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Golden High 2024 - Episode 69&70




Golden High 2024 - Episode 69&70

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.



As they arrived,the gate opened automatically and Isabella gasped in awe. 

"The gate recognizes you? It opened" She said curiously,Theo nodded and went deep into the villa before stopping the bike,some guards walked over to them. 

"Young Master....."

"Nobody knows I'm here,so don't say a word if dad call you" Theo cut them off and they nodded. Isabella got down and removed her helmet,Theo also dropped. 

"Wow" Isabella mumbled,looking around the villa screaming luxury. 

The stunning property was nestled among lush greenery, with a private beach and breathtaking views of the ocean. The sound of waves crashing against the shore created a soothing melody, enveloping them in tranquility.

"Foxy,this is amazing,but we won't get into trouble right? I mean,for coming here without permission" She faced him,Theodore shook his head and held her hand softly,staring into her eyes. 

"Do you wanna take a walk around?" He asked and Isabella didn't waste time before nodding. 

They strolled along the beach, watching the stars twinkle to life,the cold breeze was so good,the beautiful bulbs around cast a golden glow on the picturesque villa grounds.

Isabella couldn't help but gasp in awe at the breathtaking scenery. The lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and serene water features created a tranquil oasis, perfect for a leisurely stroll.

"So your parents own this place?" Isabella asked,staring at the beautiful purple rose flowers looking so wet and fresh. 

"It was for my sixteenth birthday" Theodore replied and Isabella faced him with shock written all over her face. 

"Sixteenth? A Villa? What about your seventeenth?" She questioned and Theodore chuckled. 

"Dad always give gifts for birthday in a way you can't understand,but to him the special ages are....when you clock 1 then...5,10,18,20,25...like that upward,every other birthday are just the usual cake birthdays to him" Theodore explained. 

"So how come you got this for your sixteenth birthday?" Isabella asked. 

"Because,he wasn't home on my birthday,it was like a bribe" Theo smiled. 

"That's insane,you are so fucking rich but act like you're not? I love that" Isabella smiled. 

"You're the first person I'm bringing here" Theodore said,Plucking a flower,she faced him and he inserted it into her hair. 

"Are you sure?" Isabella asked and he nodded. 

A guard came over to them and they faced him. 

"Young master,your suite is ready,all clean" He said. 

"Let's go" Theodore winked at Isabella and they hold hands,walking in. 



Isabella walked out of the bathroom after getting a perfect wash,she was in a robe which look so pretty on her,she also tied a towel around her head. She entered the bedroom and couldn't find Theodore. 

"Baby?" She called. 

"Dinning room" Theodore replied from an angle and she immediately walked to the dinning room. 

The table was already set and she sat opposite Theodore. 

Isabella's eyes widened as she gazed upon the sumptuous feast spread before her. The table was a canvas of culinary art, with dishes of every hue and aroma enticing her senses. Golden-brown roasted meats, steaming vegetables, and an array of savory delicacies seemed to dance in the soft light, beckoning her to take a bite.

Her gaze wandered from the tenderly cooked pasta to the succulent seafood, and then to the delectable desserts that seemed to whisper sweetness in her ear. The aroma of freshly baked bread wafted up, mingling with the savory scents of the main courses, making her stomach growl with anticipation.

Isabella's fingers twitched with excitement as she reached for a juicy slice of roasted chicken, the crispy skin glistening like a promise of flavor. She closed her eyes, savoring the first bite, and her senses came alive. The flavors exploded on her palate, a symphony of taste and texture that left her wanting more.

"Is this from earth?" She asked and Theodore chuckled,staring at her lips that got stained from the chicken juice,he wiped her lips and licked his finger.  

"Honestly,something's bothering me. Your mom looks so young and beautiful,and you said you have a sister who's 23??" Isabella asked. 

"Mom is 42,she had my sister when she was nineteen" Theo smiled. 


Isabella kept eating,Theodore also took the cutleries and tried eating,not without staring at her every minute. 

He didn't bother her throughout the feast,after eating,they left the dinning room which got cleared up immediately. 

"I'm so full" Isabella groaned. 

Theodore sat down and Isabella looked at him. 

"What's bothering you?" She asked. 

Theodore grabbed her hand and made her sit on his laps. 

"Tell me" Isabella mumbled. 

Theodore explained everything in details to her and looked into her eyes to see her reaction but she said nothing. 

"So,if I ever act differently...don't get too mad at me and....."

"You won't act differently" Isabella cut in and touched his hair,she hugged him. 

"You will be able to control it,you can do it. You have the power to control everything,I trust you,and besides..you are gonna be a sweet psycho" She said and Theodore smiled. 


Isabella got up from his laps. 

"Should I perform for you? A very special song?' She asked and he chuckled. 

"What's that?" Theo asked. 

Isabella winked and climbed on the table,she used her fist as microphone. 

"Listen" she said and Theodore nodded. 

She started singing 🎤🎤

He'll make you curse, but he a blessing

He'll rip your shirt within a second

You'll be coming back, back for seconds

With your plate, you just can't help it

"Wait,I thought it's She....did you change it?" Theodore laughed,watching her,she ignored him and continue singing. 


No, no

You'll play along

Let him lead you on

You'll be sayin', "No, no."

Then saying, "Yes, yes, yes,"

'Cause he messin' with your head


Oh, he's sweet but a psycho

A little bit psycho

At night he's screamin', "I'm-ma-ma-ma out my mind."

Oh, he's hot but a psycho

So left but he's right though

At night he's screamin', "I'm-ma-ma-ma out my mind."


Grab a cop gun. Kinda crazy

He's poison but tasty

Yeah, people say, "Run, don't walk away."

'Cause he's sweet but a psycho

A little bit psycho

At night he's screamin', "I'm-ma-ma-ma out my mind."

She stopped and Theodore clapped loudly,he got up and walked over to her,he carried her and swing her around. 

"Ahh!!" Isabella laughing

"I love you" Theodore said,kissing her all over. 

"I love you more" She smiled and hugged him. 

"Wait,where's your phone?" Theodore asked. 

"Home,what about yours?" 

"Over there but I switched it off" Theodore replied. 

"We are dead tomorrow,but I don't care" She shook her head. They both got on the bed to enjoy a movie together. 

"Popcorn" She grabbed the popcorn bowl on the table. 

Two minutes into the movie,Theodore faced her and she also turned. 

"Should we do something else?" 

"Why? The movie is interesting....."

"Nothing is more interesting than you" Theodore cut in and she batted her lashes. 

"So......what do you wanna do?" She queries in a low voice. 

There was silence after that. 

As they lay together on the bed, the tension between them was palpable. Theo's eyes locked onto Isabella's, and he could see the desire and affection shining back at him. He slowly leaned in, his lips brushing against hers in a gentle, tender kiss.

Isabella's heart raced as she felt Theo's warm lips on hers, sending shivers down her spine. She deepened the kiss, her fingers tangling in his hair as she pulled him closer. The world around them melted away, leaving only the two of them, lost in the magic of their love.

Their lips moved in perfect sync, the kiss growing more passionate with each passing moment. Theo's hand traced the curve of Isabella's face,his other hand moved to her robe slowly and pulled her down on the bed,their lips separated and Isabella exhaled,she watched him undo the robe. 

"Are you going to...."

"No" Theodore said at once and she sighed out. 

"Are you scared?" Theodore asked. 

"Yes I am" she answered. 

Theodore chuckled. 

"Don't worry,I'm not ready either,if I am..then,we will be each others first" He looked into her eyes. 

"Don't make me imagine" Isabella shook her head,she cupped his cheeks and connected their lips again. 

Theo's hand didn't waste time before cupping her breast,she moaned into his mouth,her fingers sliding in and out of his full hair. She began unbuttoning his shirt and threw it off his body,Theo broke the kiss. 

"Are we really not doing anything?" He asked in a super seductive whisper. 

"We aren't,but we can make it hot,I just want your body on mine" Isabella saud and Theo smiled. 

They changed position and Isabella came on top,their lips and tongues battling against each other,sweet and delicious battles,their bodies romancing hotly,their touches screaming possessiveness all over. 

The whole night was steamy hot but still not enough to fulfill their love. 



The door opened and Isabella came in,together with Theodore. 



Both Ariana and their mom stood up immediately. 

Mrs Ariana approached her and Isabella knew what exactly to expect. 

"Mom I'm sorry" She said. 

"How dare you!!" Mrs Williams shouted angrily and raised her hand to slap her,Theodore immediately grabbed Isabella's hand and pulled her back,receiving the slap instead,it was a hot one. 

Ariana and Isabella gasped. 

Mrs Williams blinked in shock. 

"I'm sorry....it's all my fault,please don't hit her" Theodore muttered. 

Isabella grabbed Theo's hand and touched his cheek. 

"It's okay I'm Fine" Theo said. 

"You shouldn't have done that" Isabella mumbled. 

Mrs Williams sighed. 

"Where are you two coming from?" She asked and they looked at her. 

"Our home" Theodore replied. 

"I slept over there....I forgot to take my phone along,I'm sorry" Isabella said. 

"Would you like to join us for breakfast?" Mrs Williams asked Theo. 

"No,thank you ma'am. I need to leave" Theo bowed,he looked at Isabella before walking out. 

Isabella went upstairs and Ariana immediately followed her. 

"Did you have fun?" She asked. 

"Yeah" Isabella replied,getting rid of her clothes. 

"Leo texted me,I think that dude likes" Ariana smiled. 

"Seems you like him too,you're smiling" Isabella said. 

"I didn't say that"

Isabella scoffed and went into the bathroom. 


As Theodore got down from the bike,Chelsea was the first to run out. 

"Theo!" She ran to him. 

"Where did you go? Everyone called you but your phone was off,why would you leave like that? We were a worried" Chelsea said. 

"I spent the night with my girlfriend" Theodore said sharply and went in without saying more. 

Chelsea stopped walking for a second,she took her lips in and followed slowly. 

Summer and Mrs Andrew were in the living room when Theo entered. 

"Son! My son!" Mrs Andrew ran to him,touching his cheeks. 

"Are you okay? Did something happened to you?....."

"Stop it!" Theodore snapped. 


"I'm not in the mood to talk to anyone so leave me alone..." 

"Hey!" Summer shouted and Theo looked at her. 

"Are you serious right now? You don't wanna talk to anyone? After putting everyone into worries last night? Even dad is worried where he is right now all because of you!! I blame mom,why would she even pat your head in this situation,a better slap on your head would be better,you spoilt brat"  Summer scolded. 

"If you're done,I'm leaving" Theo muttered and took the stairs. 

"Hey! Come back here! Theodore!" Summer followed him,she entered the room with him. 

"Do you think this is funny right now? You f+cking left home without saying anything to anyone,you should be apologizing........"

"You should apologize for lying to me all these years too! You f+cking knew something was wrong but kept quiet until I started feeling the side effects and pains,seriously? Is it bad to want to stay away from this house and spend time with who can help me calm down my head,I never asked you to be worried about me anyway,how many f+cking times do you all check up on me in school? Stop acting like you're such a good sister all of a sudden,it's annoying" 


"Close the door behind you when you're out" Theo said and entered the private lounge,he closed the door loudly. 



Theo's eyes were glued to the screen as he navigated the virtual world, his fingers moving swiftly across the controller. He was in the middle of a critical mission, and nothing could distract him from his goal. Suddenly, the door creaked open, and a figure walked in. 

His dad, who had been absent for what felt like an eternity, stood in the doorway, a hesitant look on his face. Theo's grip on the controller tightened, his heart racing with a mix of emotions. He hadn't seen or spoken to his dad since he left. 

Theo's initial instinct was to ignore him, to pretend he wasn't there. He continued playing, his eyes fixed on the screen, as his dad approached him. "Hey, son," he said, his voice laced out.

Theo didn't flinch, didn't acknowledge him. He kept playing, his fingers moving mechanically, as if trying to shut out the reality of his dad's return. His dad stood there, waiting for a response, but Theo remained silent, his walls of resentment and anger still firmly in place.

"Come on son,I'm here" Mr Andrew said. 

Theodore dropped the controller and stood up. 

"I know you're mad at me,but trust me,I was just....."

"Too busy to even call your son for a second? Now you're going to tell me you missed me? Honestly I was even beginning to think I don't have a dad anymore" Theodore said bluntly. 

"I'm sorry,I had to work. It's all for you remember?" Mr Andrew said. 

Theodore rolled his eyes. 

"A hug?" Mr Andrew smiled.Theodore stood there stubbornly and his dad hugged him. 

"My son became more handsome and big" Theodore scoffed and he broke the hug. 

"Don't worry son,I have a big surprise for your eighteenth birthday" Mr Andrew said and Theodore rolled his eyes. 

"You still got attitude,I said I'm sorry. And...your mom told me about your health too,do you still experience the headache?" Mr Andrew asked and Theo nodded. 

"But don't worry,it's nothing I can't handle" He mumbled. 

They walked out of the game room together and went downstairs,Summer and Theo's eyes met,they both rolled eyes at each other. 

"What's with them?" Mr Andrew asked his wife. 

"They are not talking" Mrs Andrew replied. 


"Dad he started it,why are you calling my name?" Summer groaned. 

"You called me a spoilt brat" Theodore snapped. 

"Of course you are,you left home without telling anyone and mom still pat your head,not right" Summer said. 

"What's your business with that? She's my mom..."

"And she's mine too" Summer snapped. 

"Summer come on" Mrs Andrew groaned. 

"We are gonna be a dinner together with a business partner of mine tomorrow night" Mr Andrew said. 

"Not again!" Summer and Theodore groaned. 

Their parents chuckled. 


Chelsea stared at her phone screen,staring at the message from Alex,asking them to hang out. 

She sighed doubtfully and shook her head. 

"What's wrong?" Theodore asked and took her phone from her at once. 

"Wow!! Someone's got a date" He teased. 

"It's Alex" Chelsea said. 

"You didn't save his number,why?" Theo looked at her. 

"Not really necessary" Chelsea muttered and Theodore started writing something on the phone,he gave it back to her and her eyes widened. 

He saved Alex's number as "Sugar Boy"

"Hey! What's Sugar Boy?!" Chelsea yelled. 

"Come on,go get dressed,the driver will take you there" Theodore winked. 

"Do you want to get rid of me so quickly?" Chelsea asked. 

"No.....I just don't want you to be bored" Theodore touched her hair. 

"Go out with him,you can decide after that,but he looks like a good guy tho" He smiled. 

'I'm going because you said so" Chelsea mumbled. 

Theodore nodded. 

"Go get dressed,I will tell the driver" 

Chelsea nodded and they left the rooftop together. 



"We didn't plan to meet tonight" Isabella said. They are both walking hand in hand along the street of the Williams mansion. 

"Tomorrow,I won't be able to spend time with you,we are expecting some guests" Theo said. 

"Oh" Isabella mumbled sadly. 

"Well,I have outing with my family too,but I'm missing you already on behalf of tomorrow" She said. 

Theodore smiled and kissed her hand. 

All of a sudden a guy appeared from nowhere and approached Isabella. 

"Isa!" He called and almost hugged him. 

Theodore pulled Isabella to his left side immediately and the guy looked at Theo. 

"Do you want to die?" Theodore asked. 

The guy blinked. 

"I'm a brother to her" He said. 

"So?" Theo asked coldly. 


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