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Golden High 2024 - Episode 79&80




Golden High 2024 - Episode 79&80

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.



Cleo packed her stuffs carefully into a  book crate but it got heavier as she kept putting them in. 

"Need my help?" Angelo came in and she turned. 

"Oh,thank you" She smiled. 

Angelo walked closer and took the crate from her,maintaining eye contacts with her. 

"Anything else?" He asked. 

"No I'm done" Cleo replied and closed her locker back. 

"Why am I just noticing?" Angelo asked as they began walking. 

"Notice what?" Cleo asked. 

"That you're short" Angelo mumbled. 

"I'm not short! Stop it" 

Angelo chuckled. 

"Just joking" He said. 

They both walked to the girls dorm together and entered Cleo's room. 

"Whoa,it's my first time here,cool" Angelo nodded and dropped the crate on the study table. 

"Thank you...here" She gave him a soda. 

"Thanks" Angelo smiled and took it from her. 

"Bye" He winked before going out. 

Almost immediately,he got a message which he checked at once. He went straight to the school café and met Leo sitting,waiting for him. 

"What are you doing here all alone?" Angelo asked after sitting down. 

"Is there anything bad in that? You don't wanna spend time with only me?" Leo asked. 

"Oh wow" Angelo chuckled. 

They got their coffee. 

"What are you two doing here without me?" Adriel joined them. 

"Says someone who ditched his friends minutes after getting a girlfriend" Leo scoffed. 

"I didn't really ditched you,I was just overexcited" Adriel said and took Angelo's coffee. 

"Hey,you wanna die?" Angelo knocked his head. 

"Ouch!" Adriel touched his head and Angelo took back the cup from him.

"Just get yourself one" Leo scoffed. 

"What about Theodore?" Adriel asked. 

"Library I guess" Leo muttered and checked the time. 

"One hour before dinner,I'm starving" He mumbled. 

"Me too" Angelo muttered. 

"I forgot to tell you that your sister is super cute,just coming from her room" Angelo smiled. 

"Her room?" Leo's eyes widened. 

"Come on! It's not what you're thinking,I helped her carry some stuff to her room and she gave me this" He dropped the drink Cleo gave him on the table. 

"Wow,my favorite" Adriel tried taking it. 

Angelo slapped his hand loudly. 

"Ahh!!" He screamed. 

"Don't touch it,I'm not drinking it now" Angelo mumbled,smiling like a lunatic. 

"Why?" Leo asked. 

"I will keep it in my room to remember her every night" Angelo smiled. 

Leo took the drinka and opened it at once,he drank half of it and Angelo's eyes widened. 

"Just drink it,it's a liquid not necklace,stop acting dumb" Leo said. 

Adriel also drank from it,Angelo slapped his throat and Adriel coughed out.

"Why me!!!!!!" He yelled. 

Angelo scoffed and drank the rest. 

"I miss Theo" Adriel said. 

"Until dinner time,stop acting like you don't have a girlfriend,you should be missing your girlfriend.....now I have two people I'm gonna give condoms on Prom night" Angelo chuckled. 

"Gosh" Leo groaned disgustingly. 


Phoenix was walking to her room to take her bath before dinner time,she saw Clara coming opposite her and she ignored it until Clara suddenly pushed her out of the way. 

"Fuck off bitch" She said. 

"How much did you cry?" Phoenix asked with a smirk. 

"What?" Clara glared at her. 

"It's obvious, you should wash your face...sorry I got him instead of you" Phoenix smiled and walked away. 

"That witch" Clara mumbled and a little drop of tears came out. 



Jeremy walked into the hall,taking his steps one after the other,his eyes fell on Jayce sitting alone as usual. But he was fully dressed,his shoes on also,he was just staring at the water. 

"Waiting for me?" Jeremy asked,pushing his hands into his pockets as he walked closer. 

Jayce turned his head and scoffed. 

"I guess you've been dreaming too much these days,why would I wait for you?" He asked. 

Jeremy chuckled and sat down beside him. 

"So why are you here alone?" He asked. 

"Because it's quiet and cool,and why are you here?" Jayce asked. 

"I was looking for you" Jeremy replied. 

Jayce sighed and looked away. 

"Don't start again" He mumbled. 

"Start what?" Jeremy asked. 

"What you're doing,...or...do you by any chance....like guys?" Jayce asked. 

"You're the first" Jeremy smiled and Jayce's eyes widened. 

"What?!!!!" He screamed. 

Jeremy laughed out. 

"Geez,you're so funny" 

"Right,you're joking right?"

"No" Jeremy looked at him. 

"Why me?" Jayce asked. 

"How many times am I supposed to say that?? You're cute of course" Jeremy replied. 

"You're insane,seriously" Jayce scoffed. 

There was a silence for a minute before Jeremy spoke up. 

"Why are you still here? You should be running away as usual" He faced him. 

"You met me here,you should leave instead" Jayce snapped and Jeremy chuckled. He shifted closer to Jayce. 

"Don't worry,I'm just kidding. I don't like guys...I just want to be your friend" He said and Jayce sigh out loudly. 

"Oh my heart...." he touched his chest. 

"Was your heart beating fast?" Jeremy asked. 

"Of course!  You scared me!" Jayce said. 

Jeremy chuckled. 

"Let's be friends" 

"Fine fine,as long as you quit acting strange" Jayce said and Jeremy smiled. 




Theodore and Chelsea sat side by side on the chair in the library, surrounded by stacks of physics textbooks. Theodore pulled out a crumpled notebook and began to explain the concept of relativity.

As he drew diagrams and scribbled equations, Chelsea listened intently, her eyes wide with focus. But as the minutes ticked by, her gaze began to wander, and her eyelids grew heavy. Theodore, engrossed in his teaching, didn't notice as Chelsea's head slowly nodded forward, her chin dipping towards her chest.

Before long, Chelsea was fast asleep, her head resting on the table, her gentle snores a soft accompaniment to Theodore's enthusiastic lecture. Theodore, still talking, didn't realize she had fallen asleep until he turned to ask her a question and found her eyes closed, a peaceful expression on her face.

He chuckled and shook his head. 

"You might just end up in number 25 this time around if you don't focus" He muttered. 

Chelsea opened her eyes. 

Theodore hit her forehead with a finger. 

"Ouch! That's painful" she said,rubbing her forehead. 

"Do you even understand what I've been explaining since we started? You're stressing me,should I just leave you alone and go for others?" Theodore asked seriously. 

"I'm sorry,I was just....hungry" Chelsea muttered. 

"You wanna eat me then?" Theodore asked. 

Chelsea scoffed. 

"You're so mean..."

"I'm hungry too,what are you saying. If you're not ready today,we can continue tomorrow,don't force it,but you know you really need to study hard right? You're below average,it won't take you anywhere if you want a good university,so think about it,what course do you plan to study with your grades? I'm begging you to be serious until after the exams,I'm here to help" Theodore said. 

"Yes tutor" Chelsea smiled. 

Theodore's phone buzzed and he took it,he just got a text from Isabella. 

"Where are we?" Chelsea asked,opening the textbook. 

"Let's continue tomorrow,I need to go" he stood up. 

"Where are you going?" Chelsea asked. 

"Dinning hall,are you coming?" Theo asked. 

"Why wouldn't I? I said I was hungry" Chelsea stood up at once,she packed the books and put them off somewhere. 

Theodore started walking out and she ran after him. 

"Do I have to run after you now?" 

"Run after your books" Theodore said and Chelsea laughed. 

"You're really acting like my tutor,but cut me some slack,I promise to be serious" she groaned. 

"I will believe you" Theo muttered. 



All grade 12 students gathered in front of the paste board,checking out their ranks,it's the final mock exam and they were all joined together this time. This rank represent their position in all grade 12 class,no A or B. 

👥 Wow,I can't believe I'm in number 35,how?!!

👥 This list gives me headache

👥 I studied so hard and I am in number twenty? Gosh

"Good job barbie" Theodore said behind Isabella who was smiling broadly while staring at her name shining brightly in Rank 2..90%

Isabella turned and hugged him tightly. 

"My chemistry improved thanks to you,I'm so happy. I can't believe I got 90% overall,gosh" 

Theodore chuckled. 

Theodore as expected got his full marks. 100% without missing one this time. 

Following Isabella is Leo with 88%  

"Sorry Phoenix" He winked at her and Phoenix scoffed,she appeared in rank 5, 86% ..Lionel in rank 4 had 87% 

Maxwell sighed out loudly staring at his name in rank 7....Adriel beat him to rank 6,stuck beside Angelo who also got the same point as him,both in 6. 

"Oh wow,I love this" Adriel chuckled. 

"Do better" Phoenix muttered. 

"I don't need it,I'm just right behind you,isn't it amazing?" He grinned and Phoenix chuckled. 

"Can't believe this" Violet mumbled,staring at her rank...down to 10. 

"Class A students are getting wild than I expected,how can they occupy so crazily? Me in rank 12? I'm embarrassed" Clara shook her head and searched for Jayce name. 

"9?!! How?! I've always beat him!" She screamed. 

👥 you're making noise. 

👥 What the hell

Leo stood beside Cleo and pecked her cheek. 

"You did well..." he muttered and Cleo smiled. 

"8 is not that bad right? I will do better in the exams" She said. 

"Always here to help,don't worry,you will do great" Leo said and she smiled. 

Theodore cleared his throat behind Chelsea and she flinched. 

"What,I'm not gonna hit you" Theodore said. 

"You said if I don't do well you're gonna pull my hair" Chelsea mumbled. 

"But you did well" Theodore replied. 

"Huh? I'm in rank 15" Chelsea muttered. 

"Do you just check the ranks?"

"What else am I supposed to check?" Chelsea asked. 

"Firstly,fifteen out of sixty students is highly above average,secondly check your point,you got 72% which should be a B right?? Our exam is about two weeks time,we still have time to cover up anywhere you have problems with...I told you to focus better in your further maths but you turned deaf ears...nevertheless,overall,you did well. You're in rank 15 because there are 60 students. If it was grade 12A alone...62% should take you to rank 6 at least or 7" Theodore explained and she hugged him. 

"I'm so happy,I've never got 72%" She pouted. 

Theodore immediately broke the hug and smiled. 

"You did well" He pat her hair. 

"Foxy" Isabella called from the back and he turned. 

"Let's go" She grabbed his hand. 

"You're done here?" 

"Hmm" she nodded and they left together. 

"Chelsea,I saw your point,you really got 72%....I'm so happy. Theo is a good tutor" Phoenix said and Chelsea chuckled. 

"Congrats" Cleo said. 

"Thank you,what should we eat to celebrate this?" Chelsea asked. 

"Let's....." Almost immediately they heard the bell ringing. 

🎙 Grade 12 students,assemble in the auditorium right away. 

They heard Summer's voice. 

"Oh my heart, what do you think it is this time?" Chelsea asked. 

"No idea,let's go" 



The Grade 12 students gathered together in the auditorium, their chatter and murmurs creating a hum of anticipation. The air was electric with excitement and curiosity as they waited to discover what the assembly was about. Some students fidgeted in their seats, while others leaned over to whisper to their friends, speculating about the purpose of the gathering.

Theodore and Isabella joined the boys. 

"What do you think this is about?" Angelo asked Theo. 

"Let's just see" Theo muttered. 

Silence came on when Summer entered with the principal beside her,two teachers..the maths teacher and English teacher. 

" Don't worry about what's going on,it's nothing big" Summer addressed. 

She gave the teachers a sign. 

"Give them the forms" Summer uttered. 

As the teachers began to distribute a form to each student, the room fell silent, with all eyes fixed on the paper being handed out. The students' faces scrunched up in concentration as they scanned the document, their minds racing with questions. What was this form for? Was it about graduation? University applications? Or something else entirely?

The rustling of papers and shuffling of feet were the only sounds as the students carefully read through the form, their faces a mix of excitement and also anxiousness. It's their university application forms. 

The tension in the room was palpable as the students waited for instructions. 

"As you can see clearly...those forms leads you to apply for the universities of your choice" Summer said and the students continue staring at the form carefully. 

"Note.....you can only apply for one university so think well....if you have to call your parents you can do that as well. But I'm sure most of you know or already have it in mind the universities of your choice....You have the whole of today to fill in the forms,including your personal details,your age,full name and all that" Summer explained. 

"Don't make any mistakes while filling those forms,you won't be given new ones,so be careful" She added. 

"You can return to your classes" 



Adriel came in and ran over to meet Theo and his friends sitting together. 

"Are you guys done filling the forms?" He asked. 

"What about you?" Angelo asked. 

"I called my dad and as expected....Yonsei University" He muttered. 

Yonsei is one of the most popular and expensive university in Korea. 

"Whoa! Me too!!" Angelo and Leo screamed and the three hugged each other. 

They faced Theodore. 

"What about you?" Angelo asked. 

"I will just choose Yonsei too" he mumbled. 

Isabella came over. 

"I'm not the only one who chooses Yonsei right?" 

"Why is everyone choosing that?" Angelo asked. 

"Have you ever entered that school? It's heaven,come on" Isabella said. 

"Most of our classmates applied for that too" Adriel said. 

"Me too me too" Chelsea walked over to them. 

"Does that mean we are gonna meet in the same university again?" Leo asked with a pretty smile. 

"With different courses tho" Adriel smiled. 

"Definitely" Phoenix said. 

Theo's phone started ringing and they all faced him,he took the call,from Summer. 


"Come to the office..." 

Theo hung up. 

"I will be back" He said and walked out of the class. 

"What's wrong? He suddenly got moody" Angelo muttered and Isabella  gave a concern look on her face.



Theodore entered and close the door,he walked over to Summer who was sitting and staring at him. 

"You didn't fill that form right?" She asked. 

"I haven't..but....why wouldn't I?" Theo asked. 

Summer dropped another form on the table

"Dad said you should fill this instead" 

Theo took it,he read the name on it. 


His eyes widened. 


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