlfriend? You should know where she is" Phoenix said. 

"She said she was here...." As Leo was talking,Ariana came in,she went to the restroom with Isabella. 

"You're finally here!" She said excitedly and ran to Leo who hugged her at once. 

"Is this your first time seeing each other since you got back from school?" Adriel asked,he was also sitting beside Phoenix. 


Everyone settled down and the waiters started bringing everything they ordered,their table filled up. 

"But...why are we the only ones in this place?" Ariana asked. 

"I was wondering too" Cleo muttered. 

"I booked the whole tables" Theodore said. 

"Oh wow! Rich kid!!" They all chorused and he chuckled. 

"Stop it,let's eat." He muttered. 

"Why does this look like the last super?" Angelo asked and everyone laughed,except Theodore and Isabella. 

"Is something going on?" Chelsea asked. 

"Really? There's something?" Adriel asked and everyone kept quiet. 

"It's not something bad,why are you all so quiet" Theodore chuckled. 

"Just tell us,I'm dying of suspense already" Leo said. 

"I won't be going to Yonsei with y'all" Theodore muttered. 

"Why!!!" They all shouted at once. 

"So where are you going?" Chelsea asked. 

"Harvard University....". 


"That's far" 

"What about us!" Leo,Adriel and Angelo cried out. 

Theo laughed 

"Are you guys my girlfriend or what? Stop being extra" He said. 

"Then....what about....Isabella?" Phoenix asked. 

"I told her already" Theo said. 

Chelsea bit her lips and fold her fist on the fork in her hand. 

"We are going to miss you" Ariana pouted. 

"I know,me too" Theo smiled. 

"You're not going now right? We still have enough time to hang out right?" Adriel asked. 

"I have less than three weeks" Theo replied. 

"Huh? Graduation party is in five days,wow" Cleo sighed. 

Chelsea got up. 

"I will be back" She muttered and walked out. 

"Oh....you didn't tell her beforehand?" Phoenix asked Theo and he shook his head. 

"Bet she's gonna cry" Cleo mumbled. 

Theodore blinked....he looked at Isabella. 

"Don't look at me...go..." She muttered. 

Theodore got up and also walked away. 

He met Chelsea in the balcony,like Cleo said,she was in tears. 

Theodore sighed and walked slowly toward her. 

"When did you find out?" Chelsea asked without facing him. 

"I was given the form the same day y'all filled yours,but I thought I was gonna decline so I didn't tell anyone...I just made up my mind three days ago" Theo said. 

"And I'm just finding out?" Chelsea faced him with teary eyes. 

"I just...thought it wasn't necessary,I was going to tell everyone together" Theo said. 

"Aren't we friends anymore? I want to be the first to hear things when it's about you...but since you got a girlfriend,can't I at least be the second? I don't want you to see me as everyone else,I feel so sad right now" She cried. 

"I'm sorry" Theodore sighed and wiped her tears. 

"I'm going to miss you so much,I just can't imagine not seeing you everyday,I can't" She shook her head. 

"I know..me too,I feel the same" Theodore said. 

She hugged him and he pat her hair gently before breaking the hug. 

"We are going to be in touch anyway,so don't worry" Theo smiled. 

"Really? You won't forget about me?"

"Why would I? Of course not" Theodore said. 

Chelsea sniffs and he pecked her cheek. 

"Don't do that,or I'm going to cry again" 

Theodore chuckled. 

"It might be the last time I do that,for real" He mumbled. 

Chelsea looked at him with sad eyes. 


"Because probably...before I return,you will definitely have a boyfriend by then,I wouldn't wanna receive a heavy punch" Theodore said and Chelsea laughed. 

"I won't let that happen,if I have a boyfriend before you return...he should know how much you mean to me......"

"That's going to be worse,he will hate me" Theodore whispered and they both laughed. 

"I'm not joking,I will do the same If my girlfriend have a male friend,I'm going to hate him....for no reason" Theo said. 

He brought out a debit card from his pocket and took her hand,he dropped it on her palm and Chelsea looked at him.

"You know the pin right?? Since I won't be here....you always have joy in gathering people to eat and then ask me to pay for no reason....."

Chelsea chuckled. 

"I won't be here to pay anymore....you can have that,until you get a boyfriend" Theo muttered. 

"Don't worry....you can use the money anyhow,it's unlimited,I'm quite rich you know....." 

Chelsea hugged him immediately,with tears. 

"You idiot....how am I ever going to forget about you if you keep on doing this" She cried. 

Theodore chuckled and gently broke the hug. 

"You should buy a lot of clothes and shoes,since you're pretty.....it's going to be more easy. But don't you dare date losers" 

"Losers? What are you talking about?" Chelsea laughed. 

"I'm serious,,you deserve someone good,caring,handsome,brilliant,someone who will make you forget about a boy called Theodore,and you should really play hard to get...."

"Stop!" Chelsea pushed him,still laughing. 

"I'm just telling you because I won't be here that time....but then most importantly....you need to study hard okay? It's no longer highschool,don't go to parties everyday,so you won't meet losers" he winked. 

"And spend the money well,,you can boast of having rich friend,so nobody will take you for granted,and if anything happens,you can tell my dad,you know he's always going to help right?" 

"You're making me miss you even more" Chelsea mumbled and they hugged again. 



It's Prom Night, and the excitement is exciting. The school has been transformed into a fairytale setting, with twinkling lights and balloons in shades of gold and silver adorning the hallways and entrance. The prom party hall is a vision of elegance, with a sprawling dance floor, lavish decorations, and a majestic stage for the DJ. 

Pictures of Theodore were already on the school board and other part of the school,according to the recently concluded Exams,the results came out just few days ago and,he aced all the subject without leaving any behind. He's the model student now. 

Earlier in the day, the school had held a heartfelt graduation ceremony, where the class of 2024 was bid farewell and congratulated on their achievement.

Adriel walked into the hall with Phoenix right beside him,holding hands. Phoenix wore a a blue dress matching with Adriel's outfit,they both look so beautiful. 

They joined the table where Angelo and Leo were already sitting with Cleo and Ariana,Leo definitely brought her,can't stand being single in school prom. 

"Chelsea isn't here yet?" Adriel asked. 

"She's here" Phoenix announced and they all turned to see Chelsea walking into the hall looking hot in her outfit. 

👥 Senior Chelsea!!

👥 I love your outfit!!

She waved at the juniors and joined the guys. 


Outside,Theodore and Isabella made a grand entrance, arriving in a sleek limousine that pulled up to the prom hall with a gentle purr. A liveried guard sprang into action, opening the door with a white-gloved hand and ushering them out onto the red carpet. Theodore emerged first, looking devastatingly handsome in his tailored black tuxedo, complete with a crisp white shirt and a bow tie that sparkled like diamonds.

Isabella followed, a vision of loveliness in a strapless, mermaid-cut gown that hugged her curves in all the right places.Her raven hair cascaded down her back like a waterfall of night, and her full lips were painted a deep, luscious red. Together, the couple advanced toward the prom hall, a stunning pair that commanded attention and admiration from all who laid eyes on them. As they entered the hall, all eyes fixed on them as murmurings began. 

👥 Nobody telling me shit,they are the king and queen of tonight. 

👥 They look so fucking hot!!

👥 Theodore is not human,how can he be so handsome?? How!!

"You two planned to make everyone scream tonight right?" Angelo asked as they joined the table. 

"Nope" Isabella chuckled. 

"Isabella,where did you get your dress?" Phoenix asked. 

"Foxy got it for me" Isabella said. 

"Awwwn,I love it" Cleo smiled. 

"Thanks" Isabella smiled. 

The night ran and finally it was time to announce and crown the Prom King &Queen. One of the teachers was invited to the stage. 


The students all became quiet,ready to hear the announcement. 


👥 Yes!!!!

👥 Oh my gosh!!!

Isabella smiled and got up as everyone started clapping,she began walking to the stage,camera flashes all over her. 

👥 She's so beautiful.

👥 Gosh I love her. 

She got to the stage and the crown was gently placed on her head and the flower bouquet. 


👥 Theodore!!!!!!

The students started clapping again as he stood up,looking as handsome as always. 

👥 We love you Theo!!

👥 You're so handsome

The crown was placed on his head too and he winked at Isabella. 



It's the night before Theodore travels,his flight takes off early tomorrow morning. 

Theodore and Isabella were sitting alone on the bench in a playground,Theo watching Isabella cry her eyes out since about twenty minutes ago,no matter how he tries to make her stop,she just kept on crying.  They were together all day,but as the night grew closer,she couldn't control her tears,it's the last day she's going to see him,until next time.  

He sighed and stood up,he bent in front of her. 

"Barbie" He called. 

Isabella sniff but the tears won't stop coming. 

"You're making me feel guilty right now,should I just stay back tomorrow? But you know it's too late right? If I refuse to leave,I will have to stay home and wait till next year before going to college" Theodore said. 

Isabella shook her head. 

"I know you don't want that,so please stop crying,we had an agreement remember? We are going to talk everyday,I won't even care if you call me wen I'm in the lecture hall,I will go out and talk to you" 

Isabella wiped her tears. 

"Good girl" Theodore smiled. 

He brought out a small ring case and Isabella batted her lashes,he opened it and the golden ring screamed luxury in the air. 

"I don't know what to give you to make you trust me and believe me....even this....but can you just trust me? Anytime you see this,can you just have faith in me that I'm never going to love anyone else but you?" He asked,staring into her eyes. 

Isabella nodded. 

"And you too......you know I still have that bracelet you gave me right? I will keep that as mine,I'm going to trust you no matter what" He said and Isabella smiled. 

"You should throw that away,it's old already" She muttered. 

"I'm going to show our kids" Theo said and Isabella hit him playfully,they both laughed. 

"Here...." He inserted the ring into her finger and got up,Isabella also stood up and hugged him 

"Don't you dare smile at other girls,don't dress too hot,I'm too jealous to withstand that" Isabella said. 

"You too...You shouldn't show too much skin,since I won't be here anymore" 

"I will wear hoodie and joggers" Isabella muttered. 

"No,don't do that. I like it when you dress hot and sexy,but don't do it too much,if any guy try shit with you,just tell me...Leo,Angelo and Adriel will teach him a lesson" Theodore said and she laughed. 

"Just come and do it yourself instead" 

"I wish I can" 

They broke the hug. 

"I love you Foxy" 

"It's fucking mutual girlfriend" Theodore replied and their lips locked. 

The rain started falling...Pouring down all over them but they didn't break the kiss. 


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